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  1. I know. I loved when I first heard he had read all the books. It made me love him more than I already did. It's nice to know he really wanted to understand his character more. Yes! I feel the same way. I'm wondering what it could be. But I'm really excited to find out.
  2. I should probably add my list, too. Jon and Arya are pretty close to tied. Tyrion Sam Davos Lyanna
  3. I know! I admit, when I heard about a Stark reunion, I had hoped it would be Jon and Arya.
  4. That would be amazing!! a Jon/Arya Ghost/Nymeria ruinion would be the absolute best reunion on any show for me. Ooh, I never read that interview before. I love Kit's thoughts on the relationship.
  5. Theirs is one of my favourite (non romantic) relationships on the show. Oh, who am I kidding, it's my favourite relationship on the show. And I really, really hope there is some type of reunion between them at some point in the final two seasons. I don't know how I want it to happen, but I know I'll be keeping everything crossed for it to happen. So how do you want them to reunite or do you want them to reunite at all?
  6. I love seeing who everyone's favourite characters are!
  7. This. I'm rooting for her and Drogo to reunite, too.
  8. Who is your favourite GoT character or characters from the show (you can list more than one!) and why?