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  1. I spend to much time on the Internet and social media. How can I delete my account? Or my account have to be banned ?
  2. Speaking of Ramsay ,I guess he is a SP, he's so sadic, a repulsiv, revolting character I don't like to think about him.
  3. Yes, you made a good point. Ramsay tortured Theon, he become Reek .If I remember correctly , Ramsay sent Reek to Moat Cailin, pretending to be the real Theon Greyjoy !
  4. BRAN STARK : INFP RICKON STARK: ESTJ ( he's very young ,still ,he has something in common with his ancestors, the Kings of Winter) BRANDON STARK ( NED'S BROTHER ) : ESTP MELISANDRE : ENFJ I'd like to add a few more characters JOFFREY BARATHEON : ESFP TOMMEN BARATHEON : ISFP BRONN : ISTP BENJEN STARK : ESTJ PYP : ESFP GRENN : ISTJ DONAL NOYE : ISTJ