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  1. Summerhall and the laughing storm rebellion
  2. IMO its a great match for Leyton for numerous reasons but the two that really stand out to me are. 1) Leyton has numerous daughters one who is married to Lord Tyrell, and at least two that are older then Lynnese and they married knights which means Lynnese actually has a better match then even they do since Jorah is a lord and a famous knight who was knighted by the king himself. 2) Lynnese probably cost him to much money to keep in oldtown so thus BOOM send her north lol.
  3. You mad bruh??
  4. Man why do u comment on these what if threads?? Every time you say the same thing just dont click on the what if threads and go away........ Your a lil troll and noone cares about your opinions.
  5. Not true........ Edric being legitimized all hinges on Renlys claim as king, Edric claiming he has the better claim then his uncle only hurts his position since Renly couldnt technically legitimize him in the first place. Also why would Edric fight Renly to begin with if his uncle is offering him SE his fathers castle for nothing...... Edric would be happy as lord of SE if he seeked more he should have his head removed.
  6. Robb would have made a great lord of Riverrunn but Edmure would have been better IMO.
  7. If Renly was to make Roberts known bastards Baratheons and made Edric heir to Storms End not KL since the Tyrells still want Marg as queen and there sons/daughters heir to the throne, Renly would have 2 Baratheons to offer to either Robb or Sweet Robin, maybe even the Martells etc. Is this a smart move or dumb????
  8. This sums it up rather nicely
  9. This would be my greatest wish for house Baratheon let us pray lol.
  10. IMO I do not believe GRRM created Edrics character for no reason especially since he has gone out of his way to make Edric look like a Bobby B clone with Florent ears, and a publically known bastard of Roberts then send him to Essos where Danny currently is. IMO I believe the Golden Company and Jon Con will capture Storms End and thus the Stormlands and Danny will use Edric Storm newly made Baratheon to reclaim the Stormlands and force the Storm lords to abandon Jon Con and Faegon.
  11. Because she was logical enough not listen to some crazy ladys prophecy BS........ Even though we as the reader kno this prophecy was true there is no reason to live your life walking on egg shells cause of a witch or wah ever she is lol.
  12. Touche I forgot tht Colin Florent currently holds Brightwater keep, why would lady Leonette be without child after being happoly married to a stud like Ser Garlan ? Something fishy is going on
  13. I think Garlan dies on the Mander fighting the Iron Born and his wife and children are murdered as well when Brightwater keep is taken by the IB with help from some Florent who is still alive. Garlan and his familys deaths will hit Willas hard especially after losing Loras and his sister earlier on which leaves Willas without any of his family which causes him to make bad decisions which costs him HG in the end.
  14. Yea over the top armour usually helps lol
  15. From what we know the battle of the Trident was pretty well even with the loyalists having a slightly bigger army by around 5k or so either side was winning untill Robert and Rhegar met face to face at the Ruby Ford and Robert struck Rhegar down with his mighty war hammer. After Rhegars death the loyalists started to retreat but why? Aerys was still alive with another heir handy to spare and a full army was sitting outside of Storms end just waiting there ready to replenish the loyalists army at any givin time. Wouldnt the loyalist armys commanders still continue the fight for there king? They would have to know what this defeat could mean for the Targs but yet they yield anyways?