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  1. The proof was in the pudding so to speak lol, no man is even close to being the Mountains size then factor in logic of what Cat just did in arresting Tyrion, then factor in the bag of fish and you have Ser Gregor Clegane and Lannister men. Noone else would attack the Riverlands in a time of peace besides Tywin and Eddard acted with great haste in calling for Ser Gregors head because he knew Robert when he returned wasnt going to do a dahm thing.
  2. It wasnt just smallfolk claiming Ser Gregor was behind the attacks in the Riverlands, Piper and another young lord accompanied by smallfolk pleaded to Eddard for justice. So yes Eddard owed the nobility of the Riverlands a duty to arrest and charge Ser Gregor.
  3. Robb wasnt trying to become a king at all actually his bannerman thrusted him into the position, you are a troll.
  4. This OP is actually kind of funny and sad, of all the characters in the story to claim could be a rapist you choose Ned 2.0 lol, its very obvious from the text Jeyne Westerling is deeply in love with her husband which wouldnt happen if she was raped by him.
  5. The honest truth of the matter is Eddard isnt starting a war with the Boltons over a few smallfolk claiming Ramsey was doing what he was litterally doing if there was NO evidence besides the word of said smallfolk. A better question would be what would Eddard do if there was evidence, I believe Eddard would call for Ramseys head but almost every other lord who doesnt hold honour as high as Eddard would STILL ignore the smallfolks claims.
  6. Come again ?
  7. Another reason besides keeping the crew silent, it also insures your crew stick with you. The silence apparently has been traveling to very dangerous places including Assai which NO crew would wanna go when there are other jobs they could be doing, removing there tongue guarentees they stick around because they can't really do much else.
  8. If Robb won the war he would be king of the North and Trident and lord Westerlings grandchildren would be princes, would who ever is in charge of the West after Robb won seek vegence against a power that just defeated them? The Westerlings would honestly be granted more lands due to Robb being the winner and all and rewarding his father in law, Robb would agree to peace if the Westerlings are granted more lands including a few gold mines.
  9. Very interesting theory I like it a lot, I dont believe the seasons are repeating however I do believe time is being manipulated some how and that Bran is Bran the builder and numerous other Brandon Stark not all of them but some.
  10. Ok what??????? There are huge differences in this comparison a few being Robert and Ned were Aerys bannerman both from Great houses who rule entire kingdoms, Aerys as there lawful king owes them at the very least a trial to determin guilt. To just demand there heads is unlawful to the fullest extreme and goes against Aerys duty as king of Westeros. Danny and Viserys are NOT Roberts bannerman they are exiled to Essos and technically wanted by the crown, Robert knew Danny and Viserys were is Essos and did NOTHING at all to hunt them down untill Jorah Mormont informed Robert that Danny was marring Drogo. If Robert was so blood thirsty for Targs why wait so long? Did he forget about them ? I think not. Also killing Danny and Viserys erases all problems, killing Robert and Ned just creates HUGE problems like for instance the North and Stormlands rising against you. Benjen would marry Cat, Stannis would marry Cersie and BOOM Stannis rebellion happens and Aerys still loses lol.
  11. And to be frank @Jon Stargaryen Robert was right about trying to kill Danny and her brother regardless of there age, she was marring a very powerful Dothraki lord with the hopes for an army to retake the IT. What comes with conquest? coutless lost lives and atrocities far worse then death, all avoided by killing a piece of shit prince and a child I call that a fair price.
  12. Exactly most readers side with her based on the fact she is a young woman and was "forced" into the RW which is true BUT she could have warned Edmure numerous times before the bedding ceremony took place. Even a short my father plans on killing you all after the wedding be careful they are all watching us as we speak, then Edmure might have been able to sneak outside to Robbs army. If Robbs army leave the tent intact does Walder continue with the plan with over 3k men outside his walls ?.
  13. Bran is the NK/Bran the builder all in one.........
  14. Explain to me where he enjoyed rape and murder? Yes he raped Cersie by our standards but by feudal standards when your husband who btw is the king wants to have sex you usually agree, where is the murders he ordered that he enjoyed so much? Even Cersie doesnt claim he raped her. Killing orphans?? You mean Danny and Viserys TARGARYAN? The two people who were literally plotting to cross the narrow sea and retake the Iron Throne? Btw with a dothraki hoard who would rape, enslave, and murder who ever wasnt safe behind a castle wall. He screams and hollars obscenities at people who don't follow his orders? Well ya he is the KING his subjects are supppse to obey, beating Cersie was wrong but man its Cersie I don't feel to bad but he deffinitly was wrong in that in every way.
  15. Yes Tywin was the only player Walder needed IMO. Roose was lucky to be included in the plan at all honestly, imagine if Roose was a loyal bannerman ? Why wad Walder even so sure Roose was serious about betraying Robb?.