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  1. Second strongest houses in each kingdom?

    IMO some houses like Manderly and Hightower could even being stronger then there liege lords
  2. Questions about Manderlys move to the North

    Another question I was wondering is what gave king Gardener the right to attack the Manderlys ? You cant just attack your bannerman because they are growing to strong and rich that doesnt make sense to me. Imagine the Targs attacking house Valaryeon because they were the richest house in Westeros and on paper superior to the Targs.......... There has to be more to the story that we the reader are not aware of.
  3. From what we know house Manderly was once a very powerful house in the Reach apparently powerful enough that house Gardner felt threatened of there growing influence, with a gentle nudge from the Peakes of course. My questions are........ 1) How much time could the Manderlys possibly have to pack up all there wealth and head north before the Gardner army had them trapped in there castle of Dunstonbury? 2) Where did the Manderlys keep there fleet they used to head North in? you wouldnt think the Manderlys would have a huge fleet since it wouldnt be needed from Dunstonbury as its on a river not an ocean coast correct? 3) How was the arrangement with house Stark reached its not like the Manderlys just sailed upon the White Knife and were welcomed with open arms out of the blue, the Manderlys would have to have a great deal of time to send ravens or riders to the North to ask there permission then pack all your wealth and men at arms up on ships and sail north.
  4. Most Courageous Act in ASOIAF

    Ser Waymar Royce easily takes the cake for both couragous act and stupid act all in one deed, the Royces seem to be one of the most honorable houses in Westeros. I always wished Sansa would tell Yohn Royce the truth about who she is he would have protected her with every fibre of his being, obviously Sansa chose the smart decision because she doesnt truly know Youn Royce but she does know her father held him in High esteem.
  5. Weird quote about the Targaryens from Tyrion ADWD

    The Targaryans were bottom of the barrell dragons riders meaning they only had a small amount of dragons perhaps they thought it to risky to risk said small batch of dragons untill they had a solid hold on Dragonstone and the nobility of Blackwater bay. Or perhaps they had no dragons eggs and waiting untill the dragons they currently have produced more which could take a while?.
  6. Stannis on Dragonstone

    I always wondered did Robert not realize Stannis took the Royal fleet with him back to Dragonstone? Also wouldnt Stannis have to ask Robert to leave the captial he is on the small council after all his place is at court.
  7. The craziest ideas you conceived...

    That GRRM will finish his books before WW3 ends planet earth.......
  8. Wouldnt the Tyrells have gained more supporting Robert?

    This....... You arnt gonna put the son (viserys) or grandson (Aegon) on the throne and pray he doesnt take revenge when there older is a risk I wouldnt want to make to say the least. Especially Viserys who grew up with his father and loves him. Usually when a dynasty is overthrown they take the old kings daughter and marry her to the the new king which you could either have Robert marry Aerys wife I forget her name but she is still a Targ or wait a long ass time for Daenarys to come of age, they would wait though blood is everything.
  9. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Telling Tywin Lannister he is a coward and was busy hiding under Casterly Rock while Robert was busy fighting and winning a war was pretty brave even Robert didnt have the balls to say such a thing even if he thought it.
  10. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    For me it was Tywin Lannister ordering the death of Rhegars innocent children and Elia Martell, some argue that Gregor did this on his own but obviously this isnt the case Gregor is big and stupid but not insane he wouldnt just kill the prince and princess without orders from Tywin explicitly.
  11. Just read the most confusing chapter....

    The two Yronwoods that were with Quentyn were as loyal as they come one of them being his best friend in fact.
  12. Lord Greatjon Umber and his fate in "The Winds Of Winter".

    Agreed the great Jon is a huge man but 2 years in a dungeon will turn the strongest of men frail and weak unfortunately.
  13. I was thinking more immediate to the story line like if Tommon kicked the bucket and Mrycella became queen we know as the reader that Mrycella will soon be joining her brothers in the grave but Trystane was still legally married to her before her death by laws of mariage is SE his since there is no heir for SE in the Iron Thrones opinion anyways. Could the Iron Throne deny the Martells the seat? Especially in such crucial times of needing them as an ally. Lady Dustin managed to keep Barrow town even though she was only married to lord Dustin for a short time.
  14. I was thinking to my self how could Danny get the Stormlands on board and it occured to me if Danny had the Martells on her side and Tommon died before his sister wouldnt Trystane with Mrycella as his wife be the new lawful heir of SE? Also was kinda woundering what rights Edric Storm has by being known as Roberts bastard.
  15. The defense of the North

    Noone will be able to turn Sansa against her family again, she is learning from past mistakes and she sees LF for what he is POISON. Also she seemed happy when Jon was named KITN untill she locked eyes with LF.