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  1. Why did the loyalists yield when Rhegar died?

    Yea over the top armour usually helps lol
  2. From what we know the battle of the Trident was pretty well even with the loyalists having a slightly bigger army by around 5k or so either side was winning untill Robert and Rhegar met face to face at the Ruby Ford and Robert struck Rhegar down with his mighty war hammer. After Rhegars death the loyalists started to retreat but why? Aerys was still alive with another heir handy to spare and a full army was sitting outside of Storms end just waiting there ready to replenish the loyalists army at any givin time. Wouldnt the loyalist armys commanders still continue the fight for there king? They would have to know what this defeat could mean for the Targs but yet they yield anyways?
  3. Tywin, Jaime and the Sack

    I believe Tywin loves the Lannister legacy more then even his own children, of course Tywin wanted Jamie to make it out alive but to risk the Lannisters decline in status or possibly worse was something Tywin wouldnt risk. He assumed the castle would be a cluster **** and that Jamie could sneak off some where and hide or at least move quickly towards the Lannister army, Aerys needed all the loyal men he had and Jamie is of the kings guard whos duty is to protect him and he WOULD have perhaps if Aerys didnt order the city burned.
  4. How did Stannis came to trust and value Davos so much?

    Its obvious you do not understand Stannis character, he doesnt lust for power at all of course he was upset about SE anyone would be it was rightfully Stannis to have since he is the second son not Renly and he just almost starved to death protecting it from enemys, Stannis yearns for Roberts respect but never gets it even though he is a loyal subject to Robert in every sense of the word. Renly is an ursurper and he delt with him accordingly. Ned knows nothing of southern politics which makes him a shitty pick for hand as proven when Ned managed to get his head chopped off and his family and keep destroyed........
  5. Davos Seaworth: More than Meets the Eye

    Who cares??? But its pretty obvious that Jon Connington is a homesexual but again who cares and honestly Rhegar could probably turn the straightest of men gay with one song on his harp. I think this is the real reason Robert hated Rhegar he had un holy thoughts around him.........
  6. How not to handle a meeting with Tywin.

    Laugh and say I didnt pay your father because he was to kind which made him weak and that you wont repay Tywin because he is just weak............
  7. We have seen MANY times throughout history liege lords and kings calling there banners and only receiving between 50% and 60% of the numbers said lord should produce but usually this said lord isnt punished at all. Is there a way for the liege lord to prove he is holding out and is it more trouble then its worth to punish these lords?.
  8. Would Ned Stark have wanted Davos executed?

    I do not understand why some of you are saying Ned Stark would imprison or send Davos to the wall, the man just saved the lifes of the men guarding SE he deserves to be rewarded not punished for helping save the day. Ned wouldnt ask Robert to knight him or give him lands but a full pardon is in order.
  9. Does Varys know about Jon Snow's parentage?

    Varys doesnt know exactly what happened at the TOJ but im sure he knows something of importance most deffinitly did........ Ned Stark and Howland Reed wouldnt be talking about the TOJ to anyone so Varys learning exactly what happened seems a little far fetched.
  10. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    I agree its probably Tywin and Tyrion but another good one is Arya Stark and the Hound although the Hound has cause Arya a lot of grief in her life and originally wanted him dead, I think now she pittys him and finally sees hes not some monster like his brother just often misunderstood and most of the crimes he commited was by orders of his king (Joffrey). I believe she didnt kill him when she had a chance because she actually hopes he survives but thats just my opinion.
  11. Royce as first family to be named meaningless or foreshadowing?

    IMO the Royces along with a few other houses helped brandon the builder defeat the others, I also believe lord Royces armour provides some type of protection against the others ice magic and perhaps may be the lord protectors of the Vale again after both Sweet Robin and Harry the heir both die in the coming war.
  12. Rhaegar sacrificed himself to Robert

    Just stop lol Robert won at the trident they battled both received injuries and Robert finally smashed his chest in with his war hammer thats it. You Rhegar fans are just too much sometimes ........
  13. Mace wants his daughter to be queen yes but in this scenario its not gonna happen since Robert is still alive and Robert isnt going to marry his children to the Tyrells. So why wouldnt Mace want Marg to marry Rob Stark future lord on the North? The Tyrells are upjumped stewards while Robb has the oldest blood in Westeros whos family ruled for over 8000 years. Also what does Robb bring to the table? Ever hear of the hour of the wolf?
  14. I mean winter apparently lasts six or seven years which is a tremendous amount of time when your talking about feeding the smallfolk and keeping them warm, all the powers of Westeros are concentrating on the war when they should be concentrating on winter. The nobility gain there power from the smallfolk, I find it hard to believe more nobles are ignoring the call to war to keep there men safe and fed. How can you ask your smallfolk to fight when there familys are fighting at home to stay alive from the cold and starvation? Wouldnt the smallfolk eventually riot and say screw the call my family comes first?.
  15. Let's speculate wildly about Lady Dustin

    Lady Dustin is useing Roose to further her own ambitions, she knows more about Roose Bolton then maybe any other character in the books perhaps she even knows the reasoning behind Rooses leachings. I think she realises hes a monster as his son Ramsey is and when the time is right will stab Roose in the back probably quite litterally.