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  1. If Jon turned over Ned and Bob he would of insured house Arryns destruction for numerous reasons which I will list a few. 1) The Vale lords would not respect Jon Arryn at all if he turned over his two Wards who just so happen to be great lords and completly innocent of any wrong doing especially after Aerys just killed your nephew and heir for again absolutely NO reason, I cant see a lord who would allow this especially Yohn Royce who would probably start a civil war. 2) The North and Stormlands and a few Riverlords would never forgive house Arryn and would work diligently towards their destruction. 3) A new Dance of dragons would happen between Rhegar and Aerys and since the crown would be busy there would be no help for the Vale if the North and Stormlands attacked the Vale. I suspect Rhegar would win this war and as the new king of Westeros would demand Jon Arryns head and probably even the Eyrie which the Vale lords would allow him to do no contest.
  2. In Essos you would think the need of sell swords would be great with all of the free cities pretty much always fighting between themselves not to mention the constant threat of the Dothraki.
  3. The Tullys were considered one of the strongest houses of the Riverlands for centuries before Aegon and his sisters arrived in Westeros, they witnessed River kings come and go and new houses rise and old houses be completely wiped out. The Tullys are the strongest house in the Riverlands at the time of Aegons conquest and Edmyn Tully rallied the riverlords to Aegons side not Aegon rallied the Riverlords so credit is due. For Edmyn Tullys help gathering the Riverlords and because house Tully was already known amongst their peers to be one of if not the strongest of the Riverlords he was givin the title of LP, you make it seem like the Tullys were just some up jumped stewards like the Tyrells lol. The Riverlords gladly accepted the Tully rule and benefited from it for the most part for the next 300 years. Also a side not unrelated to this....... Edmure Tully defeated Tywin Lannister in the battle of the stone mill........ Not even Stannis can claim such a thing and Stannis is the Chuck Norris of Westeros IMO.
  4. Hoster would never have betrayed the Targs if it wasnt for Aerys insane actions of killing nobles for no reason without trials and then ordering the heads of Robert and Ned which was the last straw for everyone of the rebels, Hostet was faced with a decision stay loyal to a mad man or join the Rebels and get STRONG mariages out of them for your daughters. Also people tend to forget the RL is in smack in the middle of the North, Vale, and Stormlands if Hoster didnt agree to join the rebels his lands would be attacked from ALL sides and with Tywin staying neutral who was Hoster counting on to save them???? The Iron born??? I think not lol.
  5. Robert was known to be a good drinking buddy of Thoros of Myr who was also a red priest who was sent to Westeros to convert king Aerys, who just happens to light his sword on fire before he starts a fight. If Robert could enjoy his company im sure he could enjoy a beautiful woman like Mels company lol.
  6. I could be wrong but its never mentioned if Mel had ever had the oppurtunity to have king Roberts ear even for a short amount of time, I believe if she did he would have become smittin with her in a way due to her confidence and hell she could easily drink Robert under the table due to her abilities which make her immune to poison lol. If she did manage to out drink Robert im sure he would keep her around either for that or her beauty and over time if Robert sees the magical things shes capable of he might allow her to spread the word of Rhollar around Westeros.
  7. House Stark of old, they were strong rulers both cold and calculating and easily inspired the loyalty of all of there bannerman even house Bolton respected the Starks to some degree or another. Ned Stark and his children are not like most Northmen since Eddard was raised in the Vale and gained their sense or honour and duty which is Eddards and Robbs biggest downfalls IMO.
  8. What most of you are forgetting is Rhegar was the king all of Westeros wanted not Viserys or Danny so if a son of the beloved prince Rhegar shows up he will be welcomed far more then any other claimant.
  9. Yes but a bastard of a lord can still inherit lands and some times even titles from there lord father which at least Dragonstone is technically Rhegars since Rhegar is Aerys heir. Rhegar is an unusual case since he is the kings true born heir so when Rhegar and Aerys both die Rhegars heir should be king no?? Think of history someone has to inherit the lands of their house its not like Rhegars heir has no rights to the kingdom becaue he obviously does.
  10. Lets say Rhegar left a will declaring Jon Snow who is still a bastard his son and heir can a bastard son inherit before a true born aunt or uncle (Danny) or would she come first? Also lets say Rhegar also legitimises Jon with the same stroke of pen can Rhegar do this since he was technically never king or no??
  11. Man the Dothraki dont stand a chance and never would without help from dragons period, they have no armor and weapons that basically have no effect against plate armor unless your good enough to shoot an arrow through his eye which is almost impossible while on a battlefield fighting. Westeros has better everything including battle tactics. If I was a commander in Westeros I would lure the dothraki into the open which they believe is there advantage but I would lace the ground with tens of thousands of sharp spikes and hidden holes so the horses would immediatly throw the dothraki off there back making them very easy pickings for my vanguard I send in on foot, My plan is very time consuming but well worth the results.
  12. Summerhall and the laughing storm rebellion
  13. IMO its a great match for Leyton for numerous reasons but the two that really stand out to me are. 1) Leyton has numerous daughters one who is married to Lord Tyrell, and at least two that are older then Lynnese and they married knights which means Lynnese actually has a better match then even they do since Jorah is a lord and a famous knight who was knighted by the king himself. 2) Lynnese probably cost him to much money to keep in oldtown so thus BOOM send her north lol.
  14. You mad bruh??
  15. Man why do u comment on these what if threads?? Every time you say the same thing just dont click on the what if threads and go away........ Your a lil troll and noone cares about your opinions.