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  1. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    I agree its probably Tywin and Tyrion but another good one is Arya Stark and the Hound although the Hound has cause Arya a lot of grief in her life and originally wanted him dead, I think now she pittys him and finally sees hes not some monster like his brother just often misunderstood and most of the crimes he commited was by orders of his king (Joffrey). I believe she didnt kill him when she had a chance because she actually hopes he survives but thats just my opinion.
  2. Royce as first family to be named meaningless or foreshadowing?

    IMO the Royces along with a few other houses helped brandon the builder defeat the others, I also believe lord Royces armour provides some type of protection against the others ice magic and perhaps may be the lord protectors of the Vale again after both Sweet Robin and Harry the heir both die in the coming war.
  3. Rhaegar sacrificed himself to Robert

    Just stop lol Robert won at the trident they battled both received injuries and Robert finally smashed his chest in with his war hammer thats it. You Rhegar fans are just too much sometimes ........
  4. Mace wants his daughter to be queen yes but in this scenario its not gonna happen since Robert is still alive and Robert isnt going to marry his children to the Tyrells. So why wouldnt Mace want Marg to marry Rob Stark future lord on the North? The Tyrells are upjumped stewards while Robb has the oldest blood in Westeros whos family ruled for over 8000 years. Also what does Robb bring to the table? Ever hear of the hour of the wolf?
  5. I mean winter apparently lasts six or seven years which is a tremendous amount of time when your talking about feeding the smallfolk and keeping them warm, all the powers of Westeros are concentrating on the war when they should be concentrating on winter. The nobility gain there power from the smallfolk, I find it hard to believe more nobles are ignoring the call to war to keep there men safe and fed. How can you ask your smallfolk to fight when there familys are fighting at home to stay alive from the cold and starvation? Wouldnt the smallfolk eventually riot and say screw the call my family comes first?.
  6. Let's speculate wildly about Lady Dustin

    Lady Dustin is useing Roose to further her own ambitions, she knows more about Roose Bolton then maybe any other character in the books perhaps she even knows the reasoning behind Rooses leachings. I think she realises hes a monster as his son Ramsey is and when the time is right will stab Roose in the back probably quite litterally.
  7. Why did Roose never remarried?

    Lady Dustin secretly hates Roose as well.......
  8. Second strongest houses in each kingdom?

    IMO some houses like Manderly and Hightower could even being stronger then there liege lords
  9. Questions about Manderlys move to the North

    Another question I was wondering is what gave king Gardener the right to attack the Manderlys ? You cant just attack your bannerman because they are growing to strong and rich that doesnt make sense to me. Imagine the Targs attacking house Valaryeon because they were the richest house in Westeros and on paper superior to the Targs.......... There has to be more to the story that we the reader are not aware of.
  10. From what we know house Manderly was once a very powerful house in the Reach apparently powerful enough that house Gardner felt threatened of there growing influence, with a gentle nudge from the Peakes of course. My questions are........ 1) How much time could the Manderlys possibly have to pack up all there wealth and head north before the Gardner army had them trapped in there castle of Dunstonbury? 2) Where did the Manderlys keep there fleet they used to head North in? you wouldnt think the Manderlys would have a huge fleet since it wouldnt be needed from Dunstonbury as its on a river not an ocean coast correct? 3) How was the arrangement with house Stark reached its not like the Manderlys just sailed upon the White Knife and were welcomed with open arms out of the blue, the Manderlys would have to have a great deal of time to send ravens or riders to the North to ask there permission then pack all your wealth and men at arms up on ships and sail north.
  11. Most Courageous Act in ASOIAF

    Ser Waymar Royce easily takes the cake for both couragous act and stupid act all in one deed, the Royces seem to be one of the most honorable houses in Westeros. I always wished Sansa would tell Yohn Royce the truth about who she is he would have protected her with every fibre of his being, obviously Sansa chose the smart decision because she doesnt truly know Youn Royce but she does know her father held him in High esteem.
  12. Weird quote about the Targaryens from Tyrion ADWD

    The Targaryans were bottom of the barrell dragons riders meaning they only had a small amount of dragons perhaps they thought it to risky to risk said small batch of dragons untill they had a solid hold on Dragonstone and the nobility of Blackwater bay. Or perhaps they had no dragons eggs and waiting untill the dragons they currently have produced more which could take a while?.
  13. Stannis on Dragonstone

    I always wondered did Robert not realize Stannis took the Royal fleet with him back to Dragonstone? Also wouldnt Stannis have to ask Robert to leave the captial he is on the small council after all his place is at court.
  14. The craziest ideas you conceived...

    That GRRM will finish his books before WW3 ends planet earth.......
  15. Wouldnt the Tyrells have gained more supporting Robert?

    This....... You arnt gonna put the son (viserys) or grandson (Aegon) on the throne and pray he doesnt take revenge when there older is a risk I wouldnt want to make to say the least. Especially Viserys who grew up with his father and loves him. Usually when a dynasty is overthrown they take the old kings daughter and marry her to the the new king which you could either have Robert marry Aerys wife I forget her name but she is still a Targ or wait a long ass time for Daenarys to come of age, they would wait though blood is everything.