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  1. Agreed love this mans work but he is just horrible to his fans, his money grab skills are A+ though this is just my opinion. Be careful though the moderators of this forum dont allow much criticism of the GREAT GRRM.
  2. Bobby B had the most gorgeous woman in all Westeros at the time Cersie Lannister and still got drunk and called her Lyanna if thats not greatness I dont kno what is.........
  3. Yes MC is impregnable from land cool, as long as an army has a strong fleet the North could never repel an invading force from at least LANDING there army in Northern territory. The Norths shores are only defended at White Harbour on the East coast, the West coast isnt defended AT ALL so a beef with say the Lannisters or the Reach and you could see them sail and land a fleet rather easily. Not to mention before AGOT the Manderlys barely had a fleet at all definitely not one that could repel a foreign invasion from Essos or even if the Vale wanted to take Whites Harbour they could. The cold weather is an advantage and disadvantage for Northern lords because they also need to eat and stay warm which could be a problem if your sieged in your castle and don't have a huge grainery like WF and dreadfort etc.......... I see the North and Vale always talked about as the hardest to invade but I would put Dorne, Westerlands above the North as well due to there natural boarders of mountains and desserts. Even the SL might be harder due to landing a fleet at there shores is tricky business due to rocks and storms so a lord could concentrate his forces at the boarder and fend off there foes, and if a force did land in the Stormlands you can probably cut there fleet in half due to the numbers they would lose in the attempt.
  4. WHAT? I said if I was Renly I would starve KL, I never said Stannis should feed KL ? Please read what I said before commenting ........
  5. If I was Renly I would siege KL starve the population into full blown revolt untill the gate is just opened to me by the smallfolk, but in order to effectivly do this I would need to defeat Stannis fleet so I can block KL from receiving food and possible Allies from the sea. Defeating Stannis at Sea is a tough battle and honestly could go either way so again if I was Renly I would try and kill Stannis before any sea battle took place.
  6. Renly was crowned by the Reach and Stormlands they all bent the knee at some point.
  7. God I hope not I hate Sansa and only Sansa, the tickler is a better character then her.......
  8. Renly believed Cersies children were REAL Baratheons by Robert but they were raised Lannister and thus far more Lannister then Renly would have liked, and Renly knew Joffrey on the throne means Tywin and the Lannisters ruling the kingdoms which Renly did NOT want. This fact makes Renly even more of a piece of shit, because he fully intended to ursurp the birth right of his newphews and nieces. When Stannis sent out the incest letters Renly was surprised by Stannis claims and was generally surprised Stannis took up arms to press HIS claim.
  9. Kevin is a good man and everyone who speaks of him shows there respect he wouldn't allow even Tywin to take his sons life without a fight no real knight would.
  10. lol I suppose Bran could technically prove it at least the Starks would believe Brans word and back his claim if NEEDED, I just really want Gendry to be a proven Baratheon bastard so he can help Edric Storm reclaim what is rightfully his which is Stormsend and the Stormlands itself. It would be cool if Mya helped in some small way as well.
  11. Lancel is Tywins nephew and Kevins son, even if caught Tywin wouldnt have Lancels head on a pike he would do everything in his power to hide what has happened and probably send Lancel away to Essos somewhere or at the very least back to the Westerlands. Kevin would never forgive Tywin if he had Lancel killed, Tywin loves Kevin very much so wouldnt wanna ruin another relationship with another one of his brothers.
  12. Well thats all the proof we need I would say
  13. The title says it all, also im curious to how we the reader learned Gendry is Roberts son besides Ned seeing him in KL and seeing a young Robert in Gendry?. Just because you look like someone doesnt always mean your family.
  14. Gregor is a mad man but he isnt insane enough to sleep with Cersie aka Tywins daughter that spells head on pike very fast, lands ceased and the name Clegane lost for ever.