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  1. I have to admit the show has got me thinking is there any cases in "ANY" of GRRM books based in Westeros that lords have had there mariage annuled/set aside and allowed to remarry? I know a king can easily do this but what about every other form of nobility?
  2. Make no mistake LF is on Jons side "for now" LF needs Jon/humanity to beat the WW so that his plans can actually come to fruition, LF is a mastermind with a very high IQ he has several weaknesses one being that he cant see the future in this case Danny with dragons and the WW/NK. LF now has to roll with the punches and go compleyly off script something IMO he isnt good at, yes Bran made a mistake but LF is about to make several.
  3. It doesnt matter as long as they are married before the baby comes out then the child will still be true born, the girl may be seen as a whore by some??
  4. Im so confused why Jamie assumed Casterly Rock would be taken WHY? Its quite litterally the strongest castle in Westeros Visenya Targaryan believed even with dragons it would be hard to take. Jamie doesnt know about the secret entrance to CR or he would have ordered it sealed before Dannys fleet even reached Westeros yet the Dothraki take it with ease, even with 300 men guarding CR the invading army would fail period. Highgarden has no weaknesses and three outter walls and is top 6 strongest castles and was taken almost with no challenge or so it seems. Again even with 30000 men and 500 men protecting HG jamie loses.
  5. I think some of you missed the point of this powerful scene yes it was creepy as hell but it was used to show how emotionally detached Bran has become even towards his own sister he hasnt seen in person at least in years.
  6. The Lannisters still have Devann Lannister who is said to be a lot smarter then his father and just so happens to be in charge of the Lannister army or at least part of it atm. IMO Devan will take CR as his seat which will pit him against Cersie and he will have the support of the Westerlands nobility because Cersie is obviously bat shit crazy and a woman.
  7. is a perfect Targ marriage, very creepy but hey thats what the Targs are into. C) Stannis and Selyse wasnt a horrible marriage per say since the Florents have one of the greatest claims on Highgarden and this marriage was used to scare house Tyrell into submission. D) Mellario was a high noble nothing wrong with this match either.
  8. I dont think the Queen of Thorns advice to Dany was to help her in any way shape or form, I believe she is so grief struck she just wants to watch the world burn. Seeing Cersie burn first would be preferable tho lol.
  9. The only true solution is to exterminate house Greyjoy for their defiance and install house Harlaw as the new Great house, with the reader as lord I would grant him lands in the North probably a lot of the gift so that the Ironborn can logically survive without reaving in the first place and if house Umber had something to say I would tell house Stark handle it or I will. I would force marriages upon houses so family ties were built, I would destroy 2/3 of the Iron fleet untill there loyalty is assured. Each house gives up a "ward" for even more security. I would PROMISE this would be the last chance for the Ironborn the next time would be genocide unfortunately, I would have this in writting and make each lord sign so that they ALL know the consequences of another rebellion. I wouldnt actually go threw with the genocide but I would have my poker face on for sure lol.
  10. Why does everyone think the Tyrells bannerman are unloyal? Lord Leyton Hightower is the grandfather of all 4 of Maces children and the Redwyns are closely related as well which means the Tyrells will have the 2nd and 3rd most powerful Reach houses on there side which will cause the other bannerman to stay loyal.
  11. I loved that the Tyrells and Martells were shut up so quickly when Tyrion mentioned attacking Casterly Rock lol. Euron Greyjoy is an awesome villian, last season he was really plain and boring but this season they have made him more eccentric and his battle axe was kick ass. I enjoyed Jon Snow quickly shutting Sansa up with power and the Greyworm scene was nice for obvious reasons ;).
  12. This.......
  13. Exactly we know that there were a few thousand Reach knights with Rhegar at the trident it always bothered me Rhegar wouldnt request Mace Tyrell send him more troops, the Reach apparently can field over 80000 men but 20000 at SE and a few thousand with the Royalist army where are the rest ?? It is treason to not answer your lord/kings call with a quarter of your army especially during a civil war for the crown.
  14. You obviously do not understand the differences between what Robb offers and what Stannis offers so ill explain..... Robb offers Balon nothing because after the war of the 5 kings somebody has to be king it doesnt matter who it is and once the armys of Westeros has replenished themselves they will be demanding the Iron Born submit to the Iron Throne or else which will end with the Iron Born being defeated AGAIN. Stannis is KING so if he wins the throne and the war he isnt going to demand the Iron Born bend the knee because he made a deal with Balon for there indepenance and thus the Iron Born stay independent forever as you can see this is a huge difference. I do how ever agree that its not in Stannis character to make a deal with Balon because Stannis wants to be the one king but my question was would it have made a huge difference if Stannis did offer Balon an need to read to acheive im not debating whether or not its within Stannis character to do so everyone and there mother knows it is not.......
  15. Again Robb isnt king of Westeros............... And so what Stannis attacked the Iron Born in the past they started it, Stannis was doing his duty there was no hatred behind it.