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  1. Basically if Benjen was around would it have helped Robb Stark win the war or at least sue for peace on better terms? I was thinking if Benjen was around he would be second in command not Roose Bolton which would stop the Bolton treason from hapenning maybe even stop Robb from being crowned all together which we all can probably agree was the Worse move of the war.
  2. Agreed especially since you can assume Benjen would remind Robb that Ned didnt want to marry Cat either but he did his duty and their love has never been stronger. I wonder why Cat disnt beat this fact into his head as well.
  3. The Dustin succession crisis that apparently never was

    Eddard owes lady Dustin nothing her husband did his duty and gave his life protecting his liege lord sure he could have sent his body home to Barrowtown as he did his sisters but he didnt and thats that, lady Dustin acts like Eddard slighted her in some way or like lord Dustin was the only man to die that day hell Eddard himself almost lost his life if it wasnt for Reed. He should have married her to Benjen and givin Benjen Barrowtown instead she was able to rule in her own right and she is still bitter....... Of all the characters in asoiaf she is top 5 on my most hated list.
  4. The Dustin succession crisis that apparently never was

    Thank you iv been wondering this exact same thing its illogical to assume the Dustins do not have any blood relatives in the form of cousins or distant cousins, hell Cat Stark was bringing up Robbs very distant cousins in the Vale as possible heirs but yet the Dustins have none??? Its just a plot hole plain and simple to think barrowtown its self dont have any Dustin blood running around it in the form of bastards or cousins etc. Same goes for the Hornwoods if im not mistaken there is even a bastard Hornwood floating around somewhere?
  5. I agree on most of what you said for sure it seems Benjen taking the black cost his family everything at the moment it never made sense for him to take the black anyways considering Ned knew what it really was.......
  6. Also a fact I forgot to mention is benjen would obviously be married with children so WF would have plenty of heirs after Bran and rickon went missing making it impossible for the Boltons to legally claim WF. Also the Manderlys could back Benjen and his children immediately instead of playing the game he is currently.
  7. Everything happens as cannon accept Davos doesnt reach Stannis in time and Stormsend and its Garrison all starve to death. Stannis before his own death is forced to put most of his Garrison to the sword for conspiring to open the gates to save themselves. What is Roberts punishment for the Tyrells and do the Tyrells even try and bend the knee after what has happened?
  8. As many have said the Tyrells can be removed from power rather easily since the Reach vassals loyaltys are very questionable to say the least, only Hightower and Redwyn have strong blood ties and that didnt help when the hightowers constantly stay neutral and the Redwyns arnt gonna risk everything for Mace family or not.
  9. I know the show and books are completly seperate but I gained even more respect for Tywin Lannister when he informs Cersie that house Lannisters money is basically a house of cards an illusion of sorts to keep there enemys at bay which got me thinking what if the Lannisters are almost broke in the books as well. The only evidence I can think of in the books that the Lannisters still are very rich is Kevin offering to pay off the IT debts but what if doing so completly depleated house Lannisters funds but Kevin sees keeping the Lannisters on the IT more important?. My last point in when your wealthy like billionair status and you lose your wealth you might have millions left but this said millions cant even keep the lights on in your factorys or gas in your jet etc...... eventually you will be broke in the more literal sense. Is Kevin putting the rest of his money on a gamble so to speak.
  10. Help Me Become Lord of the Crossing

    An impossible task unless your down with kin slaying which is of course hurting the family and there is no return from the red wedding no other house will ever trust the Freys again and many lords would rather remove there cock with a hot dagger before marrying there daughters into house frey.
  11. Is it possible the Lannisters are almost broke?

    I disagree holding the throne is 10x more important and the Lannisters would still hold the Westerlands broke or not also you have to realise repaying the thrones debt is a LOAN not a gift so there is a win win in keeping the throne and receiving your invest back.
  12. Is it possible the Lannisters are almost broke?

    High lords become low lords all the time in Westeros its not impossible to believe the Lannisters lost most of their wealth I know CR sits on a gold mine but even a huge gold mine eventually runs out over time which CR has had plenty of. Just splurging on appearance of being rich can lead you to the brink of destruction. Catlyn Starks mothers house that held Harrenhal were considered very wealthy where are they now?? Where is this wealth they posseded?.
  13. Rank the strongest castles in your opinion

    1. Storms End 2. Casterly Rock 3. Riverrun 4. Highgarden - HG is always never brought up as strong but jesus it has 3 walls and a maze to keep intruders out and has a huge grainery to keep its men fed.
  14. Davos' motivation?

    Why not closed mouths dont get fed......
  15. Since Tywin attacks the Riverlands under the kings peace they were not ready for such an invasion and thus were knocked off rather quickly. Lets say Edmure learns of the attack and properly defends his strongholds and keeps would he be able to prevent Tywin doing any real MAJOR damage?
  16. I was wondering how land holding exactly works so I used Starks as an example it is stated numerous times that the Starks bannerman hold there land in the Starks name so is this land technically the Starks which who basically rent out said land for a kick back in taxes and tariffs? Or do these Bannerman OWN there own land but bend the knee to the Starks for protection and such?
  17. I mean come on house Bolton has rebelled against the Starks to many times to count even going so far as to skin Stark royalty alive and even burn WF to the ground yet some how they manage to keep the Dreadfort and their lands each time this is a huge plot hole IMO but thats another topic. Lets say you are I believe it was Cregan Stark who put down the last Bolton rebllion how do you punish the Boltons???
  18. Is The Vale the place to be now?

    Dorne seems to be sitting pretty when you consider the upcoming harsh winter and white walkers and it seems like all the noble houses from Dorne firmly support house Martell. Plus the water gardens sound amazing lol.
  19. What's it good for? - Sansa Stark

    Sansa will rule the Vale thru Harry the heir by means of regency of her and Harrys son which will actually be Balishs kid.
  20. I have read the books but do not remember if there is any type of legal system in regards to smallfolks against Nobles obviously a noble would win every case but can a smallfolk go to say Tywin Lannister with claims of rape in murder against one of tywins bannerman does Tywin by law have investigate wink wink.
  21. If the Vale joined from the beginning I dont think Roose Bolton or Walder Frey for that matter would betray Robb since he has a very high prospect of winning the war especially if he played defensivly. Also when Cat treated with Renly he would have takin her much more seriously and maybe a Sansa and Willas type deal is proposed to seal the Tyrells with the Starks so when Renly dies house Tyrell might not jump to team Lannister so fast, everyone knows Mace wants the crown so hell give it to him and return back North to Robbs new kingdom of the North, Trident and Vale the end lol.
  22. Crackpot: Did Tywin have Tytos whacked?

    Tywin is against kin slaying my evidence for this is Tyrion, if he cared enough to off his father because he was a stain on house Lannisters name then Tyrion wouldnt have survived his first week. Second a FM is to costly whem a simple cupbearer with poison could do it 1000000x cheaper then when the deed is done off this said cupbearer. This is Tywin Lannister he knows his way around the real world.
  23. The very concept of this thread doesnt make sense IMO. Being a gay knight doesnt matter as long as you hide it from your peers, I have a gay uncle who adopted two children and he loves them very much being gay doesnt make you any less compassionate about woman or children it might even strengthen it in some ways.
  24. If you could ask GRRM one question....

    Why do you treat your fans so horribly? To take 6 years to write a book is equivalent to me flying a kite at work all day.