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  1. Robert doesnt care about money as much as he cares about revenge there is no sum of money Tywin could pay to get Jamie back his best bet is to try and save his grandchildren who I believe were all in WF at the time, with Ned present I believe they would be spared only after Ned throws a logic hissy fit lol. IF and I mean IF Tywin gets his granchildren back he forgives the crowns debt and arrives at KL to bend the knee again and reasure his oath to Robert, Tywin loves his children but not as much as house Lannister itself which would be doomed in a war with ALL of Westeros on team Bobby B and with Robert needing a new wife you can bet your sweet ass where house Tyrell are going.
  2. I agree with you lol I also said I believe he should have taken the black from the start but he did fight untill unconscious and Robert is his liege lord since Selmy is from the SL so I do understand his choice to serve robert but I sure as hell dont respect it.
  3. I don't get what your talking about?? Barristan almost lost his life fighting for house Targaryan at the Trident, it wasnt untill the Targ Dynasty was OVER he bent the knee to Robert and only because he didn't know about Jon if he did he would have continued the fight or take the black as he should have done to begin with. Jamie wasn't present at TOJ either and only killed Aerys after he gave the order to burn the city which I agree with Jamies decision.
  4. Ned and company were REBELS and played a key roll in the Targaryan Dynasty being destroyed and replaced by Robert who btw killed there silver prince on the Trident, they were enemies of the KG plain and simple and for the KG to not try and kill these traitors would be treason.
  5. During peace times if you were a young prince of any of the great houses wouldnt your curiosity make you wanna reach out to the Valaryian dragonlords in your back yard to at least ask to "see" these amazing beasts? Also the Valaryians are conqurers by nature and by history wouldnt the nobility of Westeros fear the Targaryans at least enough to have counter dragons measures thought up.
  6. I mean the Targs were living on Dragonstone for hundreds of years yet we hear of no talk of lords wanting to visit DS and take a look at the amazing beasts that brought the WORLD to its knees, and even better yet seaking out an mariage alliance with the Targaryans to possibly you know easily conquer Westeros. If I was lord of DS pre conquest I would show up to Tournments on Dragon back looking for hoes and watch all the nobilty ooooohhh and awwwww over my freakin awesomeness.
  7. I'm thankful GRRM didn't over complicate the nobility I like it simple, I imagine a lords rank goes by how much land he owns and how many soldiers he fields. When maesters teach children about the other noble houses of Westeros they always include how many men they field so I'm assuming this is an important bit of I formation for a young lord to possess.
  8. Agreed also it seems people are forgeting that the Lannisters lose Joffrey which is the same thing as losing Margery so how can the Lannisters be blamed for "Tyrions" betrayal when it impacted them even more so since Joffrey is king. Also Olenna is the one who orchestrated the plan IMO so I believe the alliance lives on like you said between Cersie and Willas and Tommon marrys a Tyrell cousin.
  9. Umbers are usually MASSIVE Freys look like weasels Dayne have Valaryian features Hightower have purple eyes which suggest valaryian background Yronwood have blond hair which is unique in Dorne
  10. I was speaking about IF Cat didnt arrest Tyrion at the inn, which if she didnt Tywin wouldnt invade the RL because he would have no reason to and Jamie wouldnt attack Ned in the streets because again there would be no need. Your correct about the Lannisters assuming Cat was informing Ned that Jamie was responsible for Brans fall but what could they do? Without Tywin in open rebellion they have no army and no power and they cant just murder Ned all his northmen, Robert and his KG, Renly and his men, etc........
  11. Tip the Lannisters off to what exactly? They would have no idea what Ned and Cat are up to, they would know something is afoot but what? Also Tywin would not invade the RL and Jamie wouldnt be brave enough to attack Ned in the streets while Robert was alive.
  12. Catlyn Stark did the most idiotic stuff out of any POV, her releasing the kingslayer could have cost her Robbs life and hers and caused the North to rebel against the Starks. I mean I get it I have children my self but there was 0 percent guarentee in getting her girls back and 100 percent guarantee that she will turn Robbs bannerman and allies against him. Arresting Tyrion with no evidence is IDIOTIC and frankly not her place AT ALL and caused the WO5K.
  13. Title says it all but I am also wondering could the wall play a part in keeping Jon alive ??
  14. What if Craster has Stark blood?? Will Mels spell wotk anyway??
  15. I very much doubt Ned would spread such a vicious assault on Rhegars character as he raped Lyanna do death or even hint at it since Ned would know Rhegar was innocent. Robert probably jumped to the conclusion and Ned just allowed him to believe what be wished.
  16. Aemon felt bad for not being there for his family so during his death he dreamed and wished he could help Danny even though he himself knew it was a pipe dream.
  17. Ned is known by ALL to be very honourable so if Mance called upon ned to talk about why he has gathered literally all the wildlings together Ned would listen and at the very least allow Mance to return beyound the wall, since it would be dishonorable to have him captured or killed during negotiations or wah ever. Knowing Ned he probably wouldnt believe Mance since any logical man wouldn't but doing his duty to the North he would at least send a few men with Mance to investigate once Neds men inform Ned its true Ned would then convince his Best friend Bonny B to help and if Bobby B didnt believe he would send men but at least the Northerners would be at the wall helping the Nightswatch so NO WOT5K. Also Bloodraven could have reached out to Ned in numerous ways the most obvious would be the weirwood trees Ned would think the old gods themselves were warning Ned of the WW invasion and thus would Deffinitly help.
  18. I actually do know Ned its called a POV ..........
  19. See the reply I made to TUCU sorry thought it was u who said both things.........
  20. What does this have to do with anything ??
  21. You are correct about Ned probably forcing them to bend the knee although a WW invasion might make him ease up a bit and allow them to take a verbal oath to the crown having the walking dead show up at your doorstep can sometimes do that :p. Your also correct about needing Bran at the cave never thought of that. However you are wrong about Ned executing Mance yes Mance is a deserter of the NW but now he is king beyond the wall and if Ned agreed to sit down for negotiations/talks he is honour bound to allow him to return safly home sure 90 percent of Westeros would just kill him but absolutly not ned
  22. Ghost is connected to the old gods as is Bloodraven and IMO Bloodraven warged Ghosts mom and brought her as far South as possible and then warged the Stag to kill the mother Direwolf as a warning to the Starks but unfortunately no one listened........
  23. Yea Jon should have totally not have let the Wildlings in and allowed the Whitewalkers to murder them and join the army of the dead, also he should have allowed Ramsey Bolton to march on castle black btw which can't be defended from the South and allowed all his fellow brothers to be slaughtered.......... It was Jons duty as LC to just do stupid shit because that's what the Nightwatch do.