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  1. An updated look at my Funko Mini, Dark Horse, & autograph card collection.
  2. Thank you
  3. I hope we get news before long. My top 5 most wanted are: 1. Catelyn 2. Ramsey 3. Robert 4. The Mountain 5. Olenna
  4. No problem! Just doing my duty
  5. We added the crown jewel to the collection on Monday
  6. Bend the knee to the One True King....Stannis Baratheon
  7. My Stannis is out for delivery today
  8. We started collecting Game of Thrones Funko Minis at Christmas and absolutely love them! I will be making a new video of our Game of Thrones collection once Dark Horse Stannis and our new autograph card arrives.
  9. I collect Rittenhouse Game of Thrones cards, Dark Horse GOT items, board games, etc. I really like Game of Thrones and really can't get enough of it. Here is a video of my most recent purchase, the Game of Thrones Risk Collector's Edition game:
  10. For our Season 3 boxes we got: - Arya - Margaery Tyrell - Jorah - The Mountain (actor who played him in Season 1 I believe) - Walder Frey (blue) - Pycelle Along with some good inserts (no sketch cards). I got these boxes on Ebay for $55 and with those pulls, I feel I did very well. I was really wanting that Jorah card and anytime you pull a Stark out of a pack, that is a good box and Arya is one of my favorites on the show. We already have an Arya so this one will probably get sold, but we were thrilled to pull her from a pack.
  11. Hopefully when we open these 3 boxes tonight, that we have some great luck. Well my picture didn't upload right, but I was trying to post a pic of the 3 Season 3 boxes we got today. I'll let you all know what we pulled tonight.
  12. What are your top 3 favorite current TV shows? Mine are 1. Game of Thrones 2. Once Upon a Time 3. Modern Family (hoping Season 8 is better than 7)
  13. Ramsay is a very interesting character IMO also.
  14. That is awesome! I love the shield cards, I recently bought the House Stark one on Ebay. I don't have any of the case exclusive (or whatever they are all called) shield cards. The Bolton and Stannis ones are both high on my want list.
  15. Thank you! Awesome collection! Season 1 Jon Snow is one of the most valuable cards in the set I believe (I'm hoping to hunt one down before the end of the year). I love it that not counting the blue autograph cards that they have kept the same design of the autograph cards for Seasons1-5, that makes them all fit so well with each other.