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  1. This. Almost goes hand in hand with this quote by Jeor When dead men come hunting in the night, do you think it matters who sits the Iron Throne? Because if you ask me, yes i think it matters a great deal who sits on the throne. We see this when Tywin says they will send no support to the wall until Janos Slynt is elected Lord Commander and again after Jon's letter to Tommen, which only tips Cersei off to the fact that he is still alive and then plots to kill him for sole reason that he is the bastard son of Ned Stark and nothing else.
  2. Even if it was, there is nothing he can do as Stannis has more men and Jon does not have the means to forcefully remove him.
  3. Well this is becoming a proverbial can of worms, i just checked my edition of Feast that was published in 2011 whilst it is hardcover the chapters and page numbers match the UK paperback, my copy has the hips in it. the copy in the link i mentioned i discovered is a US version meaning the hips may have only been removed in certain regions. this is the particular issue of Feast that i own
  4. GRRM has admitted this to be a mistake on his behalf, The Jeyne Westerling/Theories page on ASOIAF Wiki has a link to this recent edition of Feast notice there is no mention of her hips And there is also this SSM
  5. Given the remoteness of the wall it's entirely possible that he doesn't know that Slynt is dead
  6. I'm using google chrome, just cleared out my browsing data and cookies and i still have this problem. does anyone have any other ideas?
  7. Early in Dance Roose talks to Theon about Ramsay, says he's grown strangely fond of Fat Walda and then goes on to say that Ramsay will kill any sons she bears him and says that it is for the best and that he himself will die before they come of age. Given everything he has done to sieze power and make House Bolton the lords of the north it seems strange to see that he doesn't seem to care about the future of his house, does anyone else think this?. here is the quote from Dance Lady Walda is a Frey, and she has a fertile feel to her. I have become oddly fond of my fat little wife. The two before her never made a sound in bed, but this one squeals and shudders. I find that quite endearing. If she pops out sons the way she pops in tarts, the Dreadfort will soon be overrun with Boltons. Ramsay will kill them all, of course. That's for the best. I will not live long enough to see new sons to manhood, and boy lords are the bane of any House. Walda will grieve to see them die, though.
  8. Not likely, the Stark girl who married the Royce only had 3 daughters who married into different houses from the Vale, of course it is still possible that daughters from those three marriages married back into the Royce family so it could be anyone's guess
  9. Most likely to use him as a hostage to ensure Tywin's loyalty
  10. Ah crap, I'm all out of tin foil
  11. More than likely, Joffrey was wild and unpredictable. As we are shown in the meeting after the Red Wedding, he wants all the Riverlords who bent the knee to the IT executed and the same for their families and subjects, indeed the whole war is a cause of his insatiable appetite for bloodlust. We are later shown that Tommen is far more malleable and shaped by those around him. Given what Sansa told the Tyrells about Joffrey it is unlikely he would be allowed to live, sure we see him being nice to Margaery but then again he was nice to Sansa in the beginning and we see during the courtship that he was bored with her (like when he leaves her by herself after the Hand's tourney) so it's probably safe to say that if he ever got bored with Margaery or if she ever stopped being useful to him, he'd probably start abusing her.
  12. I was re-reading Game and i came across this quote in Jon's last chapter Considering the manner in which members of the Stark family are killed or perceived to be killed, it strongly hints at Jon's betrayal long before it occured
  13. It was Hoster and Tywin both. Jaime recalls the visit to Riverrun, saying he stayed for a fortnight and that Hoster took care to seat him next to Lysa at every meal. Cersei would later tell him that Hoster had journeyed to King's Landing to discuss the dower with Tywin, it was at this time she also said that Tywin was waiting for Viserys to mature or for Elia to die in childbirth, so that Cersei would have a royal match.
  14. Aye, Ramsay is noted to have Roose's eyes so there's no ambiguity there.
  15. Well they mounted Grey Winds head onto Robb's body, so I think we can agree he is dead. As for the Westerling he was shot a few times with a crossbow and his blood trail led into the river