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  1. That's just a replica, the real ice is described as being as tall as Robb and I doubt Robb is shorter than five feet
  2. By rights Tyrion is the lord of Casterly Rock but since he killed Tywin he can't exactly take up his position.
  3. To get Lysa to swear fealty to the IT, Tywin restores the title of Warden of the East to Robert Arryn, this happened sometime during the events of Storm.
  4. Given how at the end of Dance Jon is still at the wall and is dead/dying, Dany is in the middle of bumf**k essos somewhere and previously had no plans to journey to westeros anytime soon and the lannisters are still in power in on the iron throne and war has come to westeros again the Euron and Faegon causing trouble. With all of this going is it will it be possible to bring the story to an end in just 2 books? even if both Winds and Dream are large volumes like Storm and Dance being 1000 pages each i just can't see the story coming to an end so soon when we have had 5 books building up to this conclusion with things only continuing to get worse for almost everyone. Does anyone else agree with this?
  5. Google the Southron Ambitions theory, that will tell you more
  6. THIS, it makes me feel sad for Lysa because when everything was said and done all she was in the end was a tool for others to further their own ambitions. Another point of contention between Cat and Lysa was that initially Lysa was being promised to Jaime, he recalls being sent to Riverrun and being seated next to Lysa and then ignoring her and then is outright rejected when Jaime joins the kingsguard. She is then married off to Jon Arryn simply because he needs an heir and at that time Lysa was still believed to be fertile.
  7. Robb let his cock do his thinking for him and as is the running theme in Westeros no one stepped in to stop their king from making a mistake.
  8. Something i've been thinking about lately concerning House Stark and the fact that none of the children are betrothed at the beginning of the story is that Ned has seen the results of the southern betrothals that his father arranged for his siblings and the responses of Brandon and Lyanna to them. We see Ned thinking back to the night that Lyanna was betrothed to Robert and that she was notably less than impressed and whilst Ned said that Robert would settle down and be the good honest husband that she deserved, she was not at all convinced. We also see in Dance, Lady Barbrey tells Theon that Brandon didn't want Catelyn and whilst Cat thinks back to how charming and dashing he was, it's entirely possible that he was telling her things that she wanted to hear. Given his moniker of being the "wild wolf" and his love of philandering and Cat's whole attitude towards Jon and Ned's supposed infidelity, it's not hard to imagine she would have been miserable with Brandon. As for the lack of northern betrothals maybe he just wants them to live their lives and find spouses on their own terms and be happy, we see that in the past Alys Karstark was brought to Winterfell by her father in the hopes of a betrothal to Robb whilst this was unsuccessful i can't remember if we are ever told why.
  9. I know right? Cersei is the one who orders Lady's death, says that she wants to make a mantle out of the pelt and yet Sansa still cosies up to her in KL.
  10. Unlikely, Robb was desperate because he let his cock do his thinking for him and we get a hint of this desperation just before Tyrion marries Sansa, he advocates returning her and suing for peace, Tywin refuses stating that Robb would just marry her off to a riverlord or northern lord to shore up his alliances, specifically he mentions the Mallisters, Blackwoods, Manderlys and Umbers, but it's not hard to assume he would sell her to the Freys in addition to Edmure and i can easily see Cat putting her in a dress and marching her to the sept and telling her to do her duty.
  11. Oh aye, i think neither Sansa nor Ned realised what Joffrey was capable of until he ordered the latter's execution, whilst he acknowledges that Robb and Joff will never be friends he intends to take Bran south to King's Landing so that he may bridge the gap between them, even thinks to himself and says who knows, He is a sweet boy, quick to laugh, easy to love. Let him grow up with the young princes, let him become their friend as Robert became mine.
  12. It's not hard to believe so given the way she acts, in Feast we see she distrusts the Tyrells because they used to be the stewards of Highgarden. She also initially rejects marrying Joffrey to Margaery because of the betrothal with Sansa which surprised me to no great end. Even with her family being at war with the Starks she still means to marry Joffrey to Sansa.
  13. In Brans pov where he is pushed from the tower we here the Cersei wanted Jaime to be appointed HoTK instead of Ned, this struck me as rather odd why would she want Jaime to be appointed and not Tywin? who we know is a master politician and would do far better than Jaime. I am currently not in possession of my copies of the books so is anyone able to offer insight to this?
  14. Well i wouldn't be so eager to take my children into the lion's den so to speak, could not understand this at all, he receives word his friend was murdered by the queen's family and says you know what? i'm going to investigate this, but not before i take 3 of my 5 children into this so they may serve as hostages later on lolz.
  15. This. Almost goes hand in hand with this quote by Jeor When dead men come hunting in the night, do you think it matters who sits the Iron Throne? Because if you ask me, yes i think it matters a great deal who sits on the throne. We see this when Tywin says they will send no support to the wall until Janos Slynt is elected Lord Commander and again after Jon's letter to Tommen, which only tips Cersei off to the fact that he is still alive and then plots to kill him for sole reason that he is the bastard son of Ned Stark and nothing else.