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  1. Pray tell me what more could he do to convince them? I don't mean to sound like a dick, but has it not occured to you that some people simply do not care? We see Jon and Aemon writing letters to King's Landing, the response is to do nothing at all because it is not their problem, Jon also mentions if the wildlings are not allowed past the wall they will become wights and the NW leadership expresses indifference to this matter.
  2. 1. He made his move whilst his daughters were still in the city, thereby giving the Lannisters leverage over him 2. He fails to recognize that people would make moves against him as a means of self-preservation 3. He sends Cat back to Winterfell via the Kingsroad rather than a boat 4. For some reason, after seeing that Robert wants Daenerys dead and seeing him beat his wife he still maintains that he is a good man to said mans wife 5. He refuses to send Loras Tyrell as part of the group to hunt Gregor Clegane cause he wants vengeance and not justice 6. He blindy assumes everyone will answer the call to fight Tywin after Cersei is arrested and continues to think so after his own arrest until Varys informs him of the situation
  3. He never got a chance to send it, it was found on the body of one of his guards, he planned to send it after arresting Cersei.
  4. Title says it all, tell me what's the worst theory you've come across thus far in ASOIAF.
  5. Often in the books Daenerys thinks back to the house in Braavos with the red door and a lemon tree in the back garden. I've seen numerous theories that state this could not happen, one statement said that there are no trees in Braavos. Is the climate in Braavos not suited to lemon trees and is it an actual fact that there are no trees at all in Braavos? and if so where is it stated?
  6. Ahh yes, i'm sorry i had forgotten that
  7. Ashara has a younger sister named Allyria, she is betrothed to Beric Dondarrion at the start of the novels
  8. And not even a Westerlands bannerman at that, although i think the controversy was because it was to a son of House Frey, who the rest of Westeros look down on and think of as upstarts.
  9. If he is legitimate then marry him to Sansa or Arya, cousins marry all the time and it still secure the alliance with the riverlands.
  10. Just one problem with that, if Jon is really Brandon's son then why does Ned never mention it? Sure Cat might be a little upset that her betrothed was sleeping around, but surely that's better than believing her husband cheated on her.
  11. Maybe he caught on to how much she almost worships Jaime, she refused to acknowledge him attacking Ned, said that Ned was drunk and cause the whole thing.
  12. The 2nd one, cause when he wrote the will Ned used the words "my heir" and not "my son" and so she was afraid there was some sort of plot to name of Robert's bastards his heir, hence she had them all killed. Although some elements from the 1st could also enter into it, just before he is attacked by Jaime, Ned is told that Robert fathered a pair of twins on a serving girl at Casterly Rock three years prior when Tywin hosted a tourney there, he is then told that Cersei had the babes killed and the mother was sold to a passing slaver.
  13. The Starks have married with the Royces and the Blackwoods before, but that's about it
  14. Cause Brienne is about 7ft tall, kinda hard to mistake her for Ayra.
  15. Agreed and for the most part i don't think it matters, if he did get angry what's he going to do? i don't think there would be anything he could do.