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  1. My personal résumé at the end of ADWD Primary plot lines: Jon Snow (Lord Commander of the NW, installing the Free Folk in empty Castles of the wall) Arya Stark (Training with the FM in Braavos) Nymeria and her pack in the Riverlands Bran Stark (Training being a greenseer with Blood Raven in his cave) Cersei Lannister (trying to remain in power) Daenerys (trying to rule Mereen) Tyrion (fleeing via Pentos to join Daenerys) Samwell Tarly and Gilly in Old Town Sansa and Petyr Baelish in the Vale Jamie Lannister (rising conflict with Cersei) The Others New and/or unduly blown up plots, story lines that could well have been abandoned and/or omitted or al least reduced in length/complexity. Maybe also important story parts, but lingering much too long in the background Davos (looking for Rickon Stark in Skagos) Stannis Baratheon (preparing to conquer the North) Asha Greyjoy Roose and Ramsey Bolton preparing for battle against Stannis in Winterfell marriage with false Arya facing rescue Mission of Abel and his washerwomen (Mance Rayder & Spearwives) tensions between Freys and Northeners Wyman Manderlys plot Theon's inner torments (Now Stannis' captive) Dorne Myrcella Arianne Lady Nym and Tyene sent to KL Obara/Balos Swann hunting Darkstar Doran Aegon and Jon Connington (landing in Stormlands) Quentyn Martell (travel to Mereen) continued by Arch Yronwood and Drink plotting for B. Selmy Euron Greyjoy Victarion Greyjoy Jamie Lannister and Brienne Lady Stoneheart Margaery Tyrell Loras Tyrell Ser Gregor (undead) Ser Bronn (Lord Stokeworth) Mereen (the famous Merreen-knot) Old Town Archmaester Marwyn leaving for Mereen the stolen key (by Faceless Man) Castle Black Melisandre Queen Selyse Hardhome Alisandre Karstark
  2. ad 1) Arya ha always been good at keeping secrets. She herself believes that the friendly man does not know about her skinchanging abilities. And the Situation implies this as well, as he seems to have no clue how she could have identified him as the one beating her with a stick. See: the very end of the chapter "The Blind Girl". ad 2) I am sorry not being able to serve quotes here. But I remember that he tells her once or even several times that she was Arya of House Stark and links this to that therefore she had pride in herself, but to serve the Faceless Men she would need to give up all what she owns, her pride and all else. More difficult - I think - to give up your advantages being linked to a highborn origin than if you came to the House of Black and White already having nothing at all (i.e. being lowborn).
  3. Why making things always so complicated? Reznak is the perfumed seneschal. It is obvious.
  4. 1. The FM have to recruit people and train them to keep their order alive. They apparently do not recruit often as - if I recall correctly - during the 2(?) years Arya serves in the HOWB no new recruits appear. The training is hard as we can judge from Arya's POV and from what the kindly man says. He is, offering her several times to quit the training and telling her that few people, even fewer women, where able to endure. Even Arya has sometimes to struggle to keep on with the training, and we know whow tough she is. 2. I do not believe that the FM know about Arya hiding away Needle nor about her skinchanger capabilities. 3. The fact that Arya is the highborn daughter of a Lord is - in my opinion - more a burden in the view of the FM, not a reason to have a special interest in Arya. Maybe the only benefit they see is that Arya's non-highborn behaviour (i.e. her capability to appear and act as a lowborn girl) shows that she is able to detach from her original character.
  5. I look at the next book from the perspective that GRRM has to reduce the number of story lines he created in ADWD and AFFC. As to Arya in Braavos and Bran in Bloodraven's cave - I see no problem here; GRRM will involve them in other story lines as he wishes. It should not be difficult: Bran does not have to move physically and Arya can get to Westeros within a week or so by ship. As for the famous Mereen knot, it seems to me the easier part: Once Daenerys reappears in Mereen, Barristan Selmy can disappear again as POV. Tyrion is just outside the walls of Mereen, as is Victarion with his Iron fleet. All three parties can meet within a day, be it for negotiation, partnering up or battle. Daenerys can be led back to Mereen easily; in my opinion no need to waste time on whatever she experiences with the Dothraki. She will probably fulfill the prophecy of going under the mountain in Vaes Dothrak, become leader of a big khalassar and return to Mereen. Could be told by Daenerys in retrospective, as GRRM has done so often. Less than a chapter needed for that. The bigger issue I see is in Westeros. GRRM once promised that Howland Reed and Garland/Willas Tyrell would have a bigger role in TWOW. I cannot imagine that they would be given POV Status now, as it would open up further story lines (if that was GRRRM's intention anytime at all). Really difficult will be to reduce the following story lines, be it by killing characters or by bringing them together to form one out of two separate story lines. From North to South we have roughly eleven: Castle Black (Jon Snow, Melisandre) Skagos (Davos, Rickon) crofter's village (Stannis, Asha, Theon) Winterfell (Roose and Ramsay Bolton, Lord Manderly, Hosteen Frey, Mance Rayder) Riverlands (Brienne, Jaime, Catelyn Stark) The Vale (Sansa, Littlefinger) Kings Landing (Cersei, Varys, Tommen, Sand Snakes) Storm's End (Jon Connington, Aegon, Arianne) The Reach (Euron Greyjoy, Aeron Damphair) Oldtown (Samwell Tarly) Dorne (Areo Hotah, Doran Martell. Myrcella Lannister, Darkstar, Obara Sand, Balon Swann) Some of these story lines can be dealt with easily (e.g. Davos returning empty handed to Castle Black, Battle of Ice leaving one of the opposing armies destroyed). But it will be very hard to reduce them down to less than five. The only way I see is a lot of dying characters; bringing people together and become friends is much more difficult here than in Mereen, due to travle distance and enmities.
  6. Beware the perfumed seneschal! Where do you put this?
  7. Arya learns languages (Braavosi, High Valyrian, Pentoshi and Lys), lost most of her accent, she masters the lying game; she learns about poisons and their uses and effects; she vastly improves her already developed talent to mingle unrecognized amongst other people; she learns to use her senses other than the eyes thus sharpening touch, taste, smell, orientation in the dark; she learns to control her mimic and other mummers skills; she improves her Reflexes in battle (with the stick). I call that quite a progress and a rare assembly of difficult skills.
  8. And if it is really dreagons meant? Tyrion visited the skulls of the old Dragons below the Red Keep. Bright and dark might refer to Drogon and Viseryion. And maybe one of Daenery's Dragon will turn out to be treacherous (e.g. changing sides by the horn).
  9. Assuming that things are as they appear (i.e. Melisandre misinterpreted her vision) makes this Episode a splendid one. It: surprises the reader makes Jon doubt Melisandre's competences reveals Melisandre's true character and weakness to the Reader (i.e. she is too eager to control Jon by impressing him, thus she gambles and sells her interpretation of her vision despite knowing herself that she could not be sure about the girl's identity opens up a nice side-story with Alys Karstark: allowing Jon to marry a Wildling to someone from Westeros putting him once again into the conflict of the Night Watch's vows not to interfere with the realm's politics In my view no need to question this nice episode based on very fragile evidence. Apart from that this would mean to make a very big deal about overlapping timelines (Mercy chapter would have to be placed well before these events).
  10. Dear members, this question has probably already been discussed. Re-reading AFFC I stumbled over a remark by Genna Lannister (while she meets Jaime at the siege of Riverrun, the chapter right before "Cat of the Canals"). At the end of their discussion they talked about Tywin: "Jaime kissed her cheek. "He left a son." "Aye, he did. That is what I fear the most in truth." That was a queer remark. "Why should you fear?" "Jaime," she said, tugging on his ear, "sweetling, I have known you since you were a babe at Joanna's breast. [...] but Tyrion is Tywin's son, not you. I said so once to your father's face, and he would not speak to me for half a year. [...]." What to make of this? Does Genna refer to Tyrion's character or does she hint at something as deep as that someone else fathered Jaime and Cersei (King Aerys)?
  11. I think that the proposals made are good ones. What makes Missandei differ from the others is that she is highly intelligent, but never has to prove intelligent behaviour under stress. Arya, Big Walder Frey and Bran have to make the right decision very often with their life at stake. And amongst these three until she is in Braavos (and even there to be kept by the Faceless Men) Arya is practically on her own and only survives because she takes the right decisions. Her intelligence here shows by learning quickly and following all good advice (e.g. from Syrio Forel) she has received from grown ups she has been with. So, in fact the question might be split into two: Theoretical intelligence (here Missandei would probably top) or practical intelligence (here I would put Arya first).
  12. No reason to ridicule the theory proposed by @Lost Umber. I personally do not think it was Jon who wrote the letter, but: I have not seen any waterproof theory on the author of the Pink Letter. Candidates I have seen in the different theories are: Stannis, Ramsay Bolton, Roose Bolton, Mance Rayder, Theon, Wyman Manderly, someone at CB (e.g. Melisandre, Jon Snow, Clydas) The questions are: Who had all Information mentioned in the letter? None of the possibel candidates disposed of all Information at a first glance. Assuming a flux of information between CB, Winterfell, Stannis' camp would solve this problem for each of the candidates Assuming that the author made a wild guess on a detail would also solve the problem. Who had a motive? A motive can be thought of for all candidates. Who had the occasion and the means to write and dipatch the letter? In principal all candidates, though for some it would have been clearly easy (paper, ink, quill, wax, raven at hand); very difficult to imagine for Theon, difficult for Mance, Lord Manderly. What really speaks again Jon being the author is that we have his POV view while reading the letter, and it would be very surprising not to get a hint through his thoughts.
  13. Remarks to details. "Then the towers by the sea, crumbling as the dark tide came sweeping over them, rising from the depths. Shadows in the shape of skulls, skulls that turned to mist," Mist seems to be the Wights "Skulls that turned to mist" = dead bodies becoming wights. "The wind rose and the white mist came sweeping in" means The Others commanded the wights (mist) to attack and turned the human defenders to skulls (most probably in the next step these skulls would become mist again. As already mentioned, this pictures possibly the fight of Hardhome; the first attackers being either Ironborn or (what I think is more probable) the dead things in the water we have already heard about. Whoever the first attackers, in the end all Wildlings at Hardhome (in this vision) are dead and are resurrected as wights. Question: "Through curtains of fire great winged shadows wheeled against a hard blue sky..." Why the HARD blue sky? Does it mean the sky North of the Wall? => Daenerys' Dragons active in the fight against the Others? when the word "shadow" appears it seems to mean living things (men, animals)
  14. Not to forget that someone with the talent to become a greenseer must be lucky enough to find a teacher. Bran Stark would most probably have passed as mere skinchanger had the greendreamer Jojen and Bloodraven not identified him from afar and led him to Bloodraven.
  15. Incest in ASOIAF is linked to insanity, madness (Targaryens, Cersei/Jamie). Why would GRRM let this flaw extend to the Starks? And from the characters Jon and Arya it is so far stretched to think of that (all details have been mentioned in this thread) - a sexual relation between Jon and Arya is the very last thing I would think of (as far stretched as Jon using Arya as Nissa Nissa).