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  1. Passing by Winterfel might bring Jon face to face with Bran. And then Jon might be tempted to welcome him back, ask questions about his abilities to see the movement of the army of the dead, and might even learn more about the Bran being a greenseer. He might learn about the creation of the Night King by the Children of the Forest. Jon might even ask Bran to come with them to Eastwatch to spy for maybe individually or separately moving wights easier to catch than confronting the whole army of the dead. To avoid all this, Jon better not pay visit to Winterfell.
  2. Oh, I found another small scene worthy of a good TV Show. In terms of acting. When Jamie convinces Cersei that it was really Olenna who killed Joffrey by explaining why he thinks, Olenna didn't lie when telling him. The facial expression changing in Lena Headleys face was one of the better acting moments in Season 7, I think.
  3. Sorry to nickpit again. The scene with Samwell Tarly leaving the Citadel: How the heck was he choosing which book or scroll to take and wich not? Seems to me like a hazard pick with a chance to have picked important books or scrolls close to that of of winning the Lotto.
  4. Just watched the episode a second time. And I found some 60 seconds I agree with: The second half of the scene with Sansa and Arya. I felt this scene was ok, because it was subtle, the message between the lines, and in line with the characters. I mean, Arya confronting Sansa with her conclusion to Sansa's character (which resumes well what we have learned in the book as well as in the show). And - for the intersting watcher/reader - a hint at her capabilites to read in the faces of other people. Unfortunately I did not find another scene I would agree with in terms of quality and coherence to the story. But I promise: I will try, try hard...
  5. A conversation picked up at the camp fire the first night after leaving Eastwatch by the Sea: Clegane: So, king of the North, it seems you have fought this army of the dead before? Jon: Yes, twice. Myself and Tormund, Him in much more battles. Clegane: So tell me, King Snow, what expects us, how do we fight them, what is special about them? Jon: As far as I can tell, there are two kinds of foes. First there are the wights. And then there are the White Walkers. And the Night King of course. Clegane: Tell me more. Jon: Well, the wights, first of all. There are mayn of them, hundres, thousands, tens of thousands. They are hard to kill. If you cut of a limp, this limp will still fight. They are strong and feel no pain. Clegane: What do you mean? Jon: I fought one once in Castle Black. He had blue eyes, but his looks were well the looks of a ranger re-animated. I had a direwolf and a sword to fight him. Clegane: And? Well, I thrust the sword through his bowels but he still moved his hands to my throat and nearly throttled me, had the direwolf not saved me. Clegane: And then he was dead, yes? Jon: No, only after throwing fire at him, you can still see my burned hand. Clegane: And the “White Walkers”? Jon: Now that is a still more dangerous foe. Simple swords will not hold, but break when touching the sword of the others. It seems to freeze your own sword on the touch. The only chance to defeat them is with a sword made of Valyrian steel or with dragon glass. The wildlings never achieved to kill a white walker, right Tormund? Tormund: You are right, as far as I know. Jon: Oh, and of course your own amour means nothing, the weapon of the White Walkers goes through it like through silk. Clegane. Sounds amusing. And the Night King? Jon: Well, he sort of looks like the white walkers, but I never fought him directly. He has supernatural powers. By just raising his hands he can re-animate all fallen human foes to become wights within seconds. I do not know if he can be killed by dragon glass or Valyrian steel. Clegane: And we want to do what: Catch a White Walker alive? Jon: No that I think would be impossible. A wight sould suffice. Clegane: So the plan is to catch a wight wondering all alone in the wild, without anyone else of the Dead Army noticing? Jon: Ahem, little probability. They do not wander alone, as far as I know. They always march in big troops, many wights and some few White Walkers to lead them. Clegane: Hmmm…. Thinking of all you said, our only hope is to be lucky and meet a small troupe of wights, capture one, kill the rest quickly, and make off fast, correct? Jon: Precisely. Clegane: So, let me guess. In order to get away fast, once we got the wight, we ned horses. Close fight is not recommended, neither for wights, nor for White Walkers. So, we put the fights on fire, kill the White Walkers with spears or arrows with dragonglass heads. As fas as I can see, only you have a Valyrian sword, so you could fight a White Walker at close range, if need be. Beric here, he can put his sord on fire, so if necessary, he could fight the wights at close range, but in any case range fight would be advisable. Jon: Yes, that is a good summary. Clegane: So, None of us has a bow, none a spear, where is the dragonglass? Jon: [looking at Jorah Mormont]: Ahem Jorah, what about the box of dragonglass you put in the boat when we set off from Dragonstone? Jorah: Well, your Grace, you told me to put this box into the boat, but what happened afterwards with it, I do not know. I never knew there was dragonglass in it, nor its use. Clegane: So, I assume we meet a hundred horsed bowmen soon, who you should no doubt have had no problems to command to come to Eastwatch by raven, when we left Dragonstone. These hundred bowmen equipped with fire and dragonglass arrows will await us with some spare horses. And provisions of course, as we just ate what we had in our pockets, when leaving Eastwatch. Correct? And for sure, they have some ravens for Winterfell, Eatwatch and Dragonstone, in case we need to send message for help or at least facing certain failure and death to inform about it? Jon: Oh shit, I forgot about all that…
  6. You probably didn't get me right. It is not the sporadic appearance of Ser Royce at Winterfells council which convinces me that the Vale had mantained a sound existence in the show. What about those some hundred horsed soldiers, are they not eating off the food (horses and men) off Winterfell, while food is scarce there. The Vale is - besides Dorne the only part of the Seven Kingdoms until now spared from ware - richer in food provisions than any other region in the Seven Kingdoms. Is there any Food Transport from the Vale to Wnterfell, what do they Need the Vales army for? Where are the foot soldiers of the Vale? Who leads and represents the Vale (Sweetrobin, Lord Royce or Littlefinger)? What about the bad blood between Lord Royce and Littlefinger (remember back in Season 6)? Gulltown is - apart from Kings Landing - the closest harbour to Dragonstone. What is the relation between The Vale and Dany; if the Vale follows Jon Snow's rule, well: see above. Etc. etc. That is why I think the Vale has been written off (or forgotten) in the Show as much as the Stormlands, Dorne (as a region with a still existing huge army), well, and as the Riverlands: R.I.P Edmure Tully - sorry, during her two weeks stay at the Twins in disguise of Walder Frey, Arya had no time to visit you in the dungeon and later forgot totally about your existence..
  7. I think you err. Littlefinger (in the book as well as in the Show) organized the moonstone-hair net for Sansa and the Fool Dontos was his catspaw. Who had the idea first to poison Joeffrey is not clear; probably Olenna. But Littlefinger was deeply involved in planning and exectuing the murder.
  8. That is from the books.I think this phrase (in fact a prophecy) has not been mentioned in the Show. And if it has - who cares (we are on D&D-level now).
  9. If Danerys or Tyrion had a little bit of sense, they would have made the three Dragons fly over Kings Landing and then tell the people, they had the choice: either burn or deliver Cersei. I imagine even the Gold Cloaks would prefer to deliver Cersei than get roasted. Fear is all Daenerys needs to create in order to come to power.
  10. You really believe D&D care about the Vale or who leads it or Sweet Robin anymore? The Vale and its army are probably written off into non-existence as much as Dorne, The Stormlands, etc.
  11. Good thing: As after season 4 the show became such a crap, in a few years somone might feel tempted to put the real story into film again.
  12. But the Content of that letter would not be enough for Arya to put Sansa on her list. Sansa would be able to explain she had to write that letter to try and save Ned Stark's life.
  13. That theory is highly unlikely as noone could know, Bran would be in this pity state in bed after his fall. Only possibility: It was mere coincidence that the two attacks on Bran's life happened in such a short time, and that they were not linked at all.
  14. Now, had the show included Sansa's treason in KL (telling Cersei of Eddard Stark's plan to ship the Girls back to Winterfell) which was described in the books, THEN she would have Sound reason to worry getting a place of honour on Arya's list, once Arya got knowledge of this (through Bran). Alas - this Option no longer exists....
  15. There is no more logic to the development of characters in the Show. If we assume that Jorah for the time being was not exposed to the willfulness of the show-writers, he should be at the military Level he was when he left Daenerys in S6. So he would be the best choice at the moment in the Show. Davos, Tyrion have become a shadow of themselves; Arya, Qyburn, Cersei, Samwell have received an overpower package.