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  1. Prosperity, I hope. I never really held the Red Wedding against them. But then I am not fond of Robb and the Starks either. I know many who like the Starks want to see the Freys punished. I guess they and I will always feel differently about this issue. The Red Wedding took down a pesky rebel who was enjoying some success on the battle field. It was for the good that the Stark rebels were put down. It prevented further bloodshed and destruction. Just because it's bad for the Starks doesn't mean it's bad for the majority of the people in Westeros.
  2. The Freys are too dispersed. I am sure most of the Freys outside of the two castles will survive. I think Walder will outlive Catelyn. It's just a matter of time before the Freys locate the Brotherhood and put an end to Catelyn.
  3. A Dothraki perspective would add to the richness of the narrative. Excellent choice. I also pick Drogo. Viserys is another interesting pick.
  4. Robb's will doesn't really matter. Jon is a bastard sworn to the Night's Watch. Robb doesn't have the powers to (1) change Jon from bastard to legitimate; (2) write Jon an excuse letter to get him out of his sworn vows to the Night's Watch. Maybe he did the stupid thing, Robb is known to do stupid things by the way, and named Jon his heir. We don't know at the moment. But there are other choices. Better choices that doesn't require breaking so many laws. Catelyn. Edmure. A Karstark. Catelyn and Edmure will have the acceptance of the river lords and will have an easier time of it. They make the most logical of the choices. The monarch in King's Landing has the power to decide who gets the north and Winterfell. Robb tried to earn his independence and lost. His will is worthless.
  5. Illyrio Mopatis hired Jaquen to kill Ned Stark. The convo overheard by Arya at least suggested that this Magister considered killing Ned. I know, Arya is not the brightest of view points but we are at the mercy of GRRM's chosen mode of delivery. Even if Arya is somewhat mistaken about what she heard, we can say the biggest conspiracy in the novels, the restoration of House Targaryen to power, considers Ned Stark a nuisance that will need to be murdered to pave the way for a smoother return of the Targaryens. Ned is level-headed and is the kind of guy who will say to his fat friend, "Robert, don't meet the Dothraki in open battle. Barricade yourself behind your walls and hope like hell they get bored enough to leave." Jaquen tried to sneak into Ned's quarters and got caught. Thinking he's a common burglar, they threw him in the dungeons. Here's my list of suspects: Illyrio Mopatis - prime suspect Doran Martell - to deprive Robert of capable support Petyr Baelish - to sow chaos and bring down the house of Stark
  6. It's not unprecedented. Areo Hotah, Aeron, Mel had but a few chapters.
  7. The Freys are one of the few real success stories in Westeros. I'm sure they had luck on their side too. An economically strategic location like the crossing is a lot more valuable than say, barren Winterfell. The first Freys were industrious when they built their bridge. The succeeding Freys were damn smart enough to make improvements on their bridge. They have every right to be proud of what they have accomplished and I cannot really blame Walder for protecting his assets (bridge and ass both) against the stupidity of Robb and the Starks. Robb screwed said asset when he broke his word and then goes on to make idiotic decisions that will eventually lead to the defeat of their side. Robb's dishonor and disrespect gave Walder the social and ethical loophole that he needed to jump off of the Stark's sinking ship. One can hardly blame the man. He did what a good family patriarch would do. The Frey's participation in the red wedding will no doubt tarnish their social reputation for a while but compare that against the possibility of sticking with the losing side. The Freys were the richest of Robb's allies and they stand to lose the most out of anybody. Robb already demonstrated his lack of respect for his allies when he broke his promise to Walder and beheaded the head of the Karstarks. We have to see this drama from the eyes of Lord Walder. Robb doesn't care about the Freys. He's only using them. Walder already felt disrespected by the Tullys and Robb's actions confirmed that Robb was no better than Hoster.
  8. Or the chapters will be shorter and less for each person. It should be in line with Dance in terms of the number of pages. GRRM is not known to use word economy and he does painstakingly sets up important events.
  9. We don't all justify what Roose did. Some of us do. I don't. I can and do, however, justify what Walder did. Roose needed an heir. A legitimate heir. He only had Ramsay. He was desperate to get Ramsay made legit. I think that was his motivation for working against Robb. The only person who can make this happen is King Joffrey. Roose must have known that Robb will lose to the Lannisters in the end and that's not good for his plans. He needed to have Ramsay made legit and it needs to stick.
  10. What do you see characters doing in the real world? Being mindful of their age. Daenerys - Happy to get her driver's license. Goes to a private high school. Class president and prom queen. Does volunteer work at the local shelter. Has three Rottweilers. Fights with her older brothers. Tyrion - Spoiled son of a billionaire. Womanizer. Gambler. Drunkard. Tabloid material. Think of a darker Arthur Bach. Jorah - Over extended on his credit. Working overtime to keep Lynesse happy. Drives a Chevy Corvette. Jon - Moody and quiet. Keeps to himself. Average student. Spends most of his free time playing video games. Plans on joining the priesthood. Owns a Siberian Husky. Drives a hot rod Camaro. Sansa - Best dressed girl at school. Struggling in academics. Terrible in math. Favorite class is home economics. Not good in athletics. Member of the school cheerleading squad. Daydreams about the captain of the football team but he pays her no attention. Owns an Afghan Hound. Robert - Business owner. His business is about to go under. Forced to pay child support to a half-dozen women. Enjoys sports, hunting, and hanging out with the boys. Renly - GQ's style icon of the year. The image of the metrosexual male. Viserys - Heir to rich dad's fortune. Drove a red Ferrari until he lost his license for too many moving violations. Graduated from a prestigious high school but spent too much time partying college. On academic probation. Fraternity boy. Wears expensive clothes and popular with the girls. Fights with his older brother and younger sister. Rhaegar - Disappointment to his father. Makes his living as an artist. His specialty is body painting. Married to Elia. They have two children. Rhaenys goes to pre-k at the local public school system. Rhaegar plays at the local club to make extra money. He doesn't drive. Elia is a stay at home mom. Little Finger - Wall Street executive. A self-made man. His holdings include stocks in gambling casinos, brothels, and pharmaceuticals, the legal kind. Suspected of doing business with the mob but never proven. Varys - Cross dresser in his spare time. Special Assistant to the Targaryen family. His day to day duties are unknown.
  11. Randyll Tarly is a religious man but people find ways to explain away their behavior to somehow make it fit with the teachings of their religion. Let's take a look at the man's past. He's respected by his men. In Westeros during those times "respect" is akin to feared. No one does what you tell them if they don't want to unless they fear you. Men do what Randyll thells them to. He says what he means and he backs it up. He doesn't make empty threats. He's a very harsh and cruel man but his methods work. I don't like him but I can respect him because he lets me know my boundaries and what happens if I cross the lines. Ser Piggy would have met with an accident if he had refused to go to the NW. Randyll will keep it a secret from his wife. No one will know what happened so Randyll keeps his honor. His public image and that of his house remain clean.
  12. George Martin gave us the Westerlings as the opposite of the Freys. The Westerlings are poor but overly proud and arrogant resting on their past. The Freys are realistic and practical. Walder Frey is a good leader and in his younger days he should have served in the small council. The kingdom would be better for it. At least economically.
  13. I don't think so. Rhaegar was just egocentric and believed himself more important than he really was. His future little sister is the real dragon.
  14. If the alliance between Houses Frey, Tully, and Stark had remained intact they could have bargained for better terms with Tywin. We know Tywin for a man willing to forgive as long as the former rebels bend their knees. But this is conditional on Robb surrendering and swearing to take his ass back north with his tail hanging humbly low. Robb was not going to do that. Other provisions may come up, like Robb taking the black and Rickon will become someone's ward (ahem, hostage). The north was never at any point independent and any chances of that will end. The Starks were in the rebellion for keeps. Walder may have been willing to suffer with the Starks in the beginning but after Robb betrayed him he saw the light. I don't blame him. Robb and the homeless Starks will start losing without Frey and Karstark support. I don't think Walder though of Robb breaking his oath. Walder knew how valuable his resources were to the Starks. A reasonably smart guy would know the stupidity of angering your powerful allies. I guess Walder didn't think Robb was that stupid.
  15. They are respected. Sure, people may talk about them behind their backs but I attribute most of that to the fact that they collect toll on everybody who passes through The Twins. Most of it is bitterness coming from people who resented having to pay and the others are jealous of the Frey's successful entrepreneurship. Many hypocrites criticize Walder for fathering so many children but the man supported his children, unlike a king that we know. Long live the Lord of the Crossing!