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  1. There is a reason why the show brought back a blacksmith. Arya is a good candidate for his Nissa Nissa. I can't say it would bother me. The girl who collects the faces of her victims is some kind of messed up. It would be totally unrealistic for Arya to come close to even normal within a lifetime, she's so messed up. Don't misunderstand, the show might do it just out of fan service to her fans but that would be stupid storytelling. It won't even deserve the label of plot hole, it'll just be extremely stupid writing on the show's part to even try to portray Arya as a decent person. Arya dying to forge a sword is fair atonement for her many sins.
  2. I know we all like to think there is redemption for everyone but that is not realistic. Assuming the show wants to take a realistic arc for some of the characters like Theon, Arya, and Jaime. Theon of those three has the best chances of finding redemption. Just like I think Victarion will find redemption in the novels by serving Daenerys Targaryen. Theon already pledged his support to Daenerys and that brought him halfway to his redemption. He will be a hero in my eyes if the op's scenario comes true. Say he takes down Euron and rescues Yara/Asha. He becomes a hero instantly.
  3. Dany has a good record when it comes to helping people. Destroying the slave trade was an epic achievement. I trust whatever plans she has for Westeros. Slavery is the single greatest sin of man. In our world and theirs. Think of it as you would think of cancer. What would you do if you had cancer? You would treat it and do everything you can to get rid of it. You may even try risky experimental treatments until you find one that worked. But waiting around until a new treatment might come along is not the answer. Not in slavery anyway. That system was grounding people down and caused thousands to suffer abuse, torture, unjust punishment, and cruelty in the hands of their "masters". I would disagree with those who would even counsel making moral concessions. The master classes who resisted Dany's reforms do not deserve consideration. Dany has a lot of work to do. I expect her to carry out her plans to break the wheel and change the system. Her system won't be perfect but then again, even our current system in the real world (U.S.) is also imperfect. We may not see the breaking of the wheel on the show but I am certain that we will see those changes slowly taking place in the books after the Others are pushed back. Note that I am one of those who believe the show and the books will not come to the same ending. The show will end as soon as the battle is done. The books will go into detail as the reconstruction of Westeros begins and the new system is slowly and methodically put in place. I find Dany a most interesting character and I can see her having a future long after the Others are pushed back. She is very young in the books and I think she will actually outlive most of the other characters because she still has a mission. She may even manage to find more dragon eggs. More of those can help pass the changes that she wants to put in place.
  4. It's obvious at this point that Jon is not a good battle field commander. Let's take a look at his record. Castle Black. Jon lost that battle. Mance Rayder was about to win until Stannis Baratheon came along and pulled Jon's bacon out of the fire. Winterfell. Jon lost this battle to Ramsay. Ramsay was proven the better battle commander. He bested Jon on the battlefield. Littlefinger came to his rescue and bailed him out. It's thanks to Littleinger that Jon still has his skin. Beyond the Wall. Jon was losing the battle against the wights. Dany and Her dragons came to the rescue and got them out. Jon is not good at anything except swinging a sword. I don't see a place for Jon after the war with the Night's King is won. Dany is much better at ruling and at leading than Jon. She should have the iron throne. A heroic death while taking down the Night's King would be a fitting way for Jon to die.
  5. Correct. Jon in the books can only come back as a wight or he can live on within his dog.
  6. Why and Where does the Dany/Jon love theory com from? From the overactive imaginations of Jon's fans.
  7. It is known
  8. Correct.
  9. That was a setback and only represented a small part of the Targaryen Fleet. Tyrion and Yara must take part of the blame for that poor strategy. Lady O was right, Dany should take a more aggressive approach. Okay, let's look at the so-called king-in-the-north. Jon bungled every battle he's ever been in. Stannis had to bail his ass out during the battle for the Wall. Petyr Baelish and Robin Arryn had to bail his impulsive ass during the battle of the bastards. Dany should lead Westeros if they are to survive through the long night.
  10. Night's King Euron Randyll Tarly Cersei Littlefinger Sansa Yohn Royce Gregor Qyburn Jaime Bron
  11. I loved Dany's scenes on Dragonstone.
  12. There is no telling where the show might take that story. They set aside logic for the sake of fan service. That said, I don't think Jon and Sansa will end up together.
  13. I have to disagree with you. Bringing someone back from the dead is a rare event. Think of all the red priests running around in Essos and we have not had many reports of the dead coming back to life. If I had to guess which side will resurrect Jon, it will be the side that has been doing it all throughout since the start of the novel. The white walkers' ability to resurrect is a sure thing. Mel being able to do so is a tiny maybe. What you're trying to present as evidence is less convincing than Lothar's.
  14. Riverlands - Frey Westerlands - ? Reach - Hightower North - Bolton Dorne - Yronwood Iron Isles - Harlaw Vale - Royce Stormlands - ?
  15. There is no such person as the "best battle commander." Robert lost to Randyll but it doesn't mean Tarly is better. Resources matter and whoever gets to high ground matters. Stannis got his ass handed to him by an inexperienced Tyrion. I would pick Barristan among the current field commanders.