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  1. A young lady from House Costayne -- a banner house of the Hightowers of Oldtown, Mesella has been groomed for court. As a young child, she was betrothed to Ormory Rosby, and as a future Crownlands lady, her mother saw it fit to bring her to court. Over the years, Mesella has made advantage of her Mooton relations at Maidenpool, and she even travelled to Riverrun some years ago for the Tully wedding. Though even a lady as herself cannot avoid scandal, or rather, the scandal of her betrothed's house: a string of murders some years past were revealed to have been committed by Ormory's uncle Quenton. However, make no mistake: Mesella is still a very good choice for a player who wants a character who has been long-established at court, and has a suitable betrothal. Additionally, she now has a proper court position, as lady-in-waiting to Rylla Hightower -- her Tyrell-born cousin, as arranged by her aunt Annet, the mother of the young Lord Tyrell, and thus an immediate connection to other PCs is guaranteed! Also, her betrothed Ormory is currently in play, though it should be noted that he remains in Dorne as a squire to Lord Connington, a member of the Iron Throne's embassy to Sunspear. Mesella is Open, meaning a player needs to either have MU* experience or have read at least one book in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. She is also un-CG'ed, meaning that a player will have to commit to the CG process that will decide her stats, skills, history, and persona.
  2. Hi Goonch! The forums are a bit inactive, but I implore you to join the game itself, where Greeters, Staff, and Admins should be able to answer your questions. Is a way to access the game from a web-browser, and you can see the MUSH clients we recommend here: . is also a great resource, and you can simply post any questions you have on the forums here (though again, they are inactive, so it might take a while to respond).
  3. Looking for a character with lots of direct ties to the Crownlands and Dragonstone? What about a house of sailors who AREN'T worshippers of Cthulhu? Interested in helping a relatively minor house grow? Play a Celtigar! There's not a whole lot that's known about House Celtigar. They are the lords of Claw Isle, a small island off the coast of Crackclaw Point. Like their cousins of House Velaryon, they are said to have the blood of Old Valyria in their veins. Lead by Lord Clement Celtigar, son of the Bartimos Celtigar that served on Queen Rhaenyra's Black Council, this house has lots of characters ready for playing, both CG'd and not. See Ashera Celtigar with any questions. Amrell Celtigar (CG'd, Open): The heir to Claw Isle, Lord Amrell has always been more comfortable maneuvering politically than on the field of battle. Lord Amrell is an incredibly intelligent man-- and he likes people to know it. Fiercely ambitious, he is much happier at the court of King's Landing than overseeing his comparatively quieter home. Furthermore, Ashera, Amrell's only child from his tragic first marriage, has recently come to live with him at court. Will father and daughter become a force to be reckoned with? Or will their own ambitions only serve to drive them apart? Parena Celtigar (Open, Not CG'd): Second wife of lord Amrell Celtigar, and mother to three of his children. A Marbrand by birth, Parena and Amrell were married less than a year after the death of Amrell's beloved first wife, Elona. It was an obvious marriage of convenience, but Parena was nonetheless able to bear Amrell lots of healthy children. They have, at the very least, grown fond of each other over the years. But does Parena have any lingering resentment over being such a hasty replacement? What feelings does she hold towards Amrell's awkward eldest daughter, who Parena has known since her infancy? How does she feel about her husband's obvious preference for King's Landing, rather than at her side at Claw Isle? Would that be enough to send her to the capital? Amyana Staunton (Open, CG'd): Eldest daughter of Lord Clement, Amyana was willful and wild as a child, though she has learned to tame these feelings over the years. Amyana lost a beloved husband of House Waxley to the fighting in Dorne, and has since remarried. While her second marriage is by no means unhappy, it does lack the love and intimacy of her first marriage. Though Amyana is no longer a part of the Celtigar household, she was very close to her brother Amrell, and has undoubtedly retained connections to her family. Morland Celtigar (Open, Not CG'd): Second son and third child of Clement Celtigar, Morland captains a ship known as the Red Claw, named as homage to his family's crest. While his relationship with his siblings is friendly, Morland is not particularly close to any of them. He is married to Lady Syrella of House Darry, and their union has produced a son, Banfrey. Oreyne Celtigar (Open, Not CG'd): The fourthborn child of Clement Celtigar, Oreyne is said to have a somewhat antagonistic relationship with her siblings. Perhaps it is simply the result of being a middle child, or perhaps it is the mark of naturally shrewish behavior. Oreyne is seven-and-twenty and still unmarried, which might be a cause of anxiety for both her and her father. Would the hunt for a husband send Oreyne to King's Landing? Or maybe Oreyne is perfectly happy on her own, and has come to the capital to escape her father's nagging? Wynton Celtigar (Open, CG'd): Wynton grew up in the shadow of his elder brothers, but unlike some, this only drove him to do everything he could to succeed in life. Wynton witnessed the horrors of the conflict of Dorne firsthand, losing his master to a Dornish arrow. Knighted at Plankytown, Ser Wynton does well in upholding the tenents of knighthood. He is kind and polite, and just as comfortable with a sword or lance as he is with a tome of history. His one downfall, it seems, is a total and complete inability to carry a tune. He is married to Lady Roncianne Rosby, though as of yet their marriage has not produced any children. Elleria Celtigar (Open, CG'd): The youngest child of Clement Celtigar, Elleria is tall and charming, if not rather aloof. A bit of an odd duck, Elleria much prefers the company of books to people, though she is able to play this off as maidenly shyness. Like her sister Oreyne, Elleria is still unwed, though her age is not yet so advanced that she might cause her family worry. Nonetheless, it is quite possible that Elleria would be sent to King's Landing to make connections and find a husband. She is no stranger to court, after all, and has friends and acquaintances she might revisit. Colianne Rosby (Open, not CG'd): Eldest sister of lord Clement Celtigar, Lady Colianne is now the Dowager Lady of Rosby. While her eldest son, Whalon, is in charge of running the household, Lady Colianne surely has no shortage of pull. Older ladies are rare amongst players, but Colianne could bring a considerable amount of influence to the table, both for House Celtigar and House Rosby alike. Rolland Celtigar (Open, not CG'd): Brother to Lord Clement, Ser Rolland is a widowed lord and many children. While he is advanced in years, Ser Rolland could easily serve as a mentor figure for young knights and squires hoping to make a name for themselves, or perhaps he might try and secure advantageous matches for his unmarried children and grandchildren. Tasmund Celtigar (Open, CG'd): The eldest son of Ser Rolland, Tasmund has long struggled to be noticed. As a youth, he seemed to fail at nearly everything he tried his hand at, and his father could never be pleased. As an adult, he still struggles to stand out, though he has managed to find some recognition as an officer of the City Watch. A lifetime of mediocrity has taken its toll on Tasmund's self esteem, and a sailing accident left him with a fear of the ocean-- an oddity, considering he comes from a seafaring house. Even so, Tasmund is in a good place to finally make a name for himself. He and his wife, Dorea, would be familiar with King's Landing, given Tasmund's work, and as a member of the City Watch, Tasmund would have lots of interesting opportunities for roleplay. Aloran Celtigar (Restricted, Not CG'd): Known as "Crackclaw," Aloran no doubt has an interesting history behind his byname. The second son of Ser Rolland, Ser Aloran is a knight, currently in search of a household to serve. King's Landing is an excellent place for him to continue that search. Jenette Hayford (Open, CG'd): Eldest daughter of Ser Rolland, Lady Jenette is wickedly intelligent, and there are swords that do not cut as deep as her tongue. She is known as a terrible shrew, and always seems to have a biting remark at the ready... Except when it comes to her elder brother, Tasmund. Despite her wild and sullen behavior, Lady Jenette has managed to turn out alright, with a decent marriage and a young son. Her reasons to coming to King's Landing would be no one's but her own... Likely having something to do with their library, if one were to guess. Jarella Celtigar (Open, Not CG'd): Ser Rolland's youngest daughter, Lady Jarella is notably more mild than her sister. Hopefully Ser Rolland will have an easier time finding a husband for this daughter, though she is getting old enough that Ser Rolland might worry. Nonetheless, Lady Jarella is a good age to come to King's Landing, hopefully making a name for herself as well as finding a prospective match. Edmyn Celtigar (Open, Not CG'd): Ser Rolland's youngest son, Edmyn is still a squire, currently serving under his brother Aloran. Edmyn is of a good age to earn his spurs, but he will have to work hard to sufficiently impress the Crackclaw. Being so far out of the way in inheritance, and coming after so many impressive brothers and cousins, Edmyn has grown up in the shadows of many. How will he deal with this? Perhaps it is time for the young squire to visit King's Landing, and make a name for himself. Semella Celtigar (Restricted, Not CG'd): The younger sister of Lord Clement Celtigar, Semella was only twenty years old when she gave birth to her son, Malion. This caused no shortage of scandal, as Semella was unwed, and the lady was swiftly disowned... Ordinarily this would be the end of Semella's story, but the disgraced lady was not content to let it be so. Semella made her way in life as a singer, and managed to gain a not insignificant amount of fame from her craft, becoming known as "Seaspray." She might come to King's Landing looking for work, though in a court as conservative as Baelor's, a scandalous woman such as Semella would have to tread lightly. Perhaps it is time for her to finally reconnect with her long-estranged family? Malion Waters (Restricted, Not CG'd): The bastard son of Semella Celtigar, Malion has inherited his mother's talent for music, and is making a name for himself in the field. King's Landing is a city of opportunity for an up-and-coming singer, and he might have an easier time finding a place in the capital than his mother might. Maybe Malion might finally make contact with the noble family he never knew, or maybe he will shun the Celtigars altogether, instead chosing to make a name on his merits alone.
  4. Ser Myles Hightower is well-respected among the court as a companion of Prince Aegon Targaryen. Born a bastard as Myles Flowers, he was legitimised upon the wedding of his parents, Lord Lyonel Hightower and Lady Samantha Tarly. Though he is the youngest of their three sons, he is his the favourite, and has been granted lands with his own income, a lucrative court position, and a splendid betrothal to the Lord of Highgarden's eldest sister: Lady Rylla Tyrell. Myles has been a character in play before, and has a well-established history that is easy to jump into. Additionally, roleplay is very easy to find as he is to wed Rylla Tyrell within the month, and many events are being held beforehand. He also has quite a few active PCs as relatives, including his betrothed Rylla Tyrell, his sister Melarra Connington, his nephew Malwyn Hightower, and his good-brother Victor Reyne. If you want guaranteed roleplay and a character that is easy to step in to, you should definitely pick Myles.
  5. Annys Flowers was one of the two bastard children born to Lord Jonel Costayne after the death of his lady wife. Claimed as his own and raised at the Three Towers, she was able to secure a match to Ser Ganwell Inchfield, a trueborn knight of a house that is lesser than House Costayne -- but a match to a legitimate man is a dream for any bastard girl. Yet her husband died in the Conquest of Dorne, at only five-and-twenty, his bastard wife only being seventeen at the time. Now eleven years a widow, does Annys seek to re-marry? She does have some quite good connections, as her half-sister Annet is the widow of the late Lord Lyonel Tyrell, and mother of his successor, the child Lord Leo. Has she spent any time at Highgarden meeting suitors if she does intend to re-marry? As her Tyrell half-niece, Rylla Tyrell, is to be wedded, there is a reason for her presence in King's Landing. See Rylla Tyrell with any questions!
  6. Lady Ryger is the wife of the master of laws, and therefore has been present in King's Landing for many years. She has given her husband seven children (though six survived the cradle), and has some notewothy connections as she has seen her eldest son married to a Tully daughter, and her daughters married to the late heir to the Crossing and Lord Bracken. She also is a cousin of Lord Loreon Lannister through her late mother of Casterly Rock, Allise. Additionally, her niece's step-daughter, Lena Mallister, is currently in her care -- and is a PC. Philena has the opportunity to be a rather noteworthy figure at court through her husband. Does her husband's role on the small council leave her to manage much of the Ryger household in the city? Just how much does she influence her husband and his office? However, she has also seen a scandal in her household in recent years: her half-sister and lady-in-waiting, Farena, fell great with child out of wedlock, and was exiled from court in disgrace. Her husband's reputation did slightly suffer from allowing his goodsister to be despoiled in his care -- and of course, there hangs the question as to whether Philena herself shares the same weakness of character. In being an older lady who is very well-established at court, a concept such as Philena is rare among the playerbase, and would be very interesting to see in play.
  7. Lia Reyne is the future Lady of Castamere, and the eldest daughter of the Lord and Lady of Oldtown -- though until their wedding, she was illegitimate and known as Lia Flowers. Now, she has become a trueborn lady of two of the finest, richest, and most prestigious houses in Westeros -- Hightower and Reyne. And she has also had two fine children: a daughter, Eleyna, and a son, Berthram. Her husband has been present in King's Landing for quite a few years as an officer of the Sea Watch, and Lia has no doubt been a prominent mistress of the Reyne manse in the city. Now that her daughter is reaching the age where betrothals may be considered, she will naturally have a hand in that, and may advise her husband about suitable matches. Lia also has quite a few PC relations -- her husband Ser Victor, her sister Melarra Connington, her nephew Malwyn Hightower, her husband's cousin, Ser Wyllis Reyne, and her future good-sister, Rylla Tyrell. As the wedding of her brother is imminent, roleplay is guaranteed in the upcoming weeks!
  8. ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Hightower-Tyrell Wedding Submitter: Rylla (630) Date & Time: May 12, 2017 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Garlan, Malwyn, Ashera, Jorian, Edgar, Gwyn, Victor, Elyse, Bradwell, and Irena Description: On the seventh day of the tenth month in the one-hundred-and-sixty-eighth year since the coronation of Aegon the Dragon, the wedding of Ser Myles Hightower to Lady Rylla Tyrell shall be held in King's Landing, as a display of the wealth of Highgarden and Oldtown. Lords and ladies from not just the Reach, but all the Seven Kingdoms, are invited to see the thirdborn son of the Lord of Oldtown be wedded to the Lord of Highgarden's eldest sister in the Royal Sept. Sweet wines and hippocras shall flow in a grand feast in the Great Hall of the Red Keep, followed by a grand tourney the following day. Come one, come all! Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Hightower-Tyrell Wedding Tourney Submitter: Rylla (630) Date & Time: May 13, 2017 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Garlan, Malwyn, Jorian, Edgar, Gwyn, Lena, Durance, Victor, Elyse, Bradwell, Irena, and Bryon Description: A grand tourney shall be held in King's Landing -- funded by House Tyrell -- for the occasion of Lady Rylla Tyrell's wedding to Ser Myles Hightower. Great and powerful knights from all the realm are invited to prove their mettle in the tourney grounds. Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 2! ==============================================================================
  9. Is being an heir not enough for you? Do you want to be a head of your house? Well, then play a lord! However, it should be noted that all lords in play are Restricted -- this means that you need to have a year or more of MU* experience, as well as having read the first three "A Song of Ice and Fire" Books. It should be expected that you propose plots, and set examples for new players -- which is to be expected as all lords are essentially leaders and thus need to be quite experienced players. If you feel these requirements too demanding but want to be involved in a house and be a ruler, it's best to look at heirs -- but lords of everywhere but the great houses are available to prospective players with MU* and book knowledge. CG'ed Lords Bolen Rosby, Lord of Rosby - A hard and ambitious lord, with a modest castle in proximity to King's Landing, Lord Bolen has a clear reason to make his name known at court once more. Being the head of House Rosby would bring a particularly interesting dynamic to the game, as the house is still somewhat in disgrace after Bolen's brother Quenton was found to be the infamous "Ripper" who committed a string of murders against nobles in King's Landing, and his lord father Whalon soon died of grief because of this revelation. One could easily play as a lord wishing to gain his reputation again. Kaeron Bar Emmon, Lord of Sharp Point - Known as a splendid captain at sea, Kaeron is the latest of a recent line of reputable Bar Emmon lords. Fond of singing and dancing and other activities from the east, a lord of the Narrow Sea would bring an interesting dynamic to Baelor's court. Allos Swann, Lord of Stonehelm - Allos Swann is the most powerful and influential bannerman of the Baratheons of Storm's End -- which he is tied to through his marriage to Lady Kelyce Baratheon, as well as his daughter Alys' union to her cousin Arion Baratheon, heir to Storm's End. Known as a sharp man and renowned for his business acumen, the lord served as King's Counter for some years before resigning after his daughter's wedding. Though ambitions are never truly quelled for lords such as he... Jarmon Buckwell, Lord of the Antlers - A young lord who inherited at the age of only thirteen, the Lord of the Antlers made his name known during the Conquest of Dorne, and has proven himself to be a loyal vassal to King Baelor. He has made a rather lucrative match to the third daughter of Lord Kermit Tully: Lady Jannia. Additionally, his uncle Beron is currently serving on the Small Council as Master of Coin, which makes for a rather young lord with connections to the Great Houses, the Council, as well as potentially contributing to a greater Crownlands presence. Robett Meadows, Lord of the Grassy Vale - A lord who has seen sorrow. All of Robett's sons died before his ascension as Lord of Grassy Vale, and he oversees quite a complex inheritance situation, as his father prohibited him from naming his eldest daughter Gelenna as heir, after the disgrace of her husband Edwyd Bulwer. As his final son, Obyn, was killed by Reynes at a tourney at Highgarden, Castamere and Grassy Vale currently have a feud. Robett would be particularly interesting in his inheritance, and his feud. See Elyse Caswell or Rymella Meadows with any questions. Un-CG'ed Lords Arson Rogers, "the Bastard," Lord of Amberly - Though now legitimised, Lord Rogers began his life as Arson Storm, and was wed to a scion of House Musgood and had children by her, until King Aegon III passed a decree of legitimisation. In spite of whispers about his birth (men still call him "the Bastard") he is known to be a splendid tourney knight and a commander of great skill, being a grade or "tier" higher than most characters in-game. Play Arson if you want to play a lord with an interesting history and powerful skills. Guy Cordwayner, Lord of Hammerhal - After his elder brother Damer, still a young man, died in Dorne, the even younger Guy ascended as Lord of Hammerhal. Knighted by King Daeron I Targaryen himself in a tourney at 159, he is notable for his youth and eligibility. See Gwyn Banefort (his brother's widow, currently in play, which might make for an interesting dynamic), with any questions. Ellenei Goodbrook, Lady of Goodbrook - An aging lady, whose sister Morya "the Fair Maid of Goodbrook," was a famous courtier in a reign of Viserys I. Yet, in spite of her sister's death in fire at the hands of Tinessa Vance during the Dance of the Dragons, she is a famous friend to the woman, now wife of Kermit Tully -- what role has the envy of that sister played in her life? Does it fuel her political ambitions -- she has been quite ambitious herself in getting her famous son Kendros to squire to Lord Kermit, due to her friendship with Tinessa. All this would make her an interesting character at court, particularly as a ruling lady. Sebara Selmy, Lady of Harvest Hall - The young wife of Ser Faron Tarly found herself as Lady of Harvest Hall after the untimely death of her brother in the Dance of the Dragons, and her nephew's death from illness. A lady with an amount of power that is unusual in Westeros, she has seen her house do well, wedding off her daughters to the brothers of the lords Baratheon and Blackwood, her eldest son giving her grandchildren, and her other sons serving the king in the City Watch and the Citadel. Sebara, like Ellenei, would be particularly interesting in her role as a ruling woman. Tytos Sarsfield, Lord of Sarsfield - Ascended as Lord Sarsfield after his father was killed by the Knight of the Twilight in Dorne, the young lord of eight-and-twenty has connections to Raventree Hall by his Blackwood mother, Casterly Rock by his mother's mother, and now King's Landing through his wife to Sylvina Serry, niece of the Master of Laws, all which make for a young aspiring courtier. Edger Footly, Lord of Tumbleton - The young (and unmarried!) Lord Footly ascended, like so many young lords, after the death of his father in Dorne. Every lord needs his lady, and perhaps that is the reason Edger would come to King's Landing (even if there are many maids in the Vault, betrothal contracts can be hammered out!) Jaymond Grafton, Lord of Gulltown - Lord of the Vale's only city, Gulltown, as well as the fourth-largest city in Westeros, Jaymond Grafton is no doubt rather wealthy -- perhaps also through the dowry of his Arryn wife, Yorena, one of the most influential ladies in the royal court. Borian Manderly, Lord of White Harbor - The Manderlys are a very interesting house, being Faith of the Seven worshippers in the North, as well as controlling the North's only city. Will Borian try to regain the lost southron connections of old, or even aid King Baelor in spreading the Faith northward? Andrik "Trueborn" Blacktyde, Lord of Blacktyde - Though one would rather be called "trueborn" than "falseborn," Lord Andrik's name is quite a crude one -- it refers to the dubious paternity of his own sister Esgred, after his mother Gudrun bore a daughter ten moons after her husband's death, and then went on to marry the master-at-arms. With the Greyjoys being involved in greenlands politics, establishing an embassy in King's Landing, shall the young ironlord join his liege lords and cousins in the royal city?
  10. Sunspear is the less popular of the two zones in the game. It's recommended that new players start in King's Landing, but of course, it would also be very interesting to see a higher Dornish population in-game. When you've settled into your King's Landing character for at least three months or so, there are a wide array of characters to choose from in the unique environment that Dorne has to offer! As you'll already have some MU experience when you decide to play in Dorne, you should have fewer problems when you decide to go through CharGen. Open Concepts (First 4 ASOIAF books required, no MU'ing experience required) Richelle Gargalen - The young consort to the Lord of Ghost Hill, the great-niece of the Lord of Salt Shore would be an excellent choice for those who want a political concept! As her husband is Keeper of the Tower of the Sun, she is no doubt instrumental in assisting him with the "feasts and frolics" of Sunspear. Arrant Blackmont - Eldest child of Lord Andrey Blackmont, he is the heir to that house. His daughter and heir, Rayne, has come to court herself to negotiate a match -- how will her father feel about this? See Rayne Blackmont/Arnos Sunderland with any questions. Alara Sand - Trueborn daughter of Prince Qoren Martell's bastard son, Bastian Sand, Alara has blossomed into a young woman. Does she wish to make a good match in spite of her birth, or rise high in the court she has grown up in? Cyrissa Yronwood - Secondborn child and only daughter of the Lady of Yronwood -- the most powerful vassal of House Martell -- Cyrissa has bloomed into an eligible young woman. Does she follow the hard politick of her mother, or the Martell sympathies of her elder brother? Does she want to rise high at court, or simply mess with the Martells? Her cousin Jessa might also be a good option for those who want to play an Yronwood, albeit one from a more distant branch than Cyrissa. Balan Qorgyle - Aged heir to the ancient Lord Ganlos Qorgyle, his father is infamous for both appearing to support the Targaryens after their invasion -- and then killing Lord Tyrell in a bed of scorpions. Is Balan truly his father's heir, or shall he wish to take Sandstone along a different path? Selara Dalt - The young heir to Lemonwood, she was a secondborn child of the Knight of Lemonwood until she was thrust into the role of leadership after the death of her brother Blaise at the hands of Willum Gargalen. Does Selara desire vengeance, or does she simply wish to put the feud at rest? Olymer Jordayne - Son of the Keeper of the Spear Tower, Margaid Blackmont, and her famous husband Royce Jordayne, Olymer has no doubt been raised to be both a splendid courtier and a wonderful knight. Merrick Sand - One of the many brood of Mylene Gargalen, the infamous lady was found to be pregnant with a hedge knight's child after a long absence of her husband. Now this baseborn Gargalen is serving the Martells as a palace guard at Sunspear -- where his mother, and many of his half-siblings reside. Shall he wish to rise higher? Brys Sand - Trueborn son of the Bastard of Sunspear, Bastian Sand, his grandfather was the Prince of Dorne, but Brys has only the name "Sand" to show for it. Shall he wish to make his own name in the court of his birth? Lorinda Manwoody - Youngest sister of the Lord of Kingsgrave, Lorinda was born a sickly thing, and was never expected to survive childhood. Yet she is now five-and-ten. Treasured by her northron mother, Lysanne Caron, what does Sunspear have in store for this frail girl? See Aryard Manwoody/Albyn Crane with any questions. Muriel Santagar - A cousin of a distant cadet branch of the Knight of Spottswood, being a secondborn of a secondborn of a secondborn. However, she has risen higher with her mother Maia's position as emissary to King's Landing, being a lady-in-waiting to the heiress to Salt Shore, and is now betrothed to Digory Dalt, second-in-line to Lemonwood -- a marriage better than she could have hoped for. Lyron Allyrion - Grandson of Lady Allyrion and future Lord of Godsgrace, there are many whispers about Lyron's family... some say it was his Uller great-grandmother that killed off his grandmother's siblings and made half of them go mad... and his mother is a madwoman too. As he has been raised at the Tor with his father Myron Jordayne, is Lyron free of the taint? Restricted concepts (1 year + of MU experience required, as well as the first four ASOIAF books to have been read). You must be willing to create roleplay, lead plots, and be a good example to other players. Emphyria Jordayne, "the Green Lady" - Cousin of the Lord of the Tor, one can infer the repute of one called "the Green Lady". She is the paramour to an equally infamous woman, Bryanna Dayne of Starfall, (who might be a good option if you and a friend are considering alts...) and one can only imagine the impact of her coming to court! Manfryd Qorgyle - Once paramour to Princess Coryanne Martell after her estrangement from her husband (Manfryd's own uncle), the younger son of Lord Qorgyle was imprisoned of Ghaston Grey after the suspicious death of the Princess... that is, until he was freed by King Daeron Targaryen. Now his uncle Quinlan is regent again, can Manfryd cause scandal by coming to court again? Marcia Fowler, Lady of Skyreach - Lady Fowler was once at court in her youth, as a lady-in-waiting to Princess Coryanne, and she is a staunch supporter of the Martells (though not necessarily the Prince) as Fowlers have always been. The war was hard on her, losing her lord brother, husband, and youngest son... but she must look ahead. Her three living children are either at court or have been, and she may wish to lend her support to the Lord Protector. See Lyra Fowler/Gwyn Banefort with any questions. Joslena Uller, Lady of Hellholt - Losing her two sons in the Conquest, all that remains of her line is a lackwit grandson. Her niece is now her heir... though that may change with her disinherited brother's second marriage. As the Lord Protector is also a rival of Mavros Uller, will enemies of enemies turn out to be friends? Geleria Allyrion, Lady of Godsgrace - Seventh child of Lord Orrell Allyrion, she was his unlikely heir after a brother was sent to the Wall, another to the Citadel, two sisters to to a motherhouse due to being mad, and two died, in childbed and from drowning. She married her sister's widower, Bayard Vaith, a man three times her age and with four Vaith daughters... her daughter lost an eye, and went mad too, being sent to King's Landing as a hostage during the war. Men whisper that all her family is mad from her Uller mother, and mayhaps it is true... what will they whisper about her at court? Linnet Yronwood, the Bloodroyal, Lady of Yronwood - After half her kin died at the Carrion Wood, Linnet Yronwood ascended as the head of her house. A hard, stern and unforgiving woman, she despised Marence Martell's weakness, and almost immediately after the war, started raiding northron towns, and actively raising her banners in defiance of the prince. Now her son is wed to Ariana Martell, though the lady's ambitions have not been quelled. As a very political character and quite established in personality, one would have to commit to being invested in roleplay with this formidable vassal of the Prince of Dorne.
  11. Sunspear is the less popular of the two zones in the game. It's recommended that new players start in King's Landing, but of course, it would also be very interesting to see a higher Dornish population in-game. When you've settled into your King's Landing character for at least three months or so, there are a wide array of characters to choose from in the unique environment that Dorne has to offer! These characters are also quite easy to step into, being pre-generated. CG'ed, open courtiers (no MU'ing experience required, must have read at least the first four ASOIAF books) Kay Yronwood - Younger brother of the Lady of Yronwood -- the most powerful vassal of House Martell -- this Yronwood knight once spent years as hostage at King's Landing, where he wed Valeria Blackmont to save her from a forced marriage. Now there is political turmoil in Sunspear, will Lady Yronwood send her brother to court to muddle the Martell politics? Lysanne Manwoody - Lysanne Caron was promised to the Faith in her youth -- until she was taken from the motherhouse to marry Lord Manwoody. Surrendering her husband's castle during the Conquest of King Daeron, men whisper she is a northron traitor and worse. Now a widow, she may return to court, as her beloved, sickly daughter is of marriageable age. See Albyn Crane/Aryard Manwoody with any questions. Senara Santagar - Firstborn child of the Knight of Spottswood, this heiress has a splendid marriage -- at least, on paper. Wed to the secondborn of the late Princess Coryanne -- Prince Cadan Martell -- she has a daughter and heir by him, Leyla, and a son Aron. Though, she despises Cadan for his disgracing of her through his concubines, and has been exiled from court in disgrace. This prince's wife is bound to cause trouble... See Cadan Martell/Damphair with any questions. Lilah Blackmont - Lilah Gargalen is the niece of the Lord of Salt Shore. She has been a splendid courtier in Prince Marence's court for several years, rising high enough to become chatelaine to Princess Ariana Martell, youngest sibling of the Prince. She has also wed Torren Blackmont, of the influential cadet branch of that Ilk. A courtly lady indeed -- though one with a ferocity which matches her brother Willum, now exiled to the Free Cities for his slaying of Blaise Dalt. For this reason, Lilah would be an excellent choice for those who want to play a part in the Dalt/Gargalen feud. Armand Gargalen - The brother of Lilah Gargalen, Armand also treasured his beloved brother Willum, who is now exiled to the Free Cities. An excellent choice for those who want to play a part in the Dalt/Gargalen feud. Joris Yronwood - Cousin of the Lady of Yronwood, Joris was once imprisoned during the Rebellion of Yronwood for his stalwart support of his cousin. A widower for some years, he may wish to re-marry -- or, of course, see his precious daughter Jessa be wed to a suitable man. Elda Dalt - The daughter of Marius Dalt, the Little Lemon, her father Marius (who is currently in play), desires that Elda should wed highly. See Marius Dalt/Dermett Corbray with any questions. Felix Sand - The bastard son of Lyanna Drinkwater (who died in childbed at his birth) and a wanderer from the north, Felix was raised by his Dalt step-father for much of his life. Though gaining infamy after killing a man at Vaith during the Conquest who appeared to be his father, he has maintained a reputation at court as a dutiful sworn sword to House Dalt of Lemonwood. Azalais Dayne - Paramour of Griffin Gargalen (whom she could have retroactively married or had bastard children with), Azalais is an artistically inclined woman who has gained prominence at court in being a lady-in-waiting to Princess Ariana Martell. Alroy Dayne - Brother of Lady Azalais, Ser Alroy has also gained prominence through becoming a companion to Prince Cadan Martell -- a position which is like to ensure him a good match, as well as a path to becoming a great courtier. CG'ed, Restricted courtiers (1 year of MU* experience required, as well as reading the first four ASOIAF books) Princess Ariana Nymeros Martell - Youngest child and only daughter of the late Princess Coryanne, the Princess Ariana is the most precious jewel in Dorne. A hostage after King Daeron's Conquest, upon her return, Ariana had blossomed into a maid most fair, and the heir to Wyl and Lord of Kingsgrave vied for her hand. After the Rebellion of Yronwood, she was betrothed to the heir to Yronwood in a match of reconciliation, and she is destined to be the consort of her brother's most powerful vassal house. Farien Yronwood - Former squire to Prince Marence Martell himself, the heir to Yronwood -- the most powerful vassal house of Dorne -- has made a most lucrative match in the Princess Ariana. Will his Martell match be a true union of reconciliation, or will his mother have taught him to favour Yronwood over Sunspear? Valeria Blackmont - A former hostage at the Red Keep, she wed Ser Kay Yronwood to save herself from a forced marriage on the orders of King Daeron. Valeria is very rare in being a woman with proper combat skills, knowing how to fire an arrow and swing a sword. See Rayne Blackmont/Arnos Sunderland with any questions. Joleta Gargalen - Joleta is an extremely interesting character. An heiress in her own right, she was hostage at the Red Keep, where she was forcibly married to Ser Ethos Mertyns, who was named Lord of Salt Shore. But after King Daeron was slain and King Baelor made peace, she had her marriage annulled, and the child she was carrying thus became a bastard upon birth -- Devin Sand -- though she wished to have him made her heir. Yet, she now has a trueborn child from her second marriage to Daven Wyl -- a daughter, Jocasta. As justiciar at Sunspear, Joleta offers the experience of not only playing an heiress with a complex history, but a woman with a proper court position. Galwell Dalt - The Lord Bailiff of Sunspear, he has a very important role under the Lord Treasurer in overseeing Sunspear's taxes. Though he is a younger son of Ser Dinias Dalt, and his children shall not rule Lemonwood -- they shall rule Hellholt, due to his lucrative marriage to the Uller heiress, Lady Liane. Jarvis Sand, "the Bastard of the Red Dunes" - Elder brother of the trueborn Lord of the Red Dunes, Jarvis Sand is a very skilled tourney knight. He has quite a few interesting connections -- his half-sister Cassella, once a mistress to Prince Aegon Targaryen, and his wife Eloise, sister of the Keeper of the Sandship, Laurent, and daughter of the infamous Mylene Gargalen. Message Sebaston Vaith/Rylla Tyrell with any questions.
  12. Do you want to represent your homeland in a strange environment, playing a character who is conflicted between their birthplace and their new environment? Then join the embassies! There are three major embassies in the game: the embassy from the Iron Islands to the Iron Throne in King's Landing, the embassy from Dorne to the Iron Throne in King's Landing, and the embassy from the Iron Throne to Dorne in Sunspear. In the case of the Iron Throne's embassy to Dorne, it's recommended to be an alt rather than a first character, as King's Landing is the busier of the two zones. You should also be aware that even if you have characters in King's Landing and Sunspear, you may be approved for a third alt, provided they are part of the embassies (excluding the Ironborn embassy to King's Landing)! The Ironborn Embassy to King's Landing Urron Greyjoy - Third son of the Lord of Pyke -- though with his elder brother only having daughters, and the next brother being lost at sea, his place in the line of succession may be closer than it seems (an inheritance is definitely not guaranteed, however). Fostered with his distant Prester kin on the greenlands in his childhood, he is nevertheless committed to the Drowned God, even in the court of pious Baelor, which he has now come to as emissary from the Iron Islands. Though he has not been in play before, he is fully pre-generated, and a player needs to only have read the first book to play him, or if a player is familiar to MUSHing, it's not required at all. Rafe Botley, heir to Lordsport - Come to court as an emissary from the Iron Islands, he is courteous enough to the greenlanders, though unassuming and dark of speech, and his humour as grim and bleak of the poor islands of his birth. Drink and games are for he, and he shall hardly fit in with the Seven-besotted court of King Baelor. Only the father of a bastard daughter, Alla Pyke, he is unwed -- will he wed a greenlander girl, or negotiate a bride from among his fellow ironmen? Eurik Greyjoy, captain of the Blood-drunk - Eurik Greyjoy, captain of the Blood-drunk - Chief emissary, and brother of Lord Greyjoy, he is rare amongst the ironborn in being wiser than he is fierce. Now come to court to represent his house's interests (alongside his son Greydon), shall his mission be successful in the pious king's court? As he is Restricted, a player will need to have 1 year + of MU'ing experience and have read at least the first three A Song of Ice and Fire books. He is also not pre-generated, and you will have to go through CharGen. Tormund Stonetree, master-at-arms at Pyke - Once master-at-arms at Blacktyde, this Stonetree of Harlaw is certainly a scandalous fellow. There were various whispering among the Isles when Lady Blacktyde -- Gudrun Greyjoy -- bore a daughter *ten* moons after Lord Blacktyde drowned falling overboard, and then went on to marry the lady. Returning to his wife's birthplace, he was appointed master-at-arms, in the place of Artag "the Tooth," who had been killed by Ser Dagur Saltcliffe some months before. How will the scandalous ironman fare in King Baelor's court? As he is Restricted, a player will need to have 1 year + of MU'ing experience and have read at least the first three A Song of Ice and Fire books. He is also not pre-generated, and you will have to go through CharGen. However it should also be noted that Tormund is a higher tier and, as such, is more powerful than most players. The Dornish Embassy to King's Landing Maia Gargalen - The widow of Jehan Santagar (with whom she had three children with), and again widow of Aimery Allyrion, she is rare in having a position at court in her own right - trying to make peace between Dorne and the Iron Throne. Even-tempered and calm, she has managed to integrate with the northron women as best she can. She is fully pre-generated, and a player needs to only have read the first book to play him, or if a player is familiar to MUSHing, it's not required at all. Orlyn Jordayne, Lord of the Tor - Lord Jordayne is a famous Dornish lord, who defended his homeland during King Daeron's conquest, boldly defending the Boneway as well as commanding the scant Dornish fleet, even serving in the battle where King Daeron was killed by treacherous Dornish rebels. Now, ten years later, he is serving his Prince by helping to heal the wounds between the two realms. Perrin Blackmont - Perrin is a member of a cadet branch of House Blackmont that has gained quite a bit of influence in Sunspear -- his father Perros is seneschal, his sister Margaid is Keeper of the Spear Tower, his daughter Caitrin is under-seneschal and wed to the Keeper of the Sandship, and he himself was once Keeper of the Sandship. Now he has been appointed as head of the Dornish Embassy by Prince Marence, to improve relations between the realm. He shall undoubtedly be instrumental in the future of these two realms. As he is Limited, he requires 1 year + of MU experience, all A Song of Ice and Fire books to be read, and preferably, to either be a BoD player or known to the staff or other players. A good option for people who want an additional, very politically involved alt in King's Landing! The Iron Throne's Embassy to Dorne Masart Piper, squire to Lord Joscelyn Mallister - Third son of the heir to Pinkmaiden, Lord Mallister's squire has been in Dorne for many a year serving his master. Though he is old enough to now be a knight, he may well continue to serve his king in forging peace with the southern realm. Does he seek a Dornish bride, and how have the years at court shaped him? He is Open, and one only needs to have read the first A Song of Ice and Fire book as northron characters are also unfamiliar with Dornish culture. See Josella Mallister with any questions. Hurin Costayne - Cousin of the Lord of Three Towers, this Reachman once squired for Ser Wallace Chester in his youth - Highgarden's former master-at-arms, that would go on to treat Dorne brutally in King Daeron's conquest with his forced marriage of Lady Alia Dayne. Years after his master's murder by his lady wife, the former squire has come to Sunspear as part of the embassy. Osmon Beesbury - Nephew of the Lord of Honeyholt, the young Beesbury knight has been a member of the Dornish Embassy for quite a few years... he has picked up some Dornish ideas, in particular, the concept of same-gender paramours appeals to him quite a lot... will the Beesbury knight be able to find love away from the disapproving eyes of the north? Septon Berdys (Waynwood) - A pious king as Baelor Targaryen has naturally included many members of the Faith in his embassy, and this extends to Septon Berdys. A cousin of the Lord of Ironoaks, he was once a knight. When his friend Elwood Hunter, heir to Longbow Hall, gave up his spurs after the death of his wife -- Berdys' cousin Carissa -- Elwood and Berdys chose to give up their spurs and become septons, serving the dragonlords in the Royal Sept, and Berdys even providing support during the Dornish campaign -- where he spent a few months as Lady Allyrion's hostage during the rebellion. Now come to Sunspear as emissary, he is quite disapproving of the "loose morals" of Dorne -- and Dornishwomen most of all! Elenora Connington - The Lady of Griffin's Roost is a woman of absolutely splendid repute. Though she has no Connington children, having wed for a second time for companionship late in life, she has three children from her first marriage to the heir to Nightsong. She is also well-known amongst the northerners, once being a lady-in-waiting to Queen Daenaera Velaryon, and being a reputable sister of the Lord of Duskendale. As a lady consort and emissary, Elenora is extremely important in shaping northron-Dornish relations. As she is Restricted, you must have read the first 3 ASOIAF books and have 1 year or more of MU experience.
  13. Want to be a future lord of a house? There are many heirs available - both pre-generated, that are able to be played in minutes, and un CG'ed, meaning you are able to shape the history and persona of the character with an (admittedly long) application process! Most of these characters are Open, meaning that you only need to have read AGOT, and MU* experience is not required (though if you do happen to have MU* experience, you don't even have to have read any books!) CG'ed heirs Victor Reyne, heir to Castamere - Heir to the most prominent banner house of the Lannisters, Victor Reyne has made a name for himself in the tourneys of the realm. Now taking up a rather long residence in the city, Victor's wife and two children have moved into his manse, and he has taken up a position in the Sea Watch. Yuric Staedmon, heir to Broad Arch - The heir to Broad Arch is a somewhat unlikely one. In the Conquest of Dorne, his cousin, Lord Timmen Staedmon, died alongside his brother Allyn, paving the way for the succession of Lord Timmen's uncle, and Yuric's father, Lord Tristen Staedmon. Married to Jasonnei Mertyns and having three children by her (two daughters, Symalla and Arlana, and an heir of his own, Gilroy), Yuric dotes on his family. He appears to be quite dignified -- though he is slow to forgive, and never one to forget. See Villem Staedmon with any questions. Gallard Connington, heir to Griffin's Roost - Lord Connington's eldest son is quite extravagant -- and not martially inclined at all, not even being a knight! He is a product of the pampering of his late Tyrell mother, as well as his Lannister grandmother, and dines upon the most gourmet feasts, drinks the finest wines, and there is a sensualist flair to everything he does. After a decade of putting off marriage, and two years of his wife being childless, he is finally expecting his first child. See Melarra Connington with any questions. (Note: Gallard does require a certain player to commit to him, due to his predilection for men. Though some players would indeed find him very appealing due to this aspect of his character, it is one that causes other players to drop him quickly.) Triston Templeton, heir to Ninestars - Son and heir of the Knight of Ninestars, and nephew of the Lord of the Eyrie through his Arryn mother, he is a perfect knight in all manners: splendid, chivalric, reserved and observant. Towards women he is reserved, though cordial. He has a fondness for music and the harp. Note that marriage is quite unlikely for him due to a private note about him, see Mylessa Roxton with any questions. Dalton Florent, heir to Brightwater Keep - Son and heir of Lord Darell Florent, there is a quiet professionalism about this man of the Reach. House Florent is one of the many rivals to House Tyrell in believing in a stronger claim to Highgarden. Can Dalton gain a status of renown for House Florent? House Florent has made some meagre marriages as of late -- the present Lady Florent is a Frey, and the next shall be a Westerling -- can Darell make good matches for his children and regain his house's repute? Merys Lydden, heir to the Deep Den - The eldest son of Lord Lydden is good-humoured, friendly, and enjoys the company of others. He is deeply loyal and loving towards his own family, as well as his liege lords of Lannister. Overall, he is a rather jolly young man, only turning quiet when he meets the rare person he does not like. Amrell Celtigar, heir to Claw Isle - A man so intelligent he is somewhat over-proud in believing in his own intelligence, the future Lord Celtigar is known as loving the court much more than the Narrow Sea -- though out of politick than a desire to be a famous tourney knight and garner attention. His first wife, Elona Roote, died in childbed, and he re-married to a westerwoman, Parena Marbrand. His eldest daughter by Elona is now five-and-ten -- a splendid age for the heir to Claw Isle to arrange her a match. See Ashera Celtigar with any questions. Florian Piper - Eldest son of Ardros Piper, heir to Pinkmaiden, the future Lord Piper is an easily likeable person. He is wed to Arona Vance, and the two have a daughter, Flora, named after Florian himself. Though he loves her very much, does he want a son, or is he content to raise her into the future Lady of Pinkmaiden? Rafe Botley, heir to Lordsport - Come to court as an emissary from the Iron Islands, he is courteous enough to the greenlanders, though unassuming and dark of speech, and his humour as grim and bleak of the poor islands of his birth. Drink and games are for he, and he shall hardly fit in with the Seven-besotted court of King Baelor. Only the father of a bastard daughter, Alla Pyke, he is unwed -- will he wed a greenlander girl, or negotiate a bride from among his fellow ironmen? Barion Smallwood, heir to Acorn Hall - Loyal to his friends, pleasant, chivalrous and dutiful, he has a friendly nature, but a pride of a lord already -- and perhaps one much greater than from House Smallwood. Yet he has rekindled Acorn Hall's great western relations with his betrothal to Cenlia Crakehall. Irena Marbrand - Granddaughter of Lord Marbrand, she is the eldest of Arden Marbrand's five daughters. Having no brothers, and her mother and step-mother both having died, it seems certain that she will inherit Ashemark and be ruling lady of that House one day. She is passionate and stubborn. She is currently at court serving Reyna Saltcliffe, Mistress of Keys for Princess Naerys and aunt of Lord Tyrell. Message Syrax in-game for any questions. Un-CG'ed heirs - picks and suggestions Halion Buckler, heir to Bronzegate - The young heir to Bronzegate is a squire to Ser Walton Smallwood, his uncle and master-at-arms at Bronzegate -- though of an age to now be knighted. Unwed, unbetrothed and young, he is of a prime age to come to court, to make his name known and find a bride! With a Hightower grandmother, and interesting half-Velaryon cousins, playing Halion would be a very good choice. Otho Royce - Grandson of Lord Royce, Otho shall be Lord of Runestone one day after his father. He is eight-and-ten, a prime age for a young knight, and is of great standing, as the Royces are the most powerful banner house of House Arryn. How high shall this Valeman rise? Cortnay Grafton, heir to Gulltown - The eldest son of Jaymond Grafton and his Arryn wife, Cortnay has been at court for some time as squire to Conrad Arryn, brother of Lord Arryn and the Royal Steward of the Red Keep. Now at the age to be a knight, he may decide to stay at court for some time. He is betrothed to Mara Melcolm, daughter of the Lord of Old Anchor and lady-in-waiting to Katla Serry. Orbert Farman, heir to Fair Isle - Once promised to Pennei Massey, he called off the betrothal after she was maimed in a hunting accident. Now heir to Fair Isle after his brother's death in the Conquest of Dorne, this western knight requires a bride. Enfren Bar Emmon, heir to Sharp Point - An heir of a lesser Crownlands house, and squire to Sarmion Baratheon (though old enough to be knighted!) He is rather young and of a good age for either seeking a bride or simply earning repute. Jon Roxton, heir to the Ring - Son and heir to the Lord of the Ring, Jon has western connections through his mother, Lucia Lannister. With his sister's betrothal to the famous Lord Fell, he has cause to come to court. A widower, who has not remarried after the death of his Osgrey wife in childbed, will he find love again? Or uphold his daughter's claim? See Mylessa Roxton with any questions. Erton Florent - Son of Dalton Florent, heir to Brightwater Keep, this young Reachlord has come to King's Landing as squire to Farin Prester. Though some players get unhappy playing squires too long, Erton is close to the approved age to knighthood. Maran Flint, heir to Widow's Watch - This young northman is heir to Widow's Watch. Though he is unlikely to be a knight, as he follows the Old Gods, he is of an age to be the equivalent to northern warriors. How will he find the court of the pious King Baelor? Will he seek a southron bride? Benther Estermont - The eldest son of the heir to Greenstone first came to court five years ago, as the squire to his cousin Ammon "Blackhand" Massey. But Ammon died when pirates descended on Stonedance three years ago. What has become of Benther, and has he earned his knighthood? Adwin Grimm - The future Lord of Greenshield has an interesting history. He was first squired to his great uncle, Ser Wallace Chester, who forcibly married Lady Dayne during the Conquest of Dorne -- but when Adwin was just days away from his fifteenth nameday, Ser Wallace was slain by his own wife in the Dornish Rebellion. Did Adwin have to be ransomed back, and did he find a new master? Do men mock him for this? Myria Chester, heir to Greenshield - Warning: This character is in the Maidenvault. One of the only reasons she will be released is through betrothal; you will need to set this up if you want to play her. The heir club isn't all for men! The eldest of Lord Chester's daughters has certainly made some royal connections over the years -- and also knows what it means to be a future ruling lady, due to her exchanging of letters with the Lady of Redfort.
  14. What's a good way for any noble to serve the king in the capital? Why, by joining the goldcloaks! Message Rylla Tyrell for any questions, or look at their CDB entries for more info! Open Characters: Dennis Lannister, Commander of the Gate of the Gods - Dennis is pious, honorable, and dutiful man, having sacrificed an eye in Dorne while attempting to save King Daeron. As a Lannister he has many options for political RP, and as a Commander in the City Watch he also has the option to create and lead RP regarding issues in the city. See Jonn Lannister with any questions. Alek Reyne, Commander of the Iron Gate - The younger brother of the Lord of Castamere, Alek Reyne is extremely ambitious and will stop at nothing to expand his power and influence. As ruthless in court as he is in the battlefield, he doesn't care who he has to step over on his way to the top, although he is not without scruples and etiquette and prefers to carry out his plans as cleanly as possible. Anton Piper, Commander of the Lion Gate - Second son of the heir to Pinkmaiden, this knight of the Riverlands has risen highly to the Commander of the Lion Gate - perhaps apt, as he has become the second husband of Melissa Lannister, cousin of the Lord of Casterly Rock. And he seems to reflect the lion of Lannister much more than the "Brave and Beautiful" lady of Pinkmaiden - his personality is an entirely cold, stiff, and clinical person. Tasmund Celtigar, Officer of the City Watch of King's Landing - Nephew of the Lord of Claw Isle, this quiet and curious man of the Narrow Sea has been a member of the City Watch for years. Kennard "Kegs" Melcolm, Officer of the City Watch of King's Landing - This knight of King's Landing's City Watch is considered a ne'er do well in King's Landing, and is far too fond of drink and song. But, he is also a loyal friend, and well-liked by the smallfolk of Flea Bottom. Eben Bolling, Officer of the City Watch of King's Landing - Son of Denys Bolling, master-at-arms of the Red Keep, and Tylarra Beesbury, and the husband of Lynett Storm, a woman of a bastard branch of House Baratheon. His intellect works at a painfully plodding pace, though the men of the City Watch know him to be a brilliant investigator. Halwin Selmy, Officer of the City Watch of King's Landing - Second son of the Lady of Harvest Hall, Sebara, and Ser Faron Tarly, this unmarried member of the City Watch has a history of committing brutal acts in war -- though in person, he is quite a genial man. His cousin Malon is also a member of the City Watch, and might be a good option if you're looking to join the game with a friend. Malon Selmy, Officer of the City Watch of King's Landing - Cousin of the Lady of Harvest Hall, he deeply values his vows as a knight, and while a little temperamental, he is good-natured enough. His cousin Halwin is also a member of the City Watch, and might be a good option if you're looking to join the game with a friend. Un-CG'ed Members: Sherett Follard, Officer of the City Watch of King's Landing - When pirates threatened the city, his wife, Leonylla Buckwell, took her own life and threw herself from the Red Keep. How has the Crownlands knight coped with the traumatic experience? Does he wish for his son, Willas, to have another mother? Keep in mind that you can CG quite a lot of characters to already be members of the City Watch! Restricted Members (You need to have played 1 year + ElseMU and have RP logs): Halder Frey, "A Twin of the Crossing," Officer of the City Watch of King's Landing - Being the second-born of Lord Frey's twins, Halder Frey has and always will be a soldier, destined to follow. As a soldier, he believes in a chain of command, even in everyday life. Walder was his elder twin and he found it to be only natural that he should follow him. Upon Walder's death, he transferred such loyalty to Walder's son and the new heir to the Crossing, Orland. He rarely factors in his personal sentiment or ambition when following these two and on the rare occasions that he does, he deeply regrets it, one of those occasions being the day Walder died.
  15. Ah, Westeros, and its dashing knights, and, er... not so dashing knights. Will your character be a picture of chivalry, or cause scandal in the court of King Baelor? CG'ed recommendations Ryckard Royce - The youngest son of the Lord of Runestone, Ryckard is nevertheless guaranteed to have a prominent line of lords, through his betrothal to the ruling Lady of Redfort, Gwenda. Although a son of the Vale, Ryckard was fostered at Highgarden, and this is perhaps why he demonstrates an insatiable curiosity, and an intelligent, rational nature -- but this does not mean that he is a man lacking in duty and honour. Ryckon Westerling - The Lord of the Crag's nephew has proven himself to be a great knight: first squire to Lord Smallwood, then to the heir to Feastfires, he was knighted at the age of just sixteen at the Battle of Pennytree, when the personal war between the Blackwoods and Brackens flared up once more. Now serving in the City Watch, he has risen to the office of Commander of the Dragon Gate at the age of just one-and-twenty. Garlan Hunter - Though a great-nephew of the Lord of Longbow Hall, Garlan is closer to the relations of his Serry mother, having been raised on Southshield, and squired to his cousin, the young Lord Serry. Now, the Hunter knight has proven himself to be a fine seaman in his own right: he is one of the heroes who fought against Pentoshi slavers upon the step stones, and has now been made captain of his own ship, the Queen Daenaera. Janden "Swiftspur" Melcolm - The third son of the Lord of Old Anchor, and first by his second wife, Janden Melcolm has risen to Master of the Horse at the Red Keep. He would be a good character if you want someone with a court position. Kennard "Kegs" Melcolm - This knight of King's Landing's City Watch is considered a ne'er do well in King's Landing, and is far too fond of drink and song. But, he is also a loyal friend, and well-liked by the smallfolk of Flea Bottom. Endros Buckler - Deputy Warden of the Kingswood, son of the infamous knight Lormon Buckler, and Amaena Velaryon, as well as the husband of the Lannister bastard, Rosalind Hill. One for the battlefield rather than the court, he has a rather fierce nature, a gentle side only being known to those close to him. Falon "Firearse" Tyrell - A cousin of the young Lord Tyrell, this knight of Highgarden is a clever man who has been quietened by the conquest of Dorne. Harstyn Tully, Harbourmaster of King's Landing - Harstyn is a witty man with an inclination toward scholarship, but he is also a well-trained knight that performed bravely leading a company of Tully men in Dorne. As a Tully Harstyn has natural political connections useful for RP, and he is also known to be extremely loyal to Sarmion Baratheon, the Commander of the Sea Watch, so he could utilize his Baratheon connections politically as well. He also could be a strong leader of sea-based RP for the rest of the court, as he is the harbourmaster of King's Landing. See Edmure Tully with any questions. Brynden Tully, captain of the Eye of the Storm - Brynden is a rather easy-going man by nature who has grown more serious over the years as he pursues the ambitious goal of eventually becoming the Commander of the Sea Watch. With a Baratheon wife Brynden has interest in both Riverlands and Stormlands politics and could be a player in either, as well as potentially being a creator of sea-based RP for the rest of the court, as he is the captain of the Eye of the Storm. See Edmure Tully with any questions. Dennis Lannister, Commander of the Gate of the Gods - Dennis is pious, honorable, and dutiful man, having sacrificed an eye in Dorne while attempting to save King Daeron. As a Lannister he has many options for political RP, and as a Commander in the City Watch he also has the option to create and lead RP regarding issues in the city. See Jonn Lannister with any questions. Harys "Mumble" Swyft - Former squire to Ser Jonn Lannister, heir to Casterly Rock, the second son of the Knight of Cornfield is a shy young man called "Mumble." He has, however, made quite a good match in Lena Mallister, daughter of the Lord of Seagard. See Lena Mallister with any questions. Benedict Rogers - Second son of Arson Rogers, "the Bastard," and Meona Musgood, he was known as Benedict Storm until his father's legitimisation. He is pleasant and noble, though he would sacrifice himself for any slander against him and House Rogers. Alek Reyne, Commander of the Iron Gate - The younger brother of the Lord of Castamere, Alek Reyne is extremely ambitious and will stop at nothing to expand his power and influence. As ruthless in court as he is in the battlefield, he doesn't care who he has to step over on his way to the top, although he is not without scruples and etiquette and prefers to carry out his plans as cleanly as possible. Orson Baratheon, Royal Huntsman - Lord Baratheon's cousin, he strives to be a fair a knight as those of legends. Gentle and even witty, he has risen to the office of Royal Huntsman of King's Landing. RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Doran "Blackbolt" Dondarrion - Younger brother of the Lord of Blackhaven, this half-Dornish knight is deeply tormented - in the Conquest of Dorne, he slew Ormond Yronwood, his aunt's husband and mother's cousin. Men call him kinslayer for this act, and mayhaps it is true... RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Alyard Corbray - Younger brother of Lord Qarl Corbray, this knight of Heart's Home once performed a great boon for House Tully, and as a result, he had Edmure Tully, heir to Riverrun, squire to him. Fostered at the Eyrie in his youth, he slew Jormar Sunderland after the rape of his sister Dandia - and Lord Sunderland has now come to court, with his bastard niece, the result of that terrible act. A smiling killer and tormented knight. Un-CG'ed recommendations Breyer Fossoway, "the Vigorous": The third son of the Lord of Cider Hall and his Royce wife would be a shining knight in the court of king Baelor... that would be, if he didn't have three bastard children, on two serving girls and a disgraced septa! Was he inspired by his kinsman "Appleseed," Matthis Fossoway? How will this lecherous man adapt to a city without whores? Hothor Rivers: Squire to his father, Tomas Rivers, the Bastard of Riverrun, though he is certainly of age to be a knight. Will he live up to his father's splendid repute? Message Edmure Tully in-game if you have any questions. Loreon Lannister: Called "Little Loreon," the son of Landyll Lannister has reached the age to be a squire. Who is his knight, and why have they decided to come to King's Landing together? Message Jonn Lannister in-game if you have any questions. Omrys Baratheon - Nephew of the Lord of Storm's End, and eligible to be knighted. Will he find fame and valour at the court of King's Landing? Albert Hill - Trueborn son of Ser Hector Hill, a Lannister bastard called the Silver Lion, and Lessa Drox, and married to Aressa Marbrand. Can he find fame as a member of a bastard line? Message Jonn Lannister for any questions. Endrew Corbray - Second son of the Lord of Heart's Home, he is a squire to the Knight of Cornfield, though of an age to be knighted. What will he do to earn fame as a second son? Message Dermett Corbray for any questions. Ronel Meadows - Nephew of the Lord of Grassy Vale, whose sons have all died by war or mishap. As his grandfather, the previous Lord Meadows, has recently died, no doubt all the claimants to Grassy Vale are coming out of the woodwork - and there's a possibility of Ronel being made heir. Message Elyse Caswell or Rymella Meadows with any questions. Beomar Belmore - Called the "Little Bear," Beomar is the only son of Bryan "the Bear" Belmore, an exceptionally strong man but slow of wits. Having squired to the castellan of Lord Harroway's Town, Gyles Roote (his aunt's good-brother), has the knight made a name for himself? Additionally, he might wish to make use of the connections of his Arryn grandmother. RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Brus Bulwer - Grandson of the Lord of Grassy Vale, his father Edwyd died in disgrace seeking vengeance on a member of House Reyne, for the death of Brus' uncle Obyn. He, his mother and siblings have been passed over in the line to Grassy Vale -- but can he overturn that? Message Elyse Caswell or Rymella Meadows with any questions. RESTRICTED (1 year+ of MU'ing experience and 2 RP logs required): Peron Stone, "Peron the Pious" - Bastard son of Arlyn Melcolm, this Stone of Old Anchor has proven himself against his famous cousin, Ser Waltyr Stone, and is one of the greatest knights of the Vale. Despite his baseborn heritage, a pious man may find the court of King Baelor a wondrous place.