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  1. ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Manwoody-Yronwood Wedding Submitter: Cyrissa (1441) Date & Time: Feb 03, 2018 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Sebaston Description: The wedding of Lord Aryard Manwoody to Lady Cyrissa Yronwood will take place in Sunspear's Sept. A feast will follow in the Sandship where the nuptials will be celebrated with food and music. All noble men and women in Sunspear are welcome to join. (OOC Date and Time are subject to change depending on RL availability). Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Manwoody-Yronwood Wedding Tourney Submitter: Cyrissa (1441) Date & Time: Feb 04, 2018 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Sebaston Description: A tourney will be held on this day to celebrate the marriage of Lord Aryard Manwoody and Lady Cyrissa Yronwood. (OOC: Date and Time are subject to change depending on RL availability. Also let Cyrissa know if you'd like to join or puppet a character.) Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 2! ==============================================================================
  2. Belaria Buckwell is not the daughter to a house of particular wealth and station -- she is not even the daughter of a lord -- but for quite some time, she has become a lady of note by way of her father Beron's place on the Small Council as Master of Coin. In addition, her aging grandmother, Lady Taria Buckwell, once of House Piper, is an extremely shrewd and influential figure, so beautiful she was once called "the Fair Maid of Pinkmaiden" -- one can only suppose as to how much Belaria has inherited from her. This gives Belaria a position to be a rather interesting character with a station higher than her birth would have her -- has her father procured a great dowry so she might marry high, or is she simply spoiled off some great personal wealth? Is she excellent in stewardship, as the Master of Coin's daughter ought to be -- or does she have another skillset? And, with her father opposing some of pious King Baelor's admittedly less than sensible policies -- how long will her increased station last, and how much will she have to hold her tongue under the regime? Belaria brings a unique power and influence to the table, but one does not have to be MU* experienced to play her. She hasn't been played before, so a prospective player would have to have just read at least one "A Song of Ice and Fire Book", OR have played a MU* before -- but both are advised (but not necessary) for going through the character generation process. Come visit us on the webclient -- or download a MUSH client and visit us via 3000
  3. Hey -- I'm really embarrassed to be responding this much later, but Myles has been PCed. I know I should be spending a lot more time on the forums, but generally, the best way to contact us is to log on to the game itself.
  4. ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: An Announcement Submitter: Syrax Date & Time: Oct 25, 2017 at 11:00 Game Time Participants: Gwyn, Balon, and Rylla Description: A representative of the Faith makes an announcement regarding the alleged existence of Septa Brida's motherhouse in the Kingswood from the porch of the Royal Sept. Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: A Pilgrimage Submitter: Syrax Date & Time: Nov 13, 2017 at 10:00 Game Time Participants: Durance, Gwenda, and Balon Description: There will be one, and it will probably depart King's Landing today. Stay tuned for more information! Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 2! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Setting Off Submitter: Missandei Date & Time: Nov 28, 2017 at 08:00 Game Time Participants: Balon and Rylla Description: Placeholder for plot. Look for more details later! Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 3! ==============================================================================
  5. ==================================<+Events>===================================Title: Kingswood SortieSubmitter: Missandei Date & Time: Sep 17, 2017 at 06:00 Game TimeParticipants: Barion and BalonDescription:Ser JAN Marbrand, Warden of the Kingswood Company, is collecting members of the Company(as well as some knights who have otherwise volunteered interest) to do more in-depthscouting of the Kingswood. Initial scouting forays have given sign of where the banditsmight be camped, and several groups are making an extended venture to pursue thesesites with greater force.OOC: This will not be the only related +event, so please keep an eye out for other+events at different times. Please +mail Missandei if you would like to puppet/NPC forthis (or other) +events, and please do RSVP to the +events so we can have a goodbalance of puppeteers to PCs. Please also remember the Kingswood is not a day trip, andPCs who attend this will be unavailable for King's Landing scenes for the day prior tothe +event, but can certainly grab one of the pieces of the grid in the Kingswood for RP amongst yourselves. Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1!==============================================================================
  6. ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: A Gathering of Veils Submitter: Reyna (637) Date & Time: Aug 21, 2017 at 10:00 Game Time Participants: Gwyn and Rylla Description: Mistress of Keys to Princess Naerys has called a gathering of the Veiled Ladies. All current Veiled Ladies are invited to the Solar in the Kitchen Keep--and even some who are not yet honored by Her Grace's friendship have been asked to attend. Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ==============================================================================
  7. Hi Eddyn! I'm so glad to have you on board!
  8. A young lady from House Costayne -- a banner house of the Hightowers of Oldtown, Mesella has been groomed for court. As a young child, she was betrothed to Ormory Rosby, and as a future Crownlands lady, her mother saw it fit to bring her to court. Over the years, Mesella has made advantage of her Mooton relations at Maidenpool, and she even travelled to Riverrun some years ago for the Tully wedding. Though even a lady as herself cannot avoid scandal, or rather, the scandal of her betrothed's house: a string of murders some years past were revealed to have been committed by Ormory's uncle Quenton. However, make no mistake: Mesella is still a very good choice for a player who wants a character who has been long-established at court, and has a suitable betrothal. Additionally, she now has a proper court position, as lady-in-waiting to Rylla Hightower -- her Tyrell-born cousin, as arranged by her aunt Annet, the mother of the young Lord Tyrell, and thus an immediate connection to other PCs is guaranteed! Also, her betrothed Ormory is currently in play, though it should be noted that he remains in Dorne as a squire to Lord Connington, a member of the Iron Throne's embassy to Sunspear. Mesella is Open, meaning a player needs to either have MU* experience or have read at least one book in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. She is also un-CG'ed, meaning that a player will have to commit to the CG process that will decide her stats, skills, history, and persona.
  9. Hi Goonch! The forums are a bit inactive, but I implore you to join the game itself, where Greeters, Staff, and Admins should be able to answer your questions. Is a way to access the game from a web-browser, and you can see the MUSH clients we recommend here: . is also a great resource, and you can simply post any questions you have on the forums here (though again, they are inactive, so it might take a while to respond).
  10. Looking for a character with lots of direct ties to the Crownlands and Dragonstone? What about a house of sailors who AREN'T worshippers of Cthulhu? Interested in helping a relatively minor house grow? Play a Celtigar! There's not a whole lot that's known about House Celtigar. They are the lords of Claw Isle, a small island off the coast of Crackclaw Point. Like their cousins of House Velaryon, they are said to have the blood of Old Valyria in their veins. Lead by Lord Clement Celtigar, son of the Bartimos Celtigar that served on Queen Rhaenyra's Black Council, this house has lots of characters ready for playing, both CG'd and not. See Ashera Celtigar with any questions. Amrell Celtigar (CG'd, Open): The heir to Claw Isle, Lord Amrell has always been more comfortable maneuvering politically than on the field of battle. Lord Amrell is an incredibly intelligent man-- and he likes people to know it. Fiercely ambitious, he is much happier at the court of King's Landing than overseeing his comparatively quieter home. Furthermore, Ashera, Amrell's only child from his tragic first marriage, has recently come to live with him at court. Will father and daughter become a force to be reckoned with? Or will their own ambitions only serve to drive them apart? Parena Celtigar (Open, Not CG'd): Second wife of lord Amrell Celtigar, and mother to three of his children. A Marbrand by birth, Parena and Amrell were married less than a year after the death of Amrell's beloved first wife, Elona. It was an obvious marriage of convenience, but Parena was nonetheless able to bear Amrell lots of healthy children. They have, at the very least, grown fond of each other over the years. But does Parena have any lingering resentment over being such a hasty replacement? What feelings does she hold towards Amrell's awkward eldest daughter, who Parena has known since her infancy? How does she feel about her husband's obvious preference for King's Landing, rather than at her side at Claw Isle? Would that be enough to send her to the capital? Amyana Staunton (Open, CG'd): Eldest daughter of Lord Clement, Amyana was willful and wild as a child, though she has learned to tame these feelings over the years. Amyana lost a beloved husband of House Waxley to the fighting in Dorne, and has since remarried. While her second marriage is by no means unhappy, it does lack the love and intimacy of her first marriage. Though Amyana is no longer a part of the Celtigar household, she was very close to her brother Amrell, and has undoubtedly retained connections to her family. Morland Celtigar (Open, Not CG'd): Second son and third child of Clement Celtigar, Morland captains a ship known as the Red Claw, named as homage to his family's crest. While his relationship with his siblings is friendly, Morland is not particularly close to any of them. He is married to Lady Syrella of House Darry, and their union has produced a son, Banfrey. Oreyne Celtigar (Open, Not CG'd): The fourthborn child of Clement Celtigar, Oreyne is said to have a somewhat antagonistic relationship with her siblings. Perhaps it is simply the result of being a middle child, or perhaps it is the mark of naturally shrewish behavior. Oreyne is seven-and-twenty and still unmarried, which might be a cause of anxiety for both her and her father. Would the hunt for a husband send Oreyne to King's Landing? Or maybe Oreyne is perfectly happy on her own, and has come to the capital to escape her father's nagging? Wynton Celtigar (Open, CG'd): Wynton grew up in the shadow of his elder brothers, but unlike some, this only drove him to do everything he could to succeed in life. Wynton witnessed the horrors of the conflict of Dorne firsthand, losing his master to a Dornish arrow. Knighted at Plankytown, Ser Wynton does well in upholding the tenents of knighthood. He is kind and polite, and just as comfortable with a sword or lance as he is with a tome of history. His one downfall, it seems, is a total and complete inability to carry a tune. He is married to Lady Roncianne Rosby, though as of yet their marriage has not produced any children. Elleria Celtigar (Open, CG'd): The youngest child of Clement Celtigar, Elleria is tall and charming, if not rather aloof. A bit of an odd duck, Elleria much prefers the company of books to people, though she is able to play this off as maidenly shyness. Like her sister Oreyne, Elleria is still unwed, though her age is not yet so advanced that she might cause her family worry. Nonetheless, it is quite possible that Elleria would be sent to King's Landing to make connections and find a husband. She is no stranger to court, after all, and has friends and acquaintances she might revisit. Colianne Rosby (Open, not CG'd): Eldest sister of lord Clement Celtigar, Lady Colianne is now the Dowager Lady of Rosby. While her eldest son, Whalon, is in charge of running the household, Lady Colianne surely has no shortage of pull. Older ladies are rare amongst players, but Colianne could bring a considerable amount of influence to the table, both for House Celtigar and House Rosby alike. Rolland Celtigar (Open, not CG'd): Brother to Lord Clement, Ser Rolland is a widowed lord and many children. While he is advanced in years, Ser Rolland could easily serve as a mentor figure for young knights and squires hoping to make a name for themselves, or perhaps he might try and secure advantageous matches for his unmarried children and grandchildren. Tasmund Celtigar (Open, CG'd): The eldest son of Ser Rolland, Tasmund has long struggled to be noticed. As a youth, he seemed to fail at nearly everything he tried his hand at, and his father could never be pleased. As an adult, he still struggles to stand out, though he has managed to find some recognition as an officer of the City Watch. A lifetime of mediocrity has taken its toll on Tasmund's self esteem, and a sailing accident left him with a fear of the ocean-- an oddity, considering he comes from a seafaring house. Even so, Tasmund is in a good place to finally make a name for himself. He and his wife, Dorea, would be familiar with King's Landing, given Tasmund's work, and as a member of the City Watch, Tasmund would have lots of interesting opportunities for roleplay. Aloran Celtigar (Restricted, Not CG'd): Known as "Crackclaw," Aloran no doubt has an interesting history behind his byname. The second son of Ser Rolland, Ser Aloran is a knight, currently in search of a household to serve. King's Landing is an excellent place for him to continue that search. Jenette Hayford (Open, CG'd): Eldest daughter of Ser Rolland, Lady Jenette is wickedly intelligent, and there are swords that do not cut as deep as her tongue. She is known as a terrible shrew, and always seems to have a biting remark at the ready... Except when it comes to her elder brother, Tasmund. Despite her wild and sullen behavior, Lady Jenette has managed to turn out alright, with a decent marriage and a young son. Her reasons to coming to King's Landing would be no one's but her own... Likely having something to do with their library, if one were to guess. Jarella Celtigar (Open, Not CG'd): Ser Rolland's youngest daughter, Lady Jarella is notably more mild than her sister. Hopefully Ser Rolland will have an easier time finding a husband for this daughter, though she is getting old enough that Ser Rolland might worry. Nonetheless, Lady Jarella is a good age to come to King's Landing, hopefully making a name for herself as well as finding a prospective match. Edmyn Celtigar (Open, Not CG'd): Ser Rolland's youngest son, Edmyn is still a squire, currently serving under his brother Aloran. Edmyn is of a good age to earn his spurs, but he will have to work hard to sufficiently impress the Crackclaw. Being so far out of the way in inheritance, and coming after so many impressive brothers and cousins, Edmyn has grown up in the shadows of many. How will he deal with this? Perhaps it is time for the young squire to visit King's Landing, and make a name for himself. Semella Celtigar (Restricted, Not CG'd): The younger sister of Lord Clement Celtigar, Semella was only twenty years old when she gave birth to her son, Malion. This caused no shortage of scandal, as Semella was unwed, and the lady was swiftly disowned... Ordinarily this would be the end of Semella's story, but the disgraced lady was not content to let it be so. Semella made her way in life as a singer, and managed to gain a not insignificant amount of fame from her craft, becoming known as "Seaspray." She might come to King's Landing looking for work, though in a court as conservative as Baelor's, a scandalous woman such as Semella would have to tread lightly. Perhaps it is time for her to finally reconnect with her long-estranged family? Malion Waters (Restricted, Not CG'd): The bastard son of Semella Celtigar, Malion has inherited his mother's talent for music, and is making a name for himself in the field. King's Landing is a city of opportunity for an up-and-coming singer, and he might have an easier time finding a place in the capital than his mother might. Maybe Malion might finally make contact with the noble family he never knew, or maybe he will shun the Celtigars altogether, instead chosing to make a name on his merits alone.
  11. Ser Myles Hightower is well-respected among the court as a companion of Prince Aegon Targaryen. Born a bastard as Myles Flowers, he was legitimised upon the wedding of his parents, Lord Lyonel Hightower and Lady Samantha Tarly. Though he is the youngest of their three sons, he is his the favourite, and has been granted lands with his own income, a lucrative court position, and a splendid betrothal to the Lord of Highgarden's eldest sister: Lady Rylla Tyrell. Myles has been a character in play before, and has a well-established history that is easy to jump into. Additionally, roleplay is very easy to find as he is to wed Rylla Tyrell within the month, and many events are being held beforehand. He also has quite a few active PCs as relatives, including his betrothed Rylla Tyrell, his sister Melarra Connington, his nephew Malwyn Hightower, and his good-brother Victor Reyne. If you want guaranteed roleplay and a character that is easy to step in to, you should definitely pick Myles.
  12. Annys Flowers was one of the two bastard children born to Lord Jonel Costayne after the death of his lady wife. Claimed as his own and raised at the Three Towers, she was able to secure a match to Ser Ganwell Inchfield, a trueborn knight of a house that is lesser than House Costayne -- but a match to a legitimate man is a dream for any bastard girl. Yet her husband died in the Conquest of Dorne, at only five-and-twenty, his bastard wife only being seventeen at the time. Now eleven years a widow, does Annys seek to re-marry? She does have some quite good connections, as her half-sister Annet is the widow of the late Lord Lyonel Tyrell, and mother of his successor, the child Lord Leo. Has she spent any time at Highgarden meeting suitors if she does intend to re-marry? As her Tyrell half-niece, Rylla Tyrell, is to be wedded, there is a reason for her presence in King's Landing. See Rylla Tyrell with any questions!
  13. Lady Ryger is the wife of the master of laws, and therefore has been present in King's Landing for many years. She has given her husband seven children (though six survived the cradle), and has some notewothy connections as she has seen her eldest son married to a Tully daughter, and her daughters married to the late heir to the Crossing and Lord Bracken. She also is a cousin of Lord Loreon Lannister through her late mother of Casterly Rock, Allise. Additionally, her niece's step-daughter, Lena Mallister, is currently in her care -- and is a PC. Philena has the opportunity to be a rather noteworthy figure at court through her husband. Does her husband's role on the small council leave her to manage much of the Ryger household in the city? Just how much does she influence her husband and his office? However, she has also seen a scandal in her household in recent years: her half-sister and lady-in-waiting, Farena, fell great with child out of wedlock, and was exiled from court in disgrace. Her husband's reputation did slightly suffer from allowing his goodsister to be despoiled in his care -- and of course, there hangs the question as to whether Philena herself shares the same weakness of character. In being an older lady who is very well-established at court, a concept such as Philena is rare among the playerbase, and would be very interesting to see in play.
  14. Lia Reyne is the future Lady of Castamere, and the eldest daughter of the Lord and Lady of Oldtown -- though until their wedding, she was illegitimate and known as Lia Flowers. Now, she has become a trueborn lady of two of the finest, richest, and most prestigious houses in Westeros -- Hightower and Reyne. And she has also had two fine children: a daughter, Eleyna, and a son, Berthram. Her husband has been present in King's Landing for quite a few years as an officer of the Sea Watch, and Lia has no doubt been a prominent mistress of the Reyne manse in the city. Now that her daughter is reaching the age where betrothals may be considered, she will naturally have a hand in that, and may advise her husband about suitable matches. Lia also has quite a few PC relations -- her husband Ser Victor, her sister Melarra Connington, her nephew Malwyn Hightower, her husband's cousin, Ser Wyllis Reyne, and her future good-sister, Rylla Tyrell. As the wedding of her brother is imminent, roleplay is guaranteed in the upcoming weeks!
  15. ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Hightower-Tyrell Wedding Submitter: Rylla (630) Date & Time: May 12, 2017 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Garlan, Malwyn, Ashera, Jorian, Edgar, Gwyn, Victor, Elyse, Bradwell, and Irena Description: On the seventh day of the tenth month in the one-hundred-and-sixty-eighth year since the coronation of Aegon the Dragon, the wedding of Ser Myles Hightower to Lady Rylla Tyrell shall be held in King's Landing, as a display of the wealth of Highgarden and Oldtown. Lords and ladies from not just the Reach, but all the Seven Kingdoms, are invited to see the thirdborn son of the Lord of Oldtown be wedded to the Lord of Highgarden's eldest sister in the Royal Sept. Sweet wines and hippocras shall flow in a grand feast in the Great Hall of the Red Keep, followed by a grand tourney the following day. Come one, come all! Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 1! ============================================================================== ==================================<+Events>=================================== Title: Hightower-Tyrell Wedding Tourney Submitter: Rylla (630) Date & Time: May 13, 2017 at 12:00 Game Time Participants: Garlan, Malwyn, Jorian, Edgar, Gwyn, Lena, Durance, Victor, Elyse, Bradwell, Irena, and Bryon Description: A grand tourney shall be held in King's Landing -- funded by House Tyrell -- for the occasion of Lady Rylla Tyrell's wedding to Ser Myles Hightower. Great and powerful knights from all the realm are invited to prove their mettle in the tourney grounds. Sign up now: +EVENTS/JOIN 2! ==============================================================================