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  1. One other fact that people forget to mention. Lyanna Stark was promised to Robert Baratheon. It wasn't just Rhaegar who was committed to another. An engagement is taken very seriously and it's not something that could be broken lightly. Look what happened when Robb broke his engagement. A married Rhaegar with children by his wife Elia and a Lyanna already engaged to Robert make it impossible for Jon to be legitimate. Rhaegar and Lyanna could not legally marry.
  2. Rhaegar's children and future grandchildren were all disinherited the moment Aerys chose to pass his throne to Viserys. The line of succession passed to Viserys and his heir (Dany). Aegon and Rhaenys were still alive and yet Aerys chose Viserys. It's clear to anyone that Aerys intended for Viserys and his heirs to inherit the kingdom. Rhaegar's children are no longer in the line of succession.
  3. Rhaegar should be here. Honoring Lyanna at the tourney was pushing etiquette. That was rude to his wife and to Lyanna's family. It was crude and rude to do that publicly. Princess Elia didn't deserve that humiliation. The truth about Rhaegar is somewhere between Robert's opinion and everyone else's. He's a moody jerk. He should know better than to seduce a woman already engaged. Lyanna should have known better and should take part of the blame.
  4. Mr. Martin has done a good job with creating his females. Much better than Mr. Jordan of the Wheel of time series. I can't really relate to any of the characters in the story because they live much differently than I do. I worry about grades and future career. The people in the story worry about survival. They face life and death each day and I deal with traffic. I love Dany even though we're nothing alike. I was never as smart at her age. I cared little beyond getting my license and shopping for clothes. Dany is remarkable at any age and great for her age to even care about the welfare of other people. I do wish I had been more like that when I was little. I guess we all mature at a different pace. Catelyn is a little like my mom. I suppose there is a caring mom hidden underneath Cersei too. I have known spacey girls like Sansa back in high school but they were not as dumb. Brienne is just ridiculous to the point of being silly and cartoonish. The same can be said of Arya and Asha.
  5. The Unsullied training is one of the most evil acts by one men against other men. Daenerys was right to rescue the unsullied from their evil masters and deliver judgment on the vile slavers. That was one of the most decisive and heroic moves in the entire series, the liberation of the unsullied by Daenerys Stormborn.
  6. I don't expect many will side with Jon when they learn what he was up to. I would doubt even a friend like Sam could support what Jon was up to and even if Sam might shy away from joining Marsh in the stabbings he would condemn Jon's behavior to attack the warden of the north.
  7. The best scene from the books and TWOIAF is the last chapter of "A Game of Thrones" when Daenerys Targaryen walked out of Drogo's funeral fire, unburnt, hatches her dragon eggs, and wins the respect of the Dothraki khalasar.
  8. They were not in Dorne so Andal-ish customs apply. But sure, a girl that flirts soo freely might be found charming by those men who are used to more demure behavior from their girls.
  9. My favorite moment = when Dany pulled down Stannis Baratheon's banner.
  10. Daenerys, Missandei, Rickon, and Edmure
  11. Preston Jacobs. Each new episode is like a weekly birthday gift.
  12. I presume Elia was brunette. Her children?
  13. Personal preference! Exactly! We like povs of people we like. We get bored reading povs of people we don't like. I find the following list tough to read through even after an expresso. Duncan Jon Davos Brienne Asha I find hard to understand how the dunk and egg tales are popular. Riding on the coat tails of the main books?
  14. Willas is a potential suitor for Dany.