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  1. My favorite moment = when Dany pulled down Stannis Baratheon's banner.
  2. Daenerys, Missandei, Rickon, and Edmure
  3. Preston Jacobs. Each new episode is like a weekly birthday gift.
  4. I presume Elia was brunette. Her children?
  5. Personal preference! Exactly! We like povs of people we like. We get bored reading povs of people we don't like. I find the following list tough to read through even after an expresso. Duncan Jon Davos Brienne Asha I find hard to understand how the dunk and egg tales are popular. Riding on the coat tails of the main books?
  6. Willas is a potential suitor for Dany.
  7. Dany Brienne Barristan Missandei Sam Greyworm Varys big Walder Aegon I Shiera Seastar
  8. Rhaegar has the Targaryen physical appearance. He would stand out like a sore thumb among the wildlings. I don't think there is much of chance that he's Mance. The twist likely involve the parentage of Jon. Mance and Lyanna are his parents.
  9. It's not really logical. It's a giant leap to get from what Mirri said to what you're concluding. Dany's decision to end Drogo's suffering and burn his remains is a crossroads in her life. Dany made a decision to go forward and embrace her dragon destiny. Mercy killing Drogo and burning his body ended any chances of any reunion in both life and death. She made a choice to leave Drogo behind and go ahead with her mission to take back the kingdom that belonged to her family. The female most closely like Dany is Rhaenyra. They both gave birth to human-dragon hybrids. Rhaenyra survived just fine. There is really no reason whatsoever to expect Dany to die while giving birth.
  10. 1) Ashara can eat more wings. She's flirty and burns off the calories. 2) Pepperoni, canadian bacon, mushrooms, and pineapple. Garlic, onions, and anchovies give bad breath. Gross. 3) Ashara - beer. Shiera - wine. Dany - diet coke (too young to drink) 4) Romance 5) Ashara 6) Range rover. Shiera drives. 7) Men
  11. Nerd Soup - in depth and detailed talks Preston Jacobs - he's not afraid to ask the tough questions Westeros History - it depends on the co host. Sometimes they have annoying guests. Alt Shift X Pete Peppers Charlie in Westeros Smoke Screen Ser Hunt Reviews
  12. I believe they would. Mance Rayder deserved an execution but Jon let him walk. He opened the gates to the wildlings. Many in the north will resent those poor decisions.
  13. Are you referring to Barbrey Dustin's talk of southron ambitions?
  14. Outside the north they will find little love. The north still prefer them over the Boltons. Jon Snow is not considered a Stark. Many will hate him in the north for what he did at the wall but that hate won't transfer to the Starks.