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  1. Hmm? What is this about? Refresh my memory please.
  2. Did anyone else think Daenerys looked really evil in her scene? It actually made me interested in the character. If she goes back to being a blustery Mary Sue I'll be disappointed.
  3. She's probably saving that for her Bolton foetus.
  4. After Euron's costume, Ed Sheeran's cameo, and Arya being asked if she was of drinking age, it wouldn't have looked out of place for Arya to add the lot of them on Facebook and make plans to meet up at Glastonbury. Also the Arbor Gold was red. It's not even laziness, it's like they're actually putting effort into this level of inconsistency.
  5. Ignorance is bliss, if Harry the Heir doesn't exist I think the Vale lords would rather not know that Sweetrobin's a bastard than deal with a succession crisis. Although everything there seems neat and orderly so maybe succession would pass smoothly to a third or fourth cousin. I don't think we'll get anything explicit on the matter of Sweetrobin's paternity, but we've been told so often that he's going to die young that it's almost a certainty he'll rule the Vale for the next 70 years and sire a handful of heirs but hey, I also wanted Shireen to be queen, so my expectations are cursed.
  6. I think it's hinted that LF is Robin's father but I don't think it'll ever be confirmed. It's implied that Jon had blonde hair and Lysa's was auburn, so it's ironic that Jon suspected Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen of being bastards because of their golden hair when his own son's brown hair doesn't exactly add up either.
  7. I find it very questionable that he felt the need to both make Daenerys 13 *and* include explicit sex scenes for her. And I could excuse it all for a piece of art if it wasn't for the way he describes the sweat trickling between her breasts, at which point it just passes into This Author is a Creep.
  8. Season 6 was the first season I watched "live" so to speak and I found it very unsatisfying, one episode a week just left me feeling unsatisfied with the events that had occurred
  9. I'm not sure how he'll deliver the Vale to the Mountain Clans with the Vale already allied with Jon and Jon supposedly bending the knee to Daenerys. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out (in the books if the show doesn't include it).
  10. I hope so, I always get excited to see minor characters make appearances
  11. How stupid, it's obvious Lord Robert Arryn is the only worthy consort for a dragon queen
  12. That was a joke lol It's GRRM writing the story, and I'm using what I know of his political views to consider how he might conclude it. I've not read any of his other works though, so maybe that isn't his style, to finish a book that way. Perhaps somebody could shed light on that. Westerosi society fucks over a lot of people though, and yeah, none of them are actually real, but the series deals with some very complex and widespread conflicts and it's not inconceivable that some sort of significant change will be involved in the ending. With a narrative on such a massive scale you can't just end it with, "and then everyone went back to being starving peasants ruled over by patriarchal nobility for another eight thousand years." What would be the point? Authors love writing books that reflect their idealogical agendas, think Margaret Atwood and Philip Pullman. For many authors it's the whole point. Even in ASOIAF, GRRM supports the US admitting refugees, he portrays the refugee issue in the Wildlings, Jon reflects GRRM's own views, and you can see he approves of admitting the Wildlings. He didn't necessarily write that with real life refugees in mind, but he has a political view, and this is portrayed in the series he has written.
  13. I agree, I don't see what a pregnant Cersei would contribute to the plot, especially with the importance placed on prophecy, which states she'll have just 3 children. Unless she has a hideous dwarf child, but that still isn't worth rubbishing the prophecies over. Although I don't see how her age makes you find it unconvincing when the actress herself gave birth just 2 years ago.
  14. I'm looking forward to the excitement of a big final battle, but an ending of peace isn't necessarily cheesy or inconsistent. I mean, Twilight did it? And I'm sure GRRM could do it well. He's more likely to write something along the lines of a big final battle that results in a treaty. But anyway, it's important to recognise the author's own views, and GRRM is anti-war and anti-feudalism (I should hope most people are). He hammers home just how devastating war is, and how unjust feudalism is, and I consider it a major theme. The show has largely missed out on these themes, so I may be wrong, but I personally consider this a part of why the adaptation is poor. But, there are also themes of "magical" bloodlines, so I don't know. Considering the political views GRRM has expressed, I consider ASOIAF to be definitely anti-war, and possibly anti-feudalism. I'm not saying we're going to end the novels with Westeros being reformed into a parliamentary democracy with free education and a national health service, but I think it will be in part a story of a big social shift that will ultimately improve Westeros. I can see something along the lines of more rights for peasants, more freedom of marriage for nobles, gender-equal inheritance. Westeros is already pretty good compared to Medieval Europe - gender equality in Dorne, freedom of religion. Even the Andal succession laws of a daughter before an uncle; here in the 21st century UK many noble titles can only be passed to male relatives of the male line, and if the male line dies the family lose their lands and titles. The War for the Dawn will bring with it massive devastation, and big social change is to be expected.
  15. My great grandmother was 44 when she had my grandfather, miracles happen. Cersei's not gone through the menopause yet, she's well fed, and it's plausible that in the Middle Ages a healthy, fertile woman who did well with childbirth and had a long lived husband would continue popping out babies up to her menopause. Don't some of the leaks say Cersei will be getting pregnant this season? There are a few hints in the books that could foreshadow this, and there she's only mid to late 30s, which is very possible. So it could be a book plot point they're adapting. I understand where you're coming from. In Cersei's case and for some people I think it's that they just don't care about what comes after them, they want comfort and power in their own life. I want children, but my primary motivation for having a good career is to create a life I enjoy. If you'd like an evolutionary argument, humans are social creatures and we evolved in extended family groups. It's also a bit more complicated that just passing on your own genes; your genes would already be represented within the extended family group to some degree, so if you're infertile, post menopausal, unwilling to procreate through a lack of attraction to the other sex, you could still contribute to the survival of your genes by helping the group as a whole, or adopting orphaned children who would otherwise die. You see with birds; same-sex bird pairings are fairly common, and those that live in colonies, such as sea birds, often adopt and raise orphaned eggs. It's probably just a parenting instinct, but if a bird pairing can't reproduce, they can at least contribute to the survival of their genes by raising a chick in the colony that would otherwise die, and that would probably be related to some degree to them. They'll not factor in the degree of relation in any conscious way, but the evolutionary mechanism driving it is the probability that it is related to some degree. If we bring this back to Cersei, and people who want power or wealth but don't care about heirs, the subconscious evolutionary drive is to continue to be successful, it may just be that she lacks the drive to actually reproduce, that she sees it as futile, that she doesn't care about the future, but the subconscious drive to be successful is there, even if she's missing the drive to help her own genes. This drive may be "warped" by her damaged conscious mind. We have big brains, and the ability to reinterpret and defy our innate survival instincts, if we feel it's appropriate to the situation. I'm studying a biology degree, but I went a bit into speculative psychology there, hopefully you see where I'm coming from.