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  1. Some Waynwood declaring Sweetrobin King of Mountain and Vale
  2. He’s chilling in the Stormlands with Old Nan, Jhiqui, Jeyne Poole and Sallador Saan
  3. If I couldn’t keep any of the present or recently ruling houses I’d choose.. The Vale of Arryn: House Waynwood as they seem like really decent people. The Stormlands: House Mertyns because Lady Mary seems pretty funny and we’ve not been introduced to many Stormlander houses in detail. The Iron Isles: House Harlaw. Lord Rodrik and Ser Harras are just the right people to lead the transition away from reaving. The Westerlands: Like the Stormlands we’re not really introduced to many Westerlander Houses. I’ll go with House Westerling as the Westerling kids all seem nice. Dorne: House Dayne for obvious reasons. Everyone loves the Daynes. The North: House Manderly. Wyman and his granddaughters are awesome. The Crownlands: House Stokeworth. I always found the Stokeworths oddly entertaining and I’d love to see Lollys sit the Iron Throne. The Riverlands: House Blackwood. I love the sigil and their loyalty. The Reach: House Florent. They are the rightful rulers after all.
  4. To those saying he would’ve been called Visenya, I totally disagree. Visenya was the elder of Aegon’s sisters so if Rhaegar had been planning on naming his three children after them he would’ve called Rhaenys Visenya.
  5. There was an even more recent precedent within her own family - Cerelle Lannister (the first cousin of Cersei’s grandfather Lord Tytos) inherited Casterly Rock in her own right after her father’s premature death (although she soon died, allowing Cersei’s great grandfather Gerold to succeed as Lord of the Rock).
  6. It’s an interesting idea that the long summer could have structurally weakened the Wall - but I don’t really see any evidence for this in the text.
  7. I think it’ll be a scene early in the season redeeming the Freys - either letting Jaime through or releasing Edmure (if the season are planning on doing anything with Edmure). Still though, she surely must be pissed at the deaths of her father, grandfather, uncles, brothers etc.
  8. Mace Tyrell, he did something right in raising kids and I think I’d fit into the family well. I’ve always found the character of Cersei Lannister to bear a striking resemblance to my own mother, but she wouldn’t be my first choice...
  9. In fairness it was a reference to a show scene
  10. Hopefully the series will end with a teenage Elmar appearing to wipe out those dastardly Starks “Leave one bridge standing, and the river can always be crossed.”
  11. I was justifying the Red Wedding from the perspective of Lord Walder at the time that it occurred. Interesting idea actually, I was just thinking the other day how useful it would be for the Mallisters to control the Crossing due to the trade routes. I also think this would be a fair solution - there are many good Freys, and being allowed to keep their castle but with a reduced standing, power and wealth seems fair to me should some pro-Stark power win in the end. Mayhaps with their lands partitioned between the Mallisters and Blackwoods, who both held out to the last.
  12. There is so much information in the books that being on the forums has given me a much better understanding of the story I am reading. I first started frequenting the forums in early 2016, and I remember not remembering who this Ashara Dayne was who everyone was talking about, which really shows how necessary it is to reread the novels to fully understand them.
  13. This is false, R+L=J has far more merit due to the amount of evidence. I could theorise that Jon is the son of Pycelle and Rhaella. That doesn’t automatically give it merit.
  14. Nothing, the Manderlys are too valuable
  15. At the time of the Red Wedding it seemed as though the Baratheon-Lannister dynasty had a secure hold on the Iron Throne. In return for a few dead members of an over-large family and a few decades of disdain from other houses, they establish a Frey cadet branch at the rich and powerful seat of Riverrun, and establish two Freys as the Lady of the Dreadfort and the Lady of Darry. Even if they are disdained by many houses their wealth, power and Lannister marriages would allow them to continue getting excellent marriages from the Westerlands and I’m sure the Reach would care little. And eventually their crimes will be forgotten - after all, the Boltons have no trouble wedding Ryswells and warding sons with the Redforts despite having rebelled against and murdered their liege lords multiple times in the past. So I do think the Red Wedding was a good idea at the time. And no doubt in time they would’ve found a way to sink their claws into the fledgeling Baelish dynasty of Harrenhal.