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  1. There’s no certainty here. Baelor’s name and Alerie’s silver hair hint at it (one of Aegon V’s sisters probably married Lord Hightower) but there’s no confirmation.
  2. I do think it’s interesting that Pycelle’s house has never been mentioned, there could be something interesting there.
  3. Ok that was quite an oversight on my part, looks like there’s no evidence for Walys being a Targaryen. Unless they’re all secret Targaryens of course...
  4. Do we know of any characters with names ending with -ys that aren’t Targaryens? I can only think of Lollys, although I have seen it theorised that the Stokeworths have Targaryen blood (potentially via Princess Vaella).
  5. I think Pycelle is too old. More likely a bastard uncle or cousin?
  6. I don’t think killing your daughter-in-law’s brother would be considered kinslaying, it seems too distant to me. Do the books say whether kinslaying applies to relatives-by-marriage? I don’t think we get a clear answer on how close a relative has to be to be considered kinslaying either. If you’re allowed to marry a first cousin does that mean you can kill a first cousin without it being kinslaying? Do the surnames matter? Is it more acceptable for Robb to murder Edmure rather than Benjen? Jon himself says the Karstarks are no more related to the present Starks than half the noble families in the North, so I wouldn’t consider Rickard Karstark kin of Robb Stark, unless the male line is what matters.
  7. I’m a man but I’ve always gotten on better with women and in turn I find the more feminine female PoVs the most enjoyable (Daenerys, Sansa, Cersei, Catelyn, Arianne). However, I am gay and I do find the way GRRM writes their attraction to men unrealistic. Somewhat related to this, I find it a little odd how most of the characters seem to idolise smooth-skinned men and find body hair unattractive, especially in the quasi-medieval setting. It’s also over-sexualised how the female PoVs view their own bodies, it makes it seem like they’re all slightly narcisstic and sexually attracted to themselves. Especially in the Daenerys chapters I can feel the author’s sexual attraction to his character seeping into the writing which not only distracts from the prose but is also pretty disturbing considering her age. The sexualisation of Daenerys is my biggest criticism of the books as a whole tbh.
  8. Does anyone think that if Trystane and Myrcella were both to survive the novels that they’d go through with their betrothal? If Aegon, Daenerys or Jon end up on the Iron Throne they have no reason to name her a bastard because she’s behind them in the succession anyway, and you can’t prove it, so in the unlikely event she survives the series she may remain Myrcella Baratheon. Or if she were to be reduced to Myrcella Hill, Trystane is fond of her and Doran and Arianne may not be around much longer to tell him no (if they would even care).
  9. We as readers don’t know the full plan for Theon. He should’ve been betrothed at his current age, but many of the lords paramount / heirs at the beginning of the novel aren’t betrothed. It could be a mixture of author convenience and plots not yet revealed, such as with Arianne Martell. If the plan was to marry Theon to Sansa Ned may have been waiting for her to flower. What I’m certain of is that Theon was definitely not going to marry a peasant or even a minor noble like Jeyne Poole. The marriage would be completely morganatic, which in our world were barely looked upon as legal. The second he returned to the Iron Islands she’d be disregarded as a saltwife, he’d be wed to a Botley or a Saltcliffe, and the North would’ve missed a great opportunity to gain influence over and foster good relations with the Iron Islands. Even if you think that the North wouldn’t give him the ‘leverage’ by marrying him to a highborn Northerner, then they’d just let him marry an Ironborn lady. Marrying him to a peasant is pointless and would come across as a petty and spiteful jab at the Iron Islands. Westerosi houses do not go extinct for lack of male heirs. We see this with Joffrey Lydden taking the Lannister name, the Stark son of Bael the Bard, Maege Mormont’s Mormont daughters, Harry Hardyng who would rule as an Arryn, Beren Tallhart who would rule as a Hornwood, and, although we don’t know their husbands, there’s a good chance Anya Waynwood and Arwyn Oakheart gave their surnames to their children. And it is completely Arianne Martell’s job to continue the Martell line - the oldest child of a Dornish lord/lady is the heir regardless of gender and their children take their surname. It has been that way for a thousand years. She even says herself in AFFC, “I know it is my duty to provide an heir for Dorne.” Harry the Heir cough cough. You are correct, but by tradition lords gift their extra castles to younger sons and brothers.
  10. They’re not keeping him forever; it is assumed that when Balon dies he will go and rule the Iron Islands. They’re keeping him to ensure Balon’s good behaviour while he lives. It’d be ridiculous to marry Theon to a peasant, he’s a future lord paramount. It’d be like the Lannisters marrying Sansa to the pig boy. The Reeds do have some standing as they rule over the Neck and have the other Crannogmen houses as their bannermen. The Starks don’t seem very snobby, they married the Flints of the Mountains so I don’t see why they wouldn’t marry a Reed.
  11. I strongly disagree, Theon is expected to become the Lord of the Iron Islands, why marry him to a peasant girl or the daughter of a household knight? If they accepted Theon, every lord on the Iron Islands would want him to marry their daughter (and a few mainland houses too if the Pipers and Serretts are anything to go by). By marrying Theon to the daughter of a northern lord, let’s say Sansa, the North gains influence over the Iron Islands, and it could potentially create a new era of positive Northmen-Ironborn relations.
  12. I think a Stark-Reed marriage would’ve been likely, so Robb Stark and Meera Reed or Arya Stark and Jojen Reed. It makes sense to marry Bran to a female heir like Wynafryd Manderly or Shireen Baratheon (presumably the heir to Dragonstone) to give him a seat in his own right, unless he decided to go south to become a knight, in which case Rickon would be the spare. He’s more of an age with someone like Eddara Tallhart (a Stark-Tallhart marriage seems well overdue given their proximity). Sansa would be a good fit for southern life, she could wed the Blackwood or Royce heir if Ned wanted to reinforce their tradition of intermarrying. Although I’ve seen it theorised she was meant to marry Theon to tie the Starks and the Greyjoys together.
  13. House Name: Pinkswyne Sigil: a winged brown pig on a green field Motto: And Pigs Might Fly Seat: Swinehold Religion: The Old Gods Location: The Isle of Pigs, a river island located on the Green Fork, their rule extending over the lands east and west of the river Ancestral Weapon: none, although House Pinkswyne is famous for the huge war boars it has bred for centuries that prove a formidable force in battle Sworn to: House Tully of Riverrun House Pinkswyne was founded by one of the Last Hero’s party, who helped seal the pact between the First Men and the Children of the Forest by taking a Child of the Forest to wife. The most famous Pinkswyne over the coming centuries was King Robar the Red, who united the Riverlands under his rule and took a wife from each of the eight greatest Houses in the Riverlands, siring a son on each of them. However, it was Robar Rivers, his bastard son by a kitchen maid, who eventually succeeded him by murdering his eight trueborn brothers, earning himself the epithet Robar the Redder. King Robar II went on to lose his entire kingdom due to his cruelty and mismanagement. House Pinkswyne resisted the Andal Invasion and maintained their faith in the Old Gods. In the centuries since they have most frequently intermarried with the Blackwoods, the Royces, the Reeds, and on several occasions their own household knights, the Greenwaters. The current line of House Pinkswyne is descended from Joseth Pinkswyne, the only child of Lord Joffrey Pinkswyne’s younger brother by his Frey wife, who took control of his house through treachery. As Aegon approached Swinehold on Balerion, Joseth’s maternal Frey uncle, Maester Tommard, counselled Lord Joffrey and his heir, Ser Nyle, to march out to meet the Targaryens in battle. Joseth broke his leg shortly before the battle and was spared, while Lord Joffrey and Ser Nyle were burned alive by Balerion. Lord Joffrey’s infant son, Albar, became the new Lord of Swinehold and Joseth bent the knee to Aegon in his name. With the help of Maester Tommard, the young Lord Albar was poisoned to death over the next year, passing Swinehold to his simple-minded eldest sister, Lady Alysandra. Joseth wed the dim-witted girl and became the Lord of Swinehold in her name, although his broken leg never properly recovered. Lord Joffrey’s second daughter, Danelle, was very suspicious of the events that took place and so was banished to the Vale to wed the youngest son of Lord Royce, who founded the junior branch of House Royce that still mistrusts the Pinkswynes to this day. Lord Joseth Pinkswyne’s reputation was further sullied when he attempted to emulate the Targaryens by betrothing his cruel and petty heir, Ser Victor, to his eldest daughter, the beautiful Alysanne. Ser Victor was later murdered by his lover, the blacksmith, and Alysanne was wed to her younger brother Aedyn, although rumours abound that their children were sired by her own father, Lord Joseth. When Aedyn shortly predeceased his father, Lady Alysanne ruled Swinehold for decades in the names of her weak-willed sons. The Pinkswynes became a target of the Warrior’s Sons under Maegor’s reign, but Lady Alysanne dealt with them harshly and was considered as a bride for King Maegor shortly before his death. During the Dance of the Dragons House Pinkswyne leant its support to Queen Rhaenyra’s cause, and was rewarded with a betrothal between Lord Alysander Pinkswyne’s newborn heir, Danwell, and Queen Rhaenyra’s newborn daughter, Princess Visenya. Lord Alysander’s younger brother, Ser Benjicot, became a part of Aegon III’s regency, where he fell in love with Lady Jeyne Arryn. However, she refused to wed him as she didn’t want to break the male line of House Arryn by marrying a Pinkswyne. Ser Benjicot went on the serve as the captain of guards at the Eyrie after the end of the Regency. He and Lady Jeyne were rumoured to be lovers, and after her death he threw himself from the Moon Door in his grief. House Pinkswyne continued its reputation for cruelty and madness; Lady Danelle Lothston’s mother was a Pinkswyne. During Robert’s Rebellion House Pinkswyne were firm Targaryen loyalists and conspired with House Darry to wrestle control of the Riverlands from House Tully. Their alliance was sealed with a marriage between Lord Nyle Pinkswyne and Lady Lyla Darry. Lord Nyle lost his life on the Trident, and Lady Lyla has ruled Swinehold since in the name of Lord Nyle’s posthumous daughter Lady Kathryn, known affectionately as Kati. House Pinkswyne played only a small role in the War of the Five Kings due to their continued resentment of House Tully. They briefly considered supporting the Lannisters but changed their mind after the death of Lord Lyman Darry, Lady Lyla’s beloved nephew, at the hands of Gregor Clegane. Kati, 17, now rules Swinehold in her own right, and is well loved by her small folk and the other riverlords, due to her beauty and flirtatious wit. She has recently married Hoster Blackwood, who has taken the Pinkswyne name, and by all accounts they are very fond of each other. Lady Kati’s closest friend is her cousin, Amerei ‘Gatehouse Ami’ Frey. The other surviving members of House Pinkswyne are: Ser Lucas Pinkswyne, 31, Lady Kati’s unwed uncle who was sent to Riverrun as a hostage after Robert’s Rebellion, where he was rumoured to be the lover of Brynden Tully and unsuccessfully attempted to arrange a betrothal between Lady Kati and Edmure Tully. He has returned to Swinehold following the ending of the siege of Riverrun, where Lady Kati is attempting to arrange a betrothal between him and Ami Frey, which would extend Pinkswyne control over Darry and allow both Lucas and Ami freedom in their marriage to pursue their own desires. Lady Danelle Pinkswyne, 34, Lady Kati’s aunt, wife of Morton Waynwood and mother to his heir, Rolland. Lady Alysanne Pinkswyne, 62, Lady Kati’s great aunt, wife of Ser Ben Rosby, castellan of Rosby. They had one child, Lady Bethany Rosby, the sixth wife of Lord Walder Frey. Ser Vincent Pinkswyne, 53, Lady Kati’s great uncle and castellan of Swinehold. Married to Serenna Paege. Ser Rycherd Pinkswyne, 36, eldest son of Vincent and Serenna, married to Barbara Bracken, heir to Stone Hedge, by which he has two young sons, Joseth and Harry. Joseth is a page serving at Stone Hedge. Kevan Pinkswyne, 33, second son of Vincent and Serenna, who made numerous attempts to wed Lady Kati. Following her marriage to Hoster Blackwood he has begun negotiating a betrothal with House Vance of Wayfarer’s Rest. Alandra Pinkswyne, 30, only daughter of Vincent and Serenna, wife of Patrek Mallister.
  14. The Redwynes have orange hair The Martells have dark hair and dark eyes The Tolands and Conningtons have red hair
  15. My favourite Arryn bannerman are the Waynwoods, I liked what I saw of them in the WoW Alayne chapter.