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  1. What I mean is that there isn't anything to indicate that any of Daemon's family sought out the children of Aerion in Lys. The Blackfyre theories have the most potential foreshadowing, but we won't know for sure until the last book is published as there is no actual text of anyone claiming to be Daemon's heir. There isn't a ton of evidence for any theory on theses boards, save fr R+L=J I got this. I was just hoping that there would be something you found that I missed in the novels. Daemon being legitimizes means his entire line was. That's all.
  2. all of Aegon's bastards were legitimized. For the other stuff, I was wondering if there was anything in the book to support this as opposed to being a theory that exists to make another theory work. thanks
  3. well, they are the same person so.....
  4. And Euron and Dario too
  5. They are all dead, except for Bloodraven and he is playing an entirely different game
  6. All of the blackfyres were legitimized at some point. The other issue is Aerion. Was there ever a mention of his fathering bastards?
  7. he Issue with any brightflame theories is that any offspring will be bastards possessing of all the taint associated with bastardy. Why would the claimants of a new line marry into something like that?
  8. WIldfire The pyromancer in Qarth The Wall The Warded CTOF cave The Weirnet Storms End The Dragon Horn Oberyn's poison shade of the evening The warlocks and the undying I would argue that prophecy should not be on the list because it is often very wrong. Visions on the other hand are very magical
  10. Roose is in a pickle. As of now, he only has one heir, Ramsey. Ramsey is hated and reviled, but numerous lords are, and they can still rule effectively. I would not be surprised if Roose lets his natural son die as soon as he has a male heir
  11. He will definitely hook up with Cersei
  12. The descendants are Hodor and Brienne.
  13. Something would have to happen to Jon so the story could continue as written. Jon would be stopped from killing his wards. Perhaps by his own bannermen, perhaps by his own conscience
  14. I see, sorry about the confusion. Yes the in universe explanations are what Bob and Cat think. Bob is a womanizer so he has little curiosity. Cat is curious but Ned shoots her down Thanks. The respect would also be for Ned treating the legacy of Douse Dayne with the utmost respect. The way he tells the story of the TOJ fight exemplifies the honor and knightly core of Arthur. I do believe Ned would have explicitly stated that he would raise Jon in the north and not present him as a claimant to the Iron throne. I think that the Daynes would understand that Arthur was doing his duty, that he performed said duty with honor and that even though he was killed by Ned, he wasn't ever put down, disrespected or dishonored, and being the house with an office that exemplifies all things knightly, to the point where the office remains empty until a worthy individual arises, the Elder Daynes would understand how important Ned's decisions were