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  1. Glass Gardens in Winterfell

    I know, I was just taking the piss out of a bunch of lemongaters and the very wild and baseless theories they generate over a draft mistake by the author
  2. Glass Gardens in Winterfell

    The glass gardens in winterfell are the retcon to allow the lemon tree to exist and thrive in Braavos at the house with the red door. #lemongatesolved
  3. Just how important is Mance?

    I see. thanks People see his shiftiness as a reason to not believe anything he says to bran, subverting tropes and blah blah......... I think he is not the same person after merging with the weirnet. Just hearing how he speaks of his brothers and sister seems to indicate a profound change in his extreme old age It's a perfectly reasonable comparison. Mance is a plot point that was foreshadowed early on in the story. The author knew what he was going to do with him. To the op, making the jump from being an early mentioned character to something like busting into the crypts, discovering jon's secret, rallying the wildlings and then leading the north against the others again is far too much. He isn't even a POV character. Entering crypts, leading the fight all or that needs to be in a POV. there are so many dead things I can't imagine the battle will be won or lost by the number of dead wights. Yes If it isn't in the books it isn't in the books. theories based on theories that are nothing but wild speculation are bogus. A neat exercise, intellectual masturbation, but nothing more. Maybe, or maybe not. Everything does not point to her being an Umber. did she say she is? Does she have an umber tattoo on her thigh? She addresses Stannis as king because he is a brutal man would punishes disrespect, especially to those beneath him who he does not need, like wildlings. She is angry at theon because he is a traitor and betrayer who until recently was the numero uno collaborator with a monster. Leathers, from beyond the wall has leathery skin. Is he an umber too. Also, what scenes are you referring to? I disagree entirely on supporting text, and we are talking about it because it is mentioned in the op. I would argue that Stannis writing it makes far more sense than anyone else. But we can leave that to another thread He didn't desert the only life he knew. He spent lots of time north of the wall. He fought and killed many who would have later called him king. He deserted due to experiencing a kindness that was rebuffed by his brothers. Jon Snow King Bob and King Robb His leading his army and his fight with Jon says otherwise I agree he is a boss, But he didn't come from "Nothing." That is dead wrong. He was educated by maesters, he was trained in combat by knights, learned to wield castle forged steel and had years of ranging with the longest running military order in history. That is very far from nothing. that's fine that you disagree, and yes, thinking he will gain power in winterfell is mos-def an unproven piece of baseless speculation. Assuming the pink letter is true is not a baseless theory though. Stannis (and the text supports stanis as the author far more than anyone else) has captured the bolton lackeys in his camp so he would know the disposition of winterfell. I guess if you haven't read the released chapters then it would make more sense if Mance wrote the letter. Ok. That kinda makes sense, but Jon and mance would have to be enemies again, and I do not see that happening
  4. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

    I suppose he could go and find a maester. Order that man to send a raven inquiring as to the presence of the prince, then wait days for the reply at whatever castle he was near. But that does not sound like hotheaded "wolfsblood" having heir to winterfell who was an exceptional rider and swordsman. and his sister's honor and life was at stake.
  5. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

    The daughter of the Lord Paramount of the North would not be traveling alone through the riverlands. She would have had to have a companion or several. These people are how word of her kidnapping would have gotten to brandon. The Prince and a couple of kingsguard on the kingsroad? Why not go to the capital to find them and your sister?
  6. If Joffrey tried to arrest Tywin Lannister, what would happen?

    there would be laughter. Lots of laughter
  7. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

  8. Why Tywin doesn't use Faceless men to kill Stannis

    People don't stay wealthy by throwing their money away. It would take the wealth of a king to have a faceless man kill a king.
  9. King without Cock

    Replying for the title only
  10. There are no religions in the story?

    That's ok There is magic in planetos, that is seen by the reader. People seem to wield magic in the name of gods, but Rhillor, the drowned god, the storm god, the gods of the three sisters, all the aspects of the 7 etc. will never be seen by the reader. the old gods are not like any traditional human god, polytheistic or otherwise. Although we see manifestations of the old gods, we do not meet "them" either, although we are given insight into their process and "existence." All the rest are imaginary
  11. Just how important is Mance?

    /\ This /\ I am surprised to find someone on this forum think that bloodraven is working against the others. Nice. As for the timing of introductions, that really has no bearing on anything. Mance is mentioned in the first book, but we do not meet him until the third book. We hear about Marwyn in the first book too, but we don't see him until the end of the fourth. I am curious, where did it say that mance had killed hundreds of white walkers? He fights with steel. We never see him mention dragonglass as far as I can remember. As for the pink letter? Meh. whoever wrote it did it to get Jon to ride south. He tried and got stabbed. Job done. Also, the rowan theory is cute, but it is just that, and unproven theories rarely bolster another unproven theory. Speaking of the pink letter, the text also strongly supports Stannis writing the pink letter. Far more than Mance, and we met Stannis earlier in the story, he has played a larger role in the story and has all the information necessary to compose it. I completely disagree on your opinion of his greatness. He is written OK, and he does beat Jon in a fight, but his command gets obliterated pretty easily and he is probably captured and nude in a cell in winterfell Also, why do you think Jon will kill him?
  12. the author had specific plans for Ned and Robb dying and the lannisters coming to power so there could be an interfamily conflict with them. So nothing dorne could have ever done could/would have made any difference
  13. Just how important is Mance?

    He isn't important at all. He is there as a counterpoint to Jon beyond the wall. All of the women sent with him are dead and so far there is nothing to indicate he managed to escape or hide
  14. Why wouldn't the Rebels consider breaking up the Targaryen kingdom?

    After nearly 300 years, roles and titles had been cemented. Trade, currency and movement of people and a common culture are all big drivers of being static. Plus, no ruler wants to have a potential enemy on a close border
  15. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Unless he isn't. But for all practical purposes, he has grown up as and lived his life as a bastard, so even if he technically isn't, he is a bastard at the core of who he is, and that will never change