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  1. I do. and I will continue to be a very bad boy until it is released Those are awesome. I do appreciate you way with words
  2. I am sure he can bring any number of whores to join in while you insert yourself into littlefinger. They will watch and cheer you on
  3. I would do whatever the author had petyr do. /thread
  4. Hodor has been a part of bran since he woke up from the crow coma. Bran learning to skinchange him is evolutionary. A westerosi master blaster if you will
  5. I like the idea that there was no marriage personally
  6. Except Jon is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna
  7. She is his hero. She wished that a Hero would kill Slynt by cutting his head off. Boom! ask and you shall receive
  8. The "craster is a stark" people and the "craster is a casterly" people should fight to the pain
  9. most likely not, or more to the point, it doesn't matter as the casterlys are thousands of years dead and craster is the bastard son of a watchman and his mother was a wildling. good on the effort though
  10. That would make for a much less interesting story. /thread
  11. Bingo. This to me seems exactly what the author is doing, and by adding a rich mythos to a big world, things like the ice demons and the not-elves are less spectacular and thus a tad more "real" I too want to believe, but about tormund and the she-bear
  12. I get it. It's just that there are many claims in the novels, and very few of them are shown to have merit, and we are shown several wild claims that are true (the others, the ctof, seeing through the faces of trees etc.) So, AA, the golden empire of the dawn or squishers seem to have no basis for existence, but the others and the children are shown to exist, so we can safely say the tale of the last hero was true
  13. most everything pre ghis is myth and embellishment. So, no geodawn empire. No Garth greenhand that lived for a 1000 years. Ghis had records. So did the rhyone and the andals.
  14. The book where she leaves essos hasn't been published yet. /thread
  15. The story would be very different