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  1. The farthest north he had gone to before AGOT that the readers know of is the iron islands
  2. Megatron and the decepticons invade looking for energon cubes to help them fight the autobots. Optimus prime and star scream fight on the wall destroying it revealing protoculture flowers buried in the wall. the invid regis space folds into the god's eye with the SDF3 in pursuit. Rick hunter finds a wounded golem and takes the ring of power and gives it to megatron in exchange for coordinates to earth and then we find out that frodo and hodor are twins from euron and a sex changed dario/benjen. Then, megatron reveals he is a secret targ Fin.
  3. Ah. Well, thank you
  4. This should be in forum games
  5. So, does this mean that fire and blood will get published before winds?
  6. I think people get an idea of what they think the story should be like and have trouble when it's not how they imagined. I thought Brienne was not very interesting the first time around but she was my favorite on the third read. I loved Jon in the first read. Not so much by the third.
  7. HODOR!!!!!!!!!
  8. Leeching is not something that self harming folks would do. There is no pain and relatively little blood loss
  9. the author did not give him that fate
  10. Renly still dies, by combat or poisoning and the story continues as written
  11. Fix'd it for you
  12. Every single POV. I have done 3 reads of the series. and different POVs stand out for each read
  13. We are not meant to know. Most of the "elder race" stuff is an homage to writers like Lovecraft and Tolkien who influenced his works. It took the world book to inform us that the Ibbenese look very neanderthal in appearance. Will we get a history of Ibben? Of course not. Pretty much everything outside of what we are shown in the books will be a forever mystery. The great empire of the dawn. The history of Asshai. Continents other than what we have seen via POV. All of these will be hints on pages. We will never see the city of winged men. So at this poin, the histories given in the books are the only histories we will see.
  14. No, something as absurd as an election between kings in clash is akin to say, inquiring how ned and his companions would react if at the TOJ, instead of finding the KG, they encountered grey aliens who probed them and took them to saturn.
  15. you are dead wrong. It would be Hot pie. AA reborn, the true kingslayer and true heir to the iron throne of westeros. It is known