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  1. 1: People assume characters other than dany will end up riding the pair that is locked away in Mereen 2: People assume (f)Aegon will live long enough to be a rival to Dany when she finally reaches westeros, hence the dance of the dragons 3: The thing we shall not mention has an entirely different take on it, and it could play similarly in the books if the author ever finishes the last two. At the current rate of 1 extra year between books, if winds is released this year, dream will be released in 2025
  2. exactly people are so wrapped up in GRRM being an amazing writer who will not do something predictable that they can't even let hte good guys be the good guys perhaps the OP is projecting something of themselves in the post? and we have all sorts of interviews with the author too, but the fans seem to want to ignore all of that to advance their rape fantasies seriously
  3. The Lord Paramount and Warden of the North can judge condemn anyone in the north save members of the royal family.
  4. Wow, a non-stupid question. If you do someday read the books you will see that ned claimed his sister's son by prince rhaegar (Jon Snow) as his own to protect Jon from his best friend who hates the targ line and dreams of killing rhaegar almost every night. Ned promised his sister, so he lived with constructed shame, the ire of his wife and the prospect of rarely leaving the north to protect Jon and fulfill his promise to his dead sister
  5. I fixed your post for you. it makes lots more sense now
  6. why do you want to rewrite the story?
  7. yes
  8. ah. To myself and many sci fi nerds, Time loops are very specific. Like groundhog's day
  9. History and events cycling and repeating are very different from a loop in the fourth dimension
  10. Ok, very different from time loops. I know the thing we shall not mention had its own explanation, but I always figured the others invasions were cyclical and they were the ancient enemy of the children. Ice and death vs warmth and life. flowing brooks and streams vs cold and corpses. The children, before the coming of men would have been readily prepared to fight them. A network that would allow the children to see the whole continent, the others vulnerability to obsidian, the children's magical wards that can stop the wights and others, but men cut down the trees and killed off the children, so when the others came, they were virtually unopposed by anyone, hence the journey of the last hero/Bran the builder
  11. Ah, so, repeating cycles of history?
  12. There is no indication that she is dragonseed Dragon eggs are dragon eggs. It won't make a difference unless GRRM specifically says so
  13. Yes, because different "actors" mean it isn't looping time but repeating history in a fantasy setting
  14. Sansa gets married off to stannis
  15. Stannis gets killed by renly