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  1. I can't stand Jon. I guess that is unpopular but that is how I feel about that character. Reading his chapters is not at all enjoyable. It would help if someone else was the point of view character at the wall.
  2. It was the right thing to do at first, but it became wrong when Robb allowed Catelyn off the hook for her crime.
  3. I like their channel. I don't necessarily agree with all of their theories but I agree that R + L = J is a lame theory. They present their ideas very well. I am a subscriber to their Youtube channel. I also love "Ideas of ice and Fire" and Preston Jacobs. I can't stand Radio Westeros though.
  4. Ned? No. Brynden Rivers? Probably.
  5. Slaver's Bay is a chance for our young heroine to gain experience in the toughest place imaginable. She is a hero and I don't think she will leave Slaver's Bay until the hundreds of thousands that she rescued are safe. Getting control of the Dothraki people is crucial because they are a big component of the slave trade. There is one way to maintain control of Slaver's Bay (Bay of Dragons) and the Seven Kingdoms. Create an empire. Some of the governing will have to be delegated while Dany herself is the Empress.
  6. AGOT - Jon. ACOK - Tyion, too much King's Landing politics. I don't like the Lannisters. ASOS - Catelyn AFFC - Sansa and Cersei ADWD - Jon.
  7. Gregor doesn't deny what he did. His defense, he was ordered by his lord to do it. The facts are clear and a trial is not justified. The only remaining question is punishment and for whom.
  8. Weeeeelllll, he did technically desert from the Watch. The writer wanted to establish a pattern. It's hints that Jon is not wholeheartedly focused on the duty of protecting the realm from the W/W. To be more accurate, it established Jon as a man who acts on feelings and emotions instead of reason when it comes to the Stark family. He's not only conflicted but his dedication is compromised. The point was made, there are many men on that Wall whose families were in danger because of the Stark-Lannister feud and they didn't desert. So the excuse that it's not reasonable to expect a man to keep to his vows is invalid. Jon's resolve is weaker than most of the men's on that Wall. I can't say what will happen to Jon from this point on. I think he died from his stab wounds.
  9. Sure. Lovely girls to serve the ale. Strong men for security. Good cooks. Hardworking maids to clean the rooms. Good service, good food, and fine lodgings. Bordello because they make money Crossroads is more profitable but the Quill & Tankard is better for me. It's in the big city and I don't have to deal with road bandits. You can't beat a good location like Meereen for profit. That's where I will build an inn near the pit of Daznak. I can make money even with the loss of free laborers. Littlefinger knows how to run brothels. His advice is most useful to the needs of my inn.
  10. Mercy to Shireen, if she bends her knees and puts her nose to the ground without resistance. The same goes for the Stark children and Edmure Tully and Sweet Robin. Stannis has to die because we have already determined, and you agreed, that he would never have shown Viserys and Daenerys any mercy. Jaime has to die or sent to the wall because he can never be trusted in the KG.
  11. The posts on this thread is really telling on where each comment writer's loyalties are. For proof that the fans are divided, one look no further than this thread. So, Pride of Driftmark, do you think Stannis would have shown any mercy to Viserys and Daenerys if he had managed to catch up with them on Dragonstone? Prince (King) Viserys and Princess Daenerys would have gotten no better treatment than Ellia, Rhaenys, and Aegon. Seriously, the rebels would not have shown mercy to Viserys and Daenerys. Even a lord less of an asshole than Stannis would have killed the children. That's one way to protect Robert's new reign and curry favor with him at the same time. So this takes us back to the present. Given that the "Usurper and his dogs" would not have shown any mercy to Viserys and Daenerys if they had been caught at Dragonstone, why do you feel Daenerys is obligated to show the families of the "Usurper and his dogs" any mercy? I for one do not feel Daenerys owes them any breaks. They certainly would not have shown her brother and her any breaks if the situation had been reversed. And it was reversed years ago. Daenerys has the right to treat those people in any way she finds acceptable. I don't think she will harm them without good cause for the simple reason that she's a better person than the Usurper's supporters. But we need to understand that she owes them nothing and she can treat them the way they would have treated her at Dragonstone those many years ago.
  12. Bore + Boredom I don't think so. Jon is in love with Arya. Sansa is greedy for prestige and the good life, which Jon cannot offer.
  13. What Aerys did has no bearing on Daenerys. Do you hold the Starks responsible for the actions of their ancestors who made human sacrifices to the trees? Do you hold it against the Starks for the Hungry Wolf's depravity? I don't think we should in all three examples.