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  1. Why wouldn't the Rebels consider breaking up the Targaryen kingdom?

    Where they doing fine? Men go out into the snows under the pretense of taking a piss break and commit suicide during the winters because of food supply shortages. House Stark was practicing ritualistic human sacrifice in their castle garden. Noble lords were raping the brides of their common folk at will. The Targaryens put a stop to the lord's right to the first night and did what they could to discourage it. Human sacrifice stopped. The Targaryens were the only ones who could dominate the Ironborn. While the ironborn's mischief wasn't completely contained, the Targaryens at least kept the ironborn from dominating the people on the main land. The targs put the ironborn on the lowest rung of the social and economic ladder. The dragons cut off one of the kraken's testicles and bruised the one remaining item.
  2. Why wouldn't the Rebels consider breaking up the Targaryen kingdom?

    Breaking up the kingdom would be bad for the vast majority of people. One kingdom united stands a better chance against the long winter. The poverty plagued north could never stand on its own. Where would the food come from in winter? Separate kingdoms mean constant wars between them. No peace and no rest for the common folk. Aegon Targaryen and his sisters were a godsend to the people. Targaryen rule was more beneficial compared to the many backass little fucks [Argilac, Harren, Thorren, Loren] that considered themselves kings before the conquest.
  3. I recommend watching "Me Before You" Emilia Clarke deserved an Oscar for her work here. I like Dany. I look forward to her sections. AFfC bummed me out and couldn't maintain my interest because it lacked her presence.
  4. How would you rate the Stark family in order of intelligence?

    The Starks are generally slow but we can still rank them in order. Catelyn Old Nan (if you include servants as part of the household) Eddard Bran Robb Arya Sansa Jon
  5. Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    Neither Rhaegar nor Robert would have made for a competent ruler. We already know about Robert's failings. Let us focus on Rhaegar. Here is the man who could have done the best for the realm but instead he chose to follow his dick and chased after a teenager. You say it's normal for the times but it was still stupid. He put his lust ahead of his responsibility to his family. Both are silly men with wandering dicks.
  6. Most Courageous Act in ASOIAF

    Getting Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys out of Dragonstone. Then giving up his personal wealth and status to protect the royal children. Caring for his king's children and raising them in Braavos. Award goes to Ser Willem Darry.
  7. Stannis and Danerys <3

    Daenerys is crafty enough to make use of Justin Massey. She will have a lot of new swords as soon as the slaves she freed completes their training. They can pretend independence and talk to Massey. Her sellswords could hire themselves out to Massey. They make port on White Harbor unopposed. They march south and take down the Lannisters. The "sellswords" hold the throne and await the arrival of Queen Daenerys to take her rightful place as ruler of the seven kingdoms.
  8. Is it possible the Lannisters are almost broke?

    We don't know the status of their wealth in the books. Maybe Uncle Kevan hasn't seen the accounting books. Tywin is in charge of the family business and Kevan doesn't have time to check the balance sheet since he's been fighting the Starks all this time. He might be in for a shock when the clerk shows him the Lannnister Inc., Balance Sheet. Mines dry up eventually or the effort it would take to squeeze more gold out of it becomes too dangerous. HINT: Look what happened to the Valyrian when they kept digging deeper.
  9. The case for Arya becoming a queen in her endgame

    Arya would make for a terrible ruler. She's too emotionally damaged by her trauma. She's screwed in the head. I predict she will die while trying to check off a name on her list.