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  1. Strong, as in Strong Belwas
  2. It was created to pacify the miserable masses and make them obedient to their lords and ladies. All of the primitive religions are bloody though. Gods real or not are all hungry for human blood. Bran witnessed his ancestors killing a man in front of the weirwood to let his blood feed the roots.
  3. A Storm of Swords A Dance with Dragons A Game of Thrones A Clash of Kings A Feast for Crows
  4. That logic would also apply to the Starks. The Starks lost. They don't deserve the north and they don't deserve Winterfell. Roose Bolton and Walder Frey won and these two deserve all of the lands that they got. Nobody ever said you had to win fair and square. Winning is winning. Victory is all according to people who believe in the right of conquest. Walder was victorious over Robb and the Tullys, so Riverrun belongs to him by rights if we go with your way of thinking. Roose outsmarted and defeated the Starks, so if we go with your line of thinking, the Boltons have complete rights to the north and to Winterfell. The only thing the remaining Starks have any rights to is their own body odor.
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing the TTully family lose everything. Their lives included. One more to go.
  6. Lysa Arryn was soiled. She slept with a Baelish, got pregnant, had an abortion. Hoster needed to marry her off. Jon Arryn was desperate for an ally in the war and he agreed to marry Lysa in exchange for Hoster Tully's support. In other words, Hoster's help was bought.
  7. Aegon I.
  8. B + A = J is much likelier than R + L = J. N + A = J is even better still. Follow the link below to the Order of the Greenhand's Y/T channel who provides great analysis to support N + A = J. Oberyn has no connection to Ashara and it will not serve the story for him to be the guilty man. I would also cross off the Targaryens. That leaves Brandon and that's just the kind of impulsive behavior expected of that neanderthal.
  9. Dany is the most skilled speaker in Westeros. So yeah this will happen. The NK may have to attack a few castles and destroy part of Winterfell first before the Sansa's pride and arrogance gets reduced enough to make her reasonable though. As to the last, yeah there's bound to be friction because Sansa is crazy and can try to hold out on important information like she did with Jon. I can't stand Sansa. I never liked her.
  10. Because she is the main character and fits all of the criteria for the younger, more beautiful queen. Dany will take the throne and Westeros. The valonquar is a different person. Perhaps Tyrion. We need to separate hbo's Tyrion and Martin's Tyrion. Two different dwarfs. They're not the same at all. Martin's Tyrion will not hesitate to choke the life out of Cersei.
  11. I would say probably very little of what actually happened in season 7 will happen in the books other than the following: -Euron making an alliance with Cersei. -The Others breaking through the Wall. What will happen in the books that did not happen on the show: -Death of Sansa Stark. -Death of Arya Stark. But this will happen in the last book. -Jon's death and second life in his wolf -Dany will get two "wingmen" to guard her side, i.e. there will be two other dragon riders. My best guess, Aegon and Tyrion. Dany on Drogon, Aegon on Rhaegal, and Tyrion on Viserion. What happened on the show that will not happen in the books: -Death of Viserion. Dany has three bloodriders, three handmaidens, three slave cities, etc. The pattern continues with her dragons. She has to have three dragons. -Arya killing Little Finger. They are not going to cross paths. No reason for them to. -Arya killing all of the Frey men. That's impossible to do. The Freys are spread out and very few of them were actually in on the red wedding. -Sansa becoming the Lady of Winterfell. That's just fan service on the show. Her book arc does not lead her to this. She will die at the Eyrie.
  12. Wrestling you say. Varys has the mass advantage.
  13. Evidently names are very important to GRRM's creative process. Anyhoo, my favorites. Male = Sandor Female = Daenerys And how did George come up with the name Targaryen! That is just the coolest of names.
  14. The Starks are moving away from the path of honor and civility. Rickon hanging out with Osha guarantees he will be more wiildling than civilized. Jon is more wildling than a son of a nobleman. Arya is cold-blooded murderer. Bran is learning to live with the children of the forest. Rickon was already growing wild before they left Winterfell.
  15. Many men would do as Jon did and let the world die for a beloved sister. However those men should never, ever be in a position of power or command. Military life is not for people like that. They are not cut out for leadership. Jon is not cut out for command. Bowen did the right thing to stop him from leading the wildlings to Winterfell which would have been an act of atrocity.