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  1. Because she's not logical. Why wait so long to make an attempt on the valonqar' life until Stannis attacked the city? Why not make an accident for the imp while he was young and easier to kill? Plot hole. Logic hole in Cersei's reasoning. Cersei felt secure enough to ignore the prophecy. Take your pick.
  2. Targaryen women actually had power and played prominently in the affairs of the realm. Visenya and Rhaenys were active in the governing. The women had important roles unlike the other women of the times. Allyssanne was an equal partner with her husband in the governing. They are studied as well as the men by historians and not one of them has been confirmed crazy.
  3. The boys were close in age to Bran and Rickon. Theon is not old enough to have boys of that age.
  4. Homosexuality was blamed for the spread of AIDS in the early eighties. Incest itself has no consequence unless you plan to have children and then when you do the chances of having problems is still low.
  5. 1. Tar was used as a wood preservative. It needed to penetrate the wood to provide long term rot resistance. I will guess that it is effective if you soak the head long enough. But then they all will look the same. Oh well. 2. Your guess is as good or as bad as mine. I read on reddit a theory. Robb's head is now worn by Robert Strong. Robert Strong has Robb's head on his shoulders. He's made up of Gregor and Robb put together. 3. Frozen at the wall. The ground is hard when frozen. Digging will be a problem. Crow food. 4. He doesn't much talk about his work. I accept his silence to mean he's found job satisfaction. 5. I think so. It will be a mercy. A little Payne is better than the agonies of roasting.
  6. His prayers were answered in the most unlikely of ways. A girl avenged his honor, if there is even such a thing. The story goes he went to pray to the gods to him the strenght to beat the little boys who beat him up. Which is embarrassing if you think about it. Did Lyanna pray with him is the question I'm most interested in? The blood sacrifice could be anything. A deer. A lost child they found wandering in the woods. Just kidding on that last one. So yeah it could be anything that can bleed.
  7. You know, Lyanna is a poor fit for this lovely party. She's not that attractive and she would show up smelling like a wet wolf. Anyone would mistake her for the serving girl. Sansa would fit in nicely. Ashara grew up in Dorne where expressions of sexuality are more acceptable.
  8. Yes. They are career soldiers and until sold they do not have a specific occupation.
  9. Maester Aemon, Septon Barth, Aenar, Tyrion, Jorah, Stannis, Quaithe, Petyr Baelish, Lady Ollena, Varys, and Green Grace.
  10. Thank you for posting this. Yours is the best work I've read on this subject. The possibility of a Targaryen going mad has been greatly exaggerated both within the POVs and on the fan discussions. Three hundred years of recorded family history and not one confirmed female going mad. All the loonies were men.
  11. Where they doing fine? Men go out into the snows under the pretense of taking a piss break and commit suicide during the winters because of food supply shortages. House Stark was practicing ritualistic human sacrifice in their castle garden. Noble lords were raping the brides of their common folk at will. The Targaryens put a stop to the lord's right to the first night and did what they could to discourage it. Human sacrifice stopped. The Targaryens were the only ones who could dominate the Ironborn. While the ironborn's mischief wasn't completely contained, the Targaryens at least kept the ironborn from dominating the people on the main land. The targs put the ironborn on the lowest rung of the social and economic ladder. The dragons cut off one of the kraken's testicles and bruised the one remaining item.
  12. Breaking up the kingdom would be bad for the vast majority of people. One kingdom united stands a better chance against the long winter. The poverty plagued north could never stand on its own. Where would the food come from in winter? Separate kingdoms mean constant wars between them. No peace and no rest for the common folk. Aegon Targaryen and his sisters were a godsend to the people. Targaryen rule was more beneficial compared to the many backass little fucks [Argilac, Harren, Thorren, Loren] that considered themselves kings before the conquest.
  13. I recommend watching "Me Before You" Emilia Clarke deserved an Oscar for her work here. I like Dany. I look forward to her sections. AFfC bummed me out and couldn't maintain my interest because it lacked her presence.
  14. The Starks are generally slow but we can still rank them in order. Catelyn Old Nan (if you include servants as part of the household) Eddard Bran Robb Arya Sansa Jon
  15. Neither Rhaegar nor Robert would have made for a competent ruler. We already know about Robert's failings. Let us focus on Rhaegar. Here is the man who could have done the best for the realm but instead he chose to follow his dick and chased after a teenager. You say it's normal for the times but it was still stupid. He put his lust ahead of his responsibility to his family. Both are silly men with wandering dicks.