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  1. I really thank you for your Help. Thank you. Maybe i do the same, reading them split and then re-read them combimed.
  2. I would recommend: Robert E. Howards Conan The Barbarian Saga Tad Williams-Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn (Trilogy) Jack Vance-The Dying Earth (Series) and his Lyonesse (Trilogy) Joe Abercrombie-The First Law (Trilogy) Mark Lawrence-The Broken Empire (Trilogy) and his The Red Queen´s War (Trilogy) S.L Farrel-Book 1 to 3 of the Nessantio Cycle (Trilogy) And Non-Fantasy: Maurice Druon-The Accursed Kings (Saga)
  3. Thank you very much. What would you recommend? Reading both Books at the same Time or To split the Reading?
  4. Hello, Im At the end of Book 2 and i read somewhere that Book 4 and 5 have the same Timeline (both starting at the End of A Storm Of Swords) but being set at different Locations (4: Nearly all of Westeros, 5: Essos and the North of Westeros). Is this true?
  5. In my View the 50th Anniversary Edition is the Best. Maybe i think like this because i read the german Translations of LOTR. The first german Translation was good as Tolkien himself was involved in this. But the second German Translation is a Catastrophe. As it is the german Translation of ASoIaF. An Example: In German the Name Lannister is spelled: "Lennister" (sic!) HORRIBLE but i must say that i like the Translation of Jon Snow into the German Jon "Schnee" because Snow is rather a Title in Winterfell than a Family Name
  6. Hello Guys, What are your favourite Pieces of Poetry in Tolkiens World? as you know there are many Poems and Songs in Middle-Earth. My favourite Poem of Tolkien is Durins Song.
  7. What can i say more than: Tolkien was the Greatest Writer of the 20th Century?
  8. Well, im a big Lover of Books. And my favourite Novel-Genres Are High-Fantasy (Tolkien,Lewis), political Naturalism (Tolstoi,Gorki) and Mystery (Poe,Christie). I thought that there will never be something as good as my favourite Piece of Literature: J. R. R. Tolkiens Work (The Silmarrilion,The Hobbit,The Lord of the Rings) and that made me a bit sad. I go to my local Bookstore every Saturday and i once i asked the seller if he knows something good that combines These 3 Genres and he gave me A Song of Ice and Fire-A Game of Thrones and said: "This ist the best Piece of Fantasy,Realism and Mystery in the 21st Century... Read it!" I watched the Series before and i am at the End of Book 1 now and i have to say it is my favourite Book Series along with Lord of the Rings! I love it its perfect.