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  1. Question about Book 4 & 5

    I really thank you for your Help. Thank you. Maybe i do the same, reading them split and then re-read them combimed.
  2. Can you recommend me some books?

    I would recommend: Robert E. Howards Conan The Barbarian Saga Tad Williams-Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn (Trilogy) Jack Vance-The Dying Earth (Series) and his Lyonesse (Trilogy) Joe Abercrombie-The First Law (Trilogy) Mark Lawrence-The Broken Empire (Trilogy) and his The Red Queen´s War (Trilogy) S.L Farrel-Book 1 to 3 of the Nessantio Cycle (Trilogy) And Non-Fantasy: Maurice Druon-The Accursed Kings (Saga)
  3. Question about Book 4 & 5

    Thank you very much. What would you recommend? Reading both Books at the same Time or To split the Reading?
  4. Question about Book 4 & 5

    Hello, Im At the end of Book 2 and i read somewhere that Book 4 and 5 have the same Timeline (both starting at the End of A Storm Of Swords) but being set at different Locations (4: Nearly all of Westeros, 5: Essos and the North of Westeros). Is this true?
  5. Poetry in Tolkiens Work

    In my View the 50th Anniversary Edition is the Best. Maybe i think like this because i read the german Translations of LOTR. The first german Translation was good as Tolkien himself was involved in this. But the second German Translation is a Catastrophe. As it is the german Translation of ASoIaF. An Example: In German the Name Lannister is spelled: "Lennister" (sic!) HORRIBLE but i must say that i like the Translation of Jon Snow into the German Jon "Schnee" because Snow is rather a Title in Winterfell than a Family Name
  6. Poetry in Tolkiens Work

    Hello Guys, What are your favourite Pieces of Poetry in Tolkiens World? as you know there are many Poems and Songs in Middle-Earth. My favourite Poem of Tolkien is Durins Song.
  7. Why Tolkien is not coddling his readers, why Tolkien is awesome

    What can i say more than: Tolkien was the Greatest Writer of the 20th Century?
  8. How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    Well, im a big Lover of Books. And my favourite Novel-Genres Are High-Fantasy (Tolkien,Lewis), political Naturalism (Tolstoi,Gorki) and Mystery (Poe,Christie). I thought that there will never be something as good as my favourite Piece of Literature: J. R. R. Tolkiens Work (The Silmarrilion,The Hobbit,The Lord of the Rings) and that made me a bit sad. I go to my local Bookstore every Saturday and i once i asked the seller if he knows something good that combines These 3 Genres and he gave me A Song of Ice and Fire-A Game of Thrones and said: "This ist the best Piece of Fantasy,Realism and Mystery in the 21st Century... Read it!" I watched the Series before and i am at the End of Book 1 now and i have to say it is my favourite Book Series along with Lord of the Rings! I love it its perfect.