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  1. Willing to offer that for the art card that comes with the grrm box. That's 40% of the price of the basic grrm box so it is a pretty good deal.
  2. anyone interested?
  3. i get what you mean in terms of affecting the resale value. but perhaps there are collectors like me who are not going to sell their collection and therefore willing to let go of some items which are useless to them (the lights for me).
  4. haven't found it on ebay yet. was hoping to get it off someone who doesn't play the lcg. It's a pretty massive collection of cards that i doubt everyone will be keeping up with
  5. just to raise awareness for this
  6. Has anyone bought the GRRM box but doesnt play the LCG? I would love to purchase the alternate art card Dany from you at a good price
  7. will anyone be interested in selling their LCG card of dany?
  8. it's very dumb that for the ultra box, the tshirt sizes could run out of M for the last few boxes. They couldn't be bothered to repack for a $600 purchase apparently, seeing that you could still order M for the limited box.