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  1. The Iron Islands. The loss of resources is the smallest (people, materials etc.) + they would pose the minimum threat compared to all other kingdoms.
  2. Robert dealt with the Greyjoy Rebellion. I would call that a success. Who could possibly be able to stop Balon from proclaiming himself a king? Viserys was not a major threath for Robert, Danny was. Robert was unaware of that, but the instant he hears about her marriage to Khal Drogo he wants to kill her and her child. I suppose one would call that a reasonable decision for a medieval apsolutist monarch wishing to retain its position. Dorne never openly rebelled and did not harm Robert in any way. When speaking in terms of failure, I can't agree on pinching the term to the ruler who did not bring misery to his subjects nor was defeated by his political opponents ("I love you, Ned and Lyanna-moto" was his flaw). Although, because of her later position, one could name Cersei his political oponent as well, certainly the unexpected one. But, the king outsmarted only by his lady queen is not a failure.
  3. Robert's reign was not a failure, he chose a good Hand who made all the necessary decisions for him. We meet Robert in AGOT only after Jon Arryn's death so we do not have a direct insight into Robert's pre-Jonsdeath reign.But judging from the fact that he managed to hold the IT for 15 years without major conflicts, I wouldn't call it a failure. Ned was not fit for the Hand's position. In some way, Robert's death is a product of Ned's inability to judge people correctly. Ironically, Robert's only mistake was choosing Ned for his Hand.
  4. Jonsa in the books - no way. Sophie and Kit might have some weirdish chemistry, I am not even sure the directors aware of it when filming S6. Maybe they were trying to film some happy family moments with the characters who do not have a history of strong family bonds and the fandom then read too much from how good they feel with each other.
  5. Jamie and Stannis. It will be interesting to see how exactly their stories will be different from the show.
  6. Cersei will leave KL before Dany conquers it. She has no reason to stay and wait for her demise. She is not that crazy. However, Jaime might die during the battle (in Brianne's arms maybe). I don't see him killing Cersei before that. He doesn't love her any more as a woman, but she is still his sister. He helped Tyrion escape when sentenced to death so I don't see him killing Cersei either, no matter what she does/tries to do (burning the Red Keep, whole KL or sth similar).
  7. Joanna and Tywin loved each other. I imagine she would have told him if Aerys had crossed the line with her (or at least she couldn't hide it from him). In other words, it is not probable that Joanna and Tywin didn't know for sure if Tyrion is Aerys's son or not. And Tywin and Aerys are the only two possibilities for Tyrion's parentage, I don't think Joanna cheated. If Tywin was sure Tyrion wasn't his son, he would have drowned him the day he was born. He would suffer no consequences for doing so. But he couldn't kill a Lannister.