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  1. A few points: This theory would explain the design of the Moon Door: One would naturally expect such a door to be a hatch built in the floor instead of a barred door set in a wall, but Sansa being mortally wounded behind a barred door would explain how GRRM came up with the design. The Vale is heavily associated with Sansa, and her eventually coming to hide at the Vale is something that has been foreshadowed since early in AGOT, so it is likely that GRRM developed various aspects of the Vale with Sansa in mind. The Moon Door represents death, and so it is no coincidence that it takes the form of a barred door set in the wall, as this is merely setting up Sansa's fate, which is to meet her death behind a barred door. The following quotes further suggest that Sansa will consider throwing herself to her death after she is stabbed: In ACOK, Sansa almost falls down the stairs, which is yet another instance of Sansa almost falling to her death, but the Hound manages to save her. He then asks her if she wants to kill them both, which could point to Sansa wanting to kill herself after she is stabbed. This has got be the third time that Sansa has considered committing suicide, so it would definitely be in-character for her to consider committing suicide after she is fatally stabbed. Earlier in the thread, I suggested that the color of the cloak Sansa will wear when she is mortally wounded will be blue. I see now that it's more likely that the cloak will be white, as the following quotes suggest: The color of the cloak that Sansa considers tearing away in this scene is white, which could foreshadow that the color of the cloak that Sansa will tear away before her death will be white. Tyrion makes a reference to white cloaks becoming stained with blood, and Sandor unfastens and throws his white cloak. This could point to Sansa throwing a white cloak away after it becomes stained with blood. The color of the dress that gets stained after Arya throws a blood orange at Sansa and that subsequently gets thrown into the hearth was also white. This could point to the color of the cloak that'll get bloodstained and subsequently thrown into the hearth being white as well. In the scene where the Hound hides in Sansa's bedchamber, the Hound leaves a bloody white cloak with Sansa which she then curls up on the floor in, and seeing as how the rest of the scene heavily foreshadows how Sansa will die, it's likely that the cloak Sansa will wear when she is stabbed will also be white. Sansa even wears a white cloak in the fateful chapter where Littlefinger kills Lysa: All this points very strongly to Sansa wearing a white cloak when is stabbed. I've pointed out earlier in this thread that there are some indications that Littlefinger will be drunk when he confronts Sansa prior to her stabbing. The following quote seems to support this idea: In this scene, Sansa is speaking to Dontos, who works for Littlefinger. Without getting into the details, Dontos seems to function as a symbolic stand-in for Littlefinger in this scene, and the rest of this chapter happens to heavily foreshadow the events surrounding Sansa's death. So Dontos drinking a cup of wine to give him courage before meeting with Sansa could point to Littlefinger drinking a cup of wine to give him courage before confronting Sansa, not only because it would mean his head if he were caught, but also because he loves Sansa and is only doing this because he feels he has no other choice. Littlefinger getting slightly drunk before stabbing Sansa would present an interesting bit of symbolism to the story. Almost every description we get of Littlefinger mentions how his breath smells like mint. These descriptions will ultimately serve to highlight the discrepancy between Littlefinger as he is now and Littlefinger when he stabs Sansa. I expect there'll be a description of how Littlefinger's breath stinks of wine in the chapter where he stabs Sansa, and this would make a stark contrast to the minty breath Littlefinger has become known for. This would be the perfect representation of how far Littlefinger will have fallen, to be reduced to assassinating a teenage girl on behalf of a mad queen.
  2. As revenge for the loss of his wife’s son Lucerys Velaryon, Daemon Targaryen sent two men remembered as Blood and Cheese to kill one of King Aegon’s sons. They slipped into a bedchamber and settled down to wait for the arrival of Queen Helaena and her children. When they entered the bedchamber, Blood and Cheese barred the door, attacked Queen Helaena and company, and killed Prince Jaehaerys. History could well repeat itself here. Cersei believes Sansa killed Joffrey, so she will promise to restore Littlefinger to his previous positions if he kills Sansa for her. Littlefinger will enter Sansa’s bedchamber and wait for her arrival. When Sansa enters her bedchamber and bars the door, Littlefinger will attack her and manage to mortally wound her after a physical struggle. And the parallels between these two situations go deeper. Lucerys Velaryon seems to be an obvious reference to Joffrey Baratheon and his siblings, seeing as Lucerys’s features matched that of Princess Rhaenyra’s alleged lover Harwin Strong and not of his supposed father Laenor Velaryon. And, of course, Rhaenyra shares many parallels with Cersei, which are pointed out in this thread.
  3. It would be natural to assume that some kind of physical struggle will take place between Littlefinger and Sansa before he stabs her. For one thing, I don’t think Sansa would let her guard down around Littlefinger and just let Littlefinger pull her knife out of her cloak and stab her. It’s more likely that Littlefinger stabbing Sansa will be the end-result of a physical struggle between the two. So I’m reminded of another incident involving a physical struggle in a bedchamber with which Littlefinger is heavily connected: the catspaw attempting to kill Bran. The scene where this happens seems to foreshadow what will go down between Littlefinger and Sansa before he stabs her. Interestingly enough, the chapter that follows this is the first Sansa chapter. First we must look at how the catspaw was able to enter Bran’s bedchamber without being accosted. The catspaw set fire to the library tower and this created the distraction he needed to kill Bran. One would naturally assume that Sansa would have guards at all times who would protect her from Littlefinger. But if Littlefinger arranges for a fire to engulf one of the structures at Winterfell, this would force many of Winterfell’s inhabitants to go and try to extinguish the fire, which would give Littlefinger the opening to kill Sansa. I will set aside the Catelyn scene for now to explore this idea further. Before Sansa imagines that she is stabbed in the belly, she sees fires everywhere around the castle. This could foreshadow her seeing a fire from her window before being stabbed by Littlefinger. After seeing Sansa and Arya to bed and entering his bedchamber, Ned goes to the window and sees the flickering glow of candlelight from Littlefinger’s windows, which is yet another instance of a Stark seeing a fire of some sort from their bedchamber window (there are many more such instances, of course, but they usually aren't paired with further clues about how Sansa will die). It is Littlefinger who is responsible for the fire, which could foreshadow Littlefinger being responsible for the fire that Sansa sees from her window. Ned shortly recalls how the catspaw tried to kill Bran, which he was only able to get close to doing by setting fire to the library tower. This creates a link between the two scenes and suggests that Littlefinger, like the catspaw, will also set a fire at Winterfell to kill a Stark. (And that's not the only parallel between the two of them. For example, the catspaw was sent by Joffrey, and Littlefinger would be acting on behalf of Cersei, another Lannister.) The following quote suggests that Littlefinger will have the Winterfell godswood burned: Sansa sees many fires from her vantage point, which could foreshadow her seeing a fire from her window. It would make sense for the scene to contain clues about which structure Littlefinger will have burned, and that does seem to be the case here. When she meets with Dontos, she mentions that the kingswood is burning, and she asks him if Stannis had indeed burned the godswood at Storm’s End. This suggests that Littlefinger will burn the Winterfell godswood of all places. The Boltons already tried to burn the Winterfell godswood, but the flames are defeated by the soil and green wood. This evokes a scene from the beginning of one of Arya's ACOK chapters: Arya mentions that the Lannisters had burned the woods, but that the fires had not spread. These two quotes could point to the fire that Littlefinger starts failing to spread across much of the godswood. This chapter happens to immediately follow a Sansa chapter that heavily foreshadows how she will die, which strengthens the connection. Of course, even if the fire fails to spread, it would still cause the distraction that Littlefinger needs to kill Sansa. This raises the question, who will start the godswood fire for Littlefinger? Well, the only one of his men who has received any focus from the writer or played a semi-prominent role in the story is Lothor Brune, and there may be a reason for that. In fact, I believe he was actually created for this very purpose, which would explain his first appearing as early as Sansa's second AGOT chapter. His starting the fire that will cost Sansa her life would make more sense than any alternative scenarios. (Note that the letters of his last name can be rearranged to give the word "burn", which is probably just a fun coincidence but is still worth drawing attention to.) Sansa mentions that Littlefinger trusts Lothor as much as he trusts anybody, which could be GRRM's way of setting up Littlefinger trusting Lothor enough to enlist his help in killing Sansa. When Littlefinger reveals himself as Sansa's benefactor, Lothor Brune is said to stand beside him with a torch, which would naturally be used to light the fire. This suggests he'll be the one to light the godswood fire. Of course, merely holding a torch doesn't signify anything, but keep in mind that this is the most significant moment in Littlefinger and Sansa's relationship, and that Lothor is being put forward here as Littlefinger's right-hand man. Back to the Catelyn scene: Catelyn goes to the window and watches as the fire consumes the library tower, then closes the shutters and turns to find the catspaw in the room. Without quoting anything, this evokes the scene where the Hound hides in Sansa’s room during the Battle of the Blackwater: Sansa goes to the window and watches as the wildfire consumes the river, then finds the Hound in her room as she moves towards her bed. Something like this could play out with Sansa and Littlefinger before he stabs her. Sansa will take in the sight of the fire that Littlefinger starts from her window, close the shutters, and turn around to find Littlefinger in her room. Catelyn tries to scream for help, but the catspaw clamps a hand down over her mouth to keep her quiet. Something similar happens when the Hound hides in Sansa’s room: After Sansa finds the Hound in her room, she tries to scream but the Hound clamps a hand down over her face to prevent her from doing so. This could point to Littlefinger clamping a hand down over Sansa's mouth when she tries to scream upon finding him in her room, after which a physical struggle will ensue. Catelyn bites the catspaw’s hand as he tries to kill her, which could point to Sansa biting Littlefinger’s hand in the struggle. Littlefinger happens to make a reference to biting hands later in AGOT: This further suggests that Sansa will bite Littlefinger's hand. The catspaw manages to overpower Catelyn, but before the catspaw can stab her, Summer pounces on him and tears out his throat. Unfortunately, Sansa’s direwolf is long dead, so there won’t be anyone to stop Littlefinger from stabbing Sansa. Eddard himself realizes that he might have doomed Sansa when Catelyn tells him about how Summer saved Bran’s life. Moreover, Summer running behind the catspaw and tearing out his throat could foreshadow Arya running behind Littlefinger and slitting his throat (with the Valyrian steel dagger, and in the godswood). I think he will try to make an escape after he stabs Sansa, but Arya will chase him down and kill him (this is before she finds Sansa in a bed of blood). There is more evidence to support this, but as it isn't really relevant to this theory, I won't delve any further into this topic. Catelyn's next chapter seems to contain further hints about the circumstances surrounding Sansa's death: Catelyn hides the blade under her cloak, which could point to Sansa hiding the blade that'll be used to stab her under her cloak. Later in the chapter, Catelyn sees that the rooftops of King's Landing are red in the light of the setting sun outside the window, which could point to Sansa seeing a fire outside her window. Catelyn then picks up the blade from her table in case she meets with danger, which could point to Sansa doing likewise (she would presumably do this before she enters her bedchamber and bars the door). In the same chapter, Littlefinger compares himself to a knight who arrives at the battle without a lance. This could foreshadow that Littlefinger wouldn't have a weapon of his own when he confronts Sansa, or that, if he does (which is much more likely), he would lose it in the struggle and would have resort to using Sansa's own blade to stab her. There is a theme in this series of characters getting killed with their own weapons. Ned was killed with Ice, Catelyn was killed with her knife, Tywin was killed with his crossbow, and so on. I'm sure we can expect to see a lot more of this in the next two books.
  4. Is the Winterfell godswood visible from Ned and Catelyn's bedchamber in the Great Keep?
  5. Sansa is Snow White, which suggests that Littlefinger will kill her to get back into Cersei's graces Sansa's storyline seems to have been heavily inspired (https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/18ba1u/spoilers_all_cersei_crackpot_theory/) by "Snow White." There are many parallels between Sansa and the title character. Both Sansa and Snow White are orphans and are said to be very beautiful. Both make friends with dwarves. Both like songs. Snow White’s stepmother tries to kill her, and two women who could be considered Sansa’s stepmother (Cersei and Lysa, whose sons Sansa was betrothed to) try to kill her or wish her dead. “Snow” is the name given to Northern bastards, and Sansa is now being passed off as a bastard. Snow White eats a poisoned apple, and Sansa is a type of apple in real life. Cersei has a lot in common with the Evil Queen from the tale. The Evil Queen is described as the most beautiful woman of the time. She is incredibly proud, narcissistic and supercilious. That sounds exactly like Cersei. The Evil Queen has a mirror that she treasures, and Cersei has her own “mirror,” Jaime. The Evil Queen sends Snow White on a hunt to kill her, and Cersei has Robert killed in a hunt. The huntsman sent to kill Snow White returns with a boar’s organs which the Queen eats, and Cersei feasts on the boar that slew Robert. The Evil Queen attempts to kill Snow White even though she is only a child, and Cersei has never shied away from killing children. The Evil Queen’s plans are constantly thwarted by meddling dwarves, as are Cersei’s. The Evil Queen attempts to kill Snow White via three methods: by poisoning her hair, by feeding her a poisoned apple and by strangulation from a lace. These methods are used in Joffrey’s Wedding: Sansa’s hairnet is the poison in the hair, Joffrey drinks poisoned wine, and strangulation is the way in which Joffrey dies (he is even poisoned with the strangler). The Evil Queen chokes to death, and Cersei is prophesied to be strangled to death. The Evil Queen is told of a more beautiful queen, and Maggy the Frog warns Cersei of a younger and more beautiful queen. Snow White’s mother makes a wish to give birth to a daughter after her finger is pricked and drops of blood fall to the ground, and Maggy the Frog tells Cersei of a younger and more beautiful queen after her finger is pricked and drops of blood fall to the ground. The obvious fact that Sansa was at least partially inspired by Snow White has some interesting implications for what would make Littlefinger kill Sansa. In the tale, the Evil Queen orders a huntsman to murder Snow White. As proof that Snow White is dead, the queen demands that he return with her lungs and liver. The huntsman raises his knife against Snow White but finds himself unable to kill her and spares her life. So I think that after Littlefinger burns his bridges with Sansa, he will attempt to get back into Cersei’s graces, and she will promise to welcome him back if he kills Sansa for her. Unlike the huntsman, Littlefinger isn’t as likely to hesitate stabbing Sansa if he perceives he has no other choice. (I point out earlier in the thread that there’s evidence to suggest that Littlefinger might be slightly drunk when he stabs Sansa, so perhaps he will drink wine to give him courage to kill her.) After he stabs her, he will consider slitting her throat, but will not be able to bring himself to do so. Going back to Lady’s death, it was Cersei who doomed Lady in retaliation for a perceived wrong done against Joffrey, and history may well repeat itself here (with Cersei, Sansa, Littlefinger, and Arya taking on Cersei, Lady, Ilyn Payne, and Ned’s roles this time around). Strangely enough, Cersei was actually right for once when she predicted that Littlefinger would come crawling back, though under different circumstances to what she imagined. Littlefinger will cut a lock of hair off Sansa after he stabs her to present to Cersei as proof that he killed Sansa The Evil Queen from “Snow White” demands that the huntsman return with Snow White’s lungs and liver as proof that he really killed her, so perhaps Cersei will demand proof from Litttlefinger that he killed Sansa. What proof could he provide, then? Well, what’s Sansa’s most distinctive feature? Her hair, right? She has a very unique hair color and just dying her hair a different color was enough to keep people who had previously met her from recognizing her. So it would make sense for Littlefinger to cut a lock of her hair to present to Cersei as proof that he killed Sansa. Littlefinger strokes one of Sansa’s locks in their first meeting, which could foreshadow him cutting one of her locks off. Here, Barristan describes a game that some cupbearers are playing which involves spinning a dagger until it wobbles to a stop and points at someone, which evokes this scene from AGOT: In AGOT, Littlefinger spins the dagger as it wobbles until it slows to a stop and points to himself, which is too similar to the game Barristan describes for it to be a coincidence. So it’s likely that the game Barristan describes is providing us with a hint about Littlefinger. In the game, they cut a lock of hair off whichever one of them the dagger points at, which could foreshadow Littlefinger cutting a lock of hair off Sansa. Barristan also recalls that in Westeros, kissing was involved, which could foreshadow Littlefinger kissing Sansa after he stabs her, which brings us to the next part of the theory: Littlefinger will kiss Sansa after he stabs her Dunk kisses Rohanne Webber (who shares some similarities with Sansa) and cuts a lock of her red hair. This could foreshadow Littlefinger kissing Sansa and cutting a lock of her red hair. This brings to mind another instance in which Littlefinger forcibly kisses Sansa: Sansa thinks that Littlefinger sounds like Marillion, when he got drunk and entered her room, which could foreshadow Littlefinger getting drunk and entering her room as well. She pleads with him, and I think she will plead with him in a similar way when he puts the knife to her throat. “Petyr, please. Please…” It sounds cheesy but it has the potential to be a very powerful moment if done well. In the scene where the Hound hides in Sansa’s room, Sansa momentarily thinks that he means to kiss her, and she eventually comes to remember him kissing her, even though it never happened. GRRM has stated that this would mean something later. This theory provides an explanation for the repeated emphasis on this moment: it foreshadows Littlefinger kissing Sansa after he stabs her. (And, as I’ve discussed earlier in the thread, the rest of this scene seems to heavily foreshadow the circumstances surrounding Sansa’s death. For example, the Hound puts a knife to Sansa’s throat shortly after she thinks that he means to kiss her, which could foreshadow Littlefinger putting a knife to Sansa’s throat shortly after he kisses her.) This would give a whole new meaning to Littlefinger’s statement about steel kisses: The irony here is that Sansa is about as far from an ugly maid as you can get. And this isn’t the only instance in which kissing someone is associated with killing someone with steel: As Tyrion is discussing Littlefinger, someone grabs a handful of his hair and puts a blade to his throat (which Littlefinger will do to Sansa), the feeling of which he compares to a steel kiss. Steel kisses are associated with Sansa in this scene. Ebben is talking about Ygritte in this scene, who is also red-headed, curiously enough. This could foreshadow Sansa being mortally wounded.
  6. Jon, Tyrion, Arya, Davos.
  7. The prophecy refers to Sweetrobin's doll, not Littlefinger. However, George is clearly trying to give us a clue at the same time about the manner of Littlefinger's death. We just shouldn't take it literally. He might be trying to mislead us, to keep us from predicting one of the biggest deaths in the series.
  8. Really good catch! Later in the chapter, a drunken Marillion walks into Sansa's bedchamber and tries to rape her, until Lothor Brune cuts him with a knife: Marillion even threatens to rip up Sansa's clothes, which could point to Littlefinger ripping up Sansa's clothes when he stabs her. I've noticed that Sansa often interacts with people who are drunk -- the Hound, Marillion, Dontos, Joffrey (in her first chapter), Cersei, etc. In a scene from AFFC, Sansa can smell wine on LF's breath when he is making arrangements to give her away in marriage, no doubt because he wants her for himself. All this points very strongly to Littlefinger being drunk when he stabs Sansa. In the belly, no less.
  9. To be fair, it's not like George shies away from killing characters when they've served their purpose. Just look at Ned, Robb, Quentyn, etc. The best time in the story for Sansa to die would be just before the Long Night begins, as that will give her enough time to affect the story in a big way but at the same time "get her of the way" before the Others come, as her skills wouldn't enable her to deal with them.
  10. Why would Cersei allow Sansa to walk away to her bedchamber during the Battle of Blackwater? Perhaps they don't see him as a real threat on his own. Couldn't you same of Catelyn? If you're going to include a character in a story and devote multiple chapters to said character, you better make sure they affect the plot in a significant way. George couldn't have killed Sansa in the first book, as Sansa hadn't really accomplished anything at that point. She had to grow up and learn to have real influence on the story. If she dies in the way I theorize in ADOS, she'll still have done a lot to justify her inclusion in the story: bringing the Knights of the Vale to Winterfell, killing Joffrey, bringing down Littlefinger, etc. It wouldn't be a revenge trip. Arya will kill Littlefinger first and believe that they won, and only then find Sansa in a bed of blood. A final "fuck you" to the Starks from Littlefinger.
  11. Well, I'm thinking he walks away while Sansa is recounting his crimes to the Lords of the Vale. I proposed earlier in the thread that Sansa will find him in her bedchamber after she bars her door. I realize that's not a very satisfying answer but it's the best explanation I can come up with at the moment. When it comes to Sansa, LF's heart often overcomes his brain. Which is why, to take an example, he kissed her in full view of Lysa. I'm also pretty sure that he will escape right after he stabs Sansa, and Arya will have to chase him down and kill him. That's a good point. Perhaps Sansa will feel they're not necessary. I think a point George is trying to make here is that Sansa would not have died if Lady had been with her. There was a similar situation with Robb. Grey Wind was locked up when Robb was attacked, and so wasn't able to prevent his death. There may be a connection to how Summer saved Catelyn from the catspaw. Catelyn is attacked in a bedchamber by an intruder with a knife, just like Sansa will be, only Catelyn had a direwolf to protect her. When Ned is told of how Summer saved Bran, he worries that he may have seriously harmed Sansa by killing Lady. And he was right. It's not like she's just been fulfilling a plot objective the whole time. Sansa will have gone through a character arc from someone who betrayed her family to someone who will ultimately die because she refused to betray her family.
  12. Yes, I think he will do it in retaliation for revealing his crimes to the Lords of the Vale and stripping him of any power he once had. George himself has said that LF's blind spot lies not in his political scheming, but in his love for Sansa. That's where he'll trip up and lose everything. Well, making his crimes widely known could be considered as outmaneuvering him politically, especially if Sansa first lulls him into a false sense of security. This "knife fight" will only happen after LF has already lost the game of thrones.
  13. No, but she was condemned to death by one of the Starks' enemies, so Ned decided to take matters into his own hand. This is certainly possible. I'm not really sure exactly it'll go down. Though there may not be a one-to-one parallel between Sansa and Lady's deaths. The demands of the story may not allow for something like to happen.
  14. It is, but it's more likely a reference to Littlefinger. There are a lot of hints that Littlefinger will end up as a head on a spike on the walls of Winterfell. I don't recall all of them but here is one: There is also the fact that Littlefinger is thought by many to have been based on Oliver Cromwell to consider. Cromwell's corpse ended up being beheaded and his head was put on a spike, so a similar fate is likely in store for Littlefinger.
  15. After Littlefinger stabs Sansa, he will consider slitting her throat, but think better of it and leave her to die a slow death. Boros slams a fist into Sansa's belly, and Sansa worries that he means to slit her throat. This could foreshadow that Littlefinger will consider slitting Sansa's throat after he stabs her in the belly, but will decide not to. Shortly afterwards, Tyrion makes a reference to cloaks becoming stained with blood, and Sandor unfastens and throws his cloak. This could point to Sansa throwing her cloak away after it becomes stained with blood. There are a few more instances in which Sansa is threatened with the prospect of having her throat slit: That last quote comes shortly before Sansa has the dream about being stabbed by a mob, interestingly enough. I’m less sure about the rest of this theory, but I might as well go on. Littlefinger will fatally stab Sansa behind a barred door. Littlefinger kills Lysa behind a barred door, which could foreshadow that Littlefinger will kill Sansa behind a barred door. Note that she feels uneasy when Marillion bars the door, which could be another hint that she will be killed behind a barred door. Sansa thinks that barred doors and closed shutters wouldn't keep the small folk safe, which could be a hint that they will fail to keep her safe as well. If you go over Sansa’s chapters, you’d find that barred doors show up a lot for some reason, although the connection to her death isn’t always obvious, which is why I haven’t provided more quotes. A scene from Sansa's third AGOT chapter strongly supports this theory. I'll break it up into a few quotes due to its length. Arya throws an orange at Sansa, and in fiction oranges are used to foreshadow death. This could foreshadow that Arya will kill Sansa. We are also reminded of how Lady died, which could be a hint that Sansa will meet a similar fate. Sansa bars the door to her bedchamber, which could point to Sansa barring the door to her bedchamber before her fateful encounter with Littlefinger. After she sees that the blood orange has left a red stain on her clothes, she removes them and throws them into the hearth, which could foreshadow Sansa burning her cloak when her blood gets all over them. She then throws herself into bed and falls asleep, which could foreshadow Sansa moving to a bed after she is stabbed and dying. Note that she whispers "Lady". Sansa equates returning to Winterfell with her life ending, which could foreshadow Sansa dying at Winterfell. The chapter then ends with Sansa going to her bedchamber and barring the door behind her, which could foreshadow Sansa barring the door to her bedchamber before she dies. The scene in which Sansa returns to her bedchamber during the Battle of the Blackwater also supports this theory, and mirrors the previous scene in some unusual ways. Sansa bars the door to her bedchamber, which could foreshadow her doing likewise before she dies. Sansa backs away from the window and moves to her bed, which could foreshadow her deciding to not throw herself from the window after she is mortally wounded and moving to her bed to die in peace. Strangely enough, she says "Lady" once again. I wonder if this foreshadows her saying “Lady” after she is stabbed in remembrance of her fallen direwolf who died in similar circumstances. Sansa finds the Hound in her room, which could foreshadow her finding Littlefinger in her room after she bars the door. (The Hound is drunk when she finds him, which could have some interesting implications for the state Littlefinger is in when he stabs her.) The Hound puts a knife to Sansa's throat, but takes it from her throat and leaves the bedchamber, which could foreshadow Littlefinger doing so after he stabs her. Sansa curls up on the floor in a bloodstained cloak for a while after the Hound leaves, which could foreshadow her doing likewise after Littlefinger leaves. She then throws off her cloak and goes to her window, which could foreshadow her throwing her cloak into the hearth and going to her window with the intention of committing suicide. Note that the cloak is described as being stained with blood and fire. This could be yet another clue that Sansa will burn her bloodstained cloak. Okay, so that's it for now.