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  1. I'd never complain about too many hidden Targaryens in that story. Ancestry isn't something to be proud of. It doesn't come along as insurance for special skill or as reassuring love story. Babys are born from rape als well as from random sexual encounters or from the ambition of arranged marriages. I think that's what we'll find mirrored in the offspring of the last Targaryen king. I buy into the theory that Aerys II had dearly loved Joanna Lannister, so the most notorious Lannisters, the twins, would be his children. As well as glorious Rhaegar and Daenerys, who were born from rape. For Jon nothing changes really, if he'd come from a sexual encounter with Ashara. Since he only despised the arranged marriage with his sister, Aerys would've probably been a whole lot nicer towards women of his own choice. So, yes, I prefer A+A=J over R+L=J, even if there is a lack of evidence at this point.
  2. Loved that this episode's initial plan was crushed at the end. Without the Greyjoy fleet Tyrion has to think over his setting and so does the audience. This is how a serie's final should feel like - full of possibilities. Loved that Daenerys developed a concept for loyalty. She won't punish someone like a Kingslayer, but she won't just pardon him either. The comparison to Aerys or Robert were important, I think. Loved that Nymeria singled Arya out. Arya likely has more to do than just take the way back home, if she wants to become 'someone' again. Lady Stoneheart shows presence in Arya's and Sansa's actions, it seems. I would be fine with that. Loved Theon's Reek as a contrasting concept of resilience next to Arya's. I feel he did the right thing without nessesarily doing a self-less thing. A bit more grey than the show dared to be some time ago. Loved that there is a weapon against dragons. Didn't love that dragon weapon, though. Crossbows have a short reach, so a dragon could easily burn it.
  3. This. And it foreshadowes that Jaime leaves Cersei for Brienne, who is the last we see before it cuts to the Lannister camp.
  4. Thanks again for sharing your view. Your scenario for Jaime would indeed make him become a joke, a rather bitter one. And it's utterly possible. We trapped in his head with that vision of Goldenhand, whereas on the outside all Jaime does is ineffective to say the least. A disappointment both for Cersei and Brienne: the first betrayed, the second unsupported. I can see that, it's there. Since my own idea for the endgame puts Jaime in a rather unexpected setting, I would need to answer with lengthy post, provided you are interested in another approach. My scenario holds both aspects of Jaime doing the wrong thing believing it to be good and Jaime doing good things by being selfish.
  5. Thanks for your effort. This is how I understood your earlier posts about this topic. I share your view mostly, only that I think GRRM may let Jaime's self-invention succeed.
  6. I still don't understand why you think GRRM would enjoy to enjoy to write a story like that. Where is the grey in Jaime's character?
  7. You mean: WAS. ;-) This changes things a bit.
  8. I'm glad, too! For quite a long time I had the idea, that the Riverlands would be the new border when the Wall breaks, crowding the North with ice wights. When that happens, the BwB could secure that border under the lead of Brienne, who became a fire wight. Then Thoros systematically resurrects the best men hanged by Stoneheart for an army of wights. No big deal, since such an army needs no food and no sleep. It's all the Riverlands have to offer now, a whole lot of dead men. ;-)
  9. Very nice approach, Catelyn. I did something similiar here: You see my map is still in progress, as not all POVs are considered in that setting. My idea here was to combine three aspects. 1) Which areas still have to be explored by one of our POVs? 2) Where do their interests lead characters? 3) Which POVs have to be separated from another and which have to meet for narrative purposes?
  10. Thank you for sharing the interview. It fits nicely with some theories I had. :-D
  11. Lord Varys, can we really get a moderate Cersei only for the price of blaming Jaime for all bad in that relationship? As much as I appreciate your defence of Cersei as a lover, you now start to take two measures on the twins. But I reckon they are written as twins to stay comparable in their development. (You agree that there will be a development, don't you?) Then how comes you blame Jaime for defending his family by pushing Bran and blame him too, when he is not willing to defend it by taking revenge or meddling with Tywin's plans the other time? You created a paradox, so that Jaime would never act right in your view. But that's alright to me. Now I know he has still a long way to go to be convincing in that very change both Cersei and Brienne notice. Or he himself, when he ponders that all his instincts have gone wrong now. I agree that there is no redemption for Jaime, since he isn't sorry at all for what he did. He defined himself as somebody who made kings and unmade them. Regardless if it is his own dynasty or not. Lack of personal involvement is a proto-state of justice. And not compassion... as law won't bring back dead people and won't tell you how to hold peace or how to be just. You can do something good without nessesarily good intentions. I think that is what GRRM shows with Jaime. He is arrogant, but he will need that possibly. Resilience helps Arya to kill her enemies, resilience lets Sansa play along with her enemies et cetera. There's much puberty in those books, but also a general change of times. As in a more modern time the man who passes the sentence and wields the sword won't be a king himself or his ally. I can sense a change of times in Cersei too, who anticipates your namesake's innovation by ruling along the lines power-is-where-people-believe-it-to-be. Only there is no model for a presidential system or a devision of power. The twins are right mocking the system they live in, but their ideas how to improve it are different if not opposed. This can kill love too. I don't want to speculate about the truth of their love until we have more knowledge of that night which Jaime remembers as Cersei's most passionate, paid with Casterly Rock (in his own words). We still don't know about Cersei's motives here and how long she acted as a simple serving wench, until she gave up that cover. Was that her first time, too? Was it to show her brother her sisterly love in a radical way or did she coolly plan to switch places with him as in their past? We still don't know. All we know is that Jaime was pretty much ignorant regarding girls until then and would have married Lysa Tully obediently. Cersei had a disguise, information, sexual skill and a plan. More than Jaime had when this relationship startet.
  12. The moment we learn about the prophecy that influenced Cersei's relation to Sansa and Margaery in the previous books, is the same moment Brienne becomes a POV herself, making AFFC's chapters appear like a menage a trois between Jaime, Cersei and Brienne. "Her."
  13. Lord Varys, I agree with your analysis. Only I wouldn't skip those moments where Jaime questions himself regarding Brienne: why do I do this, why do I care et cetera. Those rhetorical questions urge the readers to answer with Jaime's iconic parole: The things I do for love. His very name means "I love" (j'aime). After Bran fell, Jaime's slogan is all Bran remembers of him and it inspires Bran. We know from Bloodraven that the past can't be changed, but that doesn't mean that Bran can't change himself. Bran might have choosen to fall, when he let go of Jaime's arm. Since Bran is a good climber, Jaime wouldn't have been able to shove him, if Bran had still clung unto him. Had Bran not made himself forget about the incest, surely everything would've gone worse, so his legs are Bran's sacrifice followed by those of so many others as a result of an alleged accident. Jaime's sacrifice as I see it is his love for Cersei: Bran's fall spoiled the twin's love, which worked fine with one narcissist fancying himself as savior and one narcissist letting the other come. Now with everything that happened, Lancel-Kettleback-Moonboyforalliknow, the twins have to change quiete a deal if they are looking for love. Brienne's name bears a resemblance to Bran. That certainly is a way to pay back, to have Jaime fall for the ugliest girl. Jaime has to remember what love is nonetheless and it won't be easy with Brienne. Jaime and Brienne shippers tend to idealize Jaime and lay all blame on Cersei.
  14. Thanks for the insight. There is sure a lot of stuff to discuss, but it is the idea of Brienne's sacrifice I want answer to. I would be somewhere disappointed when we witness her struggle to become a warrior only to have her do what is expected from woman and without further ado. To suffer and to sacrifice themselves. This won't take her investment in knighthood seriously enough IMO. Also this would steal away from the narrative challenge to explicate an inversion of Beauty and the Beast, broadly absent both in real life and pop culture. GRRM set that up and presumably in two POVs to show the difficulty for such a pairing. Brienne denies herself erotic notions, whereas Jaime's view of Brienne gives away his physical interest in her from the very start. I'm positive we won't see any of them dying for the other, since their mutual function so far is to help each other into self-determined lifes. Jaime's POV starts with his escape, a literal emancipation with a another woman at his side. Brienne's POV starts with a quest for a maid of three-and-ten, which is pretty much Brienne chasing her own tail and not so much something she really does for Jaime or could do for Sansa. There is so much to say about that pairing, but this is something short I liked to say in response to your post. That surely Jaime and Brienne aren't about finding Sansa. They are each off for their life goals, have TWOW to meet again and bring those goals in correlation and if the gods are good they happily reunite as Goldenhand the Just and the Just Maid in ADOS.
  15. Amongst the living Meera Reed. Otherwise Dacey Mormont.