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  1. First of all, Jon Connington I am referring to was the YOUNG Jon Connington mostly, not Old Griff. He was described as vigorous, proud, headstrong and a strong warrior. He still has some if not all of those qualities, only slightly reduced in vigour because of his age. But he DOES take Griffin's Roost after all, if he was just a tired, dour old man he never would have been able to do that. He's just awesome and one of my favorite characters. As for the last question: NO. I am trying to find the reason why Martin tends to make many gay or lesbian characters PLAYERS, people who are not there just to stand in the background.
  2. LORAS!! Dammit, forgot all about him! I knew there was one more.
  3. You are all missing my point and this makes me rather sad. That my post can be so taken out of context, I just don't know what's wrong with it. I was asking why Martin chose to make most or all the non-hetero characters either cool, macho or just strong in some way. You took it as if I was attacking Martin for making "the queers" cool and being gay cool. This clearly shows he has at least a sympathy for the gays and lesbians. And that is fine by me.
  4. Why not? We are here to ask questions, not?
  5. My point is...I am just curious why Martin made all those characters gay. I mean, there are quite many gay or bi characters in the series and a few lesbian ones (or latently lesbian anyway) also.
  6. It is true. And I wonder why. Is Martin himself gay or is he pro-gay rights? I mean...Oberyn Martell-bisexual. Jon Connington-gay. Lyn Corbray-gay. Daeron Targaryen (Aegon V's son)-presumably gay. All those four are kickass characters, in one way or another or several ways. Renly is also a charming and dashing character that many people like and he's also gay. But I wouldn't call him cool or macho.
  7. No sweat.
  8. Lol...I didn't write that. Dunno where you got my name from, perhaps because Iam the threadstarter.
  9. I guess the father issues...both women had strong and uncompromising fathers who rarely showed their love. Even if Dany never knew hers, she must have heard stories, both from Viserys and others. So...she and Cersei don't really trust men, Dany only felt safe with Khal Drogo and trusted him. So they both find that a woman is a more safe "bet".
  10. I can relate to that. This sure beats "no, he's just an albino direwolf" explanations. But I still think there is something special about him, even for a direwolf. The fact that he opened his eyes first and almost wandered away says a lot. Other pups stayed in the same place.
  11. By now, I think it is clear Ghost is no ordinary direwolf. He's white, he doesn't make the sounds other direwolves make and that excerpt where Jon remarks how he looks like those weirwood faces...this is all meant to allude that Ghost is something supernatural. Or, spawned by something supernatural. So...what may he be really? Or who?
  12. I know it's not supposed to be a love story but...it seems Cersei appreciated having Taena in her bed. While Taena seems to have had some kind of affection or respect or both for her. It was a really complex "pairing". Shame it ended so soon...or so it seems.
  13. I don't think Viserys would have continued the war, but he would have found a way to avenge his nephew. Maybe offered a Stony Dornish family to kill those responsible in exchange for something. You know, the stealth way.
  14. There were also Velaryons and Celtigars, they didn't have to marry other Targaryens always...
  15. He would have surely avenged his nephew's death. I think it was just weak of Baelor to forgive the Dornish the cowardly murder of his brother and just make peace with them. Viserys would have at least sought revenge and then he would have made peace.