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  1. Hmm, maybe a faceless man because polyjuice potion makes way more sense to me than wearing dead people's faces to somehow assume someone's entire appearance lol. Mmmmmmagic!! Say, how about Pate?? He's small and pasty I think... plus for some reason, I get the feeling Radcliffe's face has this quality I mistrust, making him perfect to play 'faceless' Pate too. Edric Storm could work I guess, only I didn't imagine him quite as lean as I remember Radcliffe. He could always be a hedge wizard if all else fails
  2. This. Most likely couldn't have put it better myself. It brought waves of understanding, respect, wonder and excitement in particular reading the last bits of this chapter. Hands down most awe inspiring moment of the book for me.
  3. I heard Canada have started building a wall.
  4. Ah crap I think I've lost hope for Wisconsin now... fox called it too i hear. Game over.
  5. I think i am in the same boat as you. What happens if its a tie?
  6. It's still not yet 60% in WI nor 50% in MI. Surely there's hope?
  7. Yup.
  8. Lol this is a disgrace. Trump will win.
  9. It's a fairly significant blow to Trumps chances I'd say.
  10. Who's coverage are you referring to?
  11. Virginia to save America! CMON!!!
  12. Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina... I know it's not over yet but I don't feel so good.
  13. I don't think they are updating the percentages very reliably. When I looked at it initially it was at under 20% reporting, then jumped to 45% with only a relatively small number of votes added. Not sure how many people we should expect from Broward. I am only seeing 16% in.
  14. The Guardian map zoomed in just enough to see the county breakdowns makes me sad.
  15. How many votes are left in Florida? Roughly?