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  1. I think the Frey name will now forever be an insult...One of my favorite lines was “Put up your steel, ser! Are you a Corbray or a Frey? and "What would a Frey know of honor". The Frey name has been completely dragged into the dirt. When it comes to reputations there is no coming back from this.
  2. If I remember correctly, Jon or someone else says that the cloak covering the stash wasn't very old, not falling apart. So, the things must have been placed there somewhat recently. Now, I have a feeling that Benjen, might have had a feeling that maybe there was more out there far north other than wildlings, and might be one of the people who visited the castle black library, reading about the past, about dealings with the children and dragonglass. I suspect that Benjen might have been the one that left the dragonglass stash (where he got it, i have no idea)....Now whether the horn he left is actually the horn of winter and if he new what it was, i doubt that. But if he did, did he hide it in a place he new maybe a black brother would find it? Did he not suspect it might have been found by wildlings? Those are my questions.
  3. You should read the World of Ice and Fire book, has a lot of info on the Lannistars. The Lannistars have many cadet branches, you have the Lannisters of Casterly rock, then you also have the Lannisters of Lannisport, plus many other cadet branches. I think you could compare the Lannisters of Lannisport to the Karstarks maybe. Plus the Starks had another cadet branch. the Greystarks, but they rebelled and were destroyed.
  4. I think once Robert wanted to bring Mya to kings landing, but Cersei gave a subtle hint she would do harm to the girl if he brought her. Robert got mad, hit her, but never brought it up again.
  5. I Don't there are enough ents in the SOIAF world to bring down even a portion of the 700 foot tall wall :P. I don't see them being that powerful.
  6. I was thinking about the future fate of house Baratheon. Lets say that what I think is most likely happens, Stannis dies, leaving Shereen. She is a girl, and her children won't carry the Baratheon family name. Will this mean the end of the Baratheon male line? I think not. Robert has one recognized bastard, Edric Storm. I think that in order to stabilize the Storm Lands, whoever sits on the Iron Throne in the future will legitimize him. Will he also end up maybe marrying Shereen? Seems like it might be a smart decision, marrying your true born Baratheon cousin, so that no one contests your claim.
  7. "And what do you want, my sweet Reek. Ramsey murmured as softly as a lover." Fucking hot.
  8. I hadn't really thought about it before. It does seem interesting, you would think as a Northerner he would have said let the Old gods and the new bear witness. Maybe it was meant as a slight hint that he doesn't mean what he is saying. Or like the others stated, it was just something Cersei prepared for him to say.
  9. Ice Dragons....Its a Dragon horn that wakes Ice Dragons....Thats what I want it to be :P. What I actually think, I agree with Little Scribe, I think it causes earthquakes. i think this because I think the horn has the power of the children greenseers, and they are described as singing the song of the Earth. Which I interpret as them having "Earth" magic, unlike the valyrians Fire/Blood magic.
  10. I think the Valyrians were already know for blood magic, not just in the Basilisk Isles. I think the book might have come directly from Valyria, maybe it was actually brought over my the Targeryens? Maybe its a book most Dragon riding families had/relied on?
  11. I feel not. Catlyn mentioned her husband did not put much stock in professes and omens. I have a feeling a green seer, being more attune to the supernatural elements of this world, would perhaps give more credence to things like omens, and the other things beyond the wall, which Ned also seems to think don't exist.
  12. Its a small thing, but no other book series ever made me so interested in all the theories revolving around its history and lore, the future possibilities. There are so many theories, some plausible, some crackpot theories, all of which are fun to explore.
  13. I started reading the books after watching the show....For a long time I avoided reading the red wedding chapter, because I didn't want to feel the pain that it causes
  14. I do think that he is Illyrios son. What I don't know about is him being a Blackfyre. The Targs/blackfyre aren't the only ones with valyrian blood. His wife was from Lys right? And it is said that there is a large amount of valyrian blood is still in Lys.
  15. I don't think Luwin believed in the supernatural in the end. I doubt that he left some kind of message to Bran in a weirwood. If he did, what kinda message would he leave, what would he have to say to Bran that would be of any importance to the series? Also I don't see Jojen as such a malicious character. I don't think Jojen always knows how to interpret his vague visions. He saw the sea coming to Winterfell, but I doubt he knew that it represented the Iron Born.