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  1. 1. Roose has the better defensive position. 2. I've no military background but waiting out looks like the better option. Humans can go a long time without food. They have shelter and Stannis is exposed to the elements. 3. Yes. Manderly could ally with Stannis is the risk.
  2. Haha, you said what needed to be said. Thank you. You have among the readers people who were teased as children and they can empathize with an Arya better than they can with beautiful Daenerys. But they're also ignoring the fact that Daenerys spent years of her childhood on the streets and under the care of an abusive brother. Through ingenuity, creative thinking, and courage she rose above all of that and became the most powerful person in the known world.
  3. That is how I see the intentions of the original post.
  4. I agree.
  5. You're ignoring the many people who like Dany. Your blanket statement is wildly inaccurate. I loath Arya and I like Dany. I know, you were hoping to start a Dany hate thread and you were not expecting a response like mine. But I gave it to your anyway.
  6. She is about vengeance. Don't get me wrong, she thinks she's doing justice. But color it what you like and it's still the same because it is still no more than revenge. The Starks rebelled and they lost to the Lannisters. Walder and Bolton pulled off a brilliant (albeit custom-breaking, honor-lacking maneuver) strategy that rid them of the Starks and ended a bloody rebellion. Catelyn has a right to be mad but so do the undeserving small people that got trampled by the lions and the wolves during their conflict. Jaime, Cersei, Catelyn, Robb, Renly, Stannis, and Tywin are to blame for most of it. Catelyn and Arya are the instruments of Stark vengeance. They will do a great deal of harm to Westeros. Their feelings are valid but their choice to get justice for losing the war is hard to sympathize with. War is hell and they came out on the losing end. It's best for everyone if they suck it up and let go. I don't think they will but we can hope they will not be around too long to create much mayhem.
  7. It's more accurate to say "Baelish had influence" than to say he had control. He had money to bribe and that gives him a lot of persuasive abilities as long as there are soldiers around who feel underpaid. And who doesn't feel underpaid? Have you ever met anyone who thinks they're overpaid?
  8. In my opinion, Robb was not a king. But for the sake of this debate, let us say that the north was temporarily its own kingdom and had the right to make a king. Does it matter? Hell no. Because Robb and the North got their asses handed to them by the Lannisters (with help from the Freys, Bolton, and others). I know why this is a hotly debated topic. It's because of that supposed damn letter that probably legitimized Jon and gave him Winterfell. I for one believe that letter is worth less than a used Kleenex. Robb's will is worthless. Roose Bolton won't respect Robb's wish. The Lannisters sure as hell won't. The north is not independent. Robb's will has no legality no matter how those idiots who supported Robb feel. Robb is not Ned and Stannis is not Robert. They're not best friends. Just because Ned and Robert were friends does not make Robb and Stannis friends. Stannis is the unbending type. Robb can't be trusted to keep his word. They could have done well as a team because it may encourage Lyssa to join in. Stark, Baratheon, Tully, and Arryn vs. Lannister, Tyrell, and Greyjoy. It's an even match. Dorne will sit this one out.
  9. GRRM also called Viserys the Beggar King and considered him king. By your logic, Robert was no king.
  10. To the underlined part. I agree. A mopey, moody guy might have a limp sausage and that won't keep the wildly temperamental and passionate Cersei entertained. A better march for Cersei is Oberyn Martell. They were made for each other.
  11. There is the theory that the maesters were murdering the Targaryen heirs whenever they get the chance to do it.
  12. Good question. Maybe she had and she gave them the cold shoulder. Cold shoulder from a woman can instantly deflate a proud man's ego as well as shrink his sausage. Somebody correct me but the Dustins and the Rhyswells are some of the better off families in the north. The barrows of the first men are on Dustin lands. There is value in those lands.
  13. Rhaegar was messed up and perhaps the reason for his erratic decision making has to do with his parentage. He is an extremely flawed man when even compared to his brother Viserys. So perhaps this theory might get traction because this guy Bonifer is of the same material as Baelor the Blessed and the Damphair. Of the three Targaryen siblings, the most fit to rule and to lead is Daenerys. Her brothers are cock ups and one of them at the least put the security of the kingdom at risk just to help a runaway northern girl. At worst, kidnapped that girl and raped her.
  14. The Lannisters were going to fall eventually. Tywin was working to build a strong family legacy. Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion were all at various times destroying his efforts. It was just a matter of time. Tywin's problem is his children. Tyrion and Cersei were playing games with each other and that's not team work. It's not just the Lannisters who trip themselves. The Starks do the same. Sansa played games with Ned when she spoke with Cersei to prevent her family's departure from KL so she can be near her Prince Joffrey.
  15. None if the Starks are legally dispossessed of everything they owned.