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  1. Little adding : there is also a parallelism between Catelyn and Cersei : after the catspaw's episode, Catelyn flying to KL and capturing Tyrion Lannister to have "justice" for Bran (and Tyrion acquires a skin of a shadowcat during his captivity) is like Cersei demanding to RObert a wolf's skin after Joffrey was bite by Nymeria.
  2. Hi all ! I used to interprete the Brienne's dream like a "soft possession" by a greenseer (the tongue cut is the signal) Congratulations @LmL ! I didn't have finished with reading all the stuff, but I was very interested by the chapter where Catelyn and Bran's wolf save Bran from the catspaw and all the connections. So I re-read it, and I found that the wolf wasn't at this moment a "silver smoke", but a "shadow" : it is a detail, but I think that GRRM refers explicitely with this word to the Others : "silver smoke" is also in the same thematic, but not for the same acting : "shadow" is the killer, and "smoke" is for the "dissipation/dissolution", "silver" is associated with the moon, and for me, if the players are the same, the moment of the story isn't the same Before Others (and/or their creatures) appears, if the moon is visible, there is also always a wolf howl (without the moon, the "howling" is a babe's plaint, and I suspect that the "moon maid" lost her first child, as a bastard wolf lost the "moon maid"). The very interesting thing in Catelyn's chapter is that she can't support the wolves howling and want them dead, but, what the hell, why ?? Wolves are Stark's sigil and their 'identity', and she treats them like she did with Jon when he came to see Bran in his bedchamber. Then, Bran's wolf kills the catspaw and saves Bran and Cat : the wolf arrives like the "striking hand", the "weapon" of the greenseer = this could be a manner to express that the Others were once the "hand" of a greenseer. But I don't think that Catelyn could here represent the 3EC itself, but sure, she is the mother of a greenseer, and represent imo the ancient mother of the 3EC, who wasn't a greenseer herself but had the gift in her blood-lineage which was preferentialy linked to ravens (I suspect she was from the Blackwood family, without knowing if this lineage had the same name, and I hope we'll receive some answer, one day, concerning Raventree's weirwood... and the true origins of the quarrel between Bracken and Blackwood). In think @ravenous reader could finish for me the story I have in mind ^^ (clue : the first hadn't originaly the wolf's blood but stole it to a bastard)
  3. For me the allusion was obvious ! (also, the vision of Jon sleeping in a "bed" of ice, loosing memories of the warmth could refers to his "death" after he was "pricked" by daggers, like Aurora the sleeping beauty - the other vision of a sleeping beauty is from Daenerys, the blue flower in the wall of ice) But I wonder now if there is a wordplay with slag and stag; and if so, the first scene with the she-direwolf killed by an antler in the throat could be also the same theme. I'll read the rest, I'm late !
  4. And add to these reflexions about Tyrion that the Sorrows are described as a drowned (and huge) Winterfell : a hand drowned, a tower with windows like blind and black eyes (= the eyes "burnt" after Bran saw the two "solar gods" Jaime and Cersei), a grey mass, full of fog, the stonemen, the Shrouded lord like an "underworld's god"... And of course the legend of Garin who was imprisoned in a cage, like a greenseer in his nest of roots or even like Mance at Winterfell if the pink letter tells the truth about it (no matter, in fact, if this is a lie, the important thing is the common image and the fact that it takes place at Winterfell)
  5. That is the description of Ser Ilyn Payne, which is like an Other : tall, gaunt, silent and whom voice is cracking. But in this case, the Other is Justice. Very interesting because that shows the Other as an executioner, and matches with what Coldhands says to Bran "your monster, Brandon Stark". At the beginning, I used to see the Others as shadows like Melisandre's shadows, who were created very long before, for some crime (a kin- and kingslaying), and never disappeared. After, I changed a bit my mind, looking for who "they" (I don't eliminate the possibility that there is only one Other, who is a kind of spirit/mist, which can have different form : in the prologue, when the Others strike Waymar, they all strike in the same movement, and they look all as if they were the same) were before being Other, imagining "they" could be the soul of the murdered brother. Now,.. now... Did someone studied yet parallelisms between the Unsullied and the Others ? They have no name, they are totally loyal and obedient to their master, they are merciless and without empathy (the ultimate step of their training is to kill a baby in the mother's arms), in one word, they are trained to loose their humanity to become kind of robot-executioners. And when Daenerys take them the first time, they obey to one word - her word - like dragons do, and they kill the slavers of Astapor.
  6. And you can add 2 important details : - the black pool is the only cold pool in the godswood. Winterfell is known for its warm springs and warm pools, but the blackpool is cold water. - black is the color for bastard's blood.
  7. Exactly the same ! Perhaps killing Lem Lemoncloak in the trial ? Perhaps with Jaime loosing his eyes ? But for the rest, as I see the couple Brienne-Jaime playing Symeon Star-Eyes, I also like to anticipate that at the very end they will rescue Sansa from the couple Cersei-Robert Strong (Jaime killing Cersei and Brienne killing Robert Strong). In ACOK, during the Blackwater battle, Cersei is mocking Sansa, saying that she will be rescued by Aemon dragonknight and Symeon.
  8. I never thought about it, but there is obviously a link between daggers and Littlefinger, throw Catelyn's chapters essentialy (and in her chapters, you find also the association between the dagger and the dawn). About Sweetrobin, I had read an interesting suggestion in the french forum, which explained that Lysa's soul was trying to talk to Robert (Sweetrobin) throw Marillion's voice, even after the Marillion's supposed death. I had another idea (but I'm no more sure about it) too : Marillion wasn't dead but hidden somewhere not too far from Robert, and was forced by LF to sing for make him more hill and fool, and consequently make him drink more sweetsleep. As an ancient maiden fooled by LF, the idea of Lysa's spirit remaining and looking for revenge makes sense. In fact, LF has debts toward 3 women : Catelyn, Lysa and Sansa. Yes, you must be right with the 2 greenseers. I was stayed with 1 greenseer and 1 skinchanger, but the 2 greenseers match well. I recently found that the "dupe" (and officialy bastard one) could be the giant too. The giant finally killed by a bird and his songs/words. Robert and Tyrion are both associated with giants, and the Vale is also identificated with the Giant's Lance. (I really wonder now what will happen with Robert Strong and Cersei : for me they are a new tandem where Robert Strong has replaced Jaime, but I don't developp here, because it's out of subject)
  9. Arya, Sansa, Tyrion, Sam + Theon I hope Davos and Brienne too, but I wouldn't bet !
  10. Yes, I totally agree. And we can add the fact that Sam carries a baby (a royal bastard) to the south, when baby Jon was carried to north. Some months ago, I began to explore the possibility of Sam as a "new" Hugor Hill (he was "blessed" by symbollic and temporary incarnations of the Seven - Grenn as the Crone in Sam I ASOS, or Gilly as the Mother in Sam IV AFFC, aso...) , but I put it on the side to finish some other explorations before. And I couldn't really see if the intuition was solid or just an intuition which could lead to other things. There is also the old horn. And perhaps the name of the Tarly's sword "heartsbane". I also recall the hero of the Rhoyne who was reputed to bring peace with a song between little gods of the Rhoyne and unit them against the Long Night. And Jon send Sam to Oldtown with Aemon, and with Dareon the singer, hoping that songs will permit to recruit men for the Watch. Dareon fails. Perhaps Sam will do far better than that (he already succeded to make Jon Lord Commandant of the Nightwatch with his words).
  11. Here, I see also Sam after the Fist : beginning of the chapter (Sam I, ASOS) : Last words of the chapter (Sam I, ASOS) : All this Sam's chapter is built with these words ("one step and then another") as a vertebral column - or as a rythm (a cadence) if you prefere musical metaphore.
  12. Would you suggest that he could be the "element" who could deliver Sansa from LF's mists and cold eyes ?
  13. I think you have reached some very interesting connection here : the sphinx is the "riddle and the riddler", and so could be the greenseer ^^ Good catch ! As @Archmaester_Aemma wrote it, I don't think it is a coincidence to find these colors : red, grey and black. For me, here, the grey is also an alteration of the white, and red-white-black are the three canon colors for ancient alchemy (when people wanted to change metal in gold, and practiced alchemy like magic art). But the red -> grey -> black is directly linked to the arrival of the Long Night (just after, Jon remembers "Winter is coming"). After your post, I was wondering if there was also a possibility to read the reverse, I mean : black -> grey -> red = love's stories (like Cersei + Jaime, for example) -> war (the war of the 5 kings and of different legitimacy) -> the new world after the peace was made (a peace "à la Tywin" ?) is blood tainted (also a result of red/purple- wedding), and finally with poor value with the "copper" (as Renly described like "copper" by Donal Noye : bright but only illusion). From conception to birth, great violence, it seems !
  14. In "Heresy about the Wall". I was making an inventory of other walls in the saga, that could help to make a bit light on the Wall. For Qarth, I noted : I could add now that the "pyre of the dead" are also an obligation beyond the wall because of the Others, so this imagery could represent more than only Rhaegar's pyre. "Babes being butchered" is a theme we find throw all the saga, so I wouldn't surprised if we would find it also at the origins of Winterfell (I evokes the possibility discussing about the scene of the wolfhead-man having a leg of lamb as a scepter in Dany's vision of HoTU - oh wait, the HOTU is in Qarth, too) About the "love story", I think now there isn't only one, but two at least + some other without reciprocity, and "Brandon the Builder" (= the greenseer at the origin of the Wall and Winterfell) was the observer of the loves stories, and the hopeless lover in the same time. The black is the color of the bastardry... and of the crows and ravens. Concerning the golden eyes of the 3rd wall, the wolf Summer has golden eyes, and If I recall well, Nymeria, Lady and Grey Wind too, but Summer is the most intelligent of the direwolves and his eyes are his remarkable physicall specificity. Described as the "center of the world", Qarth is a kind of Wall or Winterfell, as "frontier" between many world (for Winterfell and the Wall, this is the frontier between living and dead kingdoms). To finish, at Qarth, Drogon burns a blue heart and the Undying who have many common things with greenseers = the chapter with the Undying foreshadows (imo) the destruction of the Heart of Winter.
  15. I was just reading your post this afternoon, before you asked for my advice, and I vote for a good night more than for a coffee ^^ More seriously, I was wondering if Val being same family/blood than Mallister could bring more sense to the story, and I can't see the "bonus". But after reflexion, you pointed some common points, so if I'm not convinced yet with a real "common bloodfamily", there can be some common symbollic part, and perhaps they can represent some archetypes who are linked (with "archetype", I mean original characters of an original and ancient scenario, which tells the origins of the Stark of Winterfell, of Winterfell castle, of the Wall, and of course of the Others and Long Night). One of the archetypes I have found is a maiden - daughter of a "bear king" - who wanted a Stark's bastard but was married to a legitime (officialy) Stark (of Winterfell) after the death of the bastard. The color brown is associated with the bear (the color black too), for example in the song "the bear and the fair maiden", or in AGOT Eddard II when Robert is compared to a bear and wears brown gloves (there are many other example for the association brown-bear). The grey is for the Starks and the dead kingdom, the shadows and phantoms. It is not a real color in the saga, but the "color" of faded and dead things. So the brown and grey pelt could show Val as the "girl" of a dead king (as archetype, obviously). I see Val as a double of Dalla, I mean they both play same archetype but at different moments of the "original story" and with different possible issues. Dalla's baby saved by Jon make me imagine that there was perhaps in the far past a baby who was killed - just like Cersei orders to kill Robert's children, even if they are babies. So... I can't say much more for the moment, because I never seriously looked at the part played by the Mallisters. The only thing that come to my mind is about the name "Jason", who was a hero of greek mythology, who looked for the golden pelt of a ram and found it. The ram had a name "chrysomallos" (chrysos significate gold, in greek; and "mallos" significate wool; so the name of the ram is the exact sense of "golden pelt"), he had wings and was a symbol of fecondity. So there is perhaps a pun with Jason Mallister (Denys is also a name of greek origin : the original version is Dionysos; Denys is latin and short version, but I'm here talking only for the name, not for the god Dionysos who has his latin "equivalent" as Bacchus). And the ram/goat/lamb/sheep are playing a big part in the saga. And are linked to the bear's theme. Honestly, I can't say if it is totally intentional and calculated by GRRM. I don't know if I have helped, but there were the ideas that came to my mind ! ^^ Edit and Add-on about the hero Jason, who was linked to the sea with his companions, the "Argonauts".