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  1. Without knowing the end game of each of these characters it is impossible to say
  2. It's Sansa, by a huge margin, Victarion is a distant second
  3. Only one I can remember is Jon's nephew, I forgot his name, it was the Vale's heir by then, Robert wasn't born yet
  4. The Arryns are even smaller
  5. I'm also a big fan of Qhorin, had he been lord commander instead of the old bear things would have been much different
  6. a hand shake maybe?
  7. I think they still kept the majority of the andal culture
  8. House Martell is descended from the Andals, not the Rhoynar
  9. House Stark......especifically regarding their foundation
  10. excuse me, why do the Golden Empire of Yi Ti is Valyria's rival?
  11. My answer considered only the character, not if I enjoy his POVs or not, Jon Snow is one of the dullest characters, but his story is interesting, so I kinda enjoyed his for Sansa, she is dull and her story is uninteresting, so it is one of the main POVs that I enjoyed the least. I find Dany the exact opposite of Jon Snow, she is a pretty interesting character, but her story became very boring after AGoT, so I usually don't enjoy manyof her POVs
  12. Jon Snow and Sansa
  13. Brown Ben missed the biology lessons lol but seriously then, maybe the ibbenese are not like neanderthals as I thought
  14. Actually, that is not true, it is stated in the world of ice and fire that human/ibbenese inbreed would always result in stillborns and montrosities. If you remember the biology lessons, a species is often defined as the largest group of organisms in which two individuals can produce fertile offspring. If humans and Ibbenese can't produce fertile offsprings, then it is a strong hint that they are not humans (Homo sapiens)....and the only other known species that is closest to the Homo sapiens is the Homo neanderthalis (a different species) hehehe, asoiaf has so much of real world science that I'm almost convinced that is science finction instead of fantasy
  15. I think it is quite obvious that house Arryn won't survive.......which means they are gonna survive for sure (LOL) If I had to guess which great house will go extinct, I'd vote for house Baratheon, because the only surviving members are Stannis and Shireen, which are not likely to stay alive until the end of the series