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  1. Question about the bastard last name Pyke

    I prefer "Sea"
  2. What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    Drogon descending upon the Daznak Pit
  3. Dany, blood of the Dragom?

    Who said she is pure blood? You don't need to be full targaryen to be a dragonrider, as we saw in the dance of the dragons (the war, not the book hehe), bastards of dragonstone (Ulf the white, Hugh hammer and Nettles) who apparentely had none of the targaryen traits were able to ride Silverwing, Vermithor and Sheepstealer respectively. Maybe it doesn't require ANY valirian blood at all, we don't how dragon bonding works yet.
  4. The Others: Why now?

    There are more proofs that there are no more dragons than proofs that there are living dragons still. Even with its flaws I still prefer this explanation over those in the OP
  5. The Others: Why now?

    we can't take any conclusions from that, we don't know if it's present, if it's past, if it's future, if it's a metaphor
  6. The Others: Why now?

    no, we don't know that, do we? Actually, we don't know anything about Asshai
  7. R+L=J speculation from frigging 1998!

    well, in fact, 95% of the text evidence for R+L=J is on book 1, so it is not surprising that the theory was born that early
  8. Royce as first family to be named meaningless or foreshadowing?

    That also applies to half of the southron houses
  9. The Others: Why now?

    You forgot the most likely theory: The death of the dragons caused the Others to return
  10. Remark by Jaime's aunt Genna about Tyrion

    I think not even Tywin knows the truth of it, whether Tyrion is his son or Aerys' son, and that is probably the source of his hostility towards him And about Genna's quote, it is purely a comparison between personalities
  11. Viserys meets the dragon

    I read this somewhere, not sure if it was on TWOIAF or The Princess and the Queen No, I only speculated that because there is precedent for Targaryens without the dragonriding skills
  12. Unknown / Double Identities

    I did not remember that, I'm gonna digest the idea for a few days to make a conclusion
  13. Unknown / Double Identities

    I'm in favor of the idea that, unless there are significant hints in the text, all characters are exactly who they are. The only character that fills this criteria of the list above is Jaqen/Pate
  14. Unknown / Double Identities

    Fixed Thank god! someone is sane on these forums I will just add one more thing:
  15. Unknown / Double Identities

  16. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    Actually, I'm not sure, I thought he was around Arya's age, but now I'm not sure
  17. Viserys meets the dragon

    A person can only bind with ONE dragon, Dany hatched three, so there are two untamed dragons. But I don't think Viserys would be a dragonrider, not all Targaryens had the dragonriding ability, Aenys I second son Viserys (coincidence?!?! hehe) could not bond with a dragon
  18. 5 Pre-Conquest Westerosi Kings you'd want a full length novel about

    1. Tristifer IV Mudd, the Hammer of Justice of course (he is my avatar after all hehehe) 2. Joramun, the King Beyond the Wall 3. Benedict Justman 4. Artys Arryn OR Robar II Royce 5. Some Stark King pre-Andal invasion Note: I left historic characters out (like Brandon the Builder, the Grey King, Garth Greenhand etc) because we don't know if they were real or not
  19. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    Jojen Reed
  20. Viserys should have been the king instead of Baelor the Blessed

    What I don't understand is why the Targaryens never tried to conquer Dorne earlier when they had 20+ dragons at their disposal (before the dance), it would have been incredibly easy. Instead the stupid Daeron I tried to conquer it right after the last dragon died
  21. Holy shit, someone said it before I'm sad
  22. Which member of each Great House should be in charge?

    Stark: Robb - The only one at an age to rule Greyjoy: Asha - Theon is an a** and know nothing about the Iron Islands Arryn: Robert - the last member of house Arryn, there is no choice Tully: Blackfish - because Edmure is a damn fool Lannister: Tyrion - only because I know him, otherwise the best choice should be Kevan Tyrell: I don't know Garlan nor Willas, but certainly NOT Loras.....hmmmm maybe the queen of thorns lol Baratheon: Stannis - Renly is not serious enough to be a leader/ruler Martell: Oberyn - just for the LOLs hahahahahahah
  23. Post your most hated POV's

    Brienne, Sansa, Daenerys post-GoT, Bran pre-SoS, Jon in ADwD
  24. Second strongest houses in each kingdom?

    Nope, it was just a guess because Swann's are the most cyted house of the stormlands in the books, and they are marcher lords
  25. "missing" epilogues

    The epilogue for ACoK should be the prologue of ASoS