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  1. @Neds_head pretty much one of my points. There is no benefit for the tyrells to go there. they dont needs cerseis permission. no way would risk any soldiers or time for a siege while their region is being pillaged
  2. still not one person defending this awful theory has brought up that its not odd that the pink letter matches nothing of his previous letters and no speech pattern Thats one out of 50 things and wont keep talking in circles I just really want to hear that point in specific. Also in dance the first letter stannis sends is in his words but "maesters writing" aka he has a maester who will do writings for him so not shocking he would do it again, thankfully threads like my sig exist
  3. I wouldnt say evil. It is for a good purpose
  4. This And all someone needs to do is look at the time line of roberts rebellion and in game of thrones. Its a mess. armies are racing all over the map. His job at first was to tell the story he wanted to tell. He never thought it would get this popular where people analyze it like its a college course. Thats why there are more errors/semi plot holes in his earlier works Back to GOT he wrote that intending a 3 story novel as well. All the previous time lines before its start are insane and almost impossible to get down directly
  5. Loras being close to the reach is yup smart ass
  6. You are missing the point. Should go back and read the description of what he was doing to said breakfeast
  7. I def think Mace will stay in kings landing. He has randall and his sons that will be going to the reach.........Loras is already about to be there
  8. I think he will fall to Euron. Being thats where his homeland is attacked
  9. beat me to it
  10. After some reading today. Almost every chapter involving (f)aegon bores the hell out of me
  11. Its also hilarious when Maester Tybald is being dismissed. Its obvious Stannis keeps him alive for a reason. Because he has use for him. And his pink wax....
  12. Still nobody had given a good explanation as to why the letter itself in terms of speech is so different from him and the other letters. Nobody has even addressed how odd it is how many times the word "whore" is used. a word he has never once said. dont even have to get in the word "bastard" debate That is just one small thing I want to see a legit response about, and ill get to all the other things later
  13. Jon has a ton on his plate. Just seeing something like that would shock the hell out of him, wouldn't really have a clear head at first after seeing something like that
  14. Roose all day Allister Thorne isnt really a stark enemy, He just dislikes Jon
  15. @aegon_unleashed Yes exactly. people saying ramsay wrote it are pretty much saying grrm doesn't have specific things for specific characters, and has a bad memory of what characters do and say Theon says the word "whore" tons of times, think would be in 2nd place to Tyrion. Ramsay has NEVER used it once. So doubt all of a sudden in this letter he would use that word multiple times. Same thing for bastard except the case for that isn't as strong, the only case for that is he hates the word. But "whore" he has never once used, why Theon uses it all the time. Add everything up and it points to Maester Tybald with his pink ink, dictated by stannis with the help of theon. I have that big thread in my signature that I am happy to look at cause good chunk of people aren't so slow Grrm put it in there too shock people at first read. But stacked with clues and info so someone on their 2nd read cut put it together, worst case as a slow person 4th read? with help? but to still think is comical. just my opinion. I think he released the winds chapter involving stannis for that reason. or crap even before it he has tormund say that line for a reason. these clowns can say what they want but nothing in the pink letter matches ramsay. Even if their was an actual legit house bolton seal I could least give it a possible chance Cantuse has a very good read on the subject as well https://cantuse.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/a-ghostwriter-in-winterfell/