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  1. I was going off most recent book not from the start. Yes you are correct if adding up all the books. As far as the rest I believe Theon is 2nd or 3rd if add up all the books. Ramsay I am pretty sure is 0 I checked on him a couple times. But on the first point yes you are correct thats my mistake
  2. Right buts its not more important then the current situation with the iron born raiding their home land. And all the drama in KL that is going down. Both those are major priorities
  3. Just cause he told Cersei he would that is not at all a logical reason that he would actually go do it
  4. Rank the strongest castles in your opinion

    We know a good bit. We know the starks needed a 2 year siege to get the boltons to finally surrender. We know that Stannis chose not to go attack the dreadfort after Jon made it clear to him how strong the castle was, even with a small garrison. Thats why the Karstarks and Boltons actually wanted Stannis to attack the DF, would have been a death mission
  5. As far as word play. ramsay never uses the word "whore" in the whole series, not once..... Theon has said it more then any other character
  6. The one thing that is certain is it isnt ramsay. I think it came from camp stannis, written by tybald with his dreadfort pink ink, dictated by stannis with help of theon. but there is good case for mance to That there is a long thread where least most people can agree that it just def isnt ramsay
  7. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    He uses Ramsay a lot for his dirty work tho. Like sending him to WF when the war was going on, sending him to treat with iron born etc
  8. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    Tybald wrote it with his pink ink, dictated by stannis with the help of theon. In the winds chapter Theon makes comments like "he wants his reek back" etc. then sure enough thats what the letter has. Jon snow has no idea who the hell reek is so makes no sense for ramsay to say that There is like 100 other things that people have already said in that thread above over and over
  9. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    Thank God there is a good chunk of people in this thread that know its a 0% chance ramsay wrote the letter. not even a doubt, the evidence is beyond obvious
  10. How Tyrion Takes Casterly Rock

    I agree, its pretty cut and dry. grrm spread it out though numerous books that tyrion knows the rock inside and out, and has had people take castles etc through trickery multiple times already
  11. Also Kevan Lannister was on good terms with the Tyrells. And the iron born are a serious threat to the reach currently. In no way would any of them be idiots and go attack dragon stone just because cersei wanted that done. Mace, Randall and Kevan would never waste resources for something senseless. Loras doesn't need Cerseis permission to defend his home land, Cersei has no power at all anymore
  12. Makes 0 sense sorry. Not what I said at all. And there is no reason that he would go to dragon stone for her, being that he told her yes is an obvious con. There isn't one benefit dragon stone has to offer the Tyrells Also funny how some people have no response to Aurane Waters being the one to pass the message to her. grrm had him be the one to do it for a reason, and for those who didnt remember all the shady crap against the crown he did already he had him take the whole royal navy so that there was no doubt whatsoever
  13. Rank the strongest castles in your opinion

    Kind of surprised some people have dreadfort and storms end so low
  14. Use your head tho. Why would he volunteer to go rush a meaningless castle to get in the good graces of someone that is in a dungeon and has no power. Why would he risk losing any men for something of no value. While his home land is being attacked. If you tie everything together with Aurane Waters giving that bs story its pretty easy to see. grrm picked a bullshitter to tell cersei for a reason. There is no reason the tyrells would send men to rush a castle when they are getting raped and pillaged on their home land. Kind of just repeating some of the stuff that many people already went over that have had no explantion Another use brought up how Miranda made a comment that dragon stone still held for stannis... add that with stannis telling rolland storm to mine the dg. He will mine it and then go to the wall where its needed, stannis has no use of dragon stone, neither does loras or any of the tyrells Numerous people have brought up about 10 diff things about Mace Tyrell that if put all together it is laid out pretty easy. He knows Loras is fine and that he wouldnt go do some idiot mission for no reason at all... other then he said he would.. why would he agree to do that for cersei? she has nothing of value to give him in return, she is currently stripped of all power. he told her what she wanted to hear to appease her I will settle with at least knowing a good chunk of the people in this thread have their blinders off