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  1. It remains a secondary character, a zombie. . <- The only reason Hound is still on GOT is to show viewers Cleganebowl. Yes, that's what you believe.
  2. Daenerys = Rhaenys, Jon = Aegon, Arya = Visenya, Daenerys is going to die relatively young as Rhaenys, Jon and Arya will die to old age like Aegon and Visenya, Arya will survive them both.
  3. It ends with jon sitting on the throne of iron, ice and fire.
  4. Too much importance is attached to a secondary character / zombie, as is the mountain.
  5. That false plot has already been refuted.
  6. Arryn House is not located in the north. The knights of the valley are not vassals of the king of the north, they went to the battle because their Mr. Robin Arryn asked them to help their cousin sansa, but the valley has nothing to do with Jon.
  7. it was horrible.
  8. It's stupid.
  9. If from the last episode of season 7 until the end, he is represented as a Targaryen, the heir to the throne for being the son (legitimate in the show now) of Rhaegar Targaryen.
  10. Sansa is being introduced as a lady, not as a queen.
  11. Jon is not being presented as a representative of the stark house but of the targaryen, made him legitimate to the throne as targaryen heir and will know the truth in the next season, I think that Daenerys is going to die and jon will be the king in the end, that GRRM has been inspired by the war of the two roses for his work does not mean that he has to copy everything.
  12. Drogon will destroy Viserion, just as Drogo Killed Viserys.
  13. Daenerys dies.
  14. You mention Jon as "father" when He is not even one, LOL.
  15. Gendry is a character too secondary, he is not going to be the King. and because Gendry / Sansa ?, They have absolutely nothing to do, It would be a "romance" that came out of nowhere, and that is gaining some ground thanks to the fake "filtration" of the Next and Last season, but anyway I refuse to believe that crap.