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  1. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    She is a leader, without doubt. Just see how Meeren is falling apart after her departure and it is not only thanks to the dragon. Showing courage on the battlefield is not the only way to be brave. You are mistaken there. Stannis leaving the security of Dragonstone to defend the Wall is an act of courage. Jon letting the wilding pass through the Wall is too. These were risky actions that could cost them everything and in Jon's case it may have cost his life. Dany freeing the slaves was also a very courageous act. Dany staying in Meeren was too. What was Meeren for her? Apparently nothing or... everything. I don't think Robert was coward either. Starting and leading a rebellion against the throne was also a courageous act.
  2. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    All cowardly acts have some rationalizations, fear chief among them. Sure, Lysa wasn't in her best (thanks to LF manipulations too) but trying to keep the swords close wasn't exactly liberating. You seem to have a narrow definition of leadership. Daenerys probably did one of the most brave acts in the series when she decided to free the slaves. She took huge risks for something that seemingly only distracted of her main objective. Also, the comment regarding Joffrey is also wrong. For once Joffrey behaved. He didn't fight on the front, but he stayed in his post, manning the wall and he wouldn't have abandoned his position if it wasn't for his mother.
  3. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    Things is Aegon has been with us at least since ACOK, if not before given the suspecting behavior of both Varys and Illyrio. The build up has been slow, that is true, but he has been there he didn't come out of nowhere. Regarding Daenerys, my feeling is that GRRM has a lot more difficulty in getting into her shoes than with any other character. He could write books after books of Tyrion chapters, but it gets hard to write Danys, despite the prime role he had in mind since for her the beginnings. This is also coupled with an additional difficulty in describing Essos - where Dany currently is - in a more believable manner. Essos is very sketchy in comparison with the complex details we get of Westeros. Despite this, what he had achieved - particularly in Volantis & Braavos - is excellent.
  4. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    As I said before, Joffrey didn't hide during Blackwater. It was probably the only instance of him behaving as a king, manning the walls and wanting to lead the defense of the Red Keep. It was Cersei who ordered to be brought inside the castle. Regarding cowardly acts. Lysa not calling the banners - despite that many of the Vale's lords wished to join Robb - was a very coward act of far reaching consequences.
  5. Why do so many people disregard fAegon in their theories ?

    Because Aegon will be cheered once he gains the crow. And this is the drama of Dany too. Certainly all hidden Targaryens loyalists have heard of her and are maybe waiting for her and her dragons, but out of sudden Rhaegar's heir shows up and he will steal away from Dany all loyalists and all popular support she had once hoped for. When she turns west, she will found out she is not welcome and she will be devastated. Once she turns north to defeat the Others, things may change. The cheering crowd also suggest that the Lannister's regime is not at the end as yet. Cersei will need to do few more despicable things so the people will gladly open the doors to some stranger.
  6. Winter warfare in TWoW (and later on)

    BTW, How was the weather during Robert's Rebellion? We know that trouble began at the Tourney at Harrenhal, 281 AC, known as the year of false spring. Weather was becoming warm but then reversed, so some kind of winter followed afterward. But for how long and how hard? The references I found are sketchy but it seems that winter lasted till 282 AC, so it is indeed possible that some major battles were fought in winter conditions.
  7. Second strongest houses in each kingdom?

    This seems to be a good estimate. Remember that Manderly also built about 50 warships. Using the typical scaling of 100 men per ship, it gives you 5000 men only in to crew the ships, if not more.
  8. Top 5 Favorite Characters (POV vs non-POV)

    Recurrent characters only - Daenerys - Davos - Stannis - Dolorous Edd/Sandor Clegane/Tormund Giantbane (I'm split) - Val
  9. Second strongest houses in each kingdom?

    I think the assessment of the second strongest house should be done retroactively based on evidence from the books. One shouldn't assess it at the current timeline because situation has been and is changing dramatically. If tWoW is published tomorrow, the rankings listed above would change overnight as many of these houses are in dire peril, e.g. Boltons, Hightower, Redwynes, Freys.
  10. What was Varys doing when KL fell?

    What was Varys doing during the Blackwater?
  11. A thought on the WOW prologue...

    But then it's freaking and unnecessarily ambiguous! Maybe Mance is indeed Craster's son, the only one who escaped the Others grip. IIRC there also was the contradictory appreciation about Jeyne Westerling hips by Jaime vs Cat, that was deleted afterward.
  12. A thought on the WOW prologue...

    There are so many interwoven themes in Dance that makes the rest of the books simple in comparison. It is just a feeling, not that I have something hard to back it up From top of my head. there is for example that ambiguous Sam's comment about Mance's son "The boy was Mance Rayder's son and Craster's grandson, after all. He had none of Sam's craven blood." Uh?
  13. "missing" epilogues

    All five books so far have prologues, but only two have epilogues. Prologues seem to introduce a new storyline or reinforce some thematics. Epilogues seem to give some plots twists. People have been trying to find patterns in the prologues. For example, all prologue PoV are not nobles, there seem to be a pattern of north and south of the wall, etc. The two epilogues are from noblemen PoV. I guess the only real pattern is that prologue/epilogue PoV characters die at the end of the chapter or shortly afterwards. I'm sure that GRRM had very good reasons to not include epilogues in AGOT, ACOK & AFFC, but retrospectively speaking, What would you like to be the epilogues for theses books? They need to make sense timeline wise, introduce some plot twists or reinforce some storyline. My selection. - AGOT: I'd leave it like that, the last chapter details the single most important event of the series so far. Any epilogue would weaken that. - ASOS: I'd make an epilogue from the PoV of one of the warlocks from Qarth sailing to take revenge from Dany, until they get captured by some crazy pirate (guess who), without naming or describing him. Maybe few things would need to be changed down the road to make the association a bit harder. This chapter would also give some hints of the rising of magic, etc. - AFFC: This is harder for me, because timeline wise is at the middle of Dance. Maybe a PoV from one knight of the Vale, getting killed by the mountain clans of the Mountains of the Moon. This would also give us some info about the politics of the Vale from a different perspective than Sansa.
  14. A thought on the WOW prologue...

    I fully disagree! Dance is certainly the most profound book of the series and lies such a very strong groundwork for Winds that it may even difficult to reap all its fruits. Same with Feat, though I would allow that this one seems to contain more errors than other books and the storyline is not as well glued as with Dance. If there is something that Feast&Dance failed is to build some groundwork for the Fall of the Wall and the Others invasion. This could have been done cheaply through off-hand comments, dreams, certain passages in Varamyr prologue etc. Now, if you like pyrotechnic, certainly Feast&Dance are not your books.
  15. Targs lack of interest in terms of invading Essos

    I think this has been discussed many times. There are few things to win in such campaign and much to lose. And a big realm to rule, whore you must be careful to keep the balance of powers. Only through the Great Houses bannermen. Anyone who answer the call may win a good piece of the conquest, but if they lose they will be weakened back at home. Think on the Boltons and Dustin holding armies from Robb. They are now in better position compared to the rest of the Northern lords. A war in foreign lands is very destabilizing for internal politics. I doubt that. Everything we know of the Free Cities is they have better technologies than Westeros. Even people in Qohor can rework Valyrian steel. Some cities even have standing armies. But it's true there nothing similar to knights in Essos. Sounds like a good idea. Conqust the Stepstones and charge for the passage. Do you think that Braavos will be happy? Myr? Pentos? Your own merchants at home? Who will hold the islands? Then you conquest the Free Cities and commerce goes down to a standstill. How do you deal with the Dothraki? Dragons are powerful war machines but unless you recreate Valyria and its hundreds of dragonlords, you cannot go conquering the world. The conquest of Westeros was both a military and political success, not easy to achieve elsewhere.