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  1. Is Tysha in Sothoryos?

    I always found more probably that the Sailor's Wife is actually Gerion's who is/was indeed a sailor.
  2. Interesting stuff. Certainly there is more in Val (and Dalla) than explicitly stated. However... ...there is a problem here. If Val has a religious/magic role among the wildings, she should know basic medical care. In particular midwifery, which is why women took a prominent spiritual role in more "primitive" cultures. Bringing life and helping to it, has been always very important. But during the battle, when Dalla is starting to labor, Val gets quite afraid and wants to call out for the midwifes, which is impossible in the middle of the battle and she needs to assist her sister (who also died). So, unless GRRM slipped here, this passage would go against of what we know about spiritual leaders in these cultures.
  3. Most intriguing place to you outside of Westeros

    Westeros is not very interesting for me. Intriguing. Certainly Asshai. Interesting Rhoyne and specially Volantis.
  4. Regarding Shadrich/Reed- Motivation for Blackwater. ?

    I don't think the Mad Mouse fought at the Blackwater (whoever he is). That is just a backstory he created to make his quest believable.
  5. R+L=J speculation from frigging 1998!

    People in Usenet (good times, good times) already guessed some important plot lines with only one book at hand in 1998! (and already complaining it's taking too long between books) Link here
  6. House Frey fans... bad news :(

    Indeed. Mississippi is a well studied cause. I've read about that and also that it's past time for another change of course. One day, I'll visit the Mississippi. Also, wasn't mentioned in the series that the Trident changed its course in "historical" times, leaving certain inn in the middle of nowhere?
  7. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    This is true, however that part remains mostly unexplored in his PoV (contrary to Davos), which brings me to my main critique to the series of being too focused on nobility. BTW: I don't understand the obsession with Darkstar. Apart of having a cool nickname, there is - so far - little of interest in him
  8. Would fAegons invasion work against a united Baratheon regime?

    Yeah, but the realm was already in very poor shape. It wasn't at the time Robert was king.
  9. Would fAegons invasion work against a united Baratheon regime?

    Indeed, Varys and Illyrio would have never allowed an invasion at the height of Robert's reign. However at the start of the series is clear that Varys hasn't caused any real disruption at all. It is explicitly stated that it was not yet time. In fact, Littlefinger caused much greater disruption than Varys. What was the original plan to undermine Robert's reign, it's not clear, but he expected to have better control of the situation, including the twincest reveal.
  10. Let's wildly speculate about Hotah's stupid, pointless plot.

    I don't think that Arianne could have filled that role as she is too nonobjective regarding Doran. But I agree that Areo is one of the most unsatisfying PoV of the series, the guy is basically a webcam on Doran, with little to none own development. Now that things are becoming interesting for Dorne, he is "sent" away from Doran. Who is going to report on him regarding all complicate decisions Doran has to take? Of course, he may be back soon, or not. There is also Obara's little arc and her hatred of Oldtown where other important characters are.
  11. Indeed, forgot about this one. If people are looking for the "coolest" gay in the books, you have it in Hother "Whorebane" Umber There was also a gay couple at the Wall - ADWD, Melisandre
  12. You know, gay people, as hetero ones, come in a range of forms and shapes in real life. In the books too. You have the "cool" and "macho" (according to your standards) Oberyn Martell; to the sad, bitter and asexual JonCon; the fine and educated Loras and the "drag queen" Lysono Maar, etc. Take your pick. I'm sure GRRM has some sympathy for gays and why no? He has included a good number of social, political and philosophical issues in the text, some in a subtle way, others quite explicit. Being a contemporary writer, it would be rare, he didn't include at least some hints to the gay world.
  13. I knew that reference, but I always took it as just sleeping, same as Margaery with her cousins. It seems that it's pretty normal for high born ladies to have female companions in bed, which of course doesn't mean a sexual relationship. I'll look closer next time. LOL, same with poor sad bitter JonCon. There is little coolness in him.
  14. Ellaria, maybe, do you have further proof that it's not experimentation? Taena on the other hand, not sure. It just seems to me she is manipulating Cersei. Really? Could you please elaborate?