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  1. Maester's Conspiracy

    This is my interpretation too. Being a scientist myself, I find very troubling that the only accepted approximation to the World nowadays is through "science and reason", rejecting any other form of knowledge. In our World as well as in Westeros, this is going to bring dire consequences.
  2. Worst of the worst

    Indeed, and this is important, because is one of the tricks that GRRM uses to confuse the readers. It the same with Victarion. He is so stupid that we laugh at him and easily forget his brutal actions. With Tywin he does the opposite, making him so respectable that it is easy to feel admiration and disconnect his character from the brutal war he led in the Riverlands.
  3. Ned Ignoring Arya

    The Starks aren't the brightest kids in the block. Some of them, like Jon or Ned aren't far ahead of Victarion. They are characterized with a very straightforward way of thinking. Only Arya shows more perspicacity from the beginning. And after much suffering, Sansa.
  4. Worst of the worst

    Revolutionaries are not in fashion nowadays, unfortunately.
  5. That Trip to the Crypts

    I didn't say they met in the crypts. I say that it is very likely, almost a certainty that Theon showed the crypts to Mance, unless he learned that from another person, like Lady Dustin or Big Walder, but this is very improbable. Mance already sent a spearwife to Theon to ask about the crypts. Mance adopted the name Abel, an anagram of Bael, who hide in the crypts of Winterfell. Mance wants to pull out a Bael in WF. He needs the position of the crypts for that, for a "song", not only because a possible escape route. We must not forget that our King-beyond-the-Wall is first and foremost a singer. Once they captured Theon, he certainly told Mance everything he knows, except two things. He didn't kill Bran & Rickon and Ramsay's wife is not Ayra.
  6. Worst of the worst

    Wrong. There are examples in asoiaf without going to the real world. Because it is based on the exploitation of other human beings. The right to stop the suffering on thousands of people and she did it at high risk for herself. This is another confusion. Being elected doesn't automatically put you in higher moral grounds. The triarchs in Volantis are elected and have given peace and prosperity for 300 years, yet most people in Volantis are slaves. Even if it doesn't, it was still worthwhile.
  7. Worst of the worst

    This is another of the moral traps planted by GRRM to confuse our poor souls.
  8. Worst of the worst

    Uff, there are lots, but certainly Tywin's war tops everything even if he never stains his own hands. The monsters are on the loose because of him, Gregor, Amory, Vargo, even Ramsay. Littlefinger forcing Jeyne into prostitution and then selling her to Ramsay. Varys and his tongue cutting of little children Euron with Falia etc, etc, etc
  9. Plot developments / expectations for The Winds of Winter

    Dreadfort. I think we shouldn't forget Dreadfort. Allegedly, it is protected by a small garrison. I guess it's not that small as A. Karstark claimed, but smallish nevertheless. But it seems to be the best provisioned castle in the North, bar White Harbor (which is now being overflowed by refugees). These provisions may be important for skipping the winter. What can happen there one can only guess. 1) After dispatching the Freys and Manderlys against Stannis, Roose may decide to leave WF to Ramsay and go back to Dreadfort with much of his forces. In that case, nobody except the Others or dragons will be able to take him out there. He may even leave if he learned that Stannis is 'dead' 2) If Roose or Ramsay flee after the battle, they will be weakened and unable to protect Dreadfort properly. The Northern coalition may decide to strike at them. There are a couple of options. White Harbor can send its ships and land at the coast, comfortably bringing its forces close to Dreadfort, provisions and even siege engines. Stannis or Jon, can make use of the giants and mammoths. 3) If both die, it will be of course easier to take the castle and its valuable provisions.
  10. Plot developments / expectations for The Winds of Winter

    Illyrio is certainly more easy to guess. He is very likely Aegon's father, whose mother was a Blackfyre (hence the 'debts of affection to repay' and the statements like 'Blackfyre extinct by the male line', 'contracts written in blood', etc). He may even be a Blackfyre descendant. Maybe not. His objective is to install Aegon Blackfyre in the Iron Throne. Varys is more mysterious, I'd say. He is strongly cooperating with Illyrio which would argue of also being part of the Blackfyre conspiration. But at the same time he seems to be aiming for higher ideals in relation to the realm. Not simply a Blackfyre takeover. Regarding the OP. It is also interesting that Illyrio is aware that winter is coming and there is no food for the realm. Of course he doesn't know how hard this winter will be, but he seems to have a plan regarding the lack of food.
  11. The Green Grace was behind the poison in Hizdahr's box

    Once I ate a bowl of spicy shrimps and didn't vomit. I'd guess locusts are not so different. The last is a possibility if they are in the loop too so to administer the proper antidote, if it's exists. At risk of splitting the hairs in four, a lot of poisons are quite quick in crossing organic barriers, so even he retched a lot of locusts, he should have still ingested a good quantity of the poison. If one or two locusts are sufficient to kill a 55kg Daenerys, how many are necessary to kill a 150kg Belwas? The first is true, except that GG does know about Dany-Daario and expresses that openly. The second may be possible or not unless we know the substance. Remember that after eating the wild berries Dany lost a lot of liquid through her back side. It is speculated that it also induce an miscarriage. Which doesn't mean much. Marriages at that age, was hardly because of love. Consummation is part of the formalities and since he knew she was with Daario.... Which would make sense if it was an abortive. The problem of having poisoned the locusts, in particular the locusts is still an unanswered question. It means that the substance was likely to be detected in another type of food, which raises questions about the capabilities of the conspirators. She was fucking Daario for weeks already (?) and certainly the cupbears are informing GG, maybe even whether she got her period. A possible pregnancy is certainly a risk. Remember Jaime forbidding Jeyne Westerling of marrying for two years.
  12. The Green Grace was behind the poison in Hizdahr's box

    I'm unconvinced. The Green Grace is the Harpy, that's for sure. No discussion here. But... 1) If it's Tears of Lys, why poison the locusts, which have a strong taste and never ever Dany was inclined to eat them, unlike figs and dates and wine. They could have easily poison any of these things and Dany wouldn't have noticed. 2) The poison was rather mild. Belwas ate a whole bowl and didn't die. To be sure, Belwas is a massive guy, but how many locusts did they expect Dany to eat? One, two or three? Would have been enough? I doubt it. No... they didn't intend to kill Dany, not yet. There are two theories I find more convincing. 1) It was the Shavepate wanting to drive a drift between Dany and the Hizdahr, without hurting her. If he knew that Belwas was fond of the locusts and die for it, the better. Belwas although dear to Dany, was easy to spare (same conclusion that Dany reaches in aSoS). Missandei would have been an overkill. Barristan, Grey Worm, etc are too important. If nobody dies but few get sick, same effect is achieved. Dany gets angry and division in the marriage grows. 2) It was an abortive provided by the Green Grace, because there were concerns she was pregnant of Daario (and she was). Unlike poisons were many possibilities exists, there are a handful of abortives, and maybe only one available in Meeren. It is possible that particular substance has an strong flavor that need to be hidden if provided to an unsuspecting woman. Hence sweet and spicy. Abortives are dangerous substances nevertheless and they didn't expect Dany to eat more than a couple of locusts, but eating a bowl would make any person sick. We learn that Moon Tea can be dangerous too. Interesting catch however. What about two overlapping plots? One with the locusts and another with sweetwater? I have similar suspicions regarding the Pink Letter.
  13. Plot developments / expectations for The Winds of Winter

    Maybe a little inconsistency from GRRM's part. Not a big deal anyway, same with Jorah still acting creepy after Daenerys miracle. Please! I don't think the chapter would have been released if major changes are needed. But we can disagree here. Cersei is pretty good at obtaining tactical victories (see how she ends on top following Robbert and Tywin deaths, etc), but very bad at strategical thinking. If she moved fast after Kevan's death he could have managed to get into the Regency again. How, it would be interesting to see. We know little, but you are right, there is a massive Tyrell army at KL. A part of that army is descending upon Storm's End and probably another part is marching fast back to deal with the Ironborn, so things are pretty much settled in KL.
  14. Plot developments / expectations for The Winds of Winter

    I'm not disagreeing with you, but indeed even an easy victory at the Crofter Village as often described, it will be still a Pyrrhic victory as long as they don't get into Winterfell. Bolton can hold a very long time inside. Longer than anyone outside. I give it quite granted, what exactly he's going to do, I have no clue. He wants Theon at the tree for a reason. Interestingly Asha understands this or was she warged? OT. I never understood why "Renly's ghost" produced such overwhelming psychological effect while Stannis 'Lightbringer' was completely useless in that respect. I mean if you see a king wielding a sword that shines like the morning Sun, you go and kneel to him. Or it was that Stannis was too way behind so nobody noticed? I disagree here. The Mercy chapter pretty much implies that Cersei is back in power. How came that to happen, it's hard to say. Also, Lord Varys wants Cersei back in power.
  15. Plot developments / expectations for The Winds of Winter

    This is an important point. Even if Stannis obtains an easy victory at the Crofter Village (big if), he is still sitting in the snow and whatever provisions the Freys brought are not more than a refreshment. He still needs to take Winterfell, which is a strong castle. So, all the speculations of Stannis faking his death to take the castle by guile, might be well true. How does actually happens, I've no idea. Do the Boltons return prematurely to Dreadfort? or Do they get smashed inside WF? Don't forget that something important is going to happens at the tree.* I don't think that Stannis die there, because it's not the end of his arc. Stannis will try, and hard, to gain to loyalty of the northmen and may even succeed, but he will fail when faced with the threat of the Others and try to be AA, because he is not. * It will be a sweet irony that Stannis wins the battle thanks to the 'old gods' and Jon is resurrected thanks to R'hllor.