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  1. Most: Dany freeing the slaves Least: Saltpans massacre by Rorge and this other bastards
  2. dragons have the size of 747s

    http://watchersonthewall.com/dragons-year-size-747s-game-thrones/ Isn't that a overkill. How in the world schuld anyone stand a chance against that?
  3. Just how important is Mance?

    Yeah, I didn't see the purpose in saving his life. Maybe to help Bran later on?
  4. Your Hero: Top 3

    1. Daenerys Targaryen - She frees the slaves 2. Jaime Lennister - Saved the entire population of kingslanding. 3. Jon Snow - For saving the wildlings
  5. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Yeah, I think you are right. But that doesn't mean that there is no way for Jon to become king in the north or warden. There's just no straight forward way.
  6. Truly good characters

    I don't think that there are any truly good characters in this story. Maybe Brienne, but she has chosen the job of a knight. Yes she believes in the fairytales like protecting the weak and the innocent, but in the end she kills like everyone else. I believe to be considered as truly good, not only are the objectives important, but also the methods to achieve them. A person like Mahatma Gandhi, to bring an example from the real world
  7. Dany will never be queen (Theory)

    But what happens after the battle against the Others? Dany would never stay in the north. She has no rolle in the North, no task and the climate is to cold. She lived for the whole show in warmer climate. I think she needs to die, so that this scenario becomes true.
  8. Stannis will still be King

    He is dead on the show. And even if he comes back to live, he has no support anymore. He has failed miserably.
  9. Where does Danny land?

    Most likely on Dragonstone, but I think that's is a stupid idea. Her army is to large. And she should land the Dothraki on the continent maybe in the Stormlands.
  10. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    I don't really care about (f)Aegon, he just appeared to late at the party. I wouldn't lose sleep over it, if he dies. But he is an interesting side character.
  11. Who should common man in Westeros follow

    Always follow your the guy your sworn to obey. In this case House Selmy.
  12. We know, that the winning side of the battle for Meerren wins everything and the loser will lose everything, at least in slaver's bay. So, let's ausume that Dany's forces win the battle for Merreen. What is the best way forward to abolish slavery? How should she deal with the reamining slavers? How should she deal with Yunkai?
  13. Post your most hated POV's

    Victarion Catelyn Sam Sansa
  14. Is it evil when Bran wargs into Hodor's mind?

    I woud define evil as morally wrong or bad, reprehensible. There is definitely a spectrum of evil. I don't have any Problem with Bran warging into Summer, because direwolf are animals. But people are a different thing and Hodor is a human. Just because he is not particularly smart or even disabled doesn't make him less human. If Bran would just do it for fun, like the case in the cave when he did it out of boredom. Then I would put it on the same level as rape. Most cases, however, were different. Then he did it out of necessity to protect himself and Hodor. I think this can justify the intervention.
  15. Hodor can't do anything at this point. Bran basically slaves Hodor when he is warging into his body. It's makes me totally crazy when I think about it, that someone could penetrate int my mind and take over my body.