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  1. Better yet - Count Fenring.
  2. It's been interesting to see when the show runners drop in chunks of book plot remixed into the larger season story arcs. It's not really fan service but they could easily just tell the story they want in the TV show at this point so it's funny that they bother. I do find myself thinking about major book scenes that are left and if they'll be showing up as some point.
  3. As for this point, I do think it's important that Paul is a teen, not a young man, when everything goes sideways. His youth is a repeated plot theme throughout the book really until the final third. For practical and marketing reasons, I think they will age him up a bit
  4. Ha! Perfect... "one does not simply walk into Carthag..."
  5. That's great news. I'll be fascinated to see how this is cast. Some idle thoughts: Michael Fassbender would be a good Leto. Vera Famiga for Jessica Ray Liotta as Gurney although no idea if he can sing. Mike Myers as Fat Bastard as Vladimir Harkonen Someone genuinely young to play Paul, not some 20 something young Hollywood type playing a 15 year old to start. If they cast a kid who's maybe 17-18 then by the time film two is under way, he'll be 19+ and can pull off the third act of the book age wise.
  6. You mean you deleted it. What a passive aggressive way to operate. Given that the entire time frame and plot of the three books have largely been discarded, it seems extreme to delete that post for 'spoilers' given that it didn't touch on anything to do with anyone's involvement in any specific problem or solution or the underlying cause of that problem. Guys, some of the characters introduced on the show may do things related to magic at some point in the future. #spoilers I'm sorry to have ruined the show for the ... three other people who post on this thread.
  7. I don't know how common it is but a guy in my town was breaking up a fight, got knocked over and hit his head on the curb - dead on impact, so it does happen.
  8. Info dump writers. Some are great in spite of this but most seem to be writing just to occupy shelf space or to hide their basic lack of interesting ideas, characters or plots.
  9. I want this to actually be a 'Cheers' type show set in the Eolian. Denna and Kvothe can be the Sam + Diane of the show.
  10. Yes, yes, I know TNG did it first (and other shows) but the time travel bit was great. I am very close to just fast forwarding over anything to do with Margo and the fairies though. I just don't care about anything to do with that plot.
  11. Poor guy, those mental health challenges sound brutal. Eagerly awaiting ToE on any particular time frame that works out. I still think it will come out before Winds of Winter or the Rofhfuss book.
  12. LOTR, Sam and Frodo. Name of the Wind, Rothfuss and Kvothe
  13. Nonsense, there hasn't been a single plumber or pizza delivery guy yet.
  14. Yes indeed. Foundation is reductive nonsense. Oh look a whole planet of people who are all the same, just like every American wears cowboy boots and every Australian is Crocodile Dundee.
  15. I know the set up of 'the Magicians' is Hogwarts and Narnia but for flawed people in their 20s but the tone of the series reminds much more 'adult' version of Buffy. Somewhat random mix of people of various magic skills and powers deal with supernatural happenings and their own complicated human problems and failings.