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  1. This is a popular medieval legend.
  2. This. Actually I'm stunned to see the number of people who think Arya is a lost f...ed psycho/sociopath…
  3. Oh, I almost forgot: Bronn is a Tarbeck.
  4. The Lady of Winterfell is not a Mormont "shebear"; she's not supposed to fight on the battlements; if she's found in a situation where she has to use a weapon, it would mean that the battle is lost, the castle invested, etc.
  5. Is that supposed to be funny or sarcastic?
  6. Varys is a merman
  7. If you believe Sansa will learn how to fight with a dagger/sword/spear/bow/whatever you haven't been paying attention…
  8. GoT became famous precisely because it wasn't "common television", it had the power to immerse the viewer in a credible universe; Do you think GRRM wrote several episodes "with acting talent in mind", at the expense of the plot? Compare the Battle of the Blackwater and the BoB: they don't belong to the same show…
  9. I find them very convincing and certainly not "baseless". Now I concur these videos are way too long, he repeats the same arguments several times, his tone is annoying, etc. The way he demonstrated how they changed the end of the BoB because they ran out of time was very interesting…
  10. Like what?
  11. Don't feed the troll. Close the thread.
  12. No kidding… We all know where is the Dreadfort; @The Fattest Leech was joking because this important castle has suddenly disappeared from the scene, just like Dorne's army and Houses…
  13. Must be the kennel where Ghost is living…
  14. House Blackwood. btw I loved the passage in which Jamie goes to Raventree (to settle the Bracken/Blackwood feud) and finally chooses Hoster B. as an hostage…
  15. Absolutely. And you may add a representative of the Citadel; no one thought the Westerosi "scientific" authority should be informed?