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  1. Yes, yet we haven't even seen one single person shaping glass blades or harrowheads…
  2. Which shows that the writers don't even know the basic ASOIAF lore… bastards don't bear the name related to their place of birth but that of the place where they are raised…
  3. I don't get it… what do you mean?
  4. Totally. How do they rehearse, then? With fake text? Like "Your Grace, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet?" No Lord Varys, consectetur adipiscing elit!
  5. No one mentions Meera Reeds? I think there's something mysterious and fascinating in the devotion of this young woman for a cause and a mission that are neither obvious nor rewarding ...
  6. I've found Myrcella very pretty with the long golden hair, in yellow dress with plunging neckline…
  7. Moon tea prepared by who? Look what happened to the old servant who tried to help Sansa… My theory is Ramsey is impotent. He rapes Sansa, yes, but not with his penis. Prove me wrong
  8. Are you serious? Yesterday, in this very thread, you wrote "Tyrion isn't as smart, as he thinks he is. He's a drunkard, and a debauchee, and he hates his family."
  9. Yes, and when Yohn Royce casts a doubt on how Sansa finds herself in the hands of the Boltons, Littlefinger clearly threatens him… It's D&D's fault, not Sansa's, if Littlefinger acts like a creepy idiot in Winterfell…
  10. Exactly. Those people accept to serve a self-proclaimed queen, crowned by some creepy mad maester, who destroyed the seat of the "official" religion and burned alive hundreds of people including the reignant Queen and her family… Imagine Robb Stark (not exactly a war criminal) in Dany's position (in Dragonstone, with dragons and a huge army): how long would have he hesitated before attacking?
  11. Define "innocent people". Anyway the dragons burning the Red Keep would kill less people than would a siege and would have a major psychologic impact. When you attack a continent with 3 dragons and 100K dothrakis warriors casualties of war are inevitable.
  12. There is no "abortion" theory. It's never mentioned, there are no details to provide. It's simply an other case of someone who's no longer able to make the difference between real life and a fictional world. soon Sansa will be reproached with voting Democrat or driving a polluting car…
  13. This. 100%. This is absolutely unavoidable and any attempt to do otherwise is justified only by the inability or laziness of the writers to describe Cersei placed in a different situation… One might think that Lena Headey (or her impresario) is henceforth the showrunner…
  14. What? Where did you get that? When and where is it mentioned? Anyway, what's the interest of thread so inflamed about one of the most badly written plot of the series, where LF, the great schemer waits patiently while twirling his moustache that something happens to him?