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  1. Illyrio & Varys: untruths and exaggerations

    Just found this thread and had a random thought. So although it's a sculpture rather than a painting, the description of Illyrio's statue reminded me of Caravaggio's various paintings of beautiful young men/boys and it also struck me that the younger Varys might have been considered a good subject for the same type of work, so maybe that had some role in their meeting? In any event though, it seems reasonable enough that the handsome and poor young Illyrio made for a good artist's subject and then the fat and rich older Illyrio later bought the work which depicted him. The sculptor probably wouldn't even have recognized him/made the connection between the two, unless Illyrio brought it up himself.
  2. The Book of the New Sun First Read and Re-read project [spoilers]

    Thanks for the reply. Good synopsis. Thinking about it, I wonder if there's some kind of dominatrix aspect going on. Because while the torturer's outfit is probably intended to evoke a Medieval headsman (although from the most well known of the book covers I also get a bit of a Luchador feel), it also comes across as looking like "bondage gear". And it would kind of make sense if the counterpart of the Torturer's Guild was also about inflicting pain, but in a pleasurable/ non-harmful way.
  3. The books coming out in 2017

    Thanks for sharing that. Glad to see some info about the collected/print editions of K.J. Parker's "Two of Swords". The new Ann Leckie also sounds great. I had seen a while back that she had signed with Orbit for an additional novel but I had no idea that it was actually coming out in the near future (here's hoping). Not clear from the description if it's in the Radach 'verse. Doesn't sound like it, although it could be within the same setting but in a place outside of the Empire. As a general thought, kind of amusing to see it outlined how publishers and booksellers should promote various titles.
  4. The Book of the New Sun First Read and Re-read project [spoilers]

    Just noticed this thread. It's been a while since I've read the books (and not sure I ever read the full series), but something I've always wondered was what exactly the Witches were. Is that clearly spelled out somewhere? Appreciate if someone could clear this up for me.
  5. Scott Lynch's THORN OF EMBERLAIN

    No worries. Malicious was probably too strong on my part and I don't mean to go "leave Scott alone!". I guess in terms of authors who have schedule slips, I cut him a lot more slack than I do Rothfus (or Martin for that matter) because of the reason behind it. And because he is receptive to giving updates. A few years back, I had a fairly negative opinion due to all of these hypothetical books Lynch was imagining when only I think two were out at that point. But I came around after learning more about the guy and his situation and I don't think he's really promoting those hypothetical books anymore anyway. I could be wrong that one of his announcements will be the completion of "Thorn", but I don't think it's totally out there (I forget how much was left when he made his last announcement).
  6. Scott Lynch's THORN OF EMBERLAIN

    Yes. That's not actually the update (nothing new is posted yet at Lynch's tumblr). Although kind of funny, I find it kind of in poor taste though, because while I wasn't happy with the reveal that Thorn wasn't going to be published this past September, with his struggles with depression, Lynch has a pretty good reason for the schedule slip of that book, and so it kind of rubs me the wrong way to parody his updates concerning things going well for him in his personal life. Although, I am sensing a possible Garfield joke so maybe I'm reading too much in terms of seeing a malicious sentiment.
  7. Scott Lynch's THORN OF EMBERLAIN

    Reminds me of a certain other author, especially in terms of an infamous New Years announcement... Actually though I think it's fairly likely one of the details is announcement of completion/release date for "Thorn". I'm guessing one of the things are details about his story in the Book of Swords- which I think he tweeted something about but hadn't posted details yet on his blog. And another is probably some information about this Dusk City Outlaws Kickstarter I've vaguely been hearing about that's somewhat based on the "Lockeverse". No idea about other announcements.
  8. Scott Lynch's THORN OF EMBERLAIN

    I felt like I should post b/c I was the one who asked that question (have been following the news on the anthology for a while). I had debated asking whether the story was set in the Gentleman Bastard-verse, but I kind of figured that 1) a sword and sorcery story would likely be in the "Theradane setting" and 2) he'd be more likely to provide details on a non-Emberlain related question.
  9. Ken Liu’s Dandelion Dynasty

    I really enjoyed both books, although I do have a qualm with the extent to which they track to Chinese history- so much so that in general, once you figure out who everyone's equivalents are, you can pretty much guess the story. It does strike me that while Liu does add a lot to that background (I like the style and worldbuilding), part of the reason the series works/is popular is because Westerners probably aren't familiar with the history being riffed off. I mean I know that there are other writers (i.e. Guy Gavriel Kay) who have written fantasy novels with a very obvious historical inspiration, but I feel like this series tracks closer than most. Maybe it's paradoxically because the characters "seem" original to someone unfamiliar with the history but are so closely based on historical people (or at least legendary accounts of them) and their fates are bound by the fates of those people.
  10. The books coming out in 2017

    Darth Richard, speaking of the Bear book, the cover was just revealed on Enjoy. (Crossposting from the cover art thread)
  11. Upcoming Cover Art VII

    Cover reveal of The Stone in the Skull by Elizabeth Bear
  12. The books coming out in 2017

    Yep. That's one of the stories that's been announced and I'm looking forward to it (as well as the novel coming out the same month).
  13. The books coming out in 2017

    I've been following info about this anthology for a while and I'm pleased it finally had an Amazon page- The Book of Swords by Gardner Dozois- It's a sword and sorcery themed anthology and contains stories by among others Scott Lynch, Elizabeth Bear, Ken Liu, Mathew Hughes, K.J. Parker, Ellen Kushner, and apparently GRRM himself. Curious about the last one (obviously given this forum). When I had first heard of the anthology it was in the context of it being something Dozois was doing himself rather than the usual Martin/Dozois thing, but in a recent interview, Lynch and Bear had mentioned Martin being involved. I'm guessing that we aren't lucky enough to get a new "Dunk and Egg" story, so it will probably be one of those Targaryean/Westerosi history things. I've always been interested in reading in-universe tales of Lann the Clever and Pate the Pig Boy and would love if the story was something like that. Basically, I'd like to read something ASOIAF that's really in a Vancian/humorous mode. Not to speak ill of Martin, but while "The Rogue Prince" fit the subject matter of the Rogues anthology, it didn't really provide that kind of tone.
  14. Bean would be a pretty good choice acting-wise, but I think lookswise, he's way too pretty (for lack of a better word) to play Logen. Logen is supposed to look hulking and thuggish, with his looks suffering from years of fighting. I had thought of Bean though for Bethod, to underscore his being sort of an evil Aragorn/person who "should have been a hero". Also, my earlier post got borked but had commented in terms of characterization of the stories not lining up that I had a hard time reconciling the cringing worm Rews of "A Beautiful Bastard" with the presentation of Rews in the original trilogy, in which he's remembered by others as the life of the party.
  15. I don't think McShane would be well suited for Cosca, because he gives the feel of being an intimidating(former) warrior and I don't get a sense of Cosca ever being intimidating. He's sort of flamboyant and foppish and has always reminded me of like a non-fat Falstaff, and depending on the novels shows unexpected competence or an unexpected ruthless/evil side. One thing I would say that makes me wonder about casting Cosca is that he seems to come off somewhat differently in his three appearances, and not just because of character development: *Cosca in the First Law trilogy has the feel of a flamboyant Italian/Mediterranean type (think Syrio Forel), in part because from Glokta's perspective he's a foreigner *Cosca in Best Served Cold comes off as a British toff fallen on bad times, again in part because from Monza and Vitari's perspective he's a countryman. Cosca in Red Country is sort of a composite of Richard Harris and Gene Hackman's characters in Unforgiven. I still think he's mostly British there in depiction but definitely a pretty different guy than either of his two previous apperances.