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  1. This is a very interesting thread. Trying to think of other authors who fit various categories. Regarding Abercrombie though, while I think this is true of the First Law Trilogy, I don't really find it the case with the stand alone novels in the series (especially Red Country) or ultimately with the Shattered Sea series. One of Abercrombie's big ideas in subsequent books is how when characters make easy choices/opt not to do the right thing, they ultimately wind up miserable. Whereas while doing the right thing is generally difficult, the characters who follow this path ultimately wind up better off. Fundamentally, the theme of Abercrombie's books is that everyone tends to get exaclty what they deserve for better or (more often) worse. So, I'd lean more toward calling him a cynical optimist.
  2. That's interesting. An expansion of her story in that "Starlit Wood" anthology. Will be interesting to compare the two.
  3. I'm a bit hesitant to post this, since I was "fooled" before, but another update from Scott that seems legit. There was just a new episode of a podcast called "Unreliable Narrators" where Scott was interviewed along with Elizabeth Bear. It's quite amusing and informative, so I'd recommend a listen in any case- However, on the specific point of Thorn, Scott says on the podcast that it is definitely coming out in 2018, and the way he discusses that and other current involvements (short stories and a secret project), it seems legit and something I'd take stock in (but see previous comment on being fooled before).
  4. Yeah. That seems obvious in retrospect. I guess part of Subterranean's business model is probably waiting a bit for people to purchase the individual novellas before including them in collections which are a better deal.
  5. The one that is going to be in Book of Swords? And I suppose also missing is that novella "Mightier Than the Sword". And come to think of it, there's also that Priest's Hole from that 5 stories, which I haven't read. Surprised that one wasn't included. Guessing in like a year or two there will be a "Swords" anthology from Subterranean that will include those and subsequent ones. It's kind of interesting to me with the upcoming "Father of Lies" anthology that there were enough stories to support a "deal with the devil" theme. Some more literally than others. Granted, not all of them fit. Like "The Dragonslayer of Merebarton" and "Safe House" really don't fit and are probably included for the sake of completeness. I think they'd probably better fit in a hypothetical anthology that included the Book of Swords story that would be like "K.J. Parker does heroic fantasy".
  6. I've been really curious about learning more about the specifics of the Two of Swords books- although I plan in any event to buy the omnibuses when they come out. I did wonder if there was some drop off in quality, because while I couldn't read the second review (not being a member), I noted that RT gave the first omnibus a glowing review and then rated the second at only two stars. On another topic, Subterranean Press just announced/made available to order a new anthology that collects all of the other Parker stories to date-
  7. So, I saw earlier today a sort of actual update in an interview Scott gave during Worldcon- Basically, he thinks that he can complete it within the next 2 months and gives some details about the story and new characters. From the description, I'm wondering whether Locke and Jean (and Sabbatha) will still be the most central characters. Also, while I agree with a commentator on Reddit Fantasy (where I saw the story) that it was probably not the greatest idea of Scott to just abandon updating his Tumblr when he had promised lots of news, evidently the lack of updates is because of NDAs involved with the different things he alluded to. So yeah, I'm still taking things with a grain of salt, but this makes me relatively optimistic that the book will be out by next year.
  8. Someone will have to fill me in on the joke here. As a rec though, some parts of Hilary Mantel's excellent Wolf Hall involve Thomas Cromwell's flashing back to his time as a mercenary in Italy and it's quite evocative.
  9. Cool. Thanks. Also. Not sure if/how to best link to it, but I noticed on Amazon the other day that the covers are posted for the 3 volume collection of K.J. Parker's The Two of Swords. I recall a cover being shown in a Gollancz catalog but I think this version is the completed one.
  10. Wow. That's a beautiful/awesome cover for The Book of Swords. Maybe the best yet of the Dozois/Martin collaborations (granted, Martin didn't edit this one, but I still consider it part of the same "series"). Edit- Where did you find the cover posted? I don't see it up on yet.
  11. Just found this thread and had a random thought. So although it's a sculpture rather than a painting, the description of Illyrio's statue reminded me of Caravaggio's various paintings of beautiful young men/boys and it also struck me that the younger Varys might have been considered a good subject for the same type of work, so maybe that had some role in their meeting? In any event though, it seems reasonable enough that the handsome and poor young Illyrio made for a good artist's subject and then the fat and rich older Illyrio later bought the work which depicted him. The sculptor probably wouldn't even have recognized him/made the connection between the two, unless Illyrio brought it up himself.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Good synopsis. Thinking about it, I wonder if there's some kind of dominatrix aspect going on. Because while the torturer's outfit is probably intended to evoke a Medieval headsman (although from the most well known of the book covers I also get a bit of a Luchador feel), it also comes across as looking like "bondage gear". And it would kind of make sense if the counterpart of the Torturer's Guild was also about inflicting pain, but in a pleasurable/ non-harmful way.
  13. Thanks for sharing that. Glad to see some info about the collected/print editions of K.J. Parker's "Two of Swords". The new Ann Leckie also sounds great. I had seen a while back that she had signed with Orbit for an additional novel but I had no idea that it was actually coming out in the near future (here's hoping). Not clear from the description if it's in the Radach 'verse. Doesn't sound like it, although it could be within the same setting but in a place outside of the Empire. As a general thought, kind of amusing to see it outlined how publishers and booksellers should promote various titles.
  14. Just noticed this thread. It's been a while since I've read the books (and not sure I ever read the full series), but something I've always wondered was what exactly the Witches were. Is that clearly spelled out somewhere? Appreciate if someone could clear this up for me.
  15. No worries. Malicious was probably too strong on my part and I don't mean to go "leave Scott alone!". I guess in terms of authors who have schedule slips, I cut him a lot more slack than I do Rothfus (or Martin for that matter) because of the reason behind it. And because he is receptive to giving updates. A few years back, I had a fairly negative opinion due to all of these hypothetical books Lynch was imagining when only I think two were out at that point. But I came around after learning more about the guy and his situation and I don't think he's really promoting those hypothetical books anymore anyway. I could be wrong that one of his announcements will be the completion of "Thorn", but I don't think it's totally out there (I forget how much was left when he made his last announcement).