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  1. What came first the chicken or the Egg? The maesters heard the prophecy about the ptwp coming from their line so they tried to end the line to prevent the ptwp and therefore prevent the long night. By their logic; if the Horn of Valere is never found then Tarmon Gaidon cannot happen. If not for Dunk... Isn't Jon constantly flexing his hand to keep it from stiffening up due to scar tissue from burning? Sorry for the tangent, I just don't see a purpose to egg being around anymore so I'm willing to get a bit fantastical.
  2. We should start a subgame in here. Who can go the longest without posting? Onyourmarkgetsetgo!
  3. I don't know if he reads fantasy. who can eat the most hot dogs?
  4. All hail the queen.
  5. In season 1 you see a girl desperate to be queen. She blindly says and does the things she think will get her married to Joff, even when red flags start to pop up around him. Season 2 she displays a recognition of her situation but an inability to find any way of turning it to her advantage. Season 3 she remains stuck in the same situation but begins to realize there are people whom can help her/may become allies. Season 4 Sansa is an unknowing accomplice to Joffs murder. She is able to begin to understand the politics and depths of the game of thrones via her relationship with LF. This is especially apparent when she lies to Royce and the others about why she was hiding and defends LF. That was cunning, and even took LF by a bit of surprise if I remember the scene correctly. Season 5 she agrees to marry Ramsay but at that point had no idea what Ramsay was. She did so because she realized it put her closer to the North and would bring more power to her only ally (LF). Remember that her previous marriage experience was not horrific, she knows marriages are much more political than romantic now, and to blame her for getting into the situation where she was raped is not fair. Season 6 Sansa takes advantage of LFs affection for her by guilting him over that marriage to Ramsay. This allows her to gain the knights of the Vale via demand instead of accepting help. That is a major difference, LF offering help keeps her in a submissive position while her making him send aid gives her power. I did not realize days passed between LF suggesting she take control and Jon being named king. Either way, the leader of the North is not currently a very enviable position. Where season one Sansa would have done anything to be a queen, season 6 Sansa knows that sometimes opportunity is not ripe. Now, she has to decide if she can protect and use Jon to her own gains or if she needs to once again rely on LF to scheme some sort of upper hand.
  6. Sansa is becoming more cunning and using the tools she has. As has been mentioned, she is going to experience some setbacks in terms of her perceived power (Jon King, Brans return, even Arya coming home reduces some of Sanaa's importance). She will have to make a choice: protect Jon and her family against LF, or work with LF to gain more power. If she chooses to go against LF, she may channel more of a Cersie approach and attempt to use seduction (on anyone) to further her own goals. If she works with LF, he may ask her to do this anyways. He is a pimp after all, and did it before with Sansa/Ramsey. In the first episode of this season we saw Sansa grab Jons arm as he turned away from her. They both looked at her hand on his arm with surprise and confusion. I am not saying Jon would allow it go along with any sexual advances, but I do not think it is out of the realm of possibility that we see Sansa make a move later on this season.
  7. Usurpers!? Where?
  8. They used to have two great platforms suspended via a pulley at the top of the wall. They called this "The Scale of Justice" and competing candidates would each mount a platform. The heaviest person, or whomevers platform came to rest closest to the ground was deemed the most grounded and therefore level headed and suitable to lead. Modern science allows us the insight that this meant the fattest would always win. Well, Jeor and his colossal thunder thighs (as so often described by GRRM in the books) broke the darned scale. Fattest leader in their history. And also why Jon was able to get elected democratically.
  9. Mea culpa. You had it!
  10. Why would anyone in the North accept Cat as their Queen? When she remarried, why follow him? Interesting that nobody has mentioned the importance of Stark blood in WF.
  11. Right. He has to name an heir, that is the device that he trapped Cat with once he got her to acknowledge it. Once she agreed that he must name an heir, she could not "escape" because she could not offer any better (or, more suitable) suggestions than Jon. She was caught the moment she engaged in this conversation, which, as you have pointed out, she was tricked into (the location and questions about the tomb). She even knew it. Why doesn't it seem to be the case? Why did lord Karstark kill the two boys? Wasn't he furious that he was robbed of justice when she freed Jaime? Surely other lords were also genuinely upset with her meddling. And another thing, we never see her think/assume she is the heir in her own POV. But your entire argument is that she does think/assume this and hence she feels trapped. By your own argument, POV characters almost always assume things incorrectly. So if most assumptions are incorrect; is she feeling trapped because she assumes (incorrectly) that she is heir or is she feeling trapped because she assumes (incorrectly) that Jon was named heir and she couldn't do anything about it? Either way, are you saying her assumption that she is trapped is false? Come on, bud.
  12. I agree. Also, he baits Cat into admitting that he needs to name an heir and then uses logic to beat her emotional suggestions. Proving that she still serves her family over Robb's crown. She is trapped between her acknowledgement that an heir must be named and her inability to suggest anyone more suitable to the role than Jon. This is getting more fan fictional, but odds are if he put anything like this into the will it would either be that Jon can be king but must either: (a) marry a daughter of Cat if she had one by x date (setting up Arya) or (b) marry a Frey or (c) marry a daughter of Robb's uncle edmure. For the record I doubt it is any of them. That's dumb stipulation and one Jon could overrule during his years as king leading up to.
  13. This is a fascinating post
  14. I'm just happy to be involved.