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  1. valonqar twist

    Excellent breakdown! I like all of the reasonings, but I think the Stranger/gelding thing is simile for how he behaves around Sandor. I don't think Stranger is actually gelded. This doesn't take anything away from your main points though. Think Arya would use "The Strangler"? The waif could have taught her about it, and the parallel with joff would be nice.
  2. valonqar twist

    I think the OP is assuming that valonqar could be the same as dragon in Valyrian; gender neutral. IF that is true, I hope it's Arya or Tommen. As it stands I like Tyrion, through the sewers at Casterly Rock, with his bare hands though.
  3. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    That was pretty mean. I like the idea of Jon being a bastard regardless of his parentage. It's part of him, even if we as readers get to see that he is legitimate. Nothing will change how he was raised. So should he ever find out who his mom was, I hope he still associates himself as a bastard and wears it like Tyrion told him to. In the book, it all goes back to power being where it is perceived. The people of Westeros won't ever know for certain that Jons parents are indeed who X says they are, they will or will not follow him because they perceive his to be the most powerful claim. (And therefore beneficial to them from a survival and possibly financial standpoint) As readers, Jons legitimacy is open to our interpretation. I personally don't think I would view it as more or less tragic/heroic/significant if Jon was somehow legitimate. Those factors, for me, are going to be determined by how everything else plays out for his character.
  4. If Joffrey tried to arrest Tywin Lannister, what would happen?

    In this situation the answer to Varys' riddle would be the rich man, not the king.
  5. Re-opening an old can of worms on an Old Nan topic for fresh analysis. (Novella content).

    I feel like my thought was overlooked....
  6. Re-opening an old can of worms on an Old Nan topic for fresh analysis. (Novella content).

    Doesn't Old Nan agree with Bran about all crows being liars and offer to tell him a story to prove it? But he doesn't want to hear that kind of story... Could be that a three eyed raven (who also would become a crow) lied about letting Ambrose keep his head. Or at least, let him hold onto his head after it was removed from his body once they were away from the public eye...
  7. Let's fill the Shieldhall

    I would like some epic stand of the unsullied that truly demonstrated their discipline. Caggo is an excellent catch, I like it. I left Gendry and Edric off because I think on earth or both of them will start a house or be legitimized. I had considered Brienne, and a Dany Flint situation, but I wasn't sure how the two would correlate. I would prefer that we don't get into the fate of the Watch. For this post I am more concerned with who might take the black or who folks would like to see take the black. Even if the wall comes down or the Others are completely finished, or a (new) pact is made, there is always at least a symbolic need for a unit that "guards the realms of men".
  8. Let's fill the Shieldhall

    I thought about the unsullied. I have a really hard time considering what all those men will do once they are too old for active military service. Obviously creating a family is off the table. So the Black would seem fitting, I do think they would do well in that militaristic environment. But it also seems like a really sad storyline for them. Similarly, a lot of Golden Company men could end up there at the wall. Ha!
  9. Why don't the Lannisters have a fleet?

    I agree with pretty much everything people have posted regarding why it doesn't make sense for the Lannisters to have a fleet. But I am not sure if the 20-30 years thing is accurate. Admittedly I do not have a vast knowledge of ships. I would expect that with proper upkeep and maintenance you could keep a wooden ship seaworthy almost indefinitely, and that the only motivators for removal from service would be destruction/heavy damage or becoming obsolete. Due to the slow technological progress in the woaif, I don't think it likely that a ship is obsolete in 20-30 years. Look at some of the names on the ships at the Blackwater; Prince Aemon, Princess Alysanne, Queen Rhaenys, etc. surely they were not all named during the lives of their namesakes, but certainly they were not made during Roberts reign. It's likely they were named in a relatively close (maybe 20-30 years, ha) proximity to the lifetime of their namesake. If you have any sources for a 20-30 year lifetime of wooden warships I would be interested to know them. Like I said, I am not very knowledgeable in ship maintenance. All of this is not to take away from your overall explanation to the OP. To keep a fleet seaworthy would be a ridiculous expense, especially considering the infrequency of its need. I would even argue that 20-30 large/grand ships in the Lannister fleet is overkill and befitting of Tywins character.
  10. Let's fill the Shieldhall

    A post the other day got me thinking; who might take the Black? Due to pending events, there might be a resurgence with the Nights Watchs numbers. Not necessarily in the fight to come but probably as a result of it. So, who do you think might one day take the black? Who would you like to see take the black? I think that these folks will take the black eventually: Jaime Lannister Jorah Mormont JonCon (big IF he is cured of greyscale) Some I would like to see take the black include: At least a few of the "queens men" Victarion Darkstar Lancel
  11. Towers by the sea

    I have never thought about this before. I think you're right, it kind of would be a perfect match. People put a lot into the Brienne romance but I don't think Jamie will want that. I had considered the possibility of Tyrion trying to get Dany to marry him, but that seems next to impossible considering he killed her dad. The black would suit him.
  12. Other Direwolves

    In Dance, Leaf tells Bran that the direwolves will outlast them all (meaning the old creatures; giants, children, grumpkins, snarks, and the like). So I think there are more, but just like in real life, it is hard to find a wolf that doesn't want to be found.
  13. Towers by the sea

    Given Mel's track record, could she have this all reversed? Pyke is a series of towers already crumbling by the sea. If Jon (the black/dark/crow) met Dany (the red/fire/bloody by a stretch) they could be the lustful bodies rolling in a tide mixing their colors and sweeping over their adversaries. Euron may already have one hollow socket, if he loses the other eye that socket will likely weep blood.
  14. Who should common man in Westeros follow

    You follow your lord (selmy). You've pledged fealty to him and he's pledged fealty to the Baratheons who recognize the authority of the king. But you've technically not sworn anything to the king. You just obey his (the kings) laws because you live on lands your lord was given by the lord he is sworn to, who has accepted the kings peace and acknowledges the kings authority or dominion over everything. That's why we never read about "oh house glover only mustered half its strength because the other half chose to follow the king in kings landing instead of the KiTN that their lord follows." Writing that made me think of Tropic Thunder; "I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude."
  15. Name a surprise character who could be king/queen at the end

    Sweetrobin, not because i want him to but because his army and LF and maybe Sansa not letting LF kill him. Idk, left field.