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  1. I agree with this. It would be easier to use a crossbow than a bow. And you would have a better chance of success with one than with a dagger
  2. A fool by any other court would still folly as such. But, yours is a court I could get behind.
  3. This is a fun game
  4. This is subjective, but I do not believe GRRM intends to confirm or deny any religions. Don't be so quick to say X is definite or Y is false. It's all magic and the existence of magic doesn't imply the existence of a god. And for that matter, why is a green seer not a god? Bran is dealing with more powerful magic than anything Rhollor or any other religion has displayed thus far.
  5. Miss westeros? I don't even miss Baton Rouge. How much wood would a Bravosi buy if a Bravosi could buy wood?
  6. 1 - #3 2 - #1 3 - #4 well done all!
  7. Are we waiting??
  8. Haha Hightowers used to live in Thad Castle
  9. Mellario was my first thought, too. But she is an upper class noble woman, if she disappeared I would think the news would spread. Doran would certainly know it. We know next to nothing about Garins mom but she would know Arianne and possibly vice versa. The bigger question is does she follow the seven? Or is that part of the disguise, but then that's a poor teacher.
  10. I like that this has become a guessing game to see who the character known to Arianne might be. I have a few; her wet nurse (Garins mom) as Lemore, I thought maybe Jorahs wife but I believe she looked like Dany and it isn't said that Lemore had dye in her hair, and also Haldon. The wet nurse is my best guess. Nice post, looking forward to see where it goes (beyond all the guessing).
  11. Same here about nothing coming for this round. 8 days in a row is exhausting. Hope you get a break soon.
  12. Maybe she was a sloot.
  13. I've never been. Why would anyone steal the pirates movie, and could they just Robin Hood WoW to us goodly peasants?
  14. Well then, I need to work on my resume... Skills: Potty Trained (1992) Fart noises using a cupped hand in an armpit Getting along with bastards Endurance, especially pertaining to useless competition for useless titles Good spoken at English Channeling insanity