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  1. A possible new take on the Rhaegar = Mance crackpot

    Is it possible that the similarities between MR and RT are there to show the irony of power in GRRMs world? That the ones who possess kingly traits, and are even loved by the people, are often held back from assuming the actual position of power that they seemingly deserve? People expected RT to make a great king, so much so that the mad king started considering disinheriting him to keep him from it. The wildilings rarely unify except under an exceptional person, but their goals are short-term and MR was never going to retain his position for long. We see people with truly great potential in these near-powerful roles. Not quite in position to call the shots. I don't know, I guess I just don't really want a bunch of reveals/twists this late in the story. Same way I think/hope it's a fAegon.
  2. Why the ToJ showdown ever happened?

    When the number of cairns built corresponds to the builders' stated number of casualties, you get less questions. It wouldn't make much sense for Ned to build 6 cairns and go back to KL and say 8 men died, or vice versa. In the same piece you quoted me from I do acknowledge that it is most likely only Ned and HR lived. I just think while we twiddle our thumbs waiting we can at least let our minds run with outlandish possibilities. I don't know of anytime HR is stated to have/not have the greensight. (Note, I do not think he is a greenseer, but I do think he could have greensight. There is a difference, see Bran and Jojen.) Ethan Glover! Yes, I had read that theory once before and totally forgot about it. Thank you. I would definitely say that Ethan is the most likely candidate mentioned on this thread. But I put HR as the second most likely.
  3. Why the ToJ showdown ever happened?

    Not even when I brought it up yesterday? There is a lot of symbolism from that dream, and I think anything is possible with who lived/died. Most likely, only Ned and HR lived. But the cairns don't prove that there are 8 bodies in them. Just that we are meant to think there are 8 bodies in them. Back to #5 of OP; again, I'm surprised nobody considers that HR might be a green dreamer who knew where to find Lyanna. Btw, ridiculous, not ridicolous
  4. Why the ToJ showdown ever happened?

    You both make good points. I like to let my mind wander with the possibilities of that dream and what really went down there. One thing did occur to me, is Howland clear or shrouded in his dream? I don't have the book on hand but that might clear up some of the symbolism debate here as we know for certain that Ned and Howland survived. We may be straying from the OP...
  5. Why the ToJ showdown ever happened?

    I'm surprised nobody has suggested that Howland Reed knew where to find Jon. If he has any of the same traits that Jojen does he may well have known where to find them. Even more, he may well have known Jon's importance and contributed to Ned's decision to raise and protect him closely. We don't know much about Howland, so that's all speculative. But we do know he has spent time with green men and that his son has green dreams.
  6. Its clear that Loras went to an empty Dragon Stone

    Only George can answer this
  7. Rank the strongest castles in your opinion

    Only George can answer this
  8. Hooded Man of WF is 10000% Theon

    Only George can answer this
  9. Post your most hated POV's

    Only George can answer this
  10. Lannister Gains in Roberts Rebellion

    I like your breakdown, but I am not certain of the conclusion that Robert was never going to marry Lyanna bc of the abduction. What holds me back is that if it were the case you would expect Tully to have pushed for marriage with Ned and Robert to his daughters. Which I think GoT Robert would have accepted if he no longer wanted Lyanna. Would have made he and Ned brothers. And Jon could have found a more suitable wife (age wise, he really could have had just about anyone he wanted).
  11. Lannister Gains in Roberts Rebellion

    This might be a simple answer but I haven't been able to find it. What did Tywin expect out of his siding with Robert during the rebellion? I know some hoped he would take the throne but he never actually fought for it. While Lyanna was alive I think it was expected that Robert would marry her, so Cersei as queen would have been a long shot at the time he committed. My understanding of the situation just before the sack of KL was that the Lannisters could sway the war in either direction. Was it already a done deal and Tywin just wanted some credit from the winner?
  12. Why the ToJ showdown ever happened?

    1 - Once he was crowned, there would have been much to do in regards to getting things back in order after the war. With that and him being mad at Ned it makes sense that he didn't go to Storms End. The war was pretty much wrapped up once the Lannisters joined. 2 - I think Ned always had reservations about Robert and Lyanna. He knew she was a free spirit and would not easily go into an arranged marriage. On top of that, he was not going to wait to get his sister so he had a good head start on anyone else that might want to get her. 3 - The KG were ordered to protect Lyanna with their life by the prince they loved. And that princes child was on the way. We do not know how much conversation happened before the fight. It was never over for them, they would have put Lyannas baby up as the new king/queen and probably one of them would have been regent. 4 - The KG serve for life, protecting the position of the king. I think of them like secret service agents. When a king is deposed they would usually stay on for the new king unless they chose not to recognize the successor (in which case they would almost certainly be killed). 5 - I doubt that this is the case. Something unlikely but possible to consider: it is possible that not everyone died. Howland Reed could have saved Ned from Arthur with words. If so, to protect Jon the other survivors could have agreed to "die" and live under false identities until a necessary time arose. Kind of like what JonCon did.
  13. Characters apparently killed off-screen

    I think Grey Wind would have been too big to use a normal wolfs head, but it could be that everyone around is just going with it fArya style. Raynald lives, I hope. Just to be real tinfoily though, you could point to ADWD Jon I, and say that he knows there are still 4 of 5 siblings even though he can't sense one (Summer underground?). I think the characters assume Gerion is dead. But we don't see it.
  14. The dead near Saltpans

    Where TF were you at the time of their hanging?
  15. Characters apparently killed off-screen

    Old Nan is like a weirwood, time means nothing to her. But I think, as a reader, it is implied her part has passed. And that makes me sad. Nobody wants to talk about what Weasel might know were she alive? other names: Arthur Dayne Aegon (does he count?) (Advanced tinfoil) Steffon Tyrek