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  1. Creating a comprehensive list of mysteries - the project goes on!

    What about Old Nan? She seems like an unimportant character, but we get so many legends/stories/theories from her, she is related to hodor, remarkably old, spectacularly ugly, and missing/presumed dead.
  2. Rank the strongest castles in your opinion

    Interesting you chose the Twins over Riverrun, do you mind giving your logic? I could see your logic for castamere but if we start thinking of ways to improve a castle then we could theoretically make any of them the best one. I thought Moat Cailin at first but now I'm kind of against it and the nightfort or castle black because they are very week from one side (the occupied nights watch castles have little defense from the south and nightfort is in disrepair). The bloody gate is sort of in the same situation. Was it in the show or the books where Bronn makes the comment about a dozen good men with ropes could impregnate the eyrie? Are people not saying anything about the Hightower bc we don't know enough? Or are we assuming they just surrender to any formidable foe?
  3. Its clear that Loras went to an empty Dragon Stone

    Yeah, I wouldn't dwell on this one. Jada is right. I couldn't think of any kingsguard who might obey a royal command instead of immediately tending to the defense of their house or family land. Loras obviously idolizes Jaime Lannister and knows he killed a king when his family needed him. So there is literally no precedent for him to take orders from a queen regent when his family needs him. I don't think we should have any reason to examine the recent services of: Mandon Moore, Meryn Trant, Balon Swann, Jonothor Darry, Oswell Whent, or Gerold Hightower and what they did while KG or if there was war happening on their family's land. Certainly if their homelands ever had an issue, regardless if the royal family ordered them to do something, those KG just went directly to their house and led their houses army against the trouble. After all, they didn't vote for the royal family. And I don't think they had to swear oaths to protect/obey for life.
  4. Was Domeric really Roose's son?

    There isn't enough to go on. And I don't know how many background plots need to be worked into the books. It's an interesting what-if but I cannot see this playing into the story. Same way the possibility of Black Walder being the real father of some of Walder Freys kids/grandkids. It might matter to the house but it won't have a large effect on the story.
  5. Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    I like it. What about other Disney songs? Allister Thorne and his trainees singing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" Dany going all "I can show you the world" on daario or maybe Tyrion? lol Tommen feeling like he has no authority yet and singing "I just can't wait to be king" (little lion that he is) Pod and Uncat singing "Tale as Old as Time" while Brienne and Jaime fall in love Lemore singing "just around the river bend" as they float along ahhh, nostalgia.
  6. Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    I just saw this thread, and Man in Black is literally the song I think about all the time with Jon and the nights watch in general. Several other Cash songs are good; Flesh and Blood, and I Walk the Line come to mind first. Zeppelins Ramble On was about Lotr, it also makes me think of asoiaf through the association. Neil Young's The Loner is good for the stranger (death gods), FM, and even the others. Hey Hey, My My sort of works for Jon. Random, but I like the song from Disneys animated Robin Hood "Oo-De-Lally", reminds me of Dunc and Egg, and somewhat Aryana's hot pie/gendry, and a little less Creighton and Illifer. War Pigs is also a good one...
  7. update from George!

    Sorry, I honestly didn't know that existed. I do not go into the Dance with Dragons forum very often. Seems an odd place to house a subforum for a different book. And yes I get it, winds comes after dance.
  8. update from George!

    What subforum should it be in? That is exciting news. If he is right, then we should have it by next spring I would think.
  9. Tyrions Defense

    I think a big reason why Tyrion didn't punish LF is because he was still working his mind around the situation/cause/motivation of it all. He isn't someone to rush a conclusion/punishment, especially when it clearly has several layers of cause. That is interesting about Varys/LF, I have never considered it but will have to keep an eye on it in my next read. The timeline with LF held me back for a while, but a while back I looked at the timeline and it changed my mind. Naturally I don't have the books with me so please feel free to correct this: -Bran falls -The royal party stays in WF longer because of this (a month or maybe a fortnight, I don't remember but I know Cat dotting over Bran prevented Jon from saying his goodbye until the last possible minute) -The royal procession heads home (slowly) - Sometime later, and more than just a day or two bc a rider could have caught up to Ned, the worst assassin ever makes his move - Cat sails for KL. I assume from White harbor? Anyone know? She definitely thinks she can beat Ned there, and it's probably a couple days ride from WF to whatever boat she took. - Cat gets to KL right around the same time as Ned. I think that the time from the fall to the time of the assassination attempt was probably about the same or a few days less than the time it takes Cat to get to KL. So theoretically LF could have gotten a raven and then sent the throatless man to WF. However, I am not convinced it wasn't Joff who (sort of) organized it. My main thinking with the OP was that Tyrion had expected Cat to greet him at WF on his way south and that I was surprised he never used this argument in the book. The points he does make do start to make Cat waver, and I think he notices that, so why not try to capitalize on it? I realize Cat didn't have a lot of time to create her plan for the abduction, but she had time on the road to talk with Tyrion and I feel like GRRM doesn't give us enough of that time. Back to LF/Joff. I think it is safe to assume that whoever hired the assassin wanted Bran dead. They couldn't have possibly planned for a protective dire wolf pup at this point. If someone (LF) wanted it to be staged to look like someone specific orchestrated it then that person would have needed the assassin to leave the knife back (or use a completely different plan). There is little chance that a two-bit assassin such as we see would ditch a knife worth more than anything he has ever seen. A much more professional assassin would be needed. And a pro probably pulls this off, even with Cat and a young wolf in the building. So I don't think a deliberately botched attempt should be considered. I would say that this means the person behind this, then, meant for Bran to die of a slit throat in an obvious murder. But I think the assassin drew his knife after Cat sees him, so he came in the room not carrying it and may have intended to use a pillow. That would have been effective in hiding any traces of foul play (and the knife would have been an easy form of payment). There is literally no reason I can think of that would make LF want Bran to die of 'natural causes'. Joff might though, because he would think it was giving mercy (in his bat-S crazy head). If the assassin used the knife, then maybe LF was behind it because it would (if he knows of Lysas letter) still bring suspicion on the Lannisters. However, a successful attempt may have resulted in a confrontation between the Starks and Lannisters in front of Robert with Cat still in KL. Does anyone think LF wants Cat dead? So I still lean toward the idiot prince. I feel like I'm running in circles and getting away from Tyrion at the same time. TLDR: I am pretty sure Joff was behind the assassination attempt and I wish we had more in the books showing Tyrion defending himself to Cat.
  10. Tyrions Defense

    After Cat took Tyrion, why didn't he point out the fact that it makes no sense for him to hire an assassin and then head north when he would have to cross by winterfell after the assassination? I mean, Bran wasn't going to be poisoned or something clever, so he would have been obviously murdered and despite the fact that Cat knows Tyrion is book smart she assumes he would be so dumb as to hire a murderer, go North, then stop by at Winterfell on his way home for a nice bed? Tyrion doesn't make any real defense for himself and Cat never pushes the matter. Is this just a plot-push by GRRM or am I missing something? Cat may not know he stopped at Winterfell, but that could be easily checked.
  11. I don't think Illyrio is saying the word choice wasn't intentional. I see people post all the time that George doesn't want to fit or follow any fantasy stereotypes. A common stereotype is the clear fulfillment of a prophecy that had been unclear until it is fulfilled. Like you said regarding the bleeding star, George gives us numerous examples to possibly choose from and they each point in a different direction. So maybe if a prophecy does come true in his books, we will look at it and say "but I thought X was much more fitting to the prophecy. Golly this is a bittersweet conclusion". The worst part is, once a prophecy is set it will always exist until it is fulfilled (unless you give a specific date for the end of the world). But the fulfillment doesn't have to be perfect. Where did the prophecy even come from? It seems more likely that the legends of heroes defeating monsters led people to take comfort in and believe that similar events would surround any modern heroes that may arise. They are looking for signs to give them hope. Much in the same way I look for Oprah every time I eat at Ezells Famous Chicken because they have a picture of her hanging on the wall. The picture is old. It's not of her in the restaurant. But I have hope I will see her because that would make my time at Ezells more special than most other times. And I believe I am special and living in a special time. Legends are grown from a kernel of truth. Water vapor rising like mist off of a fresh wound looks like steam, steam looks sort of like smoke. So if Jon survives and does something special, someone who was around him when he got et tu'd can look back and say "I am special and I live in a special time where a real hero came back from the dead after smoke poured from his mortal wounds." Or not. Someone can also look back and say it was obvious that Dany came through the pyre bald and reborn and, gee, what a special time to be alive. It's all poppycock, there is nothing special in George's world. People warp the events around them to suit their needs. Just like the real world. The most blatantly obvious proof of this is in the phrase valar morghulis. Edit: and somebody should tell the Others because if the OP is right, they seem to be trying to self-fulfill or cancel out some BS prophecy.
  12. It's condensed air. Like fog or a cloud. Neither steam nor smoke.
  13. I almost edited my post to say re-forging. That's exactly what I meant. Feel better!
  14. Wow, I've never really analyzed the prologue before but now I think you are definitely right. I always viewed it as the patrol happening upon the Others, but it is certainly more ambush-like with the benefit of how you lay things out. The Others were anticipating it. They seem very clever, and to be trying many tactics; ambush, assasination, (sort of) herding the wildlings headlong into the wall. But none have been very successful so far. One thing I wonder though is why they would be trying to kill the commander if they are/have been expecting him to return? Wouldn't killing the Lord Commander just possibly initiate events leading to the return of the one they are waiting for? Whom they must fear/hate because of what he can do to them. Also, other starks have been Lord Commander since the Nights king, so couldn't they have been the one/had the look? I wonder why the Others would start this activity when they do. Did they know something was coming? I like the idea of Jon getting a different sword. Dawn always appeals to me but the logistics usually cut my expectations short. I am too hazy on Arthurian lore to make a statement, but I think there are some distinctions between Excalibur the sword he pulled from the stone to prove his lineage and Excalibur the sword he receives from the Lady in the Lake. And I know he grew up not really knowing who he was. So maybe if Longclaw is a lady o the lake type parallel then Jon does return it to the lake (lake being Mormont) and he retrieves Dark Sister proving his lineage? Pure speculation, and it doesn't especially work because I don't think we have reason to believe Dark Sister is more than a few hundred years old or that Jon is clearly inspired by Arthur. I guess Widows Wail or Oathkeeper could also prove his lineage. I agree: If I keep muddling through other fantasy parallels, however, there could be some Ice/Narsil oathkeeper+ww=anduril sort of forging possibly with a dragons help.
  15. Hypothetical: If Robert and Ned had survived

    I disagree. Maybe Robert remarries Marg, that was an actual idea of Renly and Loras(though I doubt they were the masterminds). The biggest variable would be LF. Because you know he would be trying to work his own angle. But I don't think that Robert and Ned would be killed off in a fortnight if they managed to kick the lannisters out of KL. If I continue with my first posts' thoughts though, they may die eventually. I imagine that Jons path would not change much until after the ranging. A raven to Ned telling him what he saw would garner immediate results from the IT. So the wall would be well manned. But Robert would not be able to resist the urge to go fight the Others himself. He was never one to command from the rear. And I imagine Ned would be compelled to stay close to his friend and king. I imagine a massive battle and Robert/Ned both dying. Maybe Robert had an heir, maybe not. But the reality of the battle would strike home that the ambitions of "players" need to be sidelined until the Others can be defeated. Perhaps at this point the targa show up? Another king kneels before dragons. And Jon snow meets his relatives. Same song, different tune. Shoot, maybe Robert kneels at the advice of Ned, because instead of dying in battle they witness tens of thousands of wildlings get slaughtered at the base of the wall.