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  1. Last One Wins

    Nah, first (and last)
  2. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    Tolkien wrote gollum with definite hints of Arthur Daynes character. I honestly have my books in storage right now, so I cannot say what fingers are left. If the OP is right, then maybe it is possible? Would be a nice tie-in to Jon's thoughts.
  3. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    I do not know if this could happen. Although it is legend, one theory for the origin of the "V" sign made with your index and middle finger is that it was thrown as an insult by all of the archers at the battle of agincourt. Because they had been led to believe they would lose those fingers if they lost the battle (and never be able to draw a bow again). I'm not an archer myself, but I do believe those two fingers are crucial.
  4. Acrophobia 28: Lomas Longstrider's notes - Round Five

    1 - #3 2 - #4 3 - #5 HM all
  5. Last One Wins

    Call it a draw?
  6. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    I would miss Jaime if tWoW opens with his death in the first sentence. But his arc is nearly complete so I may not miss him if he dies at or near the end of the story. Tyrion, for many of the same reasons as you. Tormond for the member jokes. Stannis because his has been a poop-chute if ever there was one and I would love to see him land in some daisies. Or at least have his day.
  7. Be as unhelpful as possible

    There is a lot of junk in Baton Rouge. Has anyone else dared leave New Orleans?
  8. Last One Wins

    Wooo!!! Go Darkstream, go!!
  9. Be as unhelpful as possible

    You could cook a lot of hotdogs with some wildfire. Will Lady Fortuna smile on me?
  10. Of all the conspiracy theories listed on A Wiki of Ice and Fire...

    It's got to be R+L=J. I realize most everyone accepts it as fact, but I would like some absolute clarity (which we may never get). I wouldn't mind Howland Reed as Shadrich or High Septon either. Recently I was trying to make this theory work: Old Nan and Mel are the same person. But I just couldn't.
  11. Acrophobia 28: Lomas Longstrider's notes - Round Five

    1 - #5 2 - #4 3 - #2
  12. Acrophobia 28: Lomas Longstrider's notes - Round Five

    Ha, I am only me. I've enjoyed the game so far, some of you folks are putting in great entries.
  13. Agreed. This is a strange game
  14. Acrophobia 28: Lomas Longstrider's notes - Round Five

    1 - #7 2 - #4 3 - #1 Really good round! Well played everybody.
  15. Ramsay Killed LW

    This. Well said Renlys Nana. Every part of a good story has meaning. I do not want Ramsey's character to become crucial to the fight against the Others, and hope his is a similar arc to Joff. Enjoys power and alienates those who could be allies through cruelty and egotism, dies because those same potential allies prefer a different piece in his place. His meaning seems to be more of a contribution to Theons (a main) character. Now, this is all based on where he is now and I acknowledge that if GRRM decides to develope Ramsey into a more complex and compelling character then my opinions/hopes might change. But that is the point I am trying to make; his character right now does not gain any value or meaning from having special visions. Your theory is fun but not altogether strong, and as this thread progresses you are pulling in more aspects of (gasp!) fan fiction. We have no reason to consider ASOIAF to be involved in some larger universe of sci fi, and if that's your reasoning for why things happen in this story I fear you might be missing out on some of the fun the series. I personally enjoy stand alone worlds/universes and the imagination it takes to create them. Grouping separate items together takes its own effort of imagination, but it also removes a degree of originality. Also, why would GRRM hide this connection to other worlds from us? I don't see that our knowing would effect the characters or storylines...