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  1. Hi, I've just read the three Bran chapters from ADWD. Still can't figure out the link with the Black gate tears... did I miss something ?
  2. Valencia's stunner is the tree that hides the forest, United have been awful so far. Rashford walks, Mkhi does bad passes, and Lukaku miss HIS chance. Time for Martial ?
  3. Chelsea players look out of shape, except David Luiz who is keeping the team alive. That's weird given that Arsenal played thursday evening, the Blues should be 2 days stronger. Arsenal seems confident, too bad Xhaka is useless to that midfield and Lacazette miss that one. Still expect a Chelsea win, although an Arsenal goal would be deserved.
  4. Sorry if it has been discussed a few pages before, but how do you think Bran & Jaime will react if they ever meet again ?
  5. Delighted with Lukaku's and Rashford's Champions League debut goal. A bit afraid with Pogba's injury but I don't think it will get him away from the pitch for more than a week. Big Marouane came on and managed an awesome performance lol, also feels good to see Young back in buisness.
  6. This one is more a scenario element than a "I never noticed that" fact. But still, I wanted to share it with you, for the mere and good reason than GRRM is a bloody genius. So, in Clash, Ygritte tells us a story about this bard Bael who stole lord of WF's daughter : Three books later, Mance, who is known as a lover of wilidling music and tales, gets in WF under disguise of a bard.Guess what name he chooses ? Abel, the fucking anagram of Bael : But the thing does not end there. Later in Dance, Mance/Abel makes an original version of "The Dornishman's Wife". What is cool is that : 1) Mance is accurately there to rescue Arya, the "northman's daughter". 2) We know one more character related to Bael the Bard. By his name. It is Petyr fucking Baelish. So, in some manner, I think that Mance's song foreshadows the control Petyr has on Sansa. By kissing her in ASOS, then manipulating her in AFFC, he is "tasting a northman's daughter", isn't he ? So, I am aware that all this stuff might have been discussed before with even more accuracy, but I has not even finished ADWD yet, and I figured out about these genuinely-built connections only a few days ago... so I decided to share it with you in one of the bare posts that I send around here. I am hoping to have your thoughts, and wishing you a good night/day ^^
  7. Yes, it has been discussed before. The main difference between the first three books and AFFC is that latter gives us some POVs that we have to rate, not only for the development / personality of the character, but also for the political events.
  8. Spain hammered Italy 3-0 as Isco proved that he is Iniesta's heir. Seriously, this man is fire. Verratti is gonna have nightmares lol
  9. -Mya Stone -Darkstar -Mance Rayder although he is a bit more than a minor plot -Tom o'Seven wandering in the Lannister camp / the Brotherhood in general be continued as I did not finish ADWD yet.
  10. Honestly, if you get both of them, then your transfer window is FAR better that United's. But Lemar is 100M and VVD is awkwardly 60M, so... I doubt that Liverpool's purchases are not over. I get what youd said about Klopp's transfer policy but I think you still need at list one good defender to be title contenders. Either Swansea's Mawson or Everton's Jagielka could perfeclty match, in my opinion.
  11. Do you think that Wenger could sell Sanchez to a PL rival club ? I don't think so. City have failed to sign him weeks ago, they will not succeed now. I think that if Sanchez leaves it is for either Bayern or Juventus, though as a United fan I would love to see him with a n°7 shirt in Old Trafford haha Meanwhile, can we all take a minute to consider Liverpool's transfer window ? Solanke, Salah, Keita, Grujic. Where are the defensive signings ? Does Jurgen Flopp really think LFC can be title contenders without solving any defensive problem ?
  12. Does not deserve better than a 5 in my opinion. Almost every plotline has been butchered with that season, and Sam's one is probably the finest joke of everyone haha.
  13. I think Show-Jon's name is Aegon because D&D wanted to do an eyeblink to fAegon plot in ADWD. They would not have the audience confused about Targaryens and shit, so they gave him the basicgaryen first name. (any other explanation regarding Rhaegar or Lyanna naming him Aegon makes does not make sense, so...)
  14. Just watched it. Oh my words what a shame they made of LF. And what a fairy tale they made of this special story (Jon-Dany sex scene...). So Jaime is going to fight WW like, alone on his horse ? What is Tyrion's point by wandering around while Jonerys is happening ? How could Theon know where Yarasha bloody is ? This episode was like the whole season : does not make much sense but well it makes money.