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  1. Small Questions v. 10105

    Oh, interesting ! Thanks for the link, so we still don't now why these lords were together at this accurate place ? Has this castle something to do with dragon magic, or something ? And was the Ghost of High Heart present there ? (she talks about "Jenny" in ASOS, so...)
  2. Tywin was well greater in the show that in the books, thanks to Charles Dance performance. Same thing for Ramsay (what a beast he is in the show), Olenna Tyrell (queen of thorns !), Joffrey (Jack outstanding Gleeson !), and Oberyn in some measures. A lot of free-POV characters, actually. Not to mention all this scenes with Varys, Littlefinger...
  3. Small Questions v. 10105

    Hi, Just read Red Wedding chapters, came back on Ghost of High Heart chapters (pretty nice foreshadowings there!). I was just thinking about "the grief of Summerhall"... what happened at Summerhall ? Maybe I missed something in the text, so I didn't create a topic for that.
  4. Why Jaime was wearing Lannister cloak?

    That's a good point. I assume that Jaime was considered as a king's guard only under Aerys and no longer under Robert ? Otherwise, maybe Jaime didn't care a single moment for the King's Guard, and decided to help his family instead of serving the fat drunken king
  5. About to plunge into the world of ASoIaF - need advice

    Hey, Started reading books last year, now i'm in part I of ASOS. If I can give 1 or 2 advice to fans who are going to start reading : keep a bookmark on the world map and even on the character's page if you are not familiar with GRRM world. Personnally I also read with a dictionary near me. As a french fan of ASOIAF, i'm reading the french translation of ASOIAF and certains words are a bit hardcore. Nice translation btw.
  6. How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I started reading it thanks to the awesome Alt Shift X videos, particularly with his explanations on season 6 where he recommands to show-watcher to begin reading ASOIAF, and where he speaks about all the comunities about ASOIAF on the web
  7. Favorite POV Character

    My favorite POV in AGOT was Eddard by far, making his death more disapointing if it's possible A very political, human, mysterious POV. "Promise med, Ned..." Tyrion was also awesome, what a journey he has in AGOT !