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  1. On the other hand, should PSG fail to pass the round of 16, Emery will be sacked. Whoever wins, there will be blood and tears. And gosh that's what we like. Very glad with the United draw, not to mention we will play the 2nd leg at home.
  2. Have not a lot more to say. Our two strikers that were in lack of confidence scored, and we rested some key players ahead of saturday. Which makes me think: do you guys think that Shaw is able to have some game time in the sooner PL fixtures ?
  3. That City side is pretty disgusting. If we don't grab the 3pts one way or another* on the Manchester derby, then the League is fucked. *It allows a nose-goal by Fellaini at the 92'
  4. We should be happy to have Mourinho as a coach, if it has been Wenger or Klopp then Watford would have managed to get the 3pts. I suspect a lack of confidence from Lukaku on that fail, although he was very good in the playmaking during the first half to be fair. Lingard probably scored one of the greatests goals of the month but does he even know it ? lol Lindelof and Smalling deserve credit for their defending, as Rojo deserves a slap for this dumb tackle.
  5. Arsenal is at its best, hopefully Pochet has a few more arrows in his bag, I still expect some spectacle in the 2nd half. Kane & Alli have to do more, with more moves forward (HMSon to turns up ?) Spurs can be a threat. We'll see.
  6. Chelsea with the well-deserved win. "Park the bus then give the ball to Fellaini's head" had not worked this time, what a surprise.
  7. That was a first half in the very Mourinho way. Hopefully Fellaini will turn up, scores a kneel-winner and grab us 3pts lol.
  8. I think these are basically the kind of plot that GRRM likes to set. Let alone the AFFC ones, remember the Reek/Ramsay plot in ACOK ? Then later... There are plenty of these in ASOIAF, those books are amazing. o/
  9. Well, no offense to Mkhi, but I think that his defensive skills are currently equivalent, if not higher, than his offensive skills. Mkhi is able to win the ball and launch a counter-attack, that's why I'd rather play him as a 8 than as a 10 or RW at the moment. I am aware about Ander, but I'm still convinced that he can be a good CM when he wants. Just remember this cross to Zlatan in League Cup final? I agree with the Pogba point.
  10. The 4231 is part of the problem IMO. This system puts too much responsabilities on the shoulders of the guy who plays in the axis. We'd rather come back to the 433 that gave us a good winning streak last season. Something like this : Mkhi - Matic - Ander Mata - Lukaku - Martial ...with Pogba replacing Ander as soon as he comes back. In this system, the playmaking relies not only on a single #10 but on both midfielders (Pogba/Ander and Mkhi). I do know that Mata is not a reliable right winger, but he would be allowed to drift inside if the game asks for it. What remains to be asked is: would Mkhi & Ander be a good pair of central midifielders? Especially considering that the former plays more oftenly as playmaker, while the latter is more a ball-winning midfielder? That's the issue...
  11. So Spurs are basically the Harry Kane team lol, it will be a devastating lose if he leaves to another club. (or... when he leaves?) Otherwise, happy for United and for Martial, that goal is deserved considering his good entrance and the global improvement in his behavior this season.
  12. Many of you seem to think that United is not a title contender. At the moment, 29 PL games remain to be played. Do any of you think that a 5pts gap is not fillable ? Or than Chelsea is definitely unable of reaching the top 3 ?
  13. Here is a small random question to you guys : do you think that Tottenham is stepping up this season ? At this point, Spurs are sharing the first place of their UCL group with Real, and challenging for title race. They have a good attack when Dele & Kane are in form, a great GK, an even better defence than last year's, a strong midfield (although technically weaker that United's and City's IMO), and good soldiers with Son, Dembele, Wanyama. Not to mention Eriksen who is one of the most underrated player in the league. I do know that's the sort of question that it raised almost every year (a bit like "is it Liverpool's year ?" lol), but still, I would like to have your opinion on Tottenham's matter, if it has not been too much discussed before.
  14. Hi, I've just read the three Bran chapters from ADWD. Still can't figure out the link with the Black gate tears... did I miss something ?
  15. Valencia's stunner is the tree that hides the forest, United have been awful so far. Rashford walks, Mkhi does bad passes, and Lukaku miss HIS chance. Time for Martial ?