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  1. top character

    Very surprised to see barely no one taking about Davos. Let's admit the good spirit and courage of the man. So, I'll go on with my trio of "losing a part of my body made me better" anti-hero : Davos - Theon - Jaime
  2. Why has Arya lost her edge?

    Ah, GRRM, what a beast. Making us thinking and thorizing on a 10-years-old child's acts and motives... ^^
  3. So where would you live ?

    As a random commoner, in which Westerossi city/kingdom would you settle ? Of course you're free to imagine being a hedge knight, a wandering merchant, a simple peasant, a respectable lord, or what you want.
  4. Why has Arya lost her edge?

    Well, whatever the reason she left the Hound, I think that the important fact here is that she regrets her act. She admits that she should have given a decent and "clean" death to Sandor. To be honest, maybe there was a part of spite in Arya's decision, BUT, the idea that Arya now has remorse shows that in a certain way, Arya used to have affection to Sandor. (You don't give a gift of "mercy" to your worst enemy) After all, we speak about a 10-year old girl, don't we ? She simply couldn't bring herself to kill her last friend, even if she had anger to him for murdering Mycah etc.
  5. Wouldn't it have been cool if...

    Well, that's pretty obvious than Ned was totally caught-off at the moment. The show makes clear than Ned is disturbed by the light contrast between the black cells and the Sept, so we can assume that all of his senses were lagging there, lol. I think he didn't even realize what was happening until Payne drew his sword. But yes, it could have been cool if Ned asked Joff to swing the sword. In my opinion, Joff would likely not do it, the coward much too fears the blood.
  6. Why has Arya lost her edge?

    Hi guys, just started AFFC a few days ago, So, regarding the interesting debate that stands above, about why Arya spared the Hound, I would share with you this quote from Arya I, AFFC : So, what is important here is that Arya ostensibly admits to herself that she regrets to didn't finish the job with Sandor. The text is pretty clear : she talks about a "gift", in other terms : she thinks that she should have given a clean death to him. Then, I rather agree with @Horse of Kent, it was a human act to not finish Sandor : she choses to spare her last and only "friend".
  7. Who would you have liked to see a dialogue between?

    Euron & Littlefinger would give us a great piece of mad spirit. Same for Joffrey & Viserys or Joff & Ramsay as it's said just above, though it would be a different kind of madness. Also, can you imagine a religious tchat between Melisandre & Damphair ? "The night is dark and full of terrors" "But rise again. Harder and sronger." I realized that we never had a dialogue between Varys & Olenna in the books ? What a shame, those two are probably two of the greatests talkers in ASOIAF and they even stand in the same city during ASOS :'(
  8. For All You Crackpot Afficionados...

    Cersei knows that the best way to deal with Dany is to eliminate her before she has any chance to set foot in Westeros. When Tyrion was arrested for Joffrey’s murder, this gave her the perfect chance. She secretly killed Tyrion and had a Faceless Man wear his face, travel to Dany and earn her trust to assassinate her from within. This Faceless Man also gave Cersei the value-added service of killing Tywin so that Cersei would become the head of House Lannister.
  9. What POV character has the best chapters

    1) Theon : awesome 2) Davos : discovering the Stannis squad was very cool ! 3) Tyrion : political and strategic chapters Bran a bit broing until the last ones with Theon, Arya very psychological but his trip in Harrenhall didn't convince me Catelyn not so bad but well it's Cat. Jon ones were... well, snowy ? Only the chapter where Ygrid tell him the story of Bael the Bard really caught me.
  10. Characters you changed your mind about after finishing ASOS...

    All about Jaime & Davos have been said above. I would add Mance Rayder. ASOS made me realize the gap between the show's Mance and the book's. In the show, he is a savage warrior, mostly a barbarian. In this book, he is a genius. We encounters him through this cool wildling's camp scene, where we firstly see him as a poet, singing with his harp. Then there is this meeting at the Fist, where he begins to be not so cool with Jon. When we find him again, near the end of the book, he seems shared between his role as a war leader, and his role as a father/husband. And he shows this great warhorn to Jon... (presumably the Horn of Winter ?) that's brilliant. So, yeah, I liked Mance. Jon, himself, was better in ASOS than in previous books in my opinion. To be honest, I found his ACOK's chapters a bit boring, wandering in the snow... Here, there is an internal conflct within him : being a wildling or a brother of the Night's Watch ? Then, it evolves to : being a brother of the Night's Watch or being the lord of Winterfell ? The journey of Jon was awesome.
  11. Best no-POV character so far ?

    Hi guys, just finished ASOS yesterday, so this book was full of multiple interesting storylines. But, some characters who don't have a POV still have a big role in this part of the story. So i'm just asking which ones of them mostly catches you ? There are amazing schemers (Littlefinger, Varys), mad rulers (Joff, Lysa), strange elders (Olenna, Qyburn), cool warriors (Barristan, Daario, Oberyn). Not to mention the Brotherhood and the Night's Watch and the Wildlings... trying to list them may be difficult. (PS: if my english is bad, please inform me ^^)
  12. Small Questions v. 10105

    Oh, interesting ! Thanks for the link, so we still don't now why these lords were together at this accurate place ? Has this castle something to do with dragon magic, or something ? And was the Ghost of High Heart present there ? (she talks about "Jenny" in ASOS, so...)
  13. Tywin was well greater in the show that in the books, thanks to Charles Dance performance. Same thing for Ramsay (what a beast he is in the show), Olenna Tyrell (queen of thorns !), Joffrey (Jack outstanding Gleeson !), and Oberyn in some measures. A lot of free-POV characters, actually. Not to mention all this scenes with Varys, Littlefinger...
  14. Small Questions v. 10105

    Hi, Just read Red Wedding chapters, came back on Ghost of High Heart chapters (pretty nice foreshadowings there!). I was just thinking about "the grief of Summerhall"... what happened at Summerhall ? Maybe I missed something in the text, so I didn't create a topic for that.
  15. Why Jaime was wearing Lannister cloak?

    That's a good point. I assume that Jaime was considered as a king's guard only under Aerys and no longer under Robert ? Otherwise, maybe Jaime didn't care a single moment for the King's Guard, and decided to help his family instead of serving the fat drunken king