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  1. How can you tell the right decision was made, since apparently the only offside screen angle to be broadcasted was an idiocy ?
  2. Wow. This VAR decision on today's Juan Mata goal is going to rise eyebrows -and questions.
  3. Real Madrid, especially Cristiano, really loves these CL things I assume. At least we can look forward to a very exciting 2nd leg between PSG and Real, as the formers will be in total beast mode. Emery's first sub was indeed a weird choice. But eh, he needed to try something, right ? I think Emery tried to enhance his right side by bringing Meunier as RB while keeping Alves as a fullback. Ultimately, it didn't work out at all, but his tactic was nowhere near stupid. ...I'd rather brought either Di Maria or Draxler in for Mbappé, though.
  4. Meanwhile in Switzerland, Man City has done so well that they are going to pay themselves the luxury of playing their B team on the 2nd leg lol. Not so much of a surprise anyway. PS: if there has ever been a player I want in my club, that's Moussa Dembélé. Okay, Eriksen too.
  5. Sweet Jesus, what a half. Hard to tell who's going to win this tie. Spurs have played total football so far. Eriksen's been brilliant. Aurier isn't casting a good light on himself though.
  6. Well, as a Utd fan, what you just said sounds very familiar. Of course, you'd have to replace Wilshere & Cech by Valencia & De Gea, but let that aside, we were saying pretty much the same thing back from our recent Wembley trip. What I want to point out is that while Pochettino is probably overrated, he deserves credit for oftenly rolling over big 6 opponents when playing at home. 4-1 Liverpool, 2-0 MU, 1-0 Arsenal... And it's worth remarkable too that a few months ago, his side was still struggling to get wins when playing at Wembley. Last season WHL was a fortress, now it looks like Spurs have managed to settle their new one.
  7. That's partly down to his playing position. I have said several times that lining Mkhi as a left midfielder is one of the stupidest thing you can do to your team. This guy has to play either as CAM or on the right, or wherever he is not leaded to cross with his left foot. I have a kind of feeling that Arsenal is going to score the opener, though. (but I may feel wrong)
  8. Yup. And we (especially Pool fans, who might be feeling sad) have once already seen Suarez to assist Coutinho for his first goal in a club. Also, it won't be much discussed, but despite being replaced after about an hour of play, Coquelin has a good, if not excellent, game for Valence. I actually feel quite embarassed for Arsenal at the moment. They sold a decent player, at mid-season, at a position (8) they lack. What a season Barcelona are having though. Not only do they win games, but they often do it with a lot of composure and control, not to mention they concede very few goals. I suspect the shock they underwent back in August against Real -in Supercopa IIRC- to have run their season.
  9. Bakayoko's brillance back at Monaco was mostly down to his direct partner in midfield, IMHO. Fabinho's technical ability, added to his reading of the game, was likely hiding Bakayoko's weaknesses. That's not a surprise if he was atop José's midfielders checklist last summer, and I still hope we will get him next summer. While I think his partnership with Pogba could work very well, I also want him in order to prevent City from getting him x)
  10. Considering the offensive players, only Salah has been quite sharp so far. Kane has been pretty Anonymous. Oh, and VVD is a rock, an expensive but useful guy. Should Spurs fail to qualify for CL, I do hope that we will at least attempt to buy M. Dembélé, though. The guy does fouls but he has a gift for going ahead. As I have perhaps already said, I love "Park-Ji Son" too, but I am not sure whether he could move. And Eriksen... argh...
  11. Should he reach that score until the end of the season, I would actually feel very bad.
  12. And that's 3 assists for Mkhi. He is getting back the time he wasted on Utd's bench lol. Fun fact, even when everything is fine, Xhaka manages to have a poor game. Nice hat-trick from Ramsey, too.
  13. Woaw. It was probably our worst game of the season so far. Perhaps one of the three worst of the Mounriho era. Spurs bossed us i EVERY area of the game. It could have easily been 4-0. The issue is that I'm not even surprised. That's what José does in most of away big games. But still, I wonder if we wouldn't be able to leave with 1pt, Had we not conceded that very early goal. PS: what a player Eriksen is. PPS: at least we are not Chelsea.
  14. How on earth was this Bernardo stunner disallowed ? Is it really about Sané's hair blinding goalkeeper's sight ? oO
  15. Considering we were knocked out of League Cup by Bristol City, I will not mock Liverpool. Let the banter aside, this result confirm my feeling that Klopp will throw the greater part of his team's forces into Champions League. (it's the only trophy they can hope for, isn't it ?) Earlier this season, I was actually already having the feeling that Klopp was lining up better XI in CL than in PL. Which makes sense, given the UCL group they had. But not a lot of sense, considering that Pool had not win a PL for nearly 30 years, and that CL is kinda, heh, hardcore. But still, I would like to have a few Liverpool fans opinion on that. If Klopp is playing CL above PL, is he right ?