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  1. Why two ? Is the quantity of POV in ASOIAF not one of the elements that makes it so complex and amazing ? Anyway, If I had to choose two characters who -I think- have the most of the knowledges towards ASOIAF's story, it would be Littlefinger and Varys.
  2. Well, while talking with the Braavosi guy Cersei says blowing up the Sept was "an accident"... so I assume that she aims for KL's people to believe she is not responsable. Though I can't see how could she disguise it as an accident lol. "Apparently there was chests of wildire under the Sept, as far as I know a mouse passed there, and suddenly breathed fire JUST AT THE MOMENT where all my ennemies were gathered above. What a coincidence, isn't it ?". Why not, after all, Roose Bolton was poisoned by his ennemies, wasn't he ?
  3. 3/10. This episode sucks so much. I do not know where D&D are going but it does not make me confident. Euron was okay in E01 but then he is more a meltdown of Jack Sparrow and Ramsay than else. I assume we are not meant to notice anything about Euron's armada crossing Westeros by earth... How did Dany not send an army to guard High fucking Garden. The Littlefinger bullshit has come too far, give him a proper death so we can stop slaughtering his character. Bran's acting is horribe but let's be honest, he is more a secondary character by far Dany's entire strategy has no sense lol, where his her interest by letting Jon mine the dragonglass. I serisously have doubts on what Game of Thrones became.
  4. Welcome! The lack of Bran plot in that episode is even more surprising if you consider the fact that it took only one single shot for Dany's raven to arrive at Winterfell. If Dolorous Edd would have sent a raven when Bran reached the Wall, then it would have been received by Jon in E02 or earlier. It is awkward. Especially when we know what Bran knows about Jon's parentage. What the fuck are D&D doing with Bran's plotline.
  5. I adore the idea of Euron bringing a dragon to Cersei. We do know that the Mad Queen likes wildfire, so how could not she be glad with a dragon in her army ? And remember those shots of a dragon's shadow over King's Landing that we had in a trailer a few years ago... and remember the burned Red Keep in Dany's vision at the Undying... The hints are there, and my guess is definitely that Euron will somehow capture a dragon during a battleship against Dany. Things will go wrong when bringing the dragon to Cersei. It will burn the Red Keep and maybe a part of KL, then fly away and be free in Westeros's sky. IMO, the only thing that is stil to be known is : will Cersei & Jaime die when Dany's puppet gets out of control ? We'll see...
  6. Call that hyperbolic if you want but it happens that all the words I used to describe Rooney are accurate. He was Manchester United's captain, he was a hero because of all he gives to the team on the pitch, he is obviously a legend as the all-time MU top scorer, and yeah, the day you'll meet his equal as a player, please tell me.
  7. Good bye captain hero Wayne Rooney, Manchester will not forget you. A true legend. We will never see a player like him again.
  8. 1) Casterly Rock obviously 2) Riverrun, good place and hardly pregnable because of the rivers 3) Hightower, great place in a very important cultural city and in a wealthy land.
  9. Favorite season: S4, what a hell of a show it was, seriously we had everything in it : politics, drama, fights (the best 1V1 fight of TV history actually), schemes and a great battle. Worst season: S5. The Dorne plot, what a shame. Not to mention the Bolton-Stannis battle which was fucked up, fortunately they made better with the Battle of the Bastards.
  10. I'd say Marwyn the Mage, Genna Lannister, Arianne and Leo Malefoy Tyrell. Even though I understand why they are not in. As Ramsay did with Theon, the showrunners had to cut parts.
  11. Then what if this Savage Giant stuff what just a GoHH mistake ? We know for sure some prophecies which never happened (or not in the way we'd thought), as the "Stallion who will mount the world" or the Melisandre propaganda with Stannis being Azor Ahai. So, must we think that GoHH's prophecies are always accurate ?
  12. Beting money on Tyrion to survive the series is a risk I would not afford. Don't forget to think about the long way that the Imp has already went along, and his narrative plot as a character. Tyrion looks like Arya on this point. That's why I would not put them in my list. Same for Dany. And the persons who say me that she is so much iconic and loved by the fans have a serious need to remind Robb and Oberyn's fate lol
  13. Sansa will have to kill LF. I cannot say exactly how it will come into the story, but it makes an entire sense for the simple reason that I can't see LF dying another way lol. And that's mostly this quote which makes me think that Sansa will have a role in LF's death :
  14. Saying AFFC is boring is a huge error. Not to mention the fact that it's disrespectful towards Martin's work. A great part of the fans who say that are readers disappointed by not finding again Dany / Jon / Tyrion chapters. How is it even possible in such an immense world as ASOIAF one, to only look after those three characters ? AFFC explores Iron Islands, Dorne, Braavos, Crownlands, Vale, Riverlands... and that's why it is interesting. ...but I have to agree that some chapters are boring as hell. It concerns only a small quanitity of chapters, mostly Brienne's and Sam's. So yeah, to be honest : erase the Brienne chapters (except the last) and suddenly AFFC is not boring anymore
  15. In my opinion : 1) the Kingsmoot, although a lot of readers in the fandom seem to dislike the Ironborn POVs, I found them brilliant. 2) Sam's arrival at the Citadel and the plot twist with Pate 3) the high majority of Jaime's chapters lol, especially his talk with Genna.