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  1. The carrot idea is insane. It would only make the ironborn even more insular than ever, and push the "greenlander" ironborn into the Old Way. Not only insane, but also impossible. The ironborn would never weakly accept the destruction of their holy places and fishing boats. The first Greyjoy Rebellion ended quickly because King Balon decided to bend the knee, but it could've lasted years and a lot of resources to truly end the rebellion if he didn't, fishers, common miners and farmers would all raise in rebellion agains't the invasors, probably even the thralls. The lords that buy metals from the Iron islands would stand agains't it too. I don't think Tywin would ever destroy the culture and economy of the islands. He didn't wanted to destroy the northern and river lords that fought agains't the crown after they abandoned the rebellion. They're as much traitors as the Greyjoys and a even bigger threat to the Lannisters than the ironborn. King Aenys I allowed lord Goren Greyjoy to banish the Seven from the Iron Islands. Another King could break this promise, but it would weaken the Crown's prestige. Stick is the better idea. Seats in the Small Council and perharps a marriage within the royal family would cement their loyalty. The canal would be good too, if possible.
  2. Dorne: Yronwood according to Arianne herself, and we know that most of the dornish fertile land is under their control Reach: Hightower North: Manderlys, they control the one of the few cities in Westeros. The Boltons are the number 1 now, considering that they have the Hornwood lands, Winterfell, are the LPs and most of the northern army that didn't died in war are Bolton men Riverlands: Freys. They won a lot with the Red Wedding and they have a well positioned bridge. Iron Islands: Harlaw, the Goodbrothers are powerfull, but they don't really rule over all of Great Wyk. Stormlands: House Swann, considering that they have lands near the Elayne, which is the major river of the region Vale: the Royces, though the Graftons are near
  3. After Renly's death the Tyrells will not side with the Lannisters, but with Stannis. Stannis end as King and the Lannisters lose their heads
  4. Well, not necessarily. If you think about it, ice/cold is just the lack of heat/energy. Perharps R'hllor is the only god there and his priests just understood the message wrong
  5. I don't see this hint. The Dragon of the North was just a khal that burned a city, it doesn't mean that the dothraki want to worship them, no more than the dornish want to worship vipers(the "Red Viper"). We don't know why Drogo married Dany. All we have is speculation. Besides, it's a very small number of dothraki that actualy worship her, mostly the ones that decided to stay with her even after the witch used blood magic(which is illegal), so they're not really the typical dothraki. The valyrians of old had dragons, but the dothraki didn't worshipped them. A dragon is not a stallion, and the stallion itself is the male gender of horse. How can a woman claim to be a stallion? The House of Undying is unreliable. It shows past, future and what could've been. It maybe very well be the reaction of the dosh khaleen for Dany being the mother of Rhaego(which was supposed to be the Stallion until his death).
  6. How the hell will she do it? She's having a lot of trouble into convincing the ghiscari to obey her, how would she convince a bunch of savages to do it?
  7. Not really. The Mootons, Darrys, Brackens and Blackwoods all have their origins before the arrival of the andals, and the Mallisters and Vances are andals themselves. Some of them used to be kings. Among the great houses of the RL, only the Freys and whatever ruled Harrenhall were members of the "new nobility".
  8. There will be no unified Westeros anymore. The winter has come and Dany is still in Essos with no intention of sailing West. By the time she reach the Seven Kingdoms there will be nothing but corpses to rule.
  9. It seems to me that Doran is a weak prince. He could've joined Renly or Stannis agains't the Lannisters, but he probably thought it would be too dangerous. He could've not liked the Baratheons, but it was better than awaiting nearly two decades for the arrival of a dragon King and his army(that he never had). Long master plans usually fail, there are too many variables that can destroy it. Taking the opportunities that appear in front of you is the best way, like what Tywin did in the Robert's Rebellion.
  10. I have deep suspicions about the CotF motives, but I don't think they would judge someone for what their ancestors did thousands of years ago
  11. Mirri Maz Duur deserve mercy there. Khal Drogo was the scum of Essos, the world is better without him. The soldiers that Stannis killed should have had a cleaner death though. Beheading perharps, burning is way too cruel.
  12. I don't think so. We have only two books left, perharps a quick look on north of Sothoryos is possible. It's actualy very likely. Compared with most of the Free Cities Westeros is a backward place, and there are mentions of ancient black stone buildings in Essos and Sothoryos. Perharps by accident. As far as we know not even the valyrians of old managed to find a cure for it, and they had the greatest civilisation to has ever existed and the resources to research it. Nothing in the books, but George mentioned that the educated maesters probably know that the world is round The northern land bridge is possibly. But I don't know if we would ever see it.
  13. Casterly Rock, for the same reason as you. Storm's End for being impregnable and hard to siege Eyrie, for being impossible to conquer without dragons. Not necessarialy in that order. They all have status too, as they were once the seat of kings
  14. Marsh didn't just disagreed with the LC and then killed him, he killed a traitor that cared more about his sister than with the threat beyond the wall. Even Jon himself admit that what he was doing was oath breaking, and as we know it's punished by death. We've seen what Jon did with people that refused to follow his orders(Slynt). In no way he would allow a trial, even if there were a precedent for it.
  15. I believe it was personal legacy too, that and the location.