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  1. Haha no im not too young to drink but i just dont like drinks ...well most of them there are some exceptions.: D But seeing how much you like winerfell i think its safe to say you do like drinks dont you?
  2. i realised what you meant. Yeahh it was a mistake thanks for pointing that out!!!! PS ( i dont have anything against wine but personally i dont like it.)
  3. Ηahah....not at all, I live in Greece But I always liked more cold climates, rains etc ( you always want what you don't have) So yeah Winterfell for me.
  4. Αrianna Martell, young griff,Mya Stone,Val
  5. what do you think of him?? he is tall too XD TRAVIS FIMMEL
  6. I have the same question as well.There are so many handsome men but handsome with a silver-white-long hair??hmmm....not so much. I like Tom Hardy.I don't know he is so serious but I can't think of him as Rhaegar although he could play on GoT on some other role but anyway that's not our topic. I'm afraid we will be disappointed as I was with Lyannas actress(the old Lya not the young one).In the end, even if they don't find someone as handsome as we imagine they can at least find someone who has this charm like Oberyns actor.He wasnt handsome but he had something that made you like him.
  7. why even replace him he was awesome.The best laugh of the whole series.
  8. What do you mean?He said something new??OHHHHHH......
  9. Yes of course.
  10. -Well, he didn't do anything. Melisadre is the badass one who managed to revive a man. -Without trying to find a better strategy, or trying to gather more strength and support...... just going with the wind . -Retook Winterfell with his sister and Littlefingers helps.He, his 2000 men and his inferior equipment would be rotting in the ground but he was saved at the last moment. ***Arya is the winner for me***
  11. -Hold the door -Tyrion's speech -Walk of same Some others i cant even remember..
  12. well, i haven't any concrete proofs but my guess is that they cut and change people and storylines because of the time pressure and the cost. If they had cast Aegon they would have had to cast another 3-10 characters ( the people that Aegon interacts with on the books) and to shoot in new places too.Do you know what that means??Money time and more money and more time.I think that's the reason they are cutting so much.If they could I'm sure they would have included all those characters that we now miss(Aegon,Arrianna,etc)