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  1. Why are the Targs...

    Well I didnt know either that there was no Targaryen banner before the conquest.But as to why the Targaryens are so dragonish why the Velaryons arent I think it has to do with the Targaryens being proud and kind of sneaky.They left hundrends of people to die after all except from the Velaryons and some others.I think they always wanted to be something like number one dragonlords and by conquering westeros and without having any rivals who could threaten them they could finally make their dream come true.
  2. The sacrifice

    Haha that would certainly be unexpected!!
  3. Will Jon marry Val?

  4. The sacrifice

    So i have seen in many discussions that Gedry will forge the magical sword that will end the other's threat.But for this sword, a sacrifice must be made and the most likely candidate that I have seen is Arya.I don't know I just can't picture her as the one to be sacrificed.And generally speaking, i don't really think there will be a sacrifice I think it's kind of like a metaphor. But if it does happen those are my thoughts: Nissa Nissa died and the sword became aflame.......hmm for me the only one who was most likely could do that is Dany I don't know why but I can imagine her to kind of pass her flame to the sword. She is unburned , it's like she swallows the heat and generally, she is fire whereas Arya is more ice that ice I don't make any sense I know.....just a random thought. but I haven't seen it anywhere. What do you guys think?
  5. Will Jon marry Val?

    Hahaha, I enjoyed your reply. I'm more of a Arya/Gedry and( although I don't like it) Jon/Dan relationship.But I would certainly like to see Jon/Val happening For not liking Kit I'm with you. I really don't like him as an actor and as a man......even less so. If you want to talk about the differences of the characters arcs you could create your own forumunless you have already done that....
  6. Will Jon marry Val?

    Okey, there will be huge differences as you said or more accurate as the showrunners said but in the end, the ending will be the same especially with the main characters.They can cut Aegon cause, in the end, he is not a main character they fucked up Dorne cause, in the end, it doesn't matter. They are not the main characters in the books.Maybe Doran will survive maybe not but it will be something that won't affect our main story.Not that they are not important and not essential in the whole ASOIAF but the show will find a way to change things and still end up in the same path with GRRM.I don't see a reason why they wouldn't put Val since she is not that main even in the books.They probably want to save money and that's, why they didn't, want Aegon.If they putted him in the show it will mean they would have to cast many other people too.Jon connington,lemore.......and new places to film......They changed Sansa's plotline because why not??Why would they film in the Vale following Sansas plot and Winterfell following Theon's plot??Too much headage,money, new cast and time.Val is just one character who doesn't really interact with many characters and it would be really easy to include her in all these scences that Jon was with the wildings.....easy and cheap especially for a character who could end up with Jon.But they didn't..... And then comes a second more obvious moment where they could have included her but again they didn't.I'm talking about the episode of Hardhome and the beautiful wilding woman( we, unfortunately, saw for a short time ) Karsi.For me it was like I was seeing Val.Not her appearance but her character.That girl could easily be her but again they didn't do it again. Maybe for most those things don't mean a thing but for me its pretty clear that those two won't end up together.Val is an interesting and cheap character who had many opportunities to be on the show the fact that we didn't see her speaks volumes to me. I hope I'm wrong because I would really like them together but........
  7. top character

    Well, when I read Arya's and Sansas chapter of TWOW I fell in love with these characters although previous to reading those chapters I found Arya really annoying and Sansa even more so. Dany has the potential to become a top character but in the present, she is a bit tiring with all her ruling at the Mereen Bran is the same with Dany.I think he will surprise us at the end. Tyrion is a top character due to his intelligence and witty jokes Artur Dayne.Alhough we didn't see much of him, I enjoyed his fighting skills and I won't lie I liked the actor who played him so that was a bonus as well Ned was a lovable character I really like Ariana and the Sand snakes(from the books!!!!!) And lastly, i like Bronn. Minor character but he is one of the kind
  8. No its ok ,im glad you answered!♥
  9. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    Omg that is exactly what i said to my brother once!!!As for your challenge im in.
  10. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    Bronn. He is funny and witty.....i just love him
  11. Yehhhhhh you made me so happy right now!!
  12. Omggggg......... noooooo Arya and Jon?? Im gonna vomit!!!!
  13. Will Jon marry Val?

    I wish he married her but since she is been cut from the show I don't think she will be his wife and if they were to end up together it would have happened when Stannis offered him Val and Winterfell. It would be a little bit tiring if Jon after denying marrying her ends up with her later on.Well actually scratch that I wouldn't find it very tiring I love them together and when Jon was with Val or when he was thinking of her he had some strong emotions there(those were the only scenes that I actually liked Jon there I said it).
  14. Most Underrated Warrior

    That was exactly what I wanted to say.