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  1. As I said, I know it's based roughly on the War of the Roses, but it also has similarities with the Civil War with the "grey" rural Southerners who start off well early on in the war with a more industrial rich neighbor who wants to keep them apart of the country. You could probably compare Stonewall Jackson to Robb Stark, despite Stonewall not having any claim to the CSA as a whole, he was respected highly by his men, was an able commander, and one of the best US commanders in history and was even killed bby his own men.
  2. You're a funny guy, Purple. I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last.
  3. Is the Northern Rebellion against the Iron Throne and war for Independence based off of the Confederate States of America and the Civil War? They have similarities like their early war cavalry being very good, and the rebel troops being better than the Union troops at the start of the war with many of them being former military personnel or current. The South was also less urbanized and very rural like the North plus you have the more "tough" confederates with the hardy northmen. The war even plays out like this as the CSA did well early on before the Norths bigger population, and industry beat the Souths better troops. I know the North and WOT5K inspirations have been Germania, War of the Roses, Northumbria and Scotland but is this also true?
  4. Ummmm no. Edric and Harrold are experienced as they've been raised as lords, and are highborn. Sarella and Sansa may be fan favorites, but their not experienced or knowledgable enough or have the respect of the soldiers, people or highborn to lead. Sansa is Littlefingers prodegy, she would make a good mistress of whispers, but not Lord. Sarella may be curious, but she will not rule and we know little about her. Tyrek isnt going to be Lord. All we know of him is that hes Tyggets son, and that he is to marry a newborn. If anyone becomes Lord of the Westerlands, its likely to be Staffords son, Devan Lannister.
  5. Edmure, Harrold, and Edrik I can get behind, but I disagree with all the others. Asha is acceptable, but why Sarella, Sansa, and Tyrek? We know very little about Sarella other than that she may be Alleras, Sansa is inexperienced and doesn't have the popularity, skill, or any traits that would make people follow her as shown in the TV show where she's been married to a Lannister, and Bolton or in the books where she's married to a Lannister and so to be to a Arryn/Hardyng. Tyrek has as much experience as Sarella and we know even littler about him than Sarella, all we know is that he disappeared and was to marry a newborn when that newborn comes of age.
  6. The Tully words do not fit every house. Tywin's about Family, but not so much Duty or Honor. Eddard Stark is more about honor, and family, and does his duty if he can. Stannis is all about duty, but cares little if his honor is tarnished, and is willing to kill family. Cat may say he is his fathers son, but Eddard is more Arryn than Stark with his dominance of honor. Stark's traditionally had two types of personalities, wolf-blooded and ice-blooded. The grim, cold, and dutiful Starks and the jovial, alive, and reckless Starks. This is key with the difference between Eddard and Benjen vs Lyanna and Brandon.
  7. I never compared Joffrey to Tywin. Lannisters aren't all the same, but Joffrey is literally a Lannister in everything but name. I never said that they dislike Edmure or anything, but Robb's personality is more akin to Family, Duty, Honor than Winter Is Coming if you get the gist of it. He's more Tully than Stark, at least to me.
  8. Edmure is a decent character, hope he lives to the end.
  9. The reason for the Joffrey Lannister of Casterly Rock is because he is a Lannister in all but name, a cruel sadistic crazy, but a Lannister nonetheless. The reason for him being chosen is because he's apart of the "new" generation in ASOIAF. Robb, Jon, Harrold, Gendry, Joffrey, Quentyn etc are all around the same age, it's just weird headcanon that I've thought about.
  10. I've had this idea in my head for a while. Robb is known for his honor, when he had sex with Jeyne Westerling, he dishonored her so he married her to save her honor at the cost of his own, and the deal with Walder Frey, honor before reason at it's center. I feel like Robb would make a better Lord of Riverrun than Lord of Winterfell. He has the right amount of military knowledge to help defend the Riverlands lack of natural borders, he has the Tully looks, he's respected by a lot of the Riverlands with the exceptions of Frey after the Jeyne incident. Anyway, I feel he would make a great Riverlord over Northern Lord, but that's just me, what do you guys think? PS: This is just a little of fanfic headcanon that I've thought about, I've thought about who would be the best for becoming the next lord of a region of Westeros. Example like Robb Tully of Riverrun, Jon Stark of Winterfell, Harrold Arryn of the Eyrie, Joffrey Lannister of Casterly Rock, Gendry Baratheon of Storm's End etc, just little non-canon thoughts that are tinfoily.
  11. Oh, I have no doubt the Starks of Old kept their number 1 rival to terrify their enemies, psychological warfare at it's best. Imagine if Robb was less honorable, and had no issue with Roose torturing Jaime, and that Roose was more loyal, it might make Tywin more eager to offer better terms. The unique thing is that this isn't common with any other house in Westeros. No other house in Westeros has the reputations of the Boltons, no other house is known for a cruel form of death that they inflict on the ones they capture.
  12. I wouldn't say that the Boltons are the Cleganes of the North, the Cleganes of the North would most likely be Mountain Clansmen. The Bolton's are a rebellious house that are the number 1 rival in the North, they would be akin to the extinct Reynes, the Hightowers, or the Royces.
  13. The Payne's were probably lords bought by the Lannisters for fealty and loyalty, that's my guess at least.
  14. Would you like to have more information revealed about or be introduced more in ASOIAF? I would prefer minor houses/smaller houses, but I'm open to interpretation like with Arryn as the only Arryn's we've heard about is what Ned/Robert think of Jon Arryn, what Harrold Hardyng is, and SweetRobin who is more timid than Arryn. A house that I would like to hear more about would be House Goodbrother or the Skagosi. In a recent post, information has been used to tie the Goodbrothers with Garth Greenhand, and the fact that the Goodbrothers feel to be more mainlander Ironborn than the traditional by the sea Ironborn as Aeron points out. The Skagosi interest me because they're between the Free Folk and Northmen in culture, and are as rebellious as the Boltons with them fighting Brandon IX Stark and killing Barthogan Stark during the reign of Daeron Targaryen.
  15. We all know that Westerosi names are based somewhat off of real names, whether they be English, German, French etc. For example, Eddard for Edward, Robb for Robert, Jon for John, Rickon for Richard, Bran for Brandon, Joffrey for Geoffrey, Stannis for Stanley etc. What process does George actually use for creating characters, and with them, their names? It seems he takes a real life name and fantasies it a little bit by spelling it different, but I don't truly know.