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  1. I WANT AN OTHER CHAPTER!!!! Genuine prediction: I think we will get a POV from one of the Others in the style of HP Lovecrafts "the Outsider", drawing us in to sympathies with the character then pulling the rug out and making us realise they are more complex than we have been lead to believe.
  2. As much as i like the character, i think he works better from a distance (we only see the image of power he presents to the world, which is exactly what the other characters see) Id only be interested in his POV for 2 reasons: his political and military mind (but Martin could do that with a dozen other characters too) and what he sees when he looks at Tyrion (id love to see his inner monologue when he is talking to Tyrion; is there any grudging respect or is it just loathing? Does he even see a reflection of himself?)
  3. I always wanted a chapter from Maester Aemon... It would be a combination of one of the smartest yet humble guys in the story with so much life experience, an immense knowledge of the history of Westero and (i would assume) a pretty sharp mind for politic landscapes. Honestly, im kind of glad we never got it though. The is so much potential there, i think i would only ever have been disappointed.)
  4. The interesting thing about Hotah is that, like several others, his chapters arent his own name... Most character given this treatment have either lost themselves (theon, arya, sansa) or are on a journey of self-actualisation (vicatarion, Aeron, Baristan, Quentyn). The common theme is that these chapter titles indicate an unfinished story and a character in a major moment of change. Martin has specifically said that he wont used POV charaters whose only purpose is to be a set of eye in the room. Yet thats all Hotah seems to be; no personal ambition, no existencial crisis, no apparent knowledge of any role in some major scheme. I need to assume Martin is building towards something with the character because otherwise he would just be so terribly out of place.
  5. I also wonder if we will get more of the story of Harren the Black... Clearly Harren had some grand plan for Harrenhal, (it seems too much of a coincidence that Aegon landed the day the last stone was layed). Maybe their is some unfulfilled potential left in Harrenhal, explaining LFs interest in the place. Its worth noting that, while Harren the Black has a terrible reputation, our author goes out of his way to show how subjective and poiltically motivated these smear campaigns often are. Harren was tolerent of other cuture (aloowing foreign religions into the Iron Islands) and the Ironmen culture was formerly very democratic and is still very egalitarian. Its probably a stretch, but i wonder if Harren will be revealed as a "good guy" and Littlefinger will attempt to finish this work
  6. This theory is great. Ive always had a feeling that Littlefingers big final reveal will be that he was working for the betterment of all the lowerclass of Westeros... It would parallel Varys perfectly; he spends 3 books telling us he only cares about the realm for it then to be revealed that he is just supporting another king. It would be perfect is Littlefinger, who has been telling us for the last 5 book that he only cares about himself, for it to be relealed that he has the most altruistic motivations of any of our characters. Ned might have been honourable, but he still believed in the Feudal hierarchy. LF is the only one the represents true justice.
  7. The simple answer would be that Martell wanted a Ward from a great house for their later plans (their play for Myrcella shows that they do care about wards). A more complicated answer would be that they were aware of her telepathic abilities and saw her as valuable for that reason (we're never told exactly when the Glass Candles began working, perhaps Marwyn saw into her mind). I just find all of the associations Syrio has with the Rhoynar a bit to convenient. Then on top of this, Arya names her wolf after her hero, the Rhoynish Princess
  8. Their would still have been many small lords supporting the Targaryan cause and Tywin's army would still at full strength having never properly fought... Tywin could have thrown his support behind Visarys (married him to Cersei and used him as a puppet king) which probably would have gain a lot of support; the Reach might have joined them, those no.2 lords (Bolton, Dayne, Frey) who want to overthrow their kingdoms Highlord could have seen this as legitimate chance to make a move and im sure there would have been a free City or 2 willing to jump in as well. At best, the Civil war goes on and Robert's legitimacy is damaged as his pitch was that he could unify the 7K. At worst, the Ned/Jon/Robert alliance is so damaged from the war they just fought, the fall to this new rebellion. Its also worth remembering that at the time of the Robert-Cersei mariiage pact, Ned is mad at Robert for the deaths of the Targaryan children. Jon Arryn would not have wanted to risk another war when he couldnt even be sure of Northern support.
  9. I think the entire thing is talking about the 3 Dragons; specifically how Dany loses each of them before... (Given the dragons are basically flying Atomic Bombs, i dont see GRRM making them the heros of the story. It seems more likely they will end up on different sides in a big final battle and give us a situation of Mutually Assured Distruction.) First, i think you should start with the introductions to each of the lists "Three Fires, Three Mounts, Three Treasons". Dragons are discribed as "fire made flesh" and people ride them, so they can be discribes as "Fires" and "Mounts". And if im right in thinking all of the Dragons will leave Dany, this would make the dragons Treasonous. The Dragons are the Fires, the Mounts and the Treasons Dany will know. As for the later parts of the lists, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd words could correlate with each of the dragons so the actual groups would look like this: 1 = Life, bed and Blood 2 = Death, Dread and Gold 3 = Love, love and love. One sounds a lot like Child Birth; perhaps we were lied to about Rhego's death as we never saw the body or maybe its another birth that will be exploited to steal a dragon. Two, ive got no idea but the Golden Company springs to mind when i hear Gold and Death (they are lead by skulls that talk) Three is the trickiest just because it could apply to so many people. It could be someone who loves Dany, someone who Dany loves or someone who hates Dany for the love of someone Dany has hurt. Anyway, thats my theory...
  10. Actually, that was another thing i forgot to say... We never hear where Ned finds Syrio. Since its probably not a Northerner (why would any of them know who he is), my guess would be that Ned went to the Robert's Master-At-Arms and asked for a recommendation. That MaT just happens to be a Dornishman, Ser Aron Santagar...
  11. I reckon Syrio is an agent of the Martell trying to recuit Arya (i dont know if this has been said before, but i can find it anywhere)... Firstly, i think it's unlikely that Syrio = Jaquen. Syrio is a Water Dancer, which we can assume is part of the religion of the Father of Water, which would put him in opposition to the Many Faced God. Also, Syrio keeps telling Ayra that her sword is part of her and she cannot let it go, only for the House of Black & White to tell her she needs to abandon it. Clearly the ideology Syrio is teaching Arya is incompatable with what the Faceless Men teach. Again, Syrio is a Water Dance and probably worships the Father of Waters. As with the Faith of the 7, i think we can assume that if there is a concept of a "Father" there will probably be a "Mother" counter-part. The likely belief in Water-Magic and a missing "Mother" tells me this religion probably comes from the Rhoynar; here we have Mother Rhoyne and the story of Prince Garin calling on the waters to rise up and wash away the Valyrians (Our missing mother and a bit of Water-Magic). The other Forell in our story is Phario the Playwright, most famous to us for The Blood Hand, but he is also noted to be the author of Wroth of the Dragonlords, a play in which Prince Garin give a stirring pre-war speech (so we can assume Garin is the protagonist and the play is partial towards the Rhoynar above the Valyrians). Again, this points us towards the Forell's being Rhoynish. I think it is reasonable to assume this cultural connection with the Martell's and the line of Nymeria would place them on the side of the Martell cause. If we also assume the Faceless Men are on the side of Aegon and Illyrio (they have old Targarian coins which probably came from the Golden Company from the days of Daemon Blackfyre), Syrio being a Martell agent makes Arya's story a lot more interesting. This would make her the subject of another proxy-war between Martell's and Illyrio, and it shows that she was considered valuable from very early in our story and that Doran wants her on his side (perhaps he wll make another play for her in a later book). (Also, with Phario writing The Bloody Hand in "honour" of the Lannister envoy, the Mercy chapter gets a new layer as the play is probably ANOTHER manoeuvre by Doran; f*ck me is i know what that is though...) * Credit to Preston Jacob's Faceless Man series for most of the facts in this theory. (I reckon the guy is brilliant!!)
  12. Cercei was the only option short of destroying House Lannister entirely.... The marriage gave Tywin a stake in the success of the new world order. And given Jon Arryns entire branding of the war was "the king cannot kill whoever they like, the Great lords should be respected", it would have damaged Roberts legitimacy if one of the biggest Houses in the 7 Kingdoms rejected his leadership. Marrying Cercei was politically brilliant (no one could have predicted how crazy she would be). I think the big mistake was letting her keep and raise her children. They should have been fostered with Renly or Ned to curb Cerceis influence on them...