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  1. Hmm. Three months without a period? That makes a miscarriage more likely, yes, indeed! Three months without a period and the woman doesn't suspect she's pregnant? That is odd.
  2. Search is running smoothly at the moment (I have my fingers crossed) A Storm of Swords - Tyrion III I'm looking forward to @sweetsunray take, but until she write up something on the subject, is ManannĂ¡n a vague candidate for a mythological source for Euron?Ă¡n_mac_Lir
  3. A Feast for Crows - Brienne V Still, we'll see exactly who the Westerosi loyalist to House Targaryen are as Aegon's campaign continues its course. More importantly, most people blame his lack of marriage acceptance on being gay, but that doesn't make much sense. In a feudal society, where power is gained through marriages, you are generally marrying someone for purely political reasons, regardless of sexual orientation. Just look at Renly, or Laenor Velaryon. While being gay is technically a possible explanation, it would make more sense if the Blackfish refused the marriage offers for political reasons. In other words, he didn't want to marry into a "rebel" house like Cat and Lysa were forced to do. That's an interesting take on the Blackfish. Considering Sansa never consummated her marriage (and has her virginity intact as proof of the fact) and also has the potential option of marrying someone as Alayne Baelish the Lady of Harrenhal, she could definitely marry someone with Tyrion still alive. The main little bit of foreshadowing is from The Hedge Knight. At the end of the first day of jousting, the 5 champions remaining are a Baratheon, a Tyrell, a Lannister, a Hardyng, and a Targaryen. Sansa has so far been betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon, Willas Tyrell, Tyrion Lannister, and Harry Hardyng. So if that really is GRRM being super sneaky and not just a strange coincidence, the implication is that Sansa's next betrothal will be to a Targaryen, which would most certainly be Aegon, someone who is currently conquering Westeros and has need of a politically powerful wife to replace Dany. And this could potentially set up a situation where Tyrion kills Aegon to get his wife Sansa back, which I think would be hilarious. Those are amusing possibilities. It'll be fun to see where GRRM takes the story. And an Aegon/Arianne alliance? Edited to add: I've rewatched the PJ video and he states the lords knew about Rickon being alive at the time Robb made his Will. Whether this is true or not I'm not able to say. He cites the encounter with the Liddle folk as how this news has gotten about. Food for thought?
  4. I was disappointed in the second trailer. I found it to be rather disjointed and poorly edited. And yes, I'm also looking forward to the PJ breakdown.
  5. I spoke too soon. I can't enter asearchoficeandfire now, either! Help!
  6. Very true. It would be a long way to go and Bolton doesn't seem like the type to enjoy a Grand Tour of Essos, somehow.
  7. Not at all. I can't imagine how you have read the text this way. Aemon is saying they confused prince/princess. But never mind, it'll all become clear in the later books.
  8. Sorry, but the mistake in translation maester Aemon refers to is prince/princess, not prince/dragon. Do you have anything more?
  9. I have no problem with search and I use a PC with Firefox. I wish I could help you- pm me any searches you need til you figure out your web woes.
  10. We don't know that yet. What miscarriage? According to Wiki, it's not uncommon for women to confuse normal clotting of menstrual blood with a miscarriage: Anyway, I'd like to think you don't imagine that " the traditional Meereenese pre-wedding fertility inspection" could possibly discover if a woman is able to have babies. Though, like Dany, I'm sure the cakes are delicious. Edited to add: @40 Thousand Skeletons- you and I both know all too well GRRM is a master of ambiguity! I reckon he's playing with us here as well...
  11. You might try this resource for finding texts from ASoIaF
  12. Could you shout a source for maester Aemon explaining that "prince" was a mistranslation of "dragon", please?
  13. Dreadfort is a possibilty, yes. Asshai?