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  1. Very true, @Lord Varys. Thank you for the clarification. This seems most reasonable, though it would depend on the grip Euron has on his Ironborn- would they be able to resist a reaving in the Reach? Of course. I've allowed my speculation to be coloured by the HBO production. Again, thank you for such a clear explanation of things!
  2. I'm only on my second reading of ASOIAF, so I'm quite sure there's a lot I miss in the text. There's a great deal of craziness in ASOIAF, of course, though it seems to me you could make a case for children of unrelated parents (like the Tully sisters) being as likely as the children of incestuous pairings to go that way. I keep coming back to that defense speech of Tyrion's in his trial at KL, so masterfully done in the HBO production: From ASOS, Tyrion X
  3. Very true! Thanks for the gentle reminder to review the maps on my way to work this afternoon. I mention Oldtown because of the Citadel, rather than a strategic understanding of how to take KL. That would be interesting, Aegon helping Sansa to become a widow. Oh, my! Your speculations will enliven my afternoon considerably. But...dragons?
  4. Is this scene only in the HBO production, or in the ASOIAF as well? For quoting from the books, I find this page invaluable!
  5. GRRM has a special antipathy to Danaerys, the daughter of King Aerys II Targaryen and his sister-wife, Queen Rhaella? If you mean towards her brother, Viserys of the House Targaryen, the Third of His Name, King of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm aka The Beggar King, I could go along with that. Indeed, Lord Tywin married his cousin Johanna Lannister. How do you see this antipathy played out with Tyrion Lannister, their son?
  6. Gosh. That sounds just like Euron's cuppa. I don't see good things happening in Oldtown for very much longer. I've just read the Alayne chapter from TWOW. Well, there is that famous teaching of Cersei about a woman's weapons, and from what I read in the chapter Alayne in TWOW
  7. Thanks for posting the link to that essay. It made for good reading to accompany my second reading of ADwD.
  8. I'm not so sure, but please correct me if I'm wrong. From AFFC, Alayne II Whether or not it's widely known, Sansa's fear of being unmasked is quite real, or so it seems to me. Of course. Poor Sansa, her love of chivalrous stories and songs has almost foreshadowed her being trapped in what is a traditional subject of tales and songs- a spurned woman murdering her faithless lover. And that reminds me of Baelish's comment to her in AGOT Sansa II Good point, one that hadn't occurred to me. It will fascinating to see how GRRM plays out this story.
  9. Branning about. Ladies and gentlemen, a catchphrase is born!
  10. Thanks for clearing that up, @JNR Off to find those notes...
  11. Thanks for the link, @The Fattest Leech. Off to read more.
  12. Thanks for the concern, @dsug! No, it was pure clumsiness on my part, nothing more. As for Melisandre's tricks. Well, I've seen too many explanations of how stage mentalists work to be very impressed by that sort of thing. Anyway, thank you to the forumites who explained what's the appropriate action in these cases, that is to say, when you want to have a post deleted.
  13. Sorry! I meant DoD. Thanks for the explanation, @RevaM I've reread the last chapter of Jon and I'll think over your ideas.
  14. Could you explain this a bit, please? I'm on my second reading of WOW and I haven't caught that point yet in the text.
  15. Yes, that's a most disquieting scene in the books. Why does Varys need to destabilise the realm yet more if we have dragons, Dothraki, the Ironborn, the Others and NK poised on the frontiers? And the Iron Bank. What could possibly destabilise the realm more than the Iron Bank calling in their debts and backing yet another contender for the IT? Then these preternaturally large wolf-packs terrorising the countryside. And hunger. As I recall, Baelish made some comments on hunger during a protracted winter in a council meeting. D&D are writing the final 4 episodes of the HBO production, so the sky's the limit on how they'll resolve and not resolve so many situations. I am SO looking forward to not only the 7th season itself but all the commentaries and interpretations we'll see!