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  1. Yes, I took up the challenge, @Cron Here's what I found: A Game of Thrones - Sansa I A Game of Thrones - Sansa III A Clash of Kings - Sansa V A Feast for Crows - Alayne II As far as I can tell, that's the totality of Sansa's considerations of her bastard half-brother.
  2. Ah, the legal situation in Westeros. So fraught with inconsistencies, so ripe for multiple interpretations on any given point. It seems like yesterday I took silk in KL, yet it was many years ago, after all. What I mean to say is that I haven't a clue what actually constitutes a trial in GRRM's world. My impression is that deserters from the NW are executed out of hand, when I return from a long day at work I'll investigate the question thoroughly, not to debate the point, but to satisfy my curiosity!
  3. Closure? No. But the solution to the question of attempted murder of Bran has been confirmed, as far as I know, by GRRM. I could be wrong there. Not for the first time. In any case, I was still pondering possibilities when I read the solution. With two books to go in the saga, I myself wouldn't bet on any resolution to any mystery. But then, I'm still on my third reading of ASoIaF and marvelling at how much I've missed the first two times
  4. It's one of my favourite chapters. A Dance with Dragons - The Kingbreaker
  5. The mini-series was excellent, yes. The books are superb.
  6. I'm not quite certain what we read in the prologue was a trial, but I'll not argue the point! That sounds more like my recollection that scene. Off to
  7. That sounds to me like a likely explanation.
  8. A trial or an interrogation? I don'y mean to be picky, but there's a difference between the two. I'm trying to get a feel about just how deserters and traitors to the NW vows are seen and just what their legal standing is? Can they demand a trial by combat, for example?
  9. Possibly not. I would doubt Dany's handmaids would ignore the situation, especially with an important wedding on the horizon, complete with a ritual "inspection" of the bride-to-be's genitalia.
  10. An interesting point about Queen Jeyne. Though with the failed rebellion, and the prohibition to marry for two years, I wonder how much of a player she'll be in TWOW. And yes, all hail This marvellous search engine puts our researches on an entirely different level!
  11. Ahhh. That reminds me of Robert Graves' Livia. Claudius asks her: Why did you kill you beloved husband, Augustus Caesar? Livia answers: I never forgot whose daughter I was. Unfortunately, our Sansa is not a Livia in the making. She should have killed the lovely Miranda immediately, if possible in front of Ramsey and gone from there. Indeed. I've never understood why Lord Baelish didn't give Nestor Royce a clap on the shoulder, praising him to the skies for his able leadership of the Knights of the Vale, entrust the Protectorship of our hero Robin to him and take ship for Braavos.
  12. OK. I'm using that search engine with no problem whatsoever. It's a gem of a site. In fact, it's the site I most frequently visit, according to my Google stats.
  13. How clear-sighted of you to see that. i wonder what was in the message that spurred poor Brandon on the path that would lead to that hideous travesty of a trial by combat.
  14. I'm not entirely sure, but isn't Stannis camped at the side of a lake, starving and awaiting the Bolton/Frey attack? In any case, are deserters to the NW given trials or executed out of hand?
  15. He was the great love of Queen Rhaella's life and now an object of dirision for his exaggerated piety. Hmmm. Here's an odd sort of mirroring Lord Baelish once told Sansa Cat was his Queen of Love and Beauty Both men were of "far too low birth to be considered as a suitor" for their loves. Maiden=Sansa? It's probably nothing much, but I'd be interested in knowing how Ser Bonifer fares at Harrowhal.
  16. Sexual infatuation is almost never understandable from the outside, and so often a living hell from the inside. Poor Dany!
  17. I'm in the middle of my third reading of ASOS and yes, Grey WInd's reactions are a hideous foreshadowing to what's afoot. As for the Purple Wedding- I'm up in the air. I was taken off-guard by the solution of the Whodoneit about Bran. So many posters had come up with resolutions to that question which are more satisfying (to my mind) than the one GRRM wrote. This makes me wonder if we're not over-egging the pudding here.
  18. Ah, now that's an interesting thought! I'd assumed that segue was to underline the lack of importance of the gender of the prince/princess. It seemed much in line with what I understand to be GRRM's defense of feminist values.
  19. Good advice. Thanks!
  20. Blowing chunks. The first time in my life I've read that phrase and I daresay I'm a better person for knowing what it means, after having consulted the urban dictionary. You raise an interesting point- that of Daenerys' handmaids not noticing anything unusual in their Khaleesi's menstrual pattern. Gods be good.
  21. It's not the worst case scenario by any means. After having read that chapter The Forsaken, I spend a fair amount of time trying to repress any internal speculation about what those two would accomplish.
  22. A lovely, lovely catch!
  23. Oh, dear. I confess. I was entranced by the Dorne scenes. Why? Because I know the settings where they were filmed very well. It was a pleasure to see the Alcazar used in this series!
  24. An interesting explanation and thanks for posting! I understand that the terms princess/princess are also genderless.Also 'the dragon that was promised' refers to a Targ prince/princess- for which that incestuous union between Rhaella and her brother Aerys was enforced. Anyway, may disagreements always be so courteous! This community is a precious mosaic of many opinions and POVs. I never enter the site without learning something new!