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  1. I don't mean to be intrusive, but, after all, there are tried and true methods for inciting an erection in a living body. I find Baelish to be one of the most interesting characters in the saga.I'd like to think that doesn't make me a despicable person. His background is complex and central to the story. Also, Braavos.
  2. My, what an intriguing catch this thread is up til now. I read somewhere that the poor lady ate her fingers because Ramsey had flayed them. From Theon/Reek we know the pain of such a flaying is intolerable, driving the victim to beg to have the fingers removed. Trust Ramsey to invent a variant of this practise. A Dance with Dragons - Reek I Nice catch! Harrenhall. We always come back to Harrenhall. Was Baelish at the tourney? Interesting videos, yes. I watch that youtuber's work regularly.Thanks for posting them! A complex situation, yes. Plus WW and dragons.
  3. Yerba mate! So decadent, so satisfying. Well, the idea came to me because in Westeros, Lord Varys' little birds are everywhere. Everywhere. So as I pondered the question, it seemed to me that foggy and accessible Braavos would be the ideal place to set up such a meeting. Accessible to one such as Mance, as well as to one such as Lord Baelish.
  4. In the books, Mance is still alive (that is to say, not confirmed 100% dead) and with a son in the Citadel. That could provide some action, yes. Where did Mance and Baelish meet? In Braavos.
  5. Yes! And our intrepid explorers could go to K'Dath, as well.
  6. I looked up the Wiki entry to the story So much is explained about the horrors in ASOIAF. And Asshai. And those five forts. Hazmat suits, anyone? Of course!
  7. As efficiently as he skins a deer, no doubt. Still, at the end of the scene the deer remained half-skinned. It would be note-worthy if that half-finished business doesn't provide some bitter-sweetness to the ending of the saga, either book or show or both.
  8. I eliminated my post because it's technically off-topic, but not before you reacted to it. What reflexes, Lord Varys. Killed by LSH. Or choking on a piece of a 12 foot high lemon cake?
  9. I'm not quite sure I follow your logic- in any event I am sure GRRM will have plenty of surprises for us in the next two books. Was Tyrion's first marriage ever anulled?
  10. Thanks so much for the video. I'm glad to have heard that! Unless I'm mistaken, he says Sansa has her wits, just as Littlefinger has. That is to say, neither start off with have anything but their wits. I don't seee it as comparing the level of wits of the two characters, but I could be wrong about that. In any case, Sansa also has her beauty and high birth, two advantages LF lacks, depending on your taste, of course.
  11. Very true about the OP's intention. I'd read about the Sea King's menagerie in a recent reddit thread and found the coincidence amusing. Very true about the hostile weather and reptiles. What we need is an archaeological expedition to Dorne to settle the matter.
  12. We don't know that Arya was acting on her own and, in fact is under orders, and is simply going on to the next phase of her training. I expect all this will be cleared up in TWOW. Why Riverlands and not Winterfell? Does she know where Nymeria is? Couldn't she call Nymeria to her? So many things to speculate about during the Long Wait!
  13. If there's one thing we must be grateful for, it's that D&D chose not to include this charming domestic scene in the HBO production. Just short of flashy? A Game of Thrones - Eddard XIII No. Michele Clapton's work in the HBO production was inspired in general. And superb in the case of Petyr Baelish's tailoring (as well as Lord Tywin's, of course, And yes, King Joff, too) Her comments on dressing Littlefinger
  14. Shaved, no. That Valyrian dagger has better uses! Baelish sin tailored coats...well, there'd still be those silken tunics he wears in AGOT. Ah, how knowledgeable you are, to be sure.
  15. A successful musician at court. Not a singer, though. GRRM has it in for singers. And my question: Your lemon cakes- penis shaped and 12 feet high or made from Braavosi lemons?
  16. You might be thinking of the ending of Sansa IV in AGOT, after having written that infamous letter under duress (well, facing the threat of not being considered a suitable candidate for marriage to Joff) Now that is most interesting. Could you shout me a link for where GRRM says that, please?
  17. But there are dinosaurs in Braavos, in the Sea King's menagerie:
  18. Who should kill show Littlefinger? The question is badly phrased. It should read: Who should kill the actor's barber? Answer: Ramsey or the Tickler. Aidan Gillen doesn't deserve such a badly designed hair dye job as they've given him.
  19. The Tywin/ Padishah Emperor is based solely on their language and speech patterns. And, yes, their descriptions. Of course. Kingmaker. Tyrion as a nod to Clarence? Could Sansa end up being an Irulan? I must say I like the Leto/Ghanima 'marriage' very much. Ghanima's projected marriage to prince Farad'n, for example, would be a neat little parallel treatment. And the Baron Harkonnen? Ser Barristan Selmy, Thufir Hawat? Incest. We had a rather odd news item recently (a case of accidental incest) and as a result I've read a bit on the subject. Granted, neither The Independant nor the Guardian are my sources of choice, ranking with that peculiar Thomas More document, but anyway And then, of course, Craster. To tell the truth, I find teacher/student sexual goings on, or therapist/client, more distasteful than incest. Anyway, back to Planetos. The only Heinlein I've read was the story about 'grokking'. Yes. Stranger in a Strange Land. Which of his books do you find are reflected in ASOIAF?
  20. Nice one with the Mapes MMD imagery. Much better than Meera. How about Lord Tywin as the Padishah Emperor? The conversation of these two characters is strangely similar, at least to my eye. And Arya. St Alia of the Knife? The parallel of the hidden lineage of the teen messiah figures? With its attendant negative aspects?
  21. Maesters= BG+Suk doctors+Mentats? The idea that the Maesters are bound to a House first set off the idea of the influence of Dune on ASOIAF. And of course , all your analogies are spot on. How do you feel about the odd parallel between Lysa's coded message to Cat and Lady Fenring's coded message to Jessica. Obviously, Lysa is not BG trained, poor darling, but even so. And the shadout Mapes as a Meera type?
  22. Hmm. Tucked in the false bottom of the box containing a Myrish lens left in Maester Luwin's study. Right. Firstly, it reminds me somewhat of the warning Lady Jessica receives in Dune But the message to Lady Jessica is placed in such a way as to command her immediate attention. The letter to Cat is very odd, and at the end of the day Cat misunderstands the message completely. And Maester Luwin gets a state-of-the-art looking glass.
  23. Poisons. Well, yes, Lysa claims he gave her the poison that finished off her unhappy marriage. I wonder if she mayhaps received the poison and instructions via messenger... Also, your mention of finances and poisons reminds me that there is a place in Westeros where people can learn about these two subjects- the Citadel. I'm almost surprised Baelish didn't try for a Maester's chain. The thing that makes me wonder about a connection between IB and Baelish is the obvious embezzlement Tyrion and Jaime 'uncover'. When Baelish gave Tyrion the accounting books, I wonder if he gave Tyrion set "A" or set "B". Or set "C". I wonder about this because I have difficulty believing the IB wouldn't be monitoring the IT finances closely. There's a lot of money in play in those loans, isn't there. I can't imagine the IB would react well to having resources that should be going their way siphoned off by Baelish. Unless... As for the inflated employment in the dungeons. I've just finished rereading that deeply moving chapter of AGOT, Eddard XV, when Varys visits Ned in his cell. Varys claims to love peace and work for the good of the realm, yet he must have known about the embezzlement scheme going on with the wages drawn to non-existent gaolers, since he himself works as a gaoler in his spare time. There are many elements in the stories of Baelish that don't seem to fit together for me. Until GRRM publishes the finishing books of this absorbing (all too absorbing!) saga, of course.