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  1. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    So you are expecting an invasion and resolution in the very last chapters? It could be...sometimes I have the impression that the announced invasion is kept on hold by GM because he has still to make up his mind clearly on what to do with them...just my impression, however...
  2. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    This is true, to some extent, but still we would see everybody teaming-up to fight the super-enemy...and then, supposing they win, going back to same old conflicts? It seems to be that the optimum would be to have the incumbernt Others having a bigger and bigger impact on characters' choices...but never quite invading Westeros!
  3. The success of ASOIAF novels has been IMO greatly due to the "grayness" of their charatcters. As GM said himself: It is certainly a genuine, legitimate topic as the core of fantasy, but I think the battle between Good and Evil is waged within the individual human hearts. We all have good in us and we all have evil in us, and we may do a wonderful good act on Tuesday and a horrible, selfish, bad act on Wednesday, and to me, that’s the great human drama of fiction. I believe in gray characters, as I’ve said before. We all have good and evil in us and there are very few pure paragons and there are very few orcs. A villain is a hero of the other side, as someone said once, and I think there’s a great deal of truth to that, and that’s the interesting thing. In the case of war, that kind of situation, so I think some of that is definitely what I’m aiming at. However, all the novels are building up to a finale where there are some obviously BAD/BLACK agents - i.e. the Others - who are PURE EVIL coming down to destroy the world of men, who may be better or worse but once assessed against the Others, are clearly the GOOD guys most of us is going to root for. Aren't you afraid that ultimately the last novels will lose all of their nuances and cleverly described inner morality concerns, only to become just a great battle of BAD GUYS vs HUMANITY? How is GM going to manage the situation the books have been building up to in a way that's not obvious and caricatural? Don't you think this will be the greatest challenge while writing the next books?