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  1. I have some strong fealing that R´hllor is real god in ASOIAF universe.I mean everything implies that - R´hllor god of fire and Great other god of ice.Name of the book series is a song of ice (Great other) and fire (R´hllor). - dragons (personification of fire ) vs Others (personification of ice) - Priest of R´hllor have actually show power like accurate prophercy, reviving dead persons, controling fire and so. What you think about this.
  2. If 7 kingdoms were countries which country from real world would they represent ? North - Russia . As Russia north is huge and cold place. Stannis said how man from north are hard to control same is with Russia who is not part of Nato and hard to control .Most of the Europe are Catholics while Russian are Orthodoxs just like how Northmans believe in old gods while rest kingdoms in seven. Westerlands - USA.Both of them are located at the west. They are the richest country just like Lannisters are. Reach - China . Most populous and second richest country Don´t know about rest any ideas.
  3. He leaves her out because in the books she is nowhere near elite level. In the show she is juggernaut ,probably best warrior now. 1.In the book Brienne admit she would lose to Jaime Lannister if he wasn´t chained and weak from prison (while in the show she said Jaime is overrated). 2.Her performance against Loras wasn´t that great she won with trick. 3.Its said that Ser Robar Royce is 2 times better swordsman than Brienne. 4. Bitter beats her in the books. Brienne is nowhere near strong in the books and as I said I only counted book versions..
  4. I am talking about those who are not sold yet. Once a person becomes Unsullied ready for sale ,does they still train every day until they are sold to new master ?
  5. Every Unsullied warrior.
  6. When did FRRM said that Jaime was best fighter in the start of the books. Here is quote of GRRM : SI.com: The athlete atop our athlete power list is LeBron James. Who is the equivalent of LeBron in your universe? Martin: Well, LeBron James is the greatest active basketball player I suppose so the parallel in Westeros would be who is the greatest active swordsman. You can make a case for Jamie Lannister. You can make a case for The Hound or his brother Ser Gregor [Clegane] or Sir Loras [Tyrell], the Knight of Flowers. These are all first class Knights. Or even Ser Barristan The Bold [Sir Barristan Selmy]. These are all guys who are top at their own particular sport, which is swordsmanship and jousting, and all of the combat skills that attend knighthood.
  7. Hound has big reputation because : 1) George R.R. Martin said that Hound,Jaime,Loras ,Barristan, and Mountain are best active warriors. 2) Jaime always praises him more than any alive warrior (except Selmy). Others also praise Hound. Yes I watch MMA / Boxing and I know next : - Smaller but faster fighters don´t go that good - There are some extremely strong and big ones but slow fighter. They don´t do that well. - Those who have combination of size ,strength and speed too ,they are best in their sport. Yes smaller and faster man can beat stronger man. But if that stronger man also has speed he would in most cases win against his opponents. Take a look at Vladimir Klitschko: He is big and strong but he is not slow he is also fast. He was dominating for 10 years. Thats exactly what Hound is : big ,strong and fast compared to for example , Lyle Crakehall who is only big and strong but don´t have speed like Hound. This is why Jaime said Hound would beat Lyle Crakehall.
  8. Hhhaahahha. Only Barristan Selmy and Jaime Lannister (I am not counting death persons like Arthur Dayne,Deamon Blackfyre) have better reputation than Hound.. From your first list only Selmy is above Hound rest of them are below him. (As I said I am only refering to book not TV show feats). Your second list is joke and nonsense.Jon Snow 15 years old boy is capable as Hound ? Obara Sand and Donal Noye lol.If you read the book Jaime already said Hound > Lyle Crakehall. In interview George R.R: Martin said that Jaime Lannister,Hound, Mountain ,Loras and Barristan are best living warriors in the books.
  9. I am refering only to book version of Hound.He has everything to be perfect warrior : 1. Size - Roberth Baratheon is 6,6 feet tall and Hound is bigger than that as said directly by George R.R. Martin 2. Physical strength - Hound is one of 4 man Jaime consider stronger than him.He is often described as big,muscular and strong man. 3. Speed.- Many think that he is slow or has average speed ,but thats not true he is also fast with sword. - When fighting Beric Dondarrion Arya said hound attacks were fast. - This is what Jaime thinks : Both men were large and powerful, but Sandor Clegane was much quicker, and fought with a savagery that Lyle Crakehall could not hope to match 4. Jousting . Hound won jousting tournament in kings landing 5. Reputation : Hound is always considered to be top fighter in Westeros. Jaime always praises him. George R.R. Martin always puts Hound alongside Jaime and Barristan as best fighter in Westeros. Hound is deadly combination of size, strength, speed and skills.I think he is best warrior in seven kingdoms.
  10. Yeah thank you for clearing this. btw I never thought anyone could cut man with armour in half i was refering without armour.
  11. I think Arya said something like she saw Hound cutting people in half
  12. I am only asking for book versions not show versions. 1. Is there any evidence that he could cut man in the half ? 2. Was he considered fast for his size ?
  13. enjoyment
  14. Rank their adventures from best to worst. Arya : - adventures in Winterfell and Kings landing - adventures with Joren and at Harrenhal - adventures with brotherhood and Hound - adventures at Braavos Tyrion : - adventures before Kings landing (Winterfell, Wall ,....) - adventures at Kings Landing - adventures at Essos Deanerys : - adventures with Dothraki - adventures in Qarth - conquer of Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen - adventures at Meereen
  15. What are the most interesting story part you want to know and that will probably be explained in TWOW. .For me its those 4 things : 1) Is Aegon fake or not. This is easily the most important part for me. I can´t wait to find out the truth about Aegon . 2) Areo Hotah ,Obara Sand and Balon Swann search for Darkstar. I think this could be good part of the story. Areo Hotah is confirmed to continue as POV and he is on his way to catch Darkstar who I found very cool and mysterious character. 3) Samwell Tarly in Oldtown. I always thought of citadel as place where magic and teaching about it resides. I think those chapters could be interesting. 4 )Battle for Winterfell I really doubt battle would go same way as in TV series .