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  1. I'm actually hoping that the art in this is as minimal as possible. Maybe just a portrait of each king at the start of their sections, with maybe a few other decorative pieces. A ton of new art translates to higher possibilities of the book getting delayed. The bulk of the writing for the World Book was finished by mid-2013, but it didn't come out until late 2014, partially because they were waiting on so much art. I seriously, seriously doubt the book will be that thorough. A full list of Hands seems doable since we're already most of the way there. Complete lists of Kingsguard is, I think, beyond even Martins powers and interest when it comes to world building. In the entire 290 year history of the order we currently have 68 named or identified members. That's probably not even scratching the surface. I wouldn't be surprised if the total number of knights that served in the order was 200+. There's no way Martin's coming up with that many names and bios. Let alone the headache of organizing them, who died when, who replaced who, etc. I'm one of the biggest Kingsguard fans out there but I'd settle for a list of Lord Commanders at this point. That at least seems doable.
  2. I doubt it too, considering Valarr died during the Great Spring Sickness. Aegon V is one of only two Targaryen kings for which we have no known Hands (the other is Viserys II). I'm assuming Martin is holding back the info as to not give away too much in future D&E stories.
  3. They seem pretty spot on, based on what we know. Yeesh. 137k words covering only 5 of the 17 Targaryen Kings. I hope Martin doesn't plan on having much artwork in Fire and Blood. Even if it's just text, this thing is probably going to end up being as long as one of the longer novels in the series. I'm guessing that Sons of the Dragon will receive some fairly heavy editing, but it's hard to say. The scattered notes from the readings don't indicate much about Aenys' reign that didn't make it into the World Book. Maegor's section in the World Book is also very scattered and has a lot of gaps and question marks, so I'm hoping whatever we get leans more toward his reign than Aenys. As for the non-Targaryen material cut from the World Book, I think Elio once mentioned the vague possibility of doing a second edition of the World Book that greatly reduces the Targaryen material in favor of expanding the Seven Kingdoms and Essos sections. I don't know how well a wider audience would receive that though. It might seem like a bit of a rip-off to anyone that isn't a hardcore fan. Personally, I think Martin should just trickle out that material on his website to hold us over, like he did with the expanded Westerlands material. Alternatively (and I know he would never do this given both his lack of free time and the degree to which he increasingly keeps his cards close to the vest), he could start a blog or tumblr or something that he can use to release...for lack of a better term, world-building patches. Kind of similar to what he did back in the day with email correspondence, where people would ask him specific questions and he would be able to disseminate little nuggets of information that would never come up in the text. I would envision this one as more targeted overall, i.e. people like you guys or Elio or Adam Whitehead, etc. could be like "Hey George, the location of Whitewalls makes no goddamn sense, here's why" and he could respond with "Oh that's because X, Y and Z" and boom, we've got a canonical fix. Or he could use it to just throw out random scraps of info as he comes up with them. "Here are the words of House Swann. Couldn't find a place to work them into the novels, but I thought of them and here they are."
  4. I assume Heirs of the Dragon refers to the Conqueror's descendants multiplying greatly during the reign of Jaehaerys I and indicating that too many heirs is a problem. I like Pax Draconia as the title for his section, but I assume Martin can't get away with introducing actual Latin into Terros. As for the Dance material not being long enough to plug the holes...I agree there are a lot of them, but it doesn't strike me as something an extra 80 pages won't cover. * There's whatever the Vale armies were up to during the war. We know Jeyne Arryn supported Rhaenyra and the Vale isn't the North, which is to say, they'd have had enough time to mobilize and enter the fray in the 18+ months that the war was happening. Of course, the list in the World Book of the major battles doesn't mention any happening in the Vale. I assume Corwyn Corbray was either leading this army or did something important during the war if he was able to swing an appointment as regent and a marraige to Rhaena Targaryen in the aftermath. * The account of what happened to Viserys the Younger while he was in Essos. Seems like that table setting will be necessary given what a substantial role the Rogares played during the Regency. * Perhaps a fuller account of what Dalton Greyjoy was up to? He disappears from The Princess and the Queen almost immediately after being introduced. Pretty much everything we know about him comes from the Iron Islands section of the World Book. His reaving continued well into the Regency, so most of that may end up being in that section. * The Battle of the Kingsroad and the poisoning of Aegon II, which seem to be the only major events of the war to occur after Rhaenyra's death. * More about Jacaerys Velaryon's trip to Winterfell and the Pact of Ice and Fire. * The subplot about Orwyle and his account that he wrote while imprisoned. I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, but like I said, it seems like we got the backbone of the war in The Princess and the Queen. I think a double-sized version of it should be enough to fill in everything else.
  5. Hey guys. I jumped over from r/asoiaf (after waiting nearly a week to get my profile here approved) to drop a bit of info that you guys might find useful with regards to this conversation. There was a thread going on over there two weeks ago when everyone was speculating about what the story in Book of Swords would be. Another user and I were speculating about the length of the existing history novellas vs. the length of what Martin wrote for Fire and Blood, etc. Elio popped by and dropped a few facts on us. To whit: * The text that The Rogue Prince is drawn from is called "Heirs of the Dragon". It's roughly 17,000 words in total, the majority of which is included in The Rogue Prince. It does not use any of the Dance material. * The text that The Princess and the Queen is drawn from is called "The Dying of the Dragons". Elio also said that the 80,000 word figure for the total material on the Dance has been a long running error and the actual word count is closer to 60,000 words, making The Princess and the Queen roughly half of the total story, not a third. This makes sense. Even though The Princess and the Queen has some fairly gaping holes, it always seemed crazy to me that it was only 30% of the total story. * The text on the Regency of Aegon III is called "Aftermath - The Boy King and His Regents". It's almost as long as "The Dying of the Dragons". This is particularly exciting, at least to me. The Regency material was some of my favorite stuff in the World of Ice and Fire and knowing that we've only seen roughly 5% of it gives me a lot to look forward to. * GRRM mostly skipped writing a section on Jaehaerys I while working on the Fire and Blood material for the World Book. This was nice to hear, as I found the Jaehaerys I section to be disappointingly thin, given that it covers one-sixth of the whole Targaryen dynasty. Here's the link for that thread: Oh, one other thing: I noticed you guys mentioning earlier that Fire and Blood can't cover Jaehaerys II or Aerys II because Gyldayn died at Summerhall. I hear this said a lot, but there's no actual evidence for that right? Are people taking the fact that the Summerhall material in the World Book was burnt as proof of this? I assume that was just an out of canon trick to obscure what actually happened. We're not meant to think that Gyldayn was scribbling down what was happening as the place burned around him are we? I don't see any reason why Jaehaerys II and Aerys II wouldn't be in Fire and Blood. Seems silly of GRRM to release a complete history of the Targaryen dynasty that leaves out the last two kings.