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  1. Nah, there's no way Tywin would let the Lannister name be deleted.
  2. Haha! You didnt fool me! October 2018 release date for Winds confirmed.
  3. Isn't it strange that we are not shown any sort of personal union at all? I mean, in theory there might be a personal union between the seven kingdoms and Mereen With Dany as its monarch, but with all the nasty succession and the marriage and inheritance customs I would imagine this concept to be more spread. I mean, no one talked about Robb inheriting both the north and the trident on Edmure's death. Just random thought, I know the answer is "because the story is written this way".
  4. Unless he delays Tywin from arriving to Kings Landing and therefore Stannis wins the city, or Robb wins Casterly Rock before Tywin can get there. Both are real game changers in which a tyrell alliance wont secure a Lannister victory.
  5. Roslyn
  6. Calling her Lady Tully s a huge misdirection.
  7. Arya defending Sam in Braavos Jon's brothers reminding him of his vows when he deserts
  8. Ice and fire. The prophecy that Rhaegar was obsessed with...
  9. Anyway, as crackpotty as it is, it answers all the questions in this topic.
  10. You guys ignore PJ's deeper dorne or you dont know it?
  11. Dany and Robb for prophecy stuff.
  12. Still allows b+a=j and r+l=d, not that i am a believer.
  13. Nah, we dont actually know, the timeline is shitty. Valyrians before the doom.
  14. Even if shes a secret bastard or something, wouldnt it make more sense for her to be r+l's?
  15. I think theyre connected to COTF and that both species are strong in telepathy skills. Therefore hard to be skinchanged into. Though we dont actually knows that The Others has any skinchanging capabilities. It wouls be sick to watch them skinchange.