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  1. House Curry Location- where the Greenblood river meets the sea, Dorne Overlord- Martell Sigil-A hammer head shark on green and orange Motto- We own the sea Weapon-silver trident with emeralds and rubies embedded Seat- last oasis Religion- Drowned god Armor- a helm that resembles a shark with and a surcoat made out of a net Economy- a pomegranate orchard, a vineyard, dyes, and fishing in the river and sea Levies-1000 men at arms, 1000 archers, 200 knights, 200 long boats, 50 galleys Rivals- Ironborn, house Velaryon, and house Redwyne Friends- house Velryon, House Redwyne, and Varys Current lord- Arthur Curry IV Heir- Garth Curry V Personality- Cunning, proud, vain, and hot blooded Blood-Tyroshi, Braavosi, Valyrian, and Andal Appearance- Tall medium build but defined. Most blonde or red haired. every son is an expert with a different weapon. every daughter is taught how to fight. know for seamanship, wine, archers, and bastards They marry their Daughters off all over the 7k as spies to keep up with the doings of the other houses. Their bastards are married to merchants. Their sons and some daughters are sea captains in their fleet. Backstory The first Curry was a sea captain who fought for Nymeria's war and won fertile land. He was washed overboard and saved by a drowned men and latter converted to his rescuers religion. There has been a number of members who have served on the small council over the years as master of ships. Their main goal is to control the biggest fleet. They are friends of the nights watch. Current events They kept out of twf5k and other plots. they have sent some ships to the stepstones under Kaldur Sand to weaken the pirate kings power and over to Braavos under Tula Curry to trade.
  2. Why hasn't Braavos conquered the western part of Essos yet? I feel like a city that is the most advanced in the world and is anti slavery would take control of their lesser counterparts. most of the FC rely on sellswords. they could bye them all up and use them as the main force to enlighten Essos. bringing law and order to essos would seem like the best way to prosper. instead the cities are constantly at war with each other. plus a city that was founded by free slaves would try and free the other slaves. Thanks for your participation!
  3. Hi! I was checking up on the others and realized they will go where ever they please unless a stark, or a snow, can rally enough support. they would have around 3119 wildlings at most, about 1000 actual warriors 100 giants 580 brothers of nw 200 thenns 6000 from the mountain clans and skagos 3000 manderlys 3000 men from tallhart,cerwyn,glover,hornwood,flint,stout,ryswell,and mormont 800 umbers 400 stark men in the riverlands.(if they make there way back north) these men are about the only people they can count on. 16799!and this is subject to change with the battle of ice coming up. I know this is a fantasy but no way can they stop an army of hundreds of thousands. yes wights are organized but the numbers will overwhelm the host. there are at least 12 others left. I don't think the common man will have dragon glass or dragon steel. so who else is there? stannis? the vale lords and the riverlords? would the riverlords send the last of there men up north? i guesstimate around 8000 men that the riverlords can call on.I personnel don't think Dany will help. she is a self centered person who would rather fight a meaningless war then save the world what are your thoughts? correct me if i'm wrong please.