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  1. I have two scores. When I turn my brain off, I give it a 9. When I switch my brain on, it goes down to a 3.
  2. Haha I thought you were talking about season 7 episode 6.
  3. Are you joking? Haha.
  4. So how long were Jon and the fellowship standing on that bit of land? It seemed to me that it was 12 hours. Is it possible for Gendry to run all the way back to Eastwatch and tell them to send a raven to Danny and for that raven to arrive at Dragonstone where Danny reads the note where she proceeds to mount her dragon and fly over Eastwatch to save Jon and co all in the space of 12 hours?
  5. Oh god this may be the worst episode of the season and the series. Maybe tied with season 6 episode 8. Even the dialogue feels cheesy. The amount of plot holes in this episode is a thing of beauty.
  6. The main characters plot armor has made this season feel like like a marvel film.
  7. Well in the show Jon could beat anyone or beast in single combat. Karl Tanner could probably take a White Walker or two.
  8. I don't think Varys was part of the plot to overthrow Aerys and install Rhaegar. I'm pretty sure he informed Aerys that Rhaegar was organizing the tourney at Harrenhall to get all the lords together to discuss the removal of Aerys. Having heard that, Aerys decided to leave the red keep for the first time in 4 years to attend this tourney. If Varys was part of the plot why would he make Aerys paranoid? I do agree however with the sentiment that people can change over time and do make mistakes.
  9. Yes I agree the books Varys makes far more sense than the show Varys. Varys actions in the show from season 1 to now do not align with his motives.
  10. If there ever was a word to describe Tywin it would be pragmatic. He may be cruel but he gets things done and is very competent as was proved when he was hand. He recognized Aerys madness and seemed to also be very aware of Jofferys. Varys could have helped counsel Tommen and made him into a great king. This would be far more beneficial for the kingdoms than bringing a Targaryen with the Dothraki over.
  11. I agree there are plenty of cruel savages in Westeros but here he would be bringing an army of savages. This gamble is incredibly risky with a deadly cost to the people. so many variables and things that could go wrong. I'm sure he could found a lest costly/risky way of helping the people.
  12. Yes the crown was in a lot of debt when Robert was in charge but is the solution really to start a war and bring a foreign army who have a completely different culture to that of Westeros to overthrow the king and put someone in his place who he knows little about. What happens if that king/queen isn't up to his standards either? Another war? Not to mention this war to get another leader would cost an enormous amount in human life and money. Bringing the kingdom into even more debt and a lot more poverty. The people would suffer the most from this plan.
  13. Yes this does seem the case. Not the only character mind you.
  14. Its often been talked about what varys true motives are with many different theories and ideas. In the show a few episodes back we finally find out when Danny confronts him, that his motives are about helping the people and protecting them. His loyalties are with the people. But does that really make sense considering his actions in the previous seasons? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Varys back the mad king right up until the end. It was Pycelle that convinced him to open the gates to Tywin before the sacking. Was the mad king really that good for the people? Was Varys okay with his plans to on set the city a blaze or did he just not know about that. Then we have his actions during Roberts reign. Robert far from the perfect king, did enjoy large periods of peace and prosperity which I Imagine have been refreshing for the people of Westeros. This far better than war. Wouldn't Varys be happy with that? Clearly he wasn't. Danny makes a great point saying why not counsel instead of scheming for someone new? His reply is ''Incompetence shouldn't be rewarded with blind loyalty''. Of-course you don't have to be blindly loyal but that doesn't mean you should go to an extreme and plot to overthrow him. He seemed to have some blind loyalty to Aerys. This brings me on to his support for Visery's. He want's to remove Robert from the throne and replace him with a guy he has never met or seen. A guy who is the son of the mad king, a Tagaryen. A family with a reputation for being a bit crazy, Flip a coin on if each child of that family will be sane. To make matters worse he want's Viserys to invade with the Dothraki who have a particularly brutal reputation for sacking cities, raping and pillaging, enslaving people they've conquered. Does he really wish that for the people he loves so much? How does he know Viserys won't also be a bad king. Will as soon as things go wrong, scheme for another king. Does he realize the amount of suffering and death a war would cause on the very people he wants to help? All these questions I have make it hard to buy the show's varys motives. Feel free to comment and correct me where I am wrong, Also remember this is a show forum on Varys motives as I would think his motives in the books are a bit different. So keep the conversation based on the show.
  15. I think a simple chop of the head would have been enough, the burning seemed a bit much. However I can see why Danny did burn the Tarly's as it installed instant fear into the hearts of the other men standing which made them kneel. Consequently leading to lower loss of life. What annoyed me though was her speech at the beginning when she was acting all high and mighty. ''I'm not here to kill'' This said straight after burning alive half an army, how could she expect them to follow her?