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  1. Predictions for the battle of fire.

    Ok thank you.
  2. Predictions for the battle of fire.

    Direct me to the right one then.
  3. Academy Awards 2017 - Oscar Night: In the Pale Moonlight

    I haven't watched any of the films nominated for best picture. Which ones do you recommend?
  4. Arya will become Queen

    Remember GRRM originally intended for Jon and Arya to fall in love but also planned tyrion being sent to the wall and also fall in love with her but the story seem to have gone a whole new direction. Therefore I can't see her marrying Jon and becoming Queen.
  5. Football: fixture congestion

    Swansea too good to go down on the basis of yesterday.
  6. Football: fixture congestion

    No one knows if Ranieri would have kept them up or if the new manager will. Therefore they should have given him the chance to try and keep them up after winning the league for a team who has never won it and may never win it again. He qualified for the second round of the champions league which they still have a chance of winning and getting through to the quarter finals. They overachieved last season and now there doing only a bit worse than expected. The fact of the matter is the players have been bang average apart from the keeper all season. The players aren't motivated which reminds me of Chelsea last season. He deserved better from the players and the owners. Panic decision.
  7. Did Roose betray Robb from the get go?

    If Stannis had won the battle of the blackwater I don't think Roose would have switched sides. Roose kept his options open and didn't overly commit to make sure that whatever happens he would be on the winning side. Robb not marrying a frey girl was just the final nail in the coffin.
  8. Predictions for the battle of fire.

    Is there already a thread on this? Or is no one interested in this battle?
  9. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Tywin did what needed to be done.
  10. Post your most hated POV's

    Hmm good question. Brienne - Her observations are not interesting or entertaining. Her chapters take a while to get going. Vic - Boredom Aeron - Religious nutter. Asha - Not invested in her character. Its about time some Ironborn died. Honorable mentions. Arya and Bran - I like these characters but the pace has been very slow and not much has happened in the last book. Tyrion - Not as interesting in Essos but still entertaining. Starting to get tied of reading ''He waddled''. Sam - A bit of a drama queen. Daenerys - Too much pandering in Mereen.
  11. Why the ToJ showdown ever happened?

    Let be honest the showdown was one of the best fight scenes in show. The Show believe the R + L = J so it would make sense for them to include one of the pivotal moments. I think the dream was based on events that did happen. Robert at that point was intent on killing all things targaryen so it makes sense for them not wanting to give the baby to Ned. The KG were really Rhaegars men and he ordered them to guard the baby. They simply carried out his orders.
  12. Plot developments / expectations for The Winds of Winter

    Depends really if the dothraki go to Qarth or not. Pentos is not that close to Mereen. If it is to finish in 2 books then He's has to fit in Danny's invasion and war with the war for the dawn in to a Dream of Spring.
  13. Top 5 Favorite Characters (POV vs non-POV)

    Good question. 1. Jamie Lannister - The most interesting for me. 2. Robert Baratheon - Makes me laugh. 3. Stannis Baratheon - Blunt. 4. Tyrion Lannister - Cynical. 5. The Hound - Complicated. Honorable mentions Littlefinger, Tywin, Roose, Euron, Oberyn and Melisandre.
  14. What are you listening to? Vol. XXII

    I've been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd, the doors and the cure lately. Also Frank Ocean's blonde and Childish Gambino's Awaken my love which were two of my favorite albums last year. Blonde is a very unique album in terms how the songs are structured and how low-key the production is. Admittedly not for everyone. Pinata by Freddie gibbs and madlib and Kanye's first three albums have also been on heavy rotation.
  15. Most Courageous Act in ASOIAF

    Bravery often comes out of a deeper fear. In certain situations people confront a fear to prevent a worse fear. That's why I believe that sometimes bravery is just another form of desperation.