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  1. To drink.
  2. He'd be part of Ramsey's 20 good men who are currently at Moat Cailin.
  3. Give her wildfire.
  4. Haha just read GRRM ''Not A Blog'' and Robert's rebellion won't be done as all will be revealed in the books. While neither will Dunk and Egg. Still want to see both of them as a series but you can't always get what you want i guess.
  5. Although we know MOST of Robert's Rebellion story I would still like to see it on TV for maybe 2 seasons. There just so many key enthralling moments in this, from the disappearance of Lyanna to the trial of Brandon and Rickard to the Battle gulltown, Battle of Ashford, Battle of the Bells, The Trident and the Sack of Kingslanding. The mad kings madness to the marriages at Riverun while I wouldn't mind seeing the siege of storms end too. One of the things we haven't seen/read much of in the Rebellion is Lyanna or Rhaegar perspective. What were they doing for all those months? Of course I would love to see Robert in his Prime on the battlefield but I'd also like to learn more about his character, I think he's a little more complicated than just a drunken womanizing warrior. I'd start it from the tourney of Harrenhall and work it from there. You'd get a glimpse of the rift between Rhaegar and the Mad King the potential southern ambitions of Rickard stark. This would be in the first few episodes to give the audience some backstory of what the situation was at that time. You have to remember that many Game of Thrones aren't book-readers and won't know as much about it unless of course the show decide to spoil some of it in the coming seasons. Most ASOIAF readers enjoyed the first 4 seasons of GOT even though we already knew the story.
  6. You can clearly see that zaza didn't mean to do that. Having said that there is no way the spurs would have lost if Kawhi didn't get injured.
  7. JD must have looked remarkably similar to Rhaegar for Robert to mistake him at the trident then.
  8. Very predictable so far. It just seems like the playoffs heading for the inevitable Warriors vs Cavs Trilogy. Lebron willl have his work cut out against the warriors with KD though.
  9. ''Sandor Clegane is the best all round fighter'' I think Littlefinger would have something to say about that.
  10. The Sun have hated Liverpool for a while. Not surprised at all about Kelvin's column.
  11. Wenger needs another 10 years he's still building his team.
  12. Roose Bolton being a skin changer.
  13. ''Tyrion waddled'' was prominent in ADWD.
  14. Lets be honest Stannis is not a very warming character as the author loves to point out. They have very differing personalities which doesn't help. Then the small matter of Robert giving Renly storms end over the elder Stannis. But Stannis did love him and I think vice versa.
  15. Everyone is a secret Targaryen.