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  1. How is it a lie if Lyanna was betrothed to Robert? Robert and the North would have still rebelled even if they were in love.
  2. No, it confirms what we already knew that he tried to frame Tyrion. As for who sent it I find it hard to believe for Littlefinger all the way in kingslanding to send a dagger for someone in Winterfell to kill Bran. It would be to risky and he wouldn't have the time to pull this off. Littlefinger is an opportunist who thrives in these moments.
  3. What about Arya? I'm not sure she'll even make it back to Winterfell in the books. I cannot imagine George building the faceless men up all for nothing like in the show.
  4. He's in love with Jon.
  5. It would have been nice if Danny mentioned Jamie killing her father. I'm sure they'll save that for next season.
  6. Wasn't Rhaegar meant to be very handsome? Ladies what are your thoughts?
  7. Far far far better than last weeks episode which was a relief. Favorite parts. The reveal of the wight. Theon's redemption fight. I've seen plenty of people who didn't enjoy it and found the fighting dumb, but I found it satisfying seeing him finally overcome his fears. Pouring the salt water on his face obviously emphasizing his rebirth. What is dead may never die. Jamie and Cersei conversation, Having not seen the leaks unlike you lot, I actually thought Cersei was going to have Jamie killed. That would have been some shocker. Great acting by both once again especially Lena who may currently be the best actor of the show. Parts I wasn't a fan of. The Theon and Jon conversation. This whole scene was unnecessary. I don't want to see Jon just forgive Theon for betraying Robb and killing sr Rodrick. Then to call him part Stark was just ridiculous. Littlefingers death. Now the scene wasn't actually that bad apart from maybe his pathetic crying at the end. Its just that it leaves a sour taste after being one of the most interesting and intelligent characters for 4 seasons to be reduced to this. It seems ever since he sold Sansa to the Boltons, which made no sense, his character has been on a downward spiral ever since. Sam - Similar to Littlefinger his scene with bran wasn't bad but I just feel his whole season has been such a let down and doesn't make much sense either. He went all the way to the Citadel to find out that there was dragonglass on Dragonstone that would kill white walkers which he already knew from season 5. Why not stay there and find out more important stuff. but oh well. Was a bit confused at how the dragon took out the whole wall but I'm sure I'll find an answer. The boat sex scene was alright albeit carried by Kit Harrington's muscle bottom. Did Rhaegar forget he already had a child called Aegon??? I suppose Lyanna named him. But surely she would also know that Rhaegar had another son called Aegon. Just seem like some comically lazy writing. Overall I'd give the episode a 7 which is 4 more than last week. A satisfying closure to a mixed season for me.
  8. Wait what the hell happened to tormund?
  9. Maybe the best of season 7 but that's about it really.
  10. Season 1 was the best season. The writing and acting is just great with few plot holes and filler scenes. Sean Bean's as Ned was one of the best portrayals of a character we've seen this series. That made it even more gut-wrenching when his head got chopped off. Daenerys had her most interesting season and one of the biggest character developments in a season. The wall was a little slow but it was far from boring. It did make me thoroughly hate Alliser Thorne though. The white walkers being ominous in the background was also well done. One of the greatest opening season in any series.
  11. That's further proof that people shouldn't take the critics and so called ''experts'' seriously.
  12. I have two scores. When I turn my brain off, I give it a 9. When I switch my brain on, it goes down to a 3.
  13. Haha I thought you were talking about season 7 episode 6.
  14. Are you joking? Haha.
  15. So how long were Jon and the fellowship standing on that bit of land? It seemed to me that it was 12 hours. Is it possible for Gendry to run all the way back to Eastwatch and tell them to send a raven to Danny and for that raven to arrive at Dragonstone where Danny reads the note where she proceeds to mount her dragon and fly over Eastwatch to save Jon and co all in the space of 12 hours?