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  1. I meant that it would be like Cersei to deflect blame and go “no, you” when Ned tells her. Well, I guess I’m asking the original question from a different way: when Ned confronted Cersei, why did she admit right off the bat to bearing Jaime’s children?
  2. To go in a different direction, I wouldn’t have the part about Rhaegar marrying Lyanna and setting aside Rhaenys and Aegon son of Elia, which would make them bastards.
  3. I only the no?
  4. I guess D&D forgot about that when they wrote the dialogue. What about the other question I had, about the dead lords turning in their graves at Bran’s words?
  5. Littlefinger wouldn’t have survived a trial by combat anyway. But I digress. Was it? I thought the first act of war was Jon Arryn refusing to give up Robert and Ned.
  6. Not that much, since there’s morality tied into Star Wars.
  7. First of all, he’s not a favorite. Second, it was pure bloody speculation, which I didn’t ask because I was bored.
  8. Let’s see: Dorne. Sansa plotline, on so many levels Stannis plotline with burning Shireen and Brienne killing him, which involves leaving Sansa to her fate until Myranda “got Reekt” “Jon” being “Aegon”, because that makes Rhaegar look like an ever bigger jerk than he needs to be The Winterfell plotline of Season 7 The North Forgets “Robert’s Rebellion was based on a lie”.
  9. That makes Bran a liar, because the rebellion wasn’t built on a lie, since it started when the Mad King called for the heads of Ned and Robert and Jon Arryn refused to give them up. How much do you think Lord Rickard, Brandon, Ned, Jon Arryn and Big Bobby B are turning in their graves at that statement?
  10. Wonder why they wanted to have Sansa given to the Boltons. Maybe an in-universe fantasy of Littlefinger’s, coming with an army to save Sansa from her abusive husband? Brrr... The Northern lords are weak. I guess the North forgot, just look at what happened when no one wanted to help Jon and Sansa. Also, no one tried to help Sansa while she was married to Ramsay.
  11. Remind me what else besides appearance led to Ned’s revelation.
  12. So what are the odds of: The Night King being the final enemy Cersei being the final enemy Euron being the final enemy Just for starters.
  13. I set up a thread about that here. There seems to be some confusion.