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  1. Then why do we love? Should we treat our children as tools like Tywin does? A wife as something to abuse as Robert does to Cersei?
  2. What about Raventree Hall? Isn’t Egg’s wife a Blackwood?
  3. Another one: Tyene Sand’s mother is the Waynwood who became a Septa.
  4. Robert cheating on her in the first place would reflect badly on her as well.
  5. Less trouble than having a murderous zombie chasing after you.
  6. I wonder what would have happened if Ned and Catelyn were betrothed right off the bat. They seem like a good match.
  7. He’s too close to the direct line, as a second son. Aemon was the third son of a fourth son, and-for lack of a better term- expendable. Which also explains why Aegon son of Maekar was allowed to marry Betha Blackwood.
  8. Poor Rhaego is still a dead lizard.
  9. Is it possible that Daenerys would have miscarried Rhaego anyways due to the heavily inbred lines?
  10. I’d say Show Joffrey is slightly worse, since he orders the massacre of Robert’s bastards, threatens his mother with execution, and actually takes the time to kill someone.
  11. Places to visit in later Dunk and Egg stories: Raventree Hall Oldtown Winterfell Sapphire Isle
  12. If it was Jon's idea, he was a fool.
  13. Depends on if Lyarra was dead. My votes: Brandon marries Barbrey Ryswell. Ned marrying Catelyn actually seems like a good match in hindsight. Though one can see Rickard’s logic in betrothing Brandon to Catelyn. Hoster Tully would want his daughter to marry the firstborn, the heir. Of yours: not really sure how Ned and Cersei would gel as a couple. Hoster Tully wouldn’t be pleased by having his daughter marry a third son.
  14. Wrap in canvas and ejected via the moon door?