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  1. I think it's weird, given how one-sided it is.
  2. And the two were cousins, like Robb and Jon were.
  3. And that thread got locked for no reason.
  4. Well, I'll concede that it was a good idea on paper, but Ned was stupid not to see Joffrey's true colors and tell Sansa.
  5. They bent the knee after the Field of Fire.
  6. "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword." Sansa passed the sentence on Littlefinger, she should have "swung the sword", instead of having Arya do it.
  7. So Joanna was a carrier?
  8. That would be pretty funny.
  9. 1. I actually liked his introductory scene, and his taunting of Theon during the battle. "Haven't I always, brother?"
  10. As Jack Wilson from Shane said, "Prove it."
  11. Well, then who's left to rule Winterfell when Sansa dies? We don't know how many children Jon and Daenerys can have, don't know how Arya feels about marrying, while Bran's the Three Eyed Raven and he was already suspect since he got paralyzed and he pushed away the only girl he's been around who wasn't his sister. The Northern lords will only accept a Stark. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell, and we're running out of Starks.
  12. I hadn't thought about that part. Maybe all three?
  13. About Jon Arryn not being seen as a stud horse. On the other hand, Walder Frey seems to think there's one, for different reasons. Cersei at one point says she doesn't want to be pawned off like a brood mare. "People snigger when I marry a young girl, but who said a word when Jon Arryn married that little Tully bitch?"
  14. Two words: Double Standard.
  15. Maybe not the Vale. That depends on Lysa.