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  1. Donal Noye: Tom Sizemore.
  2. And make Joffrey look bad by botching the execution.
  3. Insist on Joffrey taking his head? If he wants Ned to die, he should do it himself. Would have made the end of Ned a little better in my mind after watching the execution of Ser Rodrik Cassel in "The Old Gods and the New."
  4. I'd have that for Gendry. Littlefinger: So much for true love.
  5. Agreed. Pretty much, it was a case of Do Not Taunt Cthulu.
  6. Well, after Aegon I no one else tried polygamy.
  7. He's already an anti-villain as he's sympathetic on a personal level, but is working for House Lannister, who is backing Joffrey, a kid tyrant who ordered the beheading of Ned Stark.
  8. Isn't there a taboo against kinslaying?
  9. That tends to happen when you have no natural defenses.
  10. Per my post earlier, wouldn't Tyrell be a Duke, as among his titles is Warden of the South?
  11. I thought Aerys had sworn off mistresses in 270 AC.
  12. I was re-reading Viserys getting killed by Khal Drogo by pouring a pot of molten gold on his head. So how does that work?
  13. Well, imagine if you crossed a targaryen with a warg. I once found a WMG theory on TV Tropes that Bran was warging into Drogon during season 5.
  14. Well, at least Daenerys isn't blind to what her father was like.
  15. And these hybrids don't work very well.