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  1. How much Blood of the Dragon is needed to control a dragon? Quentyn, as a Martell, traces his ancestry back to the first Daenerys Targaryen, daughter of Aegon IV and sister of Daeron II.
  2. "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword." Sansa passed the sentence on Littlefinger, she should have "swung the sword", instead of having Arya do it.
  3. Like this type of Millstone. He makes a betrothal between Catelyn and Brandon Stark, leading to Petyr Baelish challenging him and getting grievously injured, Lysa sleeping with Petyr and getting pregnant. Hoster forcing Lysa to abort the child, which nearly killed her and severely damaged her reproductive ability, then pairs her with Jon Arryn, he of the weak seed. Lysa has numerous miscarriages and stillbirths, with only sickly Sweetrobin living past birth, leading to Lysa mollycoddling him. Petyr makes his reputation on getting money and Lysa recommends him to Jon, and Petyr is named Master of Coin, putting Littlefinger in a position of power. When Jon thinks of fostering Sweetrobin with Stannis, Lysa poisons him on Petyr's suggestion, then flees to the Eyrie, sending a letter to Catelyn implicating the Lannisters, Catelyn goes to King's Landing after Bran gets attacked, Littlefinger implicates Tyrion, and Catelyn catnaps Tyrion at the Crossroads, leading to the opening salvo of the War of the Five Kings. Now we have a continent-wide civil war that has ravaged the continent, plus a possible succession crisis in the Vale, and Houses Stark and Tully ousted from power, all because Hoster didn't think Petyr was a worthy suitor. I know there are other factors like Jaime and Cersei, but there is a snowball effect that can't be ignored. Nice going, Hoster.
  4. Wonder what would have happened if Waymar took armor with tunes to the Wall...
  5. Ok, is the question Why did they have to fight at the Tower of Joy, or Why did they have to fight at the Tower of Joy?
  6. Example: I believe that Petyr Baelish played some role in the death of Brandon Stark, leading to Robert's Rebellion.
  7. Richard III was split up into several people: Tyrion Lannister, Stannis Baratheon, Ned Stark and Theon Greyjoy. From the page on TVtropes on historical inspirations for ASOIAF: Ned: popular and loved by Northern England for being a fair lawgiver and defender of their homeland. Richard of Gloucester was also named by Edward IV (a Robert Baratheon inspiration) as Regent of his children and tried to prove his children as bastards. Ned was also framed as an usurper and submitted to an in-Westeros Historical Hero Upgrade by his enemies, which is believed, by some historians, to have happened to Gloucester. Tyrion is a version of Richard III, with his Deadpan Snarker rhetoric and angst about his disability and flirtations with Then Let Me Be Evil coming from Shakespeare's Richard III. In addition, there is a Show Within a Show play made of his exploits, called "The Bloody Hand" which submits Tyrion to a Historical Villain Upgrade analogous to the posthumous reputation of the Duke of Gloucester as a result of Shakepeare. Stannis: His brothers Robert and Renly are based on Edward IV and George Clarence, Richard III's brothers, and like his historical inspiration his campaign is based on his desire to prove the illegitimacy of his nephews. He's also a great military commander like Richard III, and faces opposition from a family symbolized by a rose. Stannis eventually wins support in the North after coming to rescue them from Wildlings and has a heavy emphasis on giving justice, while Richard III was similarly well-known for his defense of the North from Scottish border raids and his legal reforms. Theon: More heavily inspired by the darker interpretation of Richard III. Most notably, Theon imprisoning Bran and Rickon and proclaiming himself Prince of Winterfell, only for Bran and Rickon to disappear, closely mirrors Richard III and the Princes in the Tower. Unlike Theon, though, Richard did not personally ruin his reputation by claiming to have murdered the princes that vanished under his watch; history did that for him. Theon initially fights on behalf of the Starks and the North (his first kill was a wildling he shot to rescue Bran), which is similar to the Duke of Gloucester, who was well-known for his efforts to defend Northern England from Scottish raiders. However, the whole time he's fighting for King Robb Stark, Theon secretly resents his status as a Stark ward and dreams of imminently gaining his own glory as future King of the Iron Islands; this echoes the popular depiction of Richard as an opportunistic villain scheming for his brother's crown. Theon's fate, being tortured into an ugly, limping cripple is also a meta-joke on the manner in which Richard III was made into a caricature of a scheming hunchback by William Shakespeare. Theon's nickname Reeknote also alludes to it.
  8. Well, when there's no material, all you can do is speculate.
  9. Bullying Arya wasn't the best thing to do. Neither was running to Cersei.
  10. This seems to be the case. Just look at Ser Cleos Frey.
  11. Do the Starks have a block to decapitate dummies?
  12. Well, he would have gone if he was able to ride. Wasn't it Tywin's plan to lure Ned into the Riverlands and Jaime screwed it up by attack Ned in the streets, leading to his injured leg? It's still custom. You don't hear of headsmen in the North and it's still passed down from generation to generation to personally execute lawbreakers. Plus, Sansa's supposed to be going back to Northern ways from Season 6 onward, otherwise be seen as "not of the North". In fact, Arya mocks Sansa for her Southern airs.
  13. I think the custom of having the lord execute criminals is practiced by each house in the North. It’s First Men practice not limited to the Starks. Sansa is the head of House Stark as Jon technically does not belong to a house as a Snow and Bran has ceded his rights.
  14. So where does Tywin loving Joanna come from, if he only married her for "blood purity?"
  15. I said something about that on the first page of this thread.
  16. Offhand, did Aegon sleep with them one at a time or did they have a threesome?
  17. But the milk of the poppy doesn't do squat for Gregor.
  18. I guess this is a problem I've had with the morality of A Song of Ice and Fire. Are there only villains and no heroes?
  19. Never saw Joffrey suffering from medical issues. Being inbred can't explain everything. Ramsay: he takes fingers/toes/ other pieces because he forces those he tortures to ask him to cut them off. "Please, cut it off!" "I win."
  20. So Cersei was planning to off Robert even before Ned found out?
  21. And the hybrids like Rhaego and Visenya, daughter of Rhaenyra are utterly non-functional.
  22. So wait, what happened first? Ned finding out about the Lannincest, or the boar hunt?
  23. The Boy/ tells Theon to go east to Deepwood Motte. The Iron Islands are on the western side of Westeros, as is Deepwood Motte. The only strongohold east of the Dreadfort is Karhold. And Theon goes along for the ride.
  24. And yet they're not talked about. Rickard seems to be an only child.
  25. This.