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  1. Well, there’s a weak correlation between Sansa having a crush on third sons. She liked Waymar Royce and Loras Tyrell.
  2. What would you like to see? For me: Events The Night King being defeated, either through warging or Valyrian Steel. Sansa being taught how to fight. Everyone will have to fight, so she must learn. Take notes. Cleganebowl Jaime killing Cersei. They’ve been brewing for that since AAFC. Bran getting a better hand on his 3ER schtick, after being CCTV for S7. A possible power struggle in Dorne considering House Martell and Spice Snakes are eliminated Pairings Sansa/Podrick. They seem like they’d be a nice fit, and I feel like it’s a bit of a cop-out with Sansa winding up with someone twice her age, since she’s been at the mercy of someone doing just that (here’s looking at you, Littlefinger). Arya/Gendry. They’ve been teasing this one for years, and Gendry had to be re-introduced for a reason. Jaime/Brienne. This one’s been teased, and it would be interesting to see Jaime wind up with someone that Cersei resents. Questions that need answering Why did Rhaegar name “Jon” Aegon? What did Tyrion do with a donkey and honeycomb? What did Podrick do with the prostitutes? Why would Bran say “Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie?” He should work on his word choicing.
  3. What’s with it? Because I need something to fill the lower part of. The. Post.
  4. Love is worthless There is no good and evil, there is only power... and those too weak to seek it. I just hope it isn't true.
  5. For example, the reasons why a Lannister should not marry a Frey or a Tully cannot marry a Baelish.
  6. Well, he is the hero compared to Aerys; apart from trying to get Lyanna back, he was fighting for his life.
  7. Brandon was 14 when he was betrothed to Catelyn.
  8. So what kept Ned from betrothing Robb to Alys Karstark?
  9. Aegon generally mistreated her, which included raping her, which led to several miscarriages, stillbirths and her death, plus sullied her name as much as he could after she died, and legitimized all his bastards just to spite her and their son Daeron, which led to decades of unrest in the form of the Blackfyre Rebellion. It doesn’t seem that the eldest son has to marry a daughter; Baelon Targaryen, second son of Jaehaerys I, married his sister Alyssa. Aemon at least cared about her, if not siring Daeron. He would have treated her well, and not raped her, for starters. But nooo, it has to be the eldest son.
  10. It seems odd to me that there are so many theories surrounding the children born during Robert's Rebellion and its aftermath. Jon Snow is the most notable example, with his mother unknown, alongside (R+L=J), but Daenerys' past is also questioned (no lemon trees in Braavos). Aegon son of Elia/Young Griff is suggested as not being the real deal. There's even a theory that Robb is Brandon's son.
  11. She’s not that little anymore, is she? And yes, or train with Brienne or Arya.
  12. "Everyone aged 10 to 60 will drill daily with spears, pikes, bow and arrow." "Not just the boys. We can’t defend the North if only half the population is fighting." I guess Sansa doesn't count? I honestly think that Season 7 wasted an opportunity by not having Sansa learn to fight. She'll have to learn at some point or another, so she might as well learn now.
  13. And Ned Stark isn’t one to look to politics for his children. Plus, it would be interesting, considering the history between Houses Stark and Dayne during Robert’s Rebellion. Ned might have killed Arthur Dayne and Ashara Dayne may or may not be Jon’s mother, and they must be on some good terms for Edric to be nicknamed Ned.
  14. No one’s ever too young; just look at Ermesande Hayford.
  15. Could charge at “the best Ironborn killers” shirtless and come out unscathed to a bloke who goes down with one punch?
  16. What about Rickon? I’d suggest Edric Dayne for Sansa myself.
  17. Where do the dead lizards come from?
  18. I’d pair Sansa with Edric Dayne myself.
  19. I’m surprised Ned hadn’t tried Robb and Alys Karstark. For Bran and Rickon, could try the Mormont girls. How old are the Greatjon’s daughters?
  20. So I found this theory here that suggests that Bonifer Hasty had an affair with Rhaella and is Rhaegar Targaryen’s father. Thoughts?
  21. It'd be funny, considering the direction that the TV series is going, if it turns out that Jon is Ned and Ashara's son.
  22. I would have thought Boros Blount would be on there. He does the same things as Trant, and while Trant doesn't show that he likes it, Boros actively gets a kick out of beating Sansa. And Sansa is more hated than Balon Greyjoy, Craster, Alliser Thorne and Vargo Hoat? Who makes this list? Craster's (both versions) on TVTropes' list of Complete Monsters, the most despicable and depraved characters, along with Joffrey, Ramsay (both versions), King Aerys II (book), Gregor Clegane (both versions), Walder Frey (show), Rorge (books), Karl Tanner, Maegor the Cruel, Hugh Hammer, and Ulf the White.
  23. Matthew Scurfield (Vayon Poole) appeared in Sharpe’s Honour as villainous partisan El Matarife, opposite Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe.