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  1. Makes no sense. Since there was no marriage between Aegon IV and Daena, Daemon's still a bastard, no matter of the rumors that Naerys and Aemon the Dragonknight were having an affair and Daeron II is a bastard.
  2. Why did Robb bring Talisa to the Twins? Since she's the lady that Robb rejected the Freys for, wouldn't it make sense to leave her at home and not risk tensions by bringing her? Plus, Robb shouldn't want to risk his unborn child (which bloody happened). Now as I said, I understand this from a writing perspective, since we can't have somebody 15+ years down the road going "Hello, my name is Eddard Stark. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
  3. I thought Daenerys was barren, can't have kids.
  4. Who do you think Jon's more likely to end up with between Daenerys or Sansa? Or will he just follow his own path?
  5. Well, I thought Jon liked girls who were kissed by fire: redheads.
  6. When was Aegon III named heir to Aegon II?
  7. Not necessarily bad, the one that attacked Mormont was relatively freshly dead, some of these other ones looked like they'd been dead for some time, to the point they were worn down to the bone.
  8. Well, new strategy: make a moat. A really big moat. With fire on the other side.
  9. Not that much... if we ever get that far.
  10. The Wall will melt. And an Umber will march behind a Glover. Arya will kill Sansa (I hope not, but hey, "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention").
  11. How did Theon not catch that he was at the Dreadfort in Season 3? He spent much of his time tied to a letter "X" and exactly one house likes to torture and associated with that letter: the Boltons.
  12. But... he's already King in the North.
  13. On the other hand, they could try having a Martell child, I.e. Quentyn, fostered somewhere else, like Theon being sent to Ned Stark after the Greyjoy Rebellion.
  14. Why wasn't Daenerys' (Daeron's sister) legitimacy questioned?
  15. The punchline to Tyrion's jackass and honeycomb joke? Would be funny if he did.
  16. Well, put it this way: if one of Naerys' children is actually a bastard, why not the other?
  17. Guess I missed that part about the Dornish considering anything north of Dorne as the North.
  18. What do you mean, she went to the North? Don't think it's ever mentioned that Elia got closer than Casterly Rock in her whole life.
  19. That's because Doran Martell was trying to set a marriage between Arianne and Viserys, that really had no point because Viserys had nothing to offer in exchange, and then took the Gold Bucket Challenge. But there were other options, right? I.e. Robb Stark or Theon Greyjoy.
  20. It was a pun.
  21. This is why the Tyrion/Sansa marriage shouldn't have gotten off the ground. Where do the titles go?
  22. So... Blackfyre supporters thought he should have the throne because he has the bigger sword? Haha.
  23. Ask Daenerys to help him as Drogo prepared to crown him with molten gold: "Dany, please!" She wasn't going to bloody help him, not after he just threatened her and her unborn child less than 2 minutes prior.
  24. A bastard of House Florent. House Florent is mentioned as having omnipresent large ears, as shown with Shireen Baratheon and Edric Storm. Pyp is the only person not explicitly related to House Florent to have those large ears.