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  1. holding it against the Reach and Tywin is not happening his men just went through a battle with literal hell fire and KL was low on food before that point unless he put everyone in the city to the sword or has some other onion knight on his way they starve but its actually in his best interest to sack the city and leave he can kill a few and steal a few important high borns for instance Joffery cersei and maybe Tyrion are all dead lancel sansa and other high born ladies will fetch good ransoms and even some houses loyalty and he could even grab some gold while he's there if he does this than tywin and kevan are in a tricky situation they have the city and crown tommen but they have no heirs that haven't been captured or killed and they don't know Cat released jaime yet
  2. my 2 possible guards are LC = Lord Commander 1 Aero Hotah Timmet son of Timmet 2 Strong Belwas Pretty Merris 3 Tormund Giantsbane Varamyr Sixskins LC 4 Anguy Black Balaq 5 Davos Seaworth LC Gerold Dayne 6 Asha Greyjoy Dagmer Cleftjaw 7 Syrio Forel Rakharo
  3. i know im asking why so many readers think stannis was in the right here when he was basically risking the lives of thousands for his right to a throne he doesn't even want and doesn't have support to take it
  4. ill never understand why people think Renly "doing his duties as younger brother" would be a good idea the Tyrells would be gone and still reck them on the blackwater and stannis stubborn fool that he is wouldn't even try to reach terms with Robb (which Davos and Cresson urged him to) meanwhile if Stannis concedes to Renly they can all take kingslanding together beat back Tywin end the war much faster